Toshiba Vs. Dell


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This presentation convey the main defferences between Dell Co. and Toshiba Co. , and contain a brief about this two companies.

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Toshiba Vs. Dell

  1. 1. TOSHIBA VS .
  2. 2. Prepared by: Said Shouib To : Ms. Sanaa’
  3. 3. Presentation Objectives  TOSHIBA and DELL history.  TOSHIBA and DELL employees.  TOSHIBA a and DELL Co. Logo.  TOSHIBA and DELL Co. advertisements.  TOSHIBA and DELL (main products and the additional products).  What do you prefer???!!!!
  4. 4. • Company name: TOSHIBA Electronics Co., Ltd. • Address: 6-6, Kita Kogyo-Danchi, Kitakami-City, Iwate, 0248510, Japan • Phone: +81-197-71-3003 • Fax: +81-197-71-3200
  5. 5. TOSHIBA Corporation is a Japanese electronics company, the seventh largest manufacturer of electrical and electronic equipment in the world and the largest semiconductor manufacturer in Japan.
  6. 6. D LL company founded in America, Texas. in the year 1984, by Michael Dell. In 1985, DELL came out with their very first computer called the Turbo, which had an eight-megahertz processor. Sold at $ 795 U.S.
  7. 7. Is an American company headquartered in Round Rock - Texas specializing in the field of computer and technology, develop, manufacture, sale, and support for personal computers and other related products with combinations.
  8. 8. The company went public in 1988 The first DELL laptop made its debut in 1991
  9. 9. ucts prod rs their ee yea lling thr n se and bega bsite paq ll Com , De eir we ver 1996 h th In ok o roug r they to th late
  10. 10. . In 2008, Dell was the 2nd largest company, behind HP in terms of computer sales. The dell logo on any pc makes you sure that you will get total value to your money.
  11. 11. The number of employees in TOSHIBA co. approximately 161,000 employees (as of March 31, 2004). In 2001 the figure was 190,000. in 2002, 18,000 workers were dismissed
  12. 12. TOSHIBA have a lot of branches in most countries of the world
  13. 13. By 2008, Dell became employs more than 88.000 people around the world, As of 2010 the company employs about 16,000 people in the facility
  14. 14. 32,100 employees are employed in the Asia-Pacific region. Manufacturing facilities are in Malaysia, India, and China Regional offices in 13 countries 39,500 people are employed in the Americas region, with manufacturing facilities in Austin, TX; Nasville, TN; Winston Salem, NC; and Eldorado do Sul, Brazil
  15. 15. To be a premier consumer electronics company which manufactures and sells innovative and technologically advanced products as it endeavors to improve the quality of life within the global community
  16. 16. Is to be the most successful computer company in the world at delivering the best customer experience in markets we serve
  17. 17. The logo has changed by time being. But, it always represents and expresses commitment to the customers and society through the world.
  18. 18. A few years after Tokyo Shibaura Denki changed its name to Toshiba, a new logo replaced all of its predecessors. The “Toshiba logotype” was adopted as the symbol of Toshiba Group and optimized for use in digitized formats. The logotype was combined with the “Leading Innovation” tagline to create a new corporate brand.
  19. 19. Go to slide 4
  20. 20. Despite the fact that the changes were minor over the old one logo, the company likely spent a considerable amount of marketing resources in making it. What you see next are the various versions of its previous logo. It's essentially the same old Dell logo but in different settings
  21. 21. the slanted E in Dell logo is simply the buildings where Dell manufactured. Where as the other one suggested that the slanted E is fulfilling the graphic design.
  22. 22. Developing in laptop manufacturing
  23. 23. LAPTOPS LAPTOPS Mobiles Mobiles
  24. 24. Camera Camera Television, fridges, Television, fridges, etc. etc. Memory Card and etc. Memory Card and etc.
  25. 25. TOSHIBA Co. using special advertising to attract the customer. By using famous persons and great places to make the advertisements
  26. 26. Dell Uses Social Media to Listen, Learn and Engage With its Customers
  27. 27. DELL will meet customer expectations of: •Highest quality •Leading technology •Competitive pricing •Individual and company accountability •Best-in-class service and support •Flexible customization capability •Superior corporate citizenship •Financial stability social media is far more than a tool — it’s an extension of our brand, which is all about enabling people everywhere to use technology to grow and thrive
  28. 28. Join Dell on Facebook® and explore our communities' pages for the latest updates from Dell Experience Dell's public circles and Google+ hangouts Follow Dell on Twitter for the latest Dell and industry buzz Get LinkedIn® to Dell and learn about potential career and business opportunities.
  29. 29. The war between TOSHIBA and DELL
  30. 30. Who is the best TOSHIBA or DELL ??? What are your opinion??
  31. 31. To learn more about TOSHIBA:
  32. 32. To learn more about DELL: