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Kostroma region investment passport 2012

  2. 2. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Kostroma region that I have the honour to represent has an abundant history of the successful partnership, the unique productions and natural resources. Today the region follows the line of intensive development on the side of investment attraction, business sector improvement, promotion of social sphere, creation of the new technologies and innovative products. The Kostroma region possesses all preconditions for the further progress of the investment collaboration: convenient transport-and-geographical location as regards home and external markets; rich potential of the natural resources permitting to head on to the dynamic production development; affluent historical and cultural heritage; high scientific and labor potential of our people. The edition you are reading now enables investors to find the challenging targets for the efficient use of theirtalents and capitals. The Kostroma region is always open to the new projects realization. In support we worksteadily to create maximal comfort conditions for the investors, we maintain the projects at every stage of theirimplementation, we form the industrial grounds provided with the necessary well-developed infrastructure. We are interested in the partnership progress and we are sure that our collaboration will be successful,mutually beneficial and productive. Welcome to the hospitable Kostroma region. Sergey Sitnikov Kostroma region Governor 3
  3. 3. CONTENT Competitive strength factors ................................................................. 5 General information about the Kostroma region .............................. 7 Tourism ..................................................................................................... 19 Conditions of the investment activities implementation in the Kostroma region ......................................................................... 21 Regulations of the basic administrative procedures ...................... 25 Rate of tariff ............................................................................................. 29 Examples of the effective cooperation .............................................. 31 Investment proposals ............................................................................ 33 Free ground areas inventory ................................................................ 374
  5. 5. RUSSIAN FEDERATION Primary transport-and-Unique Eurasian geopolitical location of the Russian State geographical location(central part of Eurasia). (central part of Russia).High educational level and spiritual traditions of the population directing people to thecreative and constructive labour, to the social justice and partnership, to the personal self-realization for the benefit of the community. Affluent historical and cultural heritage of all-Russian importance.Rich potential of the natural resources that meets the most of the homerequirement in raw materials and energy carriers. Availability of the mineral deposits highlyHuge territory and capacious home market, providing the high variety remunerative for the commercial developmentof the people needs and activities. (clay, loams, claydite, masons sand, sand-gravel, lime, peat, sapropel, mineral waters etc.).Availability of the experienced manpower resources.Numerous free savings capable to triple the investment activity One of the biggest in the European part of Russia forestlevel in case of their drawing into the economic turnover. resource. Large area of the region territory with relatively low land value.Advanced scientific and technical potential , availabilityof the new process developments in some perspectivebrunches of knowledge and industry (power-savingtechnologies, bioengineering). Energy duplication of the region.Availability of the regional scientific schoolsand original advanced technologies, which High scientific and personnel potential of the region.being used in practice are capable toprovide the competitive business on aninternational scale. Improved legislative basis enables to invest with minimal risks.A lot of free productioncapacities making it possible Well-developed infrastructure.to increase productivitypromptly at relatively lowcosts. Existence of the production capacities of all-Russian and international scale (textile, jewelry, woodworking and engineering industries). KOSTROMA REGION6
  7. 7. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND SUMMARY In the year of 1152 in order to strengthen the northern border of his principality the lord of Rostov and Suzdal– the princeYuriy Dolgorukiy had laid the foundation of the frontier town Kostroma at the two rivers` confluence– the Volga and the Kostroma. More than once the Kostroma land became a center of the political, cultural and spiritual life of Russia. Justhere Mikhail Federovich Romanov had been crowned by the Assembly of the Land resolution in 1613. Later onKostroma was called “the House of Romanov`s cradle”. At the same time the patriot of the Russian land –thepeasant of the Kostroma government Ivan Susanin – had performed a feat of valour at the cost of his own life. In 1767 after visiting Kostroma Yekaterina II introduced the emblem of the town with an image of the boatwhich brought the empress to Kostroma. According to the legend when Yekaterina II was asked about howshe would like Kostroma to look like, the empress unfolded her fan. This reply caused designing a fan-shapedplanning of urban streets network. On the 13th of August 1944 the presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR officially stated by its decreethe establishment of the Kostroma region in its actual borders with Kostroma as a chief town. GEOGRAPHY AND POPULATION The Kostroma region is one of the largest subjects of the Russian Federation forming the Central FederalDistrict. It is contiguous with five regions: Yaroslavl, Vologda, Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod and Ivanovo. According to the data from the 1st April 2012 the population size of the Kostroma region is 660,8 thousandpeople. By birth rate the Kostroma keeps lead among another CFD regions – 12,7 newborns for 1000 people. 8
  8. 8. INFRASTRUCTURE The transport artery Sankt-Peterburg – Yekaterinburg including themotorway Kostroma - Shar`ya – Kirov – Perm` passes through the territoryof the Kostroma region. This motorway is of a great importance not onlyfor the Kostroma region, but for the Russian Federation on the whole,because it has a going out from Kostroma city to the federal motorways:M-8 Kholmlgory and A-113 Kostroma – Ivanovo and passes throughthe territories of 8 metropolitan regions to the East from Kostroma.By the traffic increase due to the transit freight flow from the easternparts to Moscow the significance of this motorway for the economy ofRussia will grow. In prospect there are plans to build one more motorway“roundabout Kostroma” with the new bridge across the Volga. The Northern Railway – a brunch of OAO “Russian Railways” is a basis of the rail traffic on the territory of theKostroma region. The convenience of the transport-and-geographical location of the Kostroma region is also connected withthe main waterway - the Volga river. The system of the river transport has exits to the Black, Caspian, Baltic andNorthern Sea. ENERGY Secure energy supply of the region is guaranteed by the Kostromskaya State District Power Plant which isone of the largest and most efficient power stations in Russia. According to one of the most important projectsplanned for the implementation in the nearest future there should be the Central Nuclear Power Station built. The power consumption for the needs of the region accounts about ¼ from the produced power volumeincluding losses. Energy excess of the Kostroma region determines the expedience and economical reasons for the placementof the energy-intensive productions at the local territory. 9
  9. 9. LABOR POTENTIAL The number of the labor resources in Kostroma region accounts about 400 thousand people including theable-bodied population at the employable age in the quantity of 364,6 thousand people. The number of theeconomically active population is 337 thousand people. Major parts of the employed population are engaged at the following types of the economic functioning:Manufacturing activities, wholesale and retail trade, Agriculture. Three State high-educational establishments perform the human resource development at the Kostromaregion for the needs of the contemporary economy. In 2011 the number of the graduated specialists was 4 051people. NAME GENERAL COURSES OF EDUCATION ADDRESS - woodworking; - machine-building; 17, Dzerzhinskogo Street, 156000 - jewelry design and production; Kostroma, Kostroma region, Russia Kostroma State-run - textile and sewing; Tel.: 007(4942) 31-48-14 Technological university - IT; Fax: 007 (4942) 31-70-08 - economics; info@kstu.edu.ru - jurisprudence; - tourism. 14, The 1st of May Street, 156000, - humanities and natural sciences; Kostroma State-run Kostroma, Kostroma region, Russia - foreign languages; university named after Tel.: 007(4942) 31-82-91 - economics; N.A. Nekrasov Fax: 007(4942) 31-13-22 - jurisprudence; ksu@ksu.edu.ru KSAA campus, Karavaevo township, Kostroma district, Kostroma region Kostroma State - farming; Tel.: 007(4942) 65-75-97, 65-71-10 Agriculture Academy - economics; Fax: 007(4942) 65-75-99 van@ksaa.edu.ru Well-developed system of the vocational technical training schools (26 institutions) train the skilled workersfor all economic activities in the Kostroma region. Training of the qualified industrial workers is performed as wellby the Educating and advanced training Center of Nordrhein-Westfalen (Germany). Many students graduatedfrom this center have the international standard diploma. Furthermore there were 9 innovation small-scale enterprises created on the basis of the KostromaUniversities. 10
  10. 10. INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION Industrial system is a foundation of the regional economy, it includes about 238 large and medium enterprisesand 464 small businesses. The most in the industrial production structure of the region is occupied by theprocessing industry (more than 70%). Processing industry structure The leading branches of the industrial operations performed on the territory of the Kostroma region are: - Electric power and thermal energy production; - Wood processing and woodwork manufacturing; - Pulp-and-paper industry; - Metallurgy and machinery; - Jewelry production; - Foodsfuffs production; - Textile and sewing industry; - Chemical and petrochemical industry; - Production of building materials. Contribution of the Kostroma region The Kostroma region is well-known as a land of jewelers, to All-Russian Industry where the largest Russian jewelry plants and enterprises are concentrated. The Kostroma region`s part in the all-russian production is as follows: - more than 60% of jewelry; - 21% of automotive cranes; - 25% of linen fabrics; - 6% of wall blocks made out of cell concrete; electric- welded steel pipes (except those ones of a big diameter). Dynamics of the industrial production growth rates In 2011 the growth rates of the industrialproduction in the Kostroma region have exceededthe mean all-russian value for 3,4% and in 2012 –for 2,1%. Among the processing industries the mostsignificant production rise was achieved at theleather goods production – in 1,4 times, at themachinery and equipment manufacturing – 24% riseand at the chemical industry – 23,7% rise. 11
  11. 11. Projects successfully implementing in the processing industry 1. One of the largest productions of the Kostroma region is OAO “Gazpromtrubinvest”. Pump-compressorpipes, pipe liners, gas-and-oil pipes and shaped tubes are the basic products of the plant. At present OAO“Gazpromtrubinvest” supported by the regional administration is putting into practice the investment project forthe production of the mean diameter pipes. The total volume of investment accounts 10 billion roubles. Thisproject has been included in the Register of the Investment projects of the Kostroma region with the preferentialterms of taxation. 2. ООО «Joint venture «Kokhloma» - the cotton spinning mill of the latest technology - the only enterprisein Kostroma and the first textile company in Russia that has replaced the old equipment with the new efficientprocessing lines permissive to manufacture environmentally safe product competitive at the world market.Two investment projects has been successfully implemented. The total volume of investments was 545 millionroubles. Due to this the automatic spinning mill has been started up, the total reconstruction of the mill hasbeen completed and the planned mill performance – 1 000 ton of the high-quality yarn - has been achieved. Atpresent OOO «Joint venture «Kokhloma» is putting into practice the investment project for the organization ofthe advanced technology ring spun yarn production. The total investment volume exceeds 540 million roubles.This project has been put on the list of the priority investment projects of CFD. 3. The implemented project for the building of the coppered wire manufacturing shop at OOO «Sudislavskiiwelding materials plant» can be an example of the successful cooperation between the Kostroma regionAdministration and private investors. The total investment volume exceeds 110 million roubles. Modernization ofthe existent facilities and creation of the new production capacities helps the plant to increase significantly thevolume of output and improve the quality of the product. 12
  12. 12. FOREIGN ECONOMIC ACTIVITY According to the data of 2011 the volume of the Commodity composition of export in 2012export products was 201 million US dollars, sameindicator in the 1st quarter of the year 2012 accounts43,2 million US dollars. The products of wood processing and machineryprevail in the commodity composition of export in2012. The same can be said about metals and waresmade out of it. The volume of the imported goods in2011 was 162,2 million US dollars, in the 1st quarterof the year 2012 import volume accounts 40,7 millionUS dollars. Commodity composition of import in 2012 Deliveries of equipment, transport facilities, paper, cardboard, ferrous metals and wares made out of them make the major part of the import commodity composition in 2012. Main trade partners of the Kostroma region are: the Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Ireland, China, Germany, Ukraine, Italy, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic, Latvia, Turkey, USA, Poland, Great Britain, France, Egypt. BUILDING There are 865 organizations and enterprises on the Industrial mix of the hardwareterritory of the Kostroma region belonging to the building and building structuresindustry: 705 of them are the building companies and 63are busy with the construction materials production andbuilding industry; inter alia 14 enterprises are quite large;there are also 83 design engineering firms. The existent capacities completely satisfy the demandsof the region for housing and building sites of industrialand civilian purposes. The average workload of the hardware productions forthe building industry is 60-70% from the rated capacity. Industrial production occupies 95% in the industrial mixof the hardware and building constructure productions;non-metallic minerals extraction occupies 5%. Many enterprises of the Kostroma region perform their production facilities renovation and the new technologies adoption which cause a significant diversification of the products and quality improvement. At present ZAO “Mezhregion Torg Invest” (Kostroma) is putting into practice the investment project for reconstruction of the plant for the cement bonded particle board production. The plant merges two works: the cement bonded particle board production and manufacturing of the wrought and saw timber. The investment volume of the project accounts about 800 million roubles. 13
  13. 13. AGRICULTURAL SECTOR Agricultural sector of the Kostroma region is one of themost important branches of the regional economy. Farmingmake 11,8% of the regional gross product. The animalbreeding share is 49%, the crop sector share - 51%. Regional farming is specialized in the dairy-and-meatcattle breeding. Natural climatic conditions, state of soils arefavorable for the herbage cultivation which permits to satisfythe needs of the cattle breeding branch in feeding stuffs. It isprofitable to produce milk, grains, vegetables, potatoes, long-stalked flax and rape in the Kostroma region. Index of the agricultural production output in all types of farming For the development of the prior areas of the agricultural sector in the Kostroma region there were thegoal-oriented programs approved: “Cultivation of the milk cattle breeding and increase of the milk production inthe Kostroma region” and “Development of the meat cattle breeding in the Kostroma region” aiming to createeconomical and technological conditions for the stable progress of the milk and meat cattle breeding in theKostroma region. The structure of the agricultural areas in the Kostroma region Land category Area, thousand hectars % to the total value Arable land 436,8 80,1 Pasture 54,0 9,9 Hayfield 42,7 7,8 Permanent grasses 11,9 2,2 TOTAL 545,4 100 A number of the investment projects in the sphere of farming are successfully implemented on the territory ofthe Kostroma region. 14
  14. 14. ZAO “Shuvalovo” (Kostroma district) puts intopractice the investment project for the building of thepig-breeding closed cycle complex with the meat-processing plant. At present in order to increasethe output for 20% the company is reconstructingthe sausage shop at “Shuvalovo-1” and plans toarrange a new production space with completecomprehensive mechanization “Shuvalovo-4”. OAO “Hothouse gardening complex“Vysokovskiy” (Sudislavl` district) is organizing thepedigree stock-breeding center to breed the cowsof the French breed “limousine”. The company hasalready bought 700 livestock units of this breed.The total investment volume according to the project is 200 million roubles. OOO “Agroindustrial firm “Planeta” (Bui district) is putting into practice the investment project for establishingthe pedigree stock-breeding center to breed the cows of the Kostroma breed. According to the project thecompany has to build the new and to reconstruct the old cattle-breeding farms, to renew the machine andtractor fleet, to buy the heifers of the Kostroma breed. It is already invested more than 70 million roubles in this project. The project of OOO “Voskresenje-Agro” (Bui district) stipulates the integration of the producers of thefarm goods and milk processors. The new cheese-making plant has been already put into operation. Its capacityis up to 50 tons of the processed milk per day. The shop is fully automated. The number of necessary workersdoes not exceed 3 persons. The volume of investments accounts 110 million RUR. 15
  15. 15. NATURAL RESOURCES POTENTIAL Mineral resources base Mineral resources base of the Kostroma region is mainly presented by the deposits of the structural andagrochemical raw materials (deposits of peat and sapropel, deposits of carbonate strata for the soils liming). Mineral resources deposits on the territory of the Kostroma region Notation conventions Sand Loam Clay Sand-gravel Limestone Clayite Peat Phosphorite Pyroshale 1156 deposits of the current mineral resources are prospected and explored on the territory of theKostroma region. 514 of them are deposits of the structural raw materials, 614 – peat deposits and 28 depositsof sapropel. Resources Resources Number of (million m3) Number of the (million m3) of the State as of the Mineral the explored as of the year explored deposits explored deposits year 2011 deposits (2011) 2011, January, (2011) (2011) the 1stMasons sands 72 86, 03 16 17,08 exploitSand-gravel 29 212,6 8 85,3 exploitMoulding sands 2 46,8 mil. ton 1 39,4 exploitGlass-making sands 1 0,2 1 0,2 not exploitClays and loams (for bricks ) 22 41,2 5 8,7 exploitClays (for silicate cotton) 1 1,8 1 1,8 not exploitRaw material for clayite 3 5,3 2 2,3 exploitLimestone 1 12,1 Bedinskoe 12,1 exploitPeat 358 311,2 mil. ton 8 29,4 mil. ton exploitSapropel 28 303,1 mil. ton - - not exploitPeat (curative) mud 1 1,5 mil. ton - - not exploitPyroshales (coaly) 4 6,1 mil. ton - - not exploitPhosphorite 1 2,3 - - not exploitGold 3 0,0000593 - - not exploit 16
  16. 16. Volume of the current mineral resources extraction on the territory of the Kostroma region There were expected reserves of hydrocarbonic stuff, titanium zirconium placer, gold, common salt andmineral pigments on the territory of the region discovered. Ground mineral waters of a different composition andstage of mineralization are widely spread on the territory of the Kostroma region. The right to use the mineral wealth is granted by the auction. The investment projects for the subsoil usage are successfully implemented in the Kostroma region. OOO “Kostromaregiontorf” is putting into practice the project for the increase of the peat extraction at theMiskovskoe peat enterprise. It is planned to deliver the peat briquettes to the municipal services of Kostroma andto the farms of the Kostroma region. Estimated capacity is about 100,0 thousand ton per year. The investmentvolume accounts 60 million roubles. OOO “Sudislavl-torf” performs the extraction at the Slavnovskoe peat deposit in the Sudislavl` district.Enterprise estimated capacity is 70,0 thousand ton per year. Total investment volume – 93,5 million roubles. 17
  17. 17. Forestry sector The percentage of forest land in the Kostroma region is 74,1%, wood resources exceed 700 million m3occupying the area larger than 4,5 million hectars. The region ranks high among other regions of the Europeanpart of the Russian Federation by its forest stock and it takes first place in CFD. Prescribed cut, Actual cut, exploitation percent of the thousand m3 thousand m3 prescribed cut, % Forest including including including composition TOTAL softwood TOTAL softwood TOTAL softwood forest forest forest 11 366,7 3 934,0 4 690,65 1 891,72 41,27 48,09 3F2P4B1As Average rental for the wood resources accounts 83,3RUR/m3 and depends on the volume, composition andlocation of the prescribed cut. The right to use the wood resources is granted by theauction. Several investment projects for the forest exploitationhave been already implemented on the territory of theKostroma region. The Swiss concern “KRONOHILDING AG” has put intopractice the investment project for the production of thewood-based panels and workpieces for the furniture andbuilding enterprises in Shar`ja (Kostroma region). Theproduction is based on the wasteless processing of thelow-grade timber and wood-scrap. The investment volumeaccounts 12 350,1 million RUR. There were 1 500 newjobsites created. OAO “Manturovskiy plywood complex” successfully operates on the territory of the Kostroma region (Manturovo district). The modern wood-processing plant for the plywood production has been constructed with the direct participation of the Kostroma region Administration. The investment volume accounts 1 143 million RUR. Today the plant is one of the city-forming enterprises employing 900 workers. The annual plywood output volume accounts about 100 thousand m3. Land lots Land-use pattern on the territory of the Kostroma region Area, NN Land category % to the TOTAL thousand hectar 1 Agricultural lands 1969,3 32,7 2 Human settlement lands 122,7 2,04 Industry, energy, transport, communications and other 3 51,0 0,85 lands 4 Lands of the protected zones and objects 0,9 0,01 5 Forest resources 3712,2 61,65 6 Water resources 71,7 1,19 7 Reserve land 93,3 1,56TOTAL 6021,1 100 18
  18. 18. TOURISM
  19. 19. The Kostroma region is a unique territory where amazing nature, original culture and rich historical traditions are blended in harmony with the hospitality and cordiality of the Kostroma people. The jewelry handicraft is a very important heritage of the Kostroma region. Though nowadays the production of jewels reaches the industrial volumes (a half of the golden and a quarter of the silver articles produced in Russia come from the Kostroma region) the goldsmiths from Kostroma keep and develop their unique skills in making the real pieces of art in gold and in silver. One of the centers of the jewelry art in the Kostroma region is the township Krasnoe-on-the Volga, where you can find a museum of the jewels and articles of the national applied art. Every year at the end of June there is a major International festival and a jewelry exhibition “Golden Ring of Russia” held in Kostroma. The representatives of the leading Russian and foreign jewelry companies always come to take part at the exhibition. A romantic fairy-tale about the fragile girl Snegurochka (Snowmaid) and Tsar` Berendey`s kingdom inspires the tourists from all-over the worldto visit the wildwoods of Kostroma land. The birthplace of this winter character is situated in the backwoodsof the Kostroma region - the Shchelykovo estate. This country seat belonged to the great russian dramatistA.N.Ostrovskiy, the author of the famous story. There are more than 2,5 thousand of old relics and monuments of architecture and archaeology, nationalhistoric landmarks, pieces of art, settlements of the past, protected relict national parks. The Kostroma region isrecognized as a model of the Russian midland landscape. In 2013 Russia celebrates the remarkable date – the 400th anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty and revivalof the Russian nationhood. Kostroma along with the most significant cities of Russia will rightly take its place inthe celebration because it is Kostroma that is considered to be the cradle of the Romanov House. 20
  21. 21. MEASURES OF THE ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT OF THE INVESTMENT ACTIVITIES Legal and organizational background and institutional conditions created on the territory of the Kostromaregion favour the implementation of the efficient investment activities with the minimal investment risks. Thedeveloped system of the investment legislation stipulating many forms of the administrative support of investorsat all stages of the investment project realization creates the conditions of transparency, logical simplicity andhigh protection of the investment activities, which minimize significantly the investment risks. Level Form of support Budget assignments from the Investment Fund of the Russian Federation for the implementation of the regional investment projects in the sphere of transport, municipal, energy infrastructure development. Ordinance of the RF Government dd 01.03.2008 No. 134 «Concerning the adoption of the regulations for formation and usage of the budgetary provisions of the Investment Fund of the Russian Federation» Possibility of the double lowering of the woodlot rental, used for the investment project implementation, listed as prior in the area of the forest development within the period of its payback. Ordinance of the RF Government dd 30.06.2007 No. 419 «Concerning the prior investment projects in the Federal area of forest exploitation» Loans issuance, crediting, provision of guarantee and financing on the refunding base of the investment projects with the payback period exceeds 5 years and if the total investments account more than 2 billiard RUR. Federal Law dd 17.05.2007 No. 82-FL «Concerning the Development Bank», Edict of the RF Government dd 27.07.2007 No.1007-r Financing for account of State corporations. Certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation There is the most favorable treatment for the investment activities in the Kostroma region. This treatment is realized through the package of the following measures: Tax remissions within the payback period of the investment project (referred to the taxes of the regional budget). Objects of the investment can be completely exempted from the property taxes which is particularly important by implementing the large investment projects with the significant material and technical basis. A part of the profit tax subject to pay to the Kostroma region budget is also to be lowered from 18% up to 13,5%; Regional Using the lower limits (among those stipulated by the current legislation)of payment for the Kostroma region resources usage including rental; Support in organization and maintenance of the investment project; Support of the investors by their applications and appeals to the Federal bodies of state power, to the bodies regulating the price formation on the monopolies services, to banks and other financial intermediary regarding the most favorable treatment usage towards them. Law of the Kostroma region dd 14.10.1997 No. 12 «Concerning the investment activities in the Kostroma region» Tax remissions and other benefits provided by the bodies of the local authorities. It is about possibility of the complete or partial land tax exemption and about minimization of Municipal the rental for the property and land lots belonging to the municipality. Certain legislative acts of the Kostroma region local authorities 22
  22. 22. MEASURES OF THE ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT OF THE BUSINESS ACTIVITIES Measures of the business activities support on the territory of the Kostroma region includes numerous formsof the business activities stimulation at all stages of the business development. The main measures are as follows. Level Form of support 1. Subsidizing of the small business beginners: - small innovative company subsidy; - self-business grants; - target grants for self-business establishment (entrance fee as per the leasing contract). 2. Subsidizing for the reimbursement of: - part of the small and medium business costs connected with the improvement of the - production efficiency; - part of the costs of small and medium business, infrastructure subjects of the small Regional and medium business support in the sphere of technological connection them to the power supply (in case their maximal power consumption is under 500 kilowatt). 3. Small and medium business subsidizing to recover the costs or deficient income due to the innovative goods production (realization), innovative operations performing or innovative services extension. 4. Assistance in development of the youth business. Resolution of the Kostroma region Administration dd 31.03.2009 No 144-а «Concerning the regional target program «The development of small and medium business subjects in the Kostroma region» for the period from 2010 up to 2013» 1. The small business beginners subsidizing for the self-business establishment. Municipal 2. Small and medium business subsidizing to reimburse a part of the credit interest rate in the spheres of business prior for the municipality. Certain legislative acts of the Kostroma region local authorities 23
  23. 23. PROGRAM OF THE INVESTMENT CLIMATE IMPROVEMENT Recently there was a regional program“The investment climate improvement inthe Kostroma region for the period till 2015”adopted. The aim of the program is to improvethe investment climate by forming the political,financial, economical, organizational, legal,social and cultural mechanisms which supportthe investments providing the economyincrease, the goods and services productiongrowth, the quality of life improvement, theoperational efficiency advance and newjobsites creation. All these measures will provide the stablesocioeconomic progress of the region. LIST OF GENERAL NORMATIVE LEGAL ACTS CONCERNING THE INVESTMENT ACTIVITIES: 1. Federal Law dd 25.02.1999 No. 39-FL «Concerning investment activities implemented in the RussianFederation and performed by way of the capital contributions»; 2. Federal Law dd 09.07.1999 No. 160-FL «Concerning the foreign investments in the Russian Federation»; 3. Federal Law dd 17.05.2007 No. 82-FL «Concerning the Development Bank»; 4. Federal Law dd 29.11.2001 No. 156-FL «Concerning the Investment Funds»; 5. Federal Law dd 03.12.2011 No. 392-FL «Concerning the territorial development zones in the RussianFederation and the alternation of certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation»; 6. Federal Law dd 22.07.2005 No. 116-FL «Concerning the special economic zones in the RussianFederation»; 7. Federal Law dd 21.07.2005 No. 115-FL «Concerning the Concession agreements»; 8. Ordinance of the RF Government dd 01.03.2008 No. 134 «Concerning the adoption of the regulations forformation and usage of the budgetary provisions of the Investment Fund of the Russian Federation»; 9. Ordinance of the RF Government dd 30.06.2007 No. 419 «Concerning the prior investment projects in thearea of forest exploitation»; 10. Law of the Kostroma region dd 14.10.1997 No. 12 «Concerning the investment activities in the Kostromaregion»; 11. Law of the Kostroma region dd 03.03.2006 No. 8-4-LKO «Concerning the lowering of the organisationprofits tax for the users of the investment activity subjects»; 12. Law of the Kostroma region dd 24.11.2003 No. 153-LKO «Concerning the assets tax on the territory ofthe Kostroma region»; 13. Resolution of the Kostroma region Governor dd 07.06.2010 No. 121 «Concerning the procedure formaintaining a register of the investment projects of the Kostroma region»; 14. Resolution of the Kostroma region Administration dd 16.09.2008 No. 320-а «Concerning the adoption ofthe regulations for the scheduling the payback period of the investment projects»; 15. Resolution of the Kostroma region Administration dd 08.02.2011 No. 39-а «Concerning the AuthorizedBody for carrying out the expert examination of the investment projects, the adoption of the regulations for carryingout the expert examination of the investment projects and for delivering of the investment agreements»; 16. Resolution of the Kostroma region Administration dd 13.09.2011 No. 348-а «Concerning the adoption ofthe regional program « The investment climate improvement in the Kostroma region for the period till 2015»; 17. Decree of the Kostroma region Governor dd 09.07.2012 № 762-r «Concerning the Investment Attractionand Investment climate Improvement Council of the Kostroma region»; 18. Decree of the Kostroma region Administration dd 03.12.2009 No. 382-ra «Concerning the adoption ofthe list of the priority areas of the investment activities in the Kostroma region»; 19. Decree of the Kostroma region Administration dd 31.08.2009 No. 279-ra «Concerning the conceptclearance of the industrial policy of the Kostroma region till 2020». 24
  25. 25. PROCEDURE OF RECEIVING WOODLOTS BY LEASE Procedure Terms of performanceHolding an auction for selling the right to conclude a contract of a woodlot lease 60 daysConcluding a contract of a woodlot lease 11 daysRegistration of a contract of a woodlot lease (Kostroma regional Office of the Federal 15-30 daysRegistration Service)Providing a forest exploitation project – depending on the woodlot character 30-60 daysCarrying out a State expert examination of the forest exploitation project 30-40 daysConsideration of a forest declaration 10 days PROCEDURE OF ACQUISITION A LICENSE TO USE SUBSOIL Procedure Terms of performanceCompiling the documents to hold an auction to acquire the right to use natural 10 daysresourcesHolding an auction 45-90 daysIssuing a license to use regional subsoil 20 daysEndorsement of the current mineral resources losses that exceeds the norms 20 daysstipulated in the project documentation 26
  26. 26. LAND LOTS 1. Procedure of the land lots assignment by lease for the building in Kostroma city with the not-demarcatednational property of the land lots. The object location is a subject of the preliminary endorsement. Procedure Terms of performanceApplication acceptance, preparation of the request to the Kostroma city 5 daysAdministration about the possibility to place an objectRequest processing at the Kostroma city Administration, request consideration atthe Land Commission (choice of the land lot, determination of the permitted usage 60 days(target usage), preparation of the act for the land lot choice and preparation of theland lot layout)The department of the land and property of the Kostroma region adopts a resolutionfor the preliminary endorsement of the object location, which approves the land lot 14 dayschoiceProviding the cadastral works on the account of the person applying for the land lot 90-120 daysassignmentLand lot registration in the cadastre (Kostroma regional Office of the Russian State 30 daysRegister)The department of the land and property of the Kostroma region adopts a resolution 14 daysto assign the land lot by leaseConcluding a contract of a land lot lease 14 daysState registration of the contract of a land lot lease (Kostroma regional Office of the 30 daysFederal Service of Registration, Cadastre and Cartography) The average rental for the land lots in Kostroma calculating on 1 m2 varies from 2 up to 500 RUR per yeardepending on the type of the permitted usage of the land lot. 2. Land and land lots transfer from one category to another Procedure Terms of performanceAcceptance, registration and consideration of the documents performing by the 8 daysdepartment of the land and property of the Kostroma regionPreparation and endorsement of the Decree of the Kostroma region Administration 17 daysproject concerning the land lot transfer from one category to anotherAdoption of the resolution of the land lot transfer 6 daysProviding an applicant with the resolution 5 days 27
  27. 27. TERMS OF THE ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES IN THE BUILDING SECTOR Procedure Terms of performanceIssue of the resolutions for the artificial land lot creation in case of such creation on 7 daysthe territories of two or more municipalitiesPreparation and issue of the resolutions for building or rebuilding of the capitalconstruction objects which is planned to perform on the territories of two or more 7 daysmunicipalities (districts) or which is planned to create on the artificial land lot.Prolongation of the validity terms of the stated resolutions and their alternations.Preparation and issue of the resolutions for the commissioning of artificial land lots 7 daysPreparation and issue of the resolutions for the commissioning of capital 7 daysconstruction objects built on the artificial land lotsPreparation and issue the town-planning of a district situated within the limits of thespecially protected natural territories of the regional importance in the Kostroma 30 daysregion (except the medioprophilactic areas and health resorts), where building orrebuilding of the capital construction objects is plannedIssue (validity terms prolongation) of the resolutions for the building permit 10 daysIssue of the resolution for the object commissioning 10 days 28
  29. 29. Power rates in 2012 (RUR/kilowatt/hour without VAT) Voltage level Power rates HV LV AV-I AV-II (110 kilowatt and (0,4 kilowatt and (35-20 kilowatt) (20-1 kilowatt) more) lower)From 01.01.2012 till 01.07.2012 2,71 3,49 3,54 3,95From 01.07.2012 3,01 3,87 3,93 4,38 Technological networking 1. Rates of tariff of the technological networking for the consumer (applicant) applying for the technologicalconnection of the energy-consuming devices with maximal installed load not exceeding 15 kilowatt (includingconsumption of the same power outlet connected before) providing that the distance from the applicant`s lotlimits to the objects of the power supply network of the required voltage level is not more than 300 meters in thetowns and townships and not more than 500 meters in the countryside: Rates of tariff of the technological Applicants networkingFor legal entity, RUR/connection (per each power outlet), 466,10VAT not includedFor private person, RUR/connection (per each power outlet), 550,00VAT included 2. Rates of tariff of the technological networking for the consumer (applicant) not coming within item 1 ofthe present rates of tariff of the technological networking of OAO «Interregional power distributing networkingcompany of the Centre» - «Kostromaenergo»: Rates of tariff of the technological Power consumption to be connected networking (RUR/kWt/h without VAT) Voltage level (together with the one connected before) 2 category 3 category of safety of safetyup to 1,0 kW inclusive up to 100 kWt inclusive 6 192 5 757(0,4 kW) From 100 kWt up to 750 kWt inclusive 6 911 6 090 3. Rates of tariff of the technological networking to the distributing networks of the branch of OAO «Interregionalpower distributing networking company of the Centre» - «Kostromaenergo» are calculated individually: 1) by the technological networking of the consumer power plants to the network with the voltage level higherthan 35 kW and capacity higher than 10000 kWA; 2) by the technological networking of the consumer power plants to the network with the voltage level from1,0 kW up to 35 kW (6-10 kW); 3) by the technological networking of the consumer power plants to the network with the voltage level lowerthan 1,0 kW (inclusive) and capacity higher than 750 kWA; 4) by the technological networking of the consumer power plants to the network with the installed load higherthan 15 kWt and applying for the category of safety increase. Weighted rates for the heat energy in 2012 (RUR/Hkal) Weighted rates VAT not included VAT includedfrom 01.01.2012 up to 01.07.2012 1110,49 1286,00from 01.07.2012 up to 01.09.2012 1160,22 1343,50from 01.09.2012 1187,59 1375,31 Weighted rates for the water supply and draining in 2012 (RUR/m3) Water supply Water draining without VAT with VAT without VAT with VATfrom 01.01.2012 up to 01.07.2012 14,57 16,77 14,62 16,97from 01.07.2012 up to 01.09.2012 15,29 17,60 15,28 17,74from 01.09.2012 15,83 18,23 15,79 18,34 30
  31. 31. InvestmentNn Project name Investor volume, Job sites million RUR Agricultural sector Construction of pig-breeding farm “Shuvalovo”1 ZAO “Shuvalovo” 425,7 17 in the Kostroma region Reconstruction of pig-breeding farm for 70002 OOO “Sharjinskiy bacon” 49,8 12 heads Creation of livestock farm for meat cattle OOO ARS “Russian3 148,0 17 breeding Halloway” Creation of pedigree centre for cows of French OAO “Hothouse gardening4 200,0 14 limousine breed complex “Vysokovskiy” Timber industry Production of plywood in assortment and work- Swiss concern5 pieces out of it for the furniture and building 12 350,1 1 501 “KRONOHOLDING AG” industries on the base of wasteless processing Expansion of big-sized plywood production at6 the industrial base of Kostroma mechanical “SVEZA” Group 684,0 81 plant Reconstruction of plywood production at OAO7 “SVEZA” Group 1 148,0 844 “Manturovskiy plywood plant” Industry Creation of pump-compressor pipes and pipes8 OAO “Gazpromtrubinvest” 9 000,0 1 415 with insulation finish production Organization of mean diameter pipes9 production as per development strategy of OAO “Gazpromtrubinvest” 10 043,0 560 OAO “Gazpromtrubinvest” Creation of enterprise for metal goods Finnish-Swedish company10 614,3 89 production with annual output of 30 000 ton “Specta AG” Technical re-equipment and reconstruction of OOO “Joint Stock venture11 545,0 269 production areas of cotton-spinning mill “Kokhloma” Creation of production of spare parts for sleeve ZAO “Kostroma12 310,0 889 assembly autocomponent plant” Creation and putting into operation the crane OAO “Galichskii crane truck13 truck production with elevating capacity of 60- 250,0 1 474 plant” 100 ton Creation of the shop producing the welding OOO “Sudislavskiy welding14 110,0 264 coppered wire materials plant” Energy OOO “RK15 Construction of building block boiler rooms 65,5 17 “Energoprominvest”32
  33. 33. AGRICULTURAL SECTOR InvestmentInvestment project Location Target volume, Contacts million RURConstruction of Creation of thethe refrigerated Sudislavl` district, infrastructural objectslaughterhouse with 200 Kostroma region in the meat livestockfeedlot for heavy sectorbeastsConstruction of the Municipal districtslivestock farms on Milk livestock sector of the Kostroma exceeding 100the territory of the development The department of the regionKostroma region Agricultural sector of theConstruction of the Creation of the up-to- Kostroma region Sudislavl` district,milk processing date milk processing 150 Kostroma regionplant production Tel.: 007 (4942) 55-16-31 Ecologically clean Fax: 007 (4942) 45-65-41Creation of production of the Ostrovskiy district,the bioethanol fuel performed out of 2 000 Kostroma regionproduction the renewable raw materials Municipal districts Creation of the modernOrganization of the of the Kostroma production for flax 1 700flax-cultivation region growing and stocking BUILDING Investment Investment project Location Target volume, Contacts million RURConstruction of the Creation of thecement plant, annual Soligalich district, The department of modern cement 14 800capacity - 2,7 million Kostroma region building, architecture productionton and town-planning of the Creation of Kostroma regionConstruction of the up-to-date Tel.: 007 (4942) 31-28-12the housing estate Kostroma 3 569,5 residential Fax: 007 (4942) 47-10-94“Agashkina Gora” complex FUEL-ENERGY COMPLEX Investment Investment project Location Target volume, Contacts million RUR The department of the Creation of the fuel-energy complexConstruction of the Municipal districts of modern system and tariff policy of thebuilding block boiler 100 the Kostroma region of the heat Kostroma regionrooms supply Tel.: 007 (4942) 31-52-13 Fax: 007 (4942) 37-34-01 34
  34. 34. WOOD PROCESSING COMPLEX Investment Investment project Location Target volume, Contacts million RUR Production of the competitiveConstruction of the Manturovo district, production capable to 51 000pulp-and-paper mill Kostroma region replace the imported paper and cardboard Satisfying the needs of the home marketCreation of the Bui district, by the creation of theoriented shaving 5 500 Kostroma region productions with theboard (OSB) new technologies and equipmentConstruction of the Production of theplant producing Galich district, granulated timber- The forestry department 2 000granulated timber-fuel Kostroma region fuel (pellets) and of the Kostroma region(pellets) and lumber lumber Tel.: 007 (4942) 55-15-12 Fax: 007 (4942) 55-80-32Creation of the Organization ofproduction of furniture Shar`ja district, birch sawing and 1 500workpieces made out Kostroma region processingof birch Creation of theCreation of the Chukhloma district, complete wood-integrated house- 900 Kostroma region processingbuilding factory productionCreation of themodern wasteless Vokhma district, Production of the 400timber processing Kostroma region competitive goodsproduction 35
  35. 35. NATURAL RESOURCES Investment Investment project Location Target volume, Contacts million RUR Organization ofExtraction and the extractionprocessing of sapropel Galich district, and processing 580at the deposit Kostroma region of sapropel,“Galichskoe” construction of the processing plant Creation of the ferrosiliconConstruction of the Bui district, production – the first 4 020ferrosilicon plant Kostroma region one in the European part of Russia The department of the natural resources and environmental protectionPeat extraction at the Extraction and of the Kostroma regiondeposits “Kremnevo”, supply of the Tel.: 007 (4942) 51-35-91“Chapyzhnoe”, Pyschug district, peat fuel for the 101,5“Petrovskoe” and Kostroma region heat-generatingconstruction of the peat companiespellet plantLoam extraction for the Bui district, The natural minerals 150brick production Kostroma region usageOpen-pit mining of the “Arkharovo”, The natural mineralsboulder-gravel-sand Chukhloma district, 245,7 usagemixture Kostroma region INDUSTRY InvestmentInvestment project Location Target volume, Contacts million RUR Production ofCreation of the the advanced Nerekhta district,energy-efficient technology products 2 000 Kostroma region The board of thelamps production – energy-efficient lamps investment and industrial policy of the Kostroma region Providing with the Tel.: 007 (4942) 31-20-01Creation of the most comfortable Fax: 007 (4942) 31-87-33industrial park Kostroma conditions for the“Industrial`nyi” modern production organization 36
  37. 37. Area,No Location Infrastructure description hectar Kostroma city district Land lot limited by the streets There are all supply terminals available along the borders1 Industrial`naya-Bazovaya- 23,6 of the land lot. Transport: distance to the railway station - Galichskoe highway 5,4 km; to the river port – 11,5 km Land lot in the Moskovskaya There are all supply terminals available along the borders2 street near the Klyuchevka 38,0 of the land lot. Transport: distance to the railway – 1,2 km -river Claster in the Magistral`naya There are all supply terminals available along the borders3 59,6 street of the land lot. Transport: distance to the railway – 1,0 km 1) Power supply - own step-down substation for 220/110/10 kW with the capacity reserve of 20 MVt. Total consumption - 191,88 MVA 2) Gas supply – from distributing net of Kostroma city. Free gas capacities – 1000 m3/h 3) Heat supply – own boiling room with the water heating (4PTVM 50) and steam (2DKVP 20/13 – DKVP 10/13) boilers. Released energy – 75 Hkal/h with reserve of 50 Hkal/h. Total capacity in delivery water – 200 Hkal/h, in steam – 10 ton/h 4) Water supply – water is delivered from the Volga and from the artesian wells. Household water supply –up to 100 m3/h, total debit – 250 m3/h, free capacities – up Land lot in the Moskovskaya4 137,0 to 100 m3/h. Water recycling is provided by 5 water- street cooling towers with capacity of 1300 and 1200 m3/h. Free capacity – up to 500 m3/h 5) Water drain – water escape is performed via city collector in volume of 150 m3/h 6) Water treatment – buffer pool equipped with the aeration system, through load – 900 m3/year. Neutralization system: - Coolant drain – 20 000 m3/year; - Acid-based substance drain – 100 000 m3/year; - Chrome-containing drain – 36 000 m3/year. Transport: distance to the Kosrtoma-Yaroslavl` motorway – 10m; 3,342 km of the railway runs in the territory of the lot. The supply terminals are available in 300-500 m from the Land lot in the Solonikovskaya5 4,35 land lot borders. street, close to No.6 Transport: distance to the railway – 600 m;38
  38. 38. Area,No Location Infrastructure description hectar Kostroma district Land lot on the territory of There are all supply available along the borders of the6 Baksheevskoe rural settlement 40,0 land lot. Transport: distance to the railway – 300 m; close to OAO “Motordetal” Gas and power terminals are 250 m far from the land Land lot situated from the west lot. From the South the lot has the common border with7 35,4 side of the village Pustoshki the motorway Kostroma-V.Spasskoe (Nikol`skoe rural settlement) and with the railway from the North Power supply – VL-35 kW; has the common border with Land lot surrounding the8 59,3 the railway on the South; distance to the motorway – village Pesikovo 3 km. Gas and power terminals are 200 m far from the land lot. Land lot to the North of the9 66,5 Distance to the motorway – 500 m; From the South the lot village Kharino has the common border with the railway. Power supply – 500 m. Distance to the city centre – 7 km; Land lot 500 m to the West10 1,5 distance to the motorway Kostroma-V.Spasskoe – 800 m; from the village Gubachevo distance to the railway – 1,5 km. Volgorechensk township 1) Power supply – there two lines VL-220 kW on the territory of the land lot. The substation is needed; 2) Gas supply – distributing net is 1 km from the land lot border; 3) Heat supply – there are two variants: gas boiling room Land lot limited by: or central heating supply from Kostroma regional power Volgorechensk- station – distance from the land lot border – 6 km; Ivankovo- 4) Water intake facility are 1,5 km far from the land lot Vladychnoe-11 3 600 border; Rostilovo- 5) Sewerage system is 5,5 km far from the land lot border; hole Pozdeevo- 6) Motorways: the Ivanovo region border Volgorechensk-Ivankovo-Vladychnoe – 6 km of up to Volgorechensk asphalt; Ivankovo-Tolstokvasovo-Gorki-Neronovo – 11 km of asphalt; Tolstokvasovo-Mikshino – 3 km of earth road; Vladychnoe-Rastilovo-hole Pozdeevo-the Ivanovo region border – 5,5 km of earth road. 39
  39. 39. CONTACTSKostroma region Governor tel.: 007 (4942) 31-34-72 fax: 007 (4942) 31-33-95Sergey Konstantinovich SITNIKOV press2@kos-obl.kmtn.ruFirst Vice Governor tel.: 007 (4942) 31-35-16 fax: 007 (4942) 31-43-81Ivan Vladimirovich KORSUN prk@kos-obl.kmtn.ru.Vice Governor Deputy tel.: 007(4942) 31-20-01 fax: 007(4942) 31-87-33Pavel Vladimirovich ALEKSEEV alekseev@region.kostroma.ruKostroma region Duma Chairman tel.: (4942) 31-62-52 fax: (4942) 31-21-73Andrei Ivanovich BYCHKOV econom@kosoblduma.ruKostroma region Duma tel.: (4942) 31-57-51Chairman of the committee on economic policy and business activity fax: (4942) 31-57-51 econom@kosoblduma.ruSergey Vyacheslavovich GALICHEV40
  40. 40. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION In case you have not find the information you are looking for in this booklet and if you have any offers forcooperation with the Kostroma region Administration, we ask you to fill in the following application form andsend it to our e-mail address: spi.kostroma@yandex.ru. This form can be found as well at the Kostroma region authority portal: www.adm44.ru. 1 Investor 2 Investment project name Necessary resources, namely: Land lot area Civil engineering infrastructure with the capacity indication (electricity, gas, 3 water) railway, motorway other resources (nature, forest etc.) Preferable location of the industrial 4 site (city/town, region, distance to the regional or district centre) 5 Other conditions 6 Contacts 41
  41. 41. Notes42
  42. 42. Kostroma region Administration15, Dzerzhinskogo Street 156013 Kostroma Tel.: +7 (4942) 31 34 72 www.adm44.ru Body of Investment and Industrial policy of Kostroma region Administration15, Dzerzhinskogo Street 156013 Kostroma Tel.: +7 (4942) 31 20 01