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Pre NAB 2013 Highlights
NAB 2013 廣播電視展展前趨勢報告

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NAB 2013 Pre highlights_august-0415_update

  1. 1. NAB2013 Exhibitors and Products Survey By August Lin, CloudCast Technology Inc., 2013.03.15
  2. 2. NAB 2013 Exhibitors by Category Exhibitors by Category Acquisition & Production Distribution & Delivery 13.7% 19.8% 27.7% Management & Systems Post-Production 23.3% 佔比70.8% Pro Audio Display Systems Radio Outdoor / Mobile Media
  3. 3. Topics and Trends Highlights Category Topics and Trends Acquisition and Production - 2K/4K Camera, C.G. - HEVC(H.265) in MPEG-DASH Distribution and Delivery - More and more OVP - All IP Transmission and Live Production Management and - Monetization – OTT Advertising System Post-Production - Cloud Based Production/Collaboration - 4K NLE, 4K Workflow Audio - Audio Recognition and Fingerprint Suggest Venders
  4. 4. Special Attractions on the Show Floor Content Market Content Market, a new event within an event, taking place at the Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Hotel, offers a unique networking opportunity for content buyers and sellers featuring an exclusive cocktail reception and golf outing. Connected Media World Connected Media World is a brand new signature destination at NAB Show which focuses on the connected consumer experience – IPTV, mobile, social and cloud technologies, devices and content. StartUp Loft NAB Show promotes innovation and ingenuity through this community designed to offer young companies an equal opportunity to showcase their product(s). Connected TV HBBTV Mobile TV OTT TV Second-screen Social TV
  5. 5. NHK to Present 8K Video at New NAB Labs Futures Park  Super Hi-Vision Camera  Super Hi-Vision Broadcast over 2 UHF channel  7680 x 4320 Pixels  Provides 16 times the number of pixels as HDTV (Sep.2012, IBC, Amsterdam)
  6. 6. Event Schedule – Conference Programs Boxee Co-Founder Avner Ronen The two half-day programs cover disruptive media as well as OTT technologies and how these are impacting business models for distribution and consumer engagement. Topics Include:  Curating content across new distribution channels  Discovery and recommendation  The new metrics for video advertising effectiveness  TVE, On Demand, and OTT services
  7. 7. More Online Video Platform
  8. 8. XStream MediaMaker MediaMaker is a cloud based video assets management platform that enables telco’s, cable operators, broadcasters and media companies to build, manage and monetize OTT and TV Everywhere services.         Ingest API Metadata management Encoding, Encryption, Business model management User usage analytics Business status reporting Multiple platform distribution Integrate into your existing platforms like CRM, broadcast systems, IPTV middleware or CMS.
  9. 9. “The idea behind MediaMaker is simple: if you have content, we’ll do the rest!” David Tolnem, Head of Platform Development, Xstream
  10. 10. MediaMaker Architecture :
  11. 11. MediaMaker OVP Modules & Features
  12. 12. XStream Clients 迪士尼 Play TV  Disney Play TV 為針對兒童 市場的線上影音服務  Xstream 在該案中主要提供 以下功能 :  訪客追蹤功能 (Tracking of Visitor)  實現外部 CDN 整合  提供VOD 廣告機制  Player 與入口網站設計
  13. 13. XStream Clients PATHE (法國百代電影公司) THUIS平台  PATHE Thuis 為一線上電影 服務平台  XStream協助 PATHE Thuis 的OTT服務建立DRM系統  基於Google Widevine DRM 技術  支持 IOS 和 Android 行動裝 置
  14. 14. - Cloud Based Video Management Upload – Archive – Convert – Share – Distribute
  15. 15. Adobe’s OVP Project Adobe Primetime       跨平台 : PC, Tablet, IOS, Android, Smart TV 整合 Adobe FMS 串流技術 整合 Adobe Access DRM方案 廣告服務功能 觀眾管理 (Audience Management) 統計分析報表
  16. 16. Adobe’s On-line Marketing Platform Adobe Scene 7 ( of Adobe Marketing Cloud) What’s Adobe Scene 7 ?       Video and Photo Media Hosting Collect, manage and share creative assets with partners or agencies Engaging Experience to consumer Dynamic imaging and Visual Configuration Publishing System Deliver across multiple touchpoints : Web and social, Mobile and multiscreen, Email and print
  17. 17. Major Functions and Tools 動態圖像 視頻 電子型錄 視覺設置 入口網站 印前排版 輸出
  18. 18. Scene 7 支援的網頁應用範例  Dynamic Imaging  Visual Configurators  eCatalogs  eVideos  Media Portal  Web-to-print
  19. 19. OVP Competitors Comparison (以美國公司為主)
  20. 20. Cloud-based Production
  21. 21. Aframe Content Flow Tagging & Logging Upload Search & Browse On-line Editing
  22. 22. Aframe Major Features  Review and Approval  Commenting  Activity Monitor Dashboard Any activity from your entire team is displayed in a simple dashboard Production Mngm. Security /Storage Collaboration Sharing
  23. 23. Aframe Clients Production Company Broadcaster, CP Branded Company Events Non-Profit
  24. 24. Global Production Collaboration QTube - view and edit live production content, anywhere  QVFS : 影片以顆粒化單位(Frame)儲存, 所以檔案僅為虛擬呈現。  Dynamic stream generation : 動態偵測用戶端頻寬, 即時產生符合該頻寬 的視頻串流。  On-the-fly Editing while recording 視頻在錄製階段即可實現預覽播放。  Web-based shot selection / logging  Exchange of QuickTime and MXF with Final Cut Pro X and Avid Media Composer  Idea for global production collaboration
  25. 25. System Architecture QTube Architecture 顆粒化資料 動態調整串流
  26. 26. QTube Browse – Browser Based Shot Selection
  27. 27. QTube Edit – AP Based Editor A/B Roll 剪輯Timeline 視頻尚在運算期間即可線上預覽
  28. 28. Global Production Collaboration
  29. 29. On-line Editing Competitors Adobe Anywhere Avid Interplay Sphere
  30. 30. The Potential of Audio Recognition & Fingerprint
  31. 31. Conversational Interface Technology 協助裝置與應用 察覺脈絡並響應 用戶的意圖
  32. 32. 為輸入受限 的裝置提供 優雅的用戶 體驗
  33. 33. 實現聯網汽 車上的 Hands-Free 應用情境
  34. 34. Smart-Relevance Technology Stack
  35. 35. “ Sonic Notify is a platform that enables data to be inserted into any audio stream or environment. “ That data enables content delivery and (customers) presence measurement. Support applications like :      Coupons Delivery Retail Setting Through In-store Audio, Second Screen Experience to TV viewers, Live Light-show at a Concert And more….
  36. 36. Major Application
  37. 37. 1. Retail Applications Portable beacons are small physical units which continuously emit a Sonic signal. They enable content delivery and measurement at a micro level. 便攜式 信號器 (Beacon) 買橘子送XX Or 折價券 Mini Broadcaster When a potential customer enters a store, you can reach them in ways you’ve never been able to before. Place Beacon Plugs or Beacon Batteries next to your product and be able to reach your consumer right at the point of purchase. You can enable sonic through your existing instore music provider. Or you can install a Mini Broadcaster into your existing configuration to add the Sonic Signal to your establishment.
  38. 38. 1. Retail Applications “ SONIC RETAIL ” – 聲波零售商概念 :  聲波信號(Sonic Signal)改變廣告投放和資料接取的方式 :  SonicRETAIL 成為客戶造訪(Customer Presence)時信息接取的集中 點。  Each Store is a Channel in the SonicRETAIL platform。  Sharing your Channel : 透過對商業夥伴或其他Shopping 開放您的 聲波頻道, 以贏取客戶的參與。  零售商與賣場可以向任何公司或APP業者出售您的「頻道」。
  39. 39. 2. Zoned Content Delivery “Anywhere there is a speaker, the Mini Broadcaster can create a Sonic Notify experience.” Speaker Mini Broadcaster
  40. 40. 3. TV Applications  Lease access to 3rd parties (將廣播通道租賃與第三方)  Sell Advertising against programming (針對節目銷售廣告)  Build partnerships around your broadcast (通過放送建立商業夥伴)  Measure and segment your audience (量測和區分您的觀眾)
  41. 41. 3. TV Applications – A Scenario Example  一旦用戶打開APP, Device Identifier會立即跟蹤該用戶目標。  確認用戶在收視的節目或廣告內容。  假設該用戶正在收視X-Factor (Pepsi贊助內容)。  Coca-Cola™ 為該廣播/電視頻道的互動廣告客戶。  則Coca-Cola™可以馬上向用戶(二屏)推送其內容宣傳或商品廣告。
  42. 42. Sonic Device to Be Installed What you need to start up ….. Portable Beacons (For Retail) Mini Broadcaster (For TV Live, Retail) Sonic SDK HD-SDI Broadcaster (For TV Live, Retail)
  43. 43. ACR on Connected Device ACR = Automatic Content Recognition Audio Recognition Image Recognition
  44. 44. Team and Investor
  45. 45. Clients and Partners
  46. 46. All IP Live Production ?
  47. 47. Turning HD-SDI into IP Packets SONY NXL-IP55 signal processing box Live HD-SDI baseband signals →IP packets Delivery over Cat-6 Cable or Fiber Optic In tandem with any L2 Ethernet Switch A point-to-point connection for the transmission IEEE 15888 Position Time Protocol (PTP) Time stamping technology for the video packets —a master clock ensure that all camera feeds are properly synchronized  4 HD signals over a single Cat-6 cable  Available by the end of 2012 for around $20,000 (for a send and receive box)  It will be used for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil      
  48. 48. LIVE 現場 電視台副控室
  49. 49. LIVE 現場 2.97Gbps by SMPTE-424M(3G-SDI) 電視台副控室 CAM1 CAM1~4 CAM2~4 CAM2~4 CAM2~4
  50. 50. Social Media Integration
  51. 51. Beyond ? : Too Broadcast and TV focused
  52. 52. Create Social Engagement…Anywhere. Our real-time platform helps you discover, filter and integrate unique social experiences into all of your media and marketing efforts.
  53. 53. Discover Identify and capture brand-relevant conversations happening across a variety of social channels. Discover the right content by sourcing data from keywords, specific accounts, geo-locations, client apps and more. 10,000 Candidate
  54. 54. Filter How do you sift through over 450 million pieces of social content a day to deliver one Tweet or photo to TV or your website – in real-time? Apply filters to access the most relevant content. Apply rules that will eliminate profanity and spam, include or exclude Retweets, replies, or content from specific accounts 1,000 Candidate
  55. 55. Display Display this filtered content as interactive visual experiences. Integrate customized experiences into any digital destination to drive audience engagement 100 to the Outbox
  56. 56. Analyze Track the success of your integrated social activities. Report on engagement and amplification metrics like Tweets per minute and Total volume of buzz generated to track and measure engagement and reach.
  57. 57. Mass Relevance 10 Major Products 圖片牆 民意調查 話題趨勢圖 排行榜 計數器 地理分佈圖 線上問答
  58. 58. Cases and References – Media CNN: Election Insights CNN uses Facebook Conversations as a Barometer to Visualize Election Trends
  59. 59. The X Factor : Community Page
  60. 60. The X Factor became the most Social TV show (AdAge, 2011) They achieved this by utilizing realtime Twitter content in several ways - launching audience voting via Twitter, integrating real-time social data visualizations in-studio and onair, and building a social hub on
  61. 61. American Idol : Fan Hub & Fan Wall Driving second screen engagement and social buzz was key for American Idol during the 2012 season. In order to drive fan participation, American Idol constructed the Fan Hub and Fan Wall using several Mass Relevance products.
  62. 62. iHeart Radio : Music Festival 2012, Twitter Tracker
  63. 63. Food Network : The Next Iron Chef Fan Page
  64. 64. ABC: Pretty Little Liars Suspect Tracker
  65. 65. The Oscars' Buzz Minisite
  66. 66. The GRAMMYs' Nomination Concert E! Entertainment's GRAMMY Heat Gauge
  67. 67. Cases and References – Brands Company Victoria’s Secret –Summer Buzz Patagonia (Vote the Environment) HSN - Digital Redesign P&G - Mean Stinks Lexus' 2013 LS Ford's Fusion
  68. 68. ● App或網頁問答設計 ● 問答結果統計 ● 動態視覺化呈現 ● 整合ENPS介面
  69. 69. Monetization – OTT Advertising
  70. 70.  Rovi的前身就是Macrovision- 以DVD防盜拷技術知名。  2009年更名為Rovi。  2010年12月以7.2億美元收購Sonic Solutions,這家公司擁有Roxio技術和於 07年和10年收購來的Mainconcept及Divx公司。  Rovi全球員工超過1,800人,已註冊和正在申請的專利超過5,100項。  總部位於美國加州的Santa Clara,在全球19個大城市裡有分支機構,其中包 含台灣新竹。  Rovi的定位是「數位娛樂科技」(Digital Entertainment Technology)的解決方 案供應商。  產品和雲端服務橫跨數位內容的製作、查找、發送和廣告等領域。  2011年Rovi在NASDAQ的市值曾達到47億美金的高點,相當於1,413億台 幣。
  71. 71. 從幾個數據來看Rovi的影響力與成就 (摘錄自其官網):  全球有1.3億人口透過服務商使用Rovi的電視節目指南(EPG)科技。  以Rovi Entertainment Store技術開設的「數位娛樂店面」(Storefronts),如果以 內容來計算,已經超過2,800萬個。  裝有Rovi Total Guide CE(一種為消費電子產品開發的EPG軟體)的裝置已經達到 2.19億個。  從1954年以來以來,透過Rovi科技上架或傳播的電視節目已經到達360萬則、唱 片超過290萬張、2,800萬首歌曲與50萬部電影。  Divx播放器的裝機數目達到5億個。  廣告主透過Rovi Advertising Networks可以將廣告發佈到全球範圍內的4,000萬個 家庭。
  72. 72. 1. EPG Solution TotalGuide - TV Programming Guide TotalGuide xD - For Tablets and Smartphones
  73. 73. 2. Storefronts Solution Rovi Entertainment Store (RES)
  74. 74. 3. Rovi Ads Service 目前OTT TV上的兩大視頻廣告型態 : 干擾用戶體驗  Pre-roll Prior Video Playback Roku 為例  First Impression Units Samsung Smart Hub為例
  75. 75. 3. Rovi Ads Service EPG Ads in Rovi TotalGuide “The EPG has changed radically and should not be judged by the functional software of old…. They are a place where ads can sit comfortably “
  76. 76. 3. Rovi Ads Service Banner Ads in Rovi Film Guide & Storefront Rovi Entertainment Store
  77. 77. 3. Rovi Ads Service Other Promotion Tools …
  78. 78. 4. Rovi Advertising Networks
  79. 79. 4. Rovi Advertising Networks
  80. 80. Other On-line Ads Platforms/Services
  81. 81. Quick Facts about YuMe          2007年3月成立於美國加州 Redwood City 2007年共獲得風險機構兩輪共1,600萬美元融資 2010年2月獲得以 Menlo Ventures為首團隊注資2,500萬美元 2011年11月獲Translink Capital 和Samsung風險投資1,200萬美元 2011年11月LG宣布與YuMe合作為其聯網電視整合廣告功能 每月經由YuMe平台投放的廣告播放次數達到15億次(2011年底) 已與275個全球性品牌合作;執行過25,000件廣告行銷活動 迄今已經蒐集到 1.4兆個品牌數據點 (Brand data point) 自詡為” A multi-screen video advertising network”
  82. 82. 新媒體廣告的困難 : Screen/Viewer Fragmentation
  83. 83. 新媒體廣告的困難 : Screen/Viewer Fragmentation THE PROBLEM: VIEWER FRAGMENTATION + SITE LIST PARITY
  84. 84. YuMe的獨到之處
  85. 85. What is PQI ? 廣告投放點品質指數(Placement Quality Index, PQI) At YuMe, we believe that what really matters is the quality of video ad placements on those sites and apps. To address this, we’ve developed our Placement Quality Index, PQI. 重點不是廣告放在哪一個網 站(Site), 而是放在該站的哪 一個位置。
  86. 86. What is PQI ?
  87. 87. How Does PQI Work? YuMe PQI 採用獨有的「廣告投放演算法」(Ad Campaign Placement Algorithm)  即時監看觀眾終端視頻應用  演算法不斷分析並記錄以下指標 : Interaction Rate (社交互動率) Video Completion Rate (影片播放百分比) Player Size (播放器大小) Player Location (播放器位置) Content Relevancy (內容關聯性) Brand-safety Measures Campaign Objectives PQI Engine  與該版位的過去的行銷表現指標紀錄互相比較 Based on the results, ads are placed on the right screen, site, or app in an optimal content context, at the perfect time, to be seen by the most brand-receptive audience
  88. 88. How Does PQI Work? Behind Algorithm : SDK As the Data Collectors Embedded SDK for Connected TV
  89. 89. How Does PQI Work? A “Connected Audience Network”… 所有YuMe連線網路終端內呈現的視頻廣告板位
  90. 90. Why PQI ? PQI之於出版商與媒體 For publishers, a high PQI rank means they can attract the best-fit premium brand advertisers 對於出版商,一個高的PQI排名意味著他們可以吸引最佳的優質品牌廣告主。 PQI之於品牌廣告主與代理商 For brand advertisers and agencies, this index ensures that video ads get placed with the most relevant, brand-safe and highest-quality content to achieve strong audience engagement. 對於品牌廣告商和機構,PQI指數確保視頻廣告被放到最相關的、最妥當和最高 品質的內容位置,從而促成強大的觀眾參與。
  91. 91. Video Ads Management Solution
  92. 92. Ads Creative Variation 40% 20% 10% 30%
  93. 93. Different Interactive Ads for Different Screen/Target
  94. 94. YuMe, 自己也製作 互動廣告 YuMe Ads deliver highlyengaging, interactive video ad experiences across screens ... Our innovative ad framework and technology, along with our in-house design studio, deliver unmatched creative flexibility to help advertisers achieve their branding objectives.
  95. 95. YuMe 線上互動廣告舉例 1. InSycn
  96. 96. 2. Play time trivia
  97. 97. 3. Custom Made - Acura
  98. 98. 3. Custom Made – Florida Natural
  99. 99. Content for 4K TV
  100. 100. 4K TV Set SONY 65" Class 4K Ultra HDTV XBR-65X900A 3DTV + Connected TV
  101. 101. SONY 4K TV Set 2 Different Full HD Pictures at once Now you and a friend can both experience your own big-screen view of the action as you go head-to-head in games like Call of Duty®: Black Ops II. SimulView™ gaming presents 2 different Full HD pictures at once, so each player sees only their unique point of view across the entire screen. * A growing collection of PS®3 games with SimulView technology
  102. 102. The big issue with 4K is content … Where is it? And, when can consumers get it? Christina, Senior Tech Analyst, Mashable
  103. 103. Movie Service in 4K Ultra HD SONY FMP-X1 4K Media Player $ 699 for the box  Available 2013 Summer  Bundled with 10 feature films  SONY will launch its fee-based distribution service for 4K films this fall (There's still no word on how many titles will be available in Sony's lineup)
  104. 104. OTT TV : Catching Up of Content
  105. 105. Your best entertainment destination : OTT TV Box
  106. 106. Content Richness, An Example of Roku Every Roku brings you access to over 750 channels featuring the best in movies, TV shows, live sports, music, photo and video sharing, games, international programming, radio, tech news, non-tech news, podcasts, cartoons, clips, cat tricks, and…
  107. 107. Content Richness, An Example of Roku 762 Channels/Apps 684 Video Channels
  108. 108. Affordable Price for Everyone, Rich & Poor
  109. 109. Channels Comparison to Carrier’s IPTV
  110. 110. Channels Comparison to Carrier’s IPTV
  111. 111. Channels Comparison to Carrier’s IPTV FiOS TV
  112. 112. Competition… OTT TV Box 路上 微軟不讓Roku, Google Nexus Q, Apple TV專美於前
  113. 113. XBox Kinect
  114. 114. Next XBox Project  微軟出讓 Mediaroom IPTV 技術與平台給Ericsson經營 (全球2,200萬個STB已支持,包含台灣威達雲端VeeTV)  專注於讓 XBox 發展成微軟的電視業務終端  預計將以 Kinect 體感遙控+眼球追蹤功能取代遙控器  以 XBox UI 整合OTT與既有有線電視STB服務  計畫分為兩大部分 : 1. 整合更強大電視功能的下一代 XBox 2. 單純電視版 – XBox TV (2014年Q1)
  115. 115. OTT TV Wave in China
  116. 116. OTT TV Wave in China
  117. 117. White-label OTT TV Technology
  118. 118. Israeli OTT TV Technology
  119. 119. The Vidmind platform is the control center for OTT operators
  120. 120. Management Interface Management for The Entire Lifecycle of A Media Asset
  121. 121. User Interface Better Approach to Content Live Content EPG Related content search by Cast & Crew Personalized Dashboard
  122. 122. Better Approach to Social Activity Subscriber Profile Friend’s Activity Social Timeline
  123. 123. 2nd Screen Experience Vidmind Mobile Application (Android) Vidmind OTT TV Box Vidmind iPad Application
  124. 124. A HBBTV Prospect
  125. 125. The Year of UAV
  126. 126. UAV for Aerial Filming and News Field Production DJI Phantom quadcopter  Price $ 679 (Camera not included)  Carry a GoPro Camera  10-15 flight time
  127. 127. DJI Spreading Wings S800 hexacopter 6 GoPros Camera to create a 360 degree panoramic experience
  128. 128. Flying-Cam SARAH 3.0      Up to 17 pounds (8Kg) payload RED Epic camera Real-time HD video transmitter GPS and velocity control Up to 30Mins of flight time
  129. 129. THANK YOU
  130. 130. Thank you for your attendance today.