Search marketing keywords get ahead of the game


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Search marketing keywords get ahead of the game

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  2. 2. [Emarkering Resource]Search Marketing Keywords - Get Ahead Of TheGame One of the many advantages to starting a businessonline is the vast array of options you have to bring allthe customers you need to your website, one of thebest is search marketing keywords. Using this methodwill help your site show up in the top 10 or 20 (the firstor second page) of search results for your chosenkeyword phrases. The best part? Its all free.
  3. 3. [Emarkering Resource]Search Marketing Keywords - Get Ahead Of TheGame Many new online marketers will make a very fatal error,they think that as long as they are getting a lot oftraffic to their site than they will make money. Thething they overlook is the quality of the traffic. Forexample, if you are selling books about birds you dontwant people who couldnt care less about birds visitingyour website. If they dont have an interest in birdsthey arent going to buy your product, period. Itdoesnt matter how great your product is, or how greatyour website is or all the pretty pictures you have onyour site...if they dont care about birds they arentgoing to buy your product.
  4. 4. [Emarkering Resource]Search Marketing Keywords - Get Ahead Of TheGame So, not all traffic is good traffic. By using the propersearch marketing keywords strategy you can targetyour traffic so only those people who are activelylooking for information on birds will click on your linkand see your site. If you have a keyword like: "birdwatching books for sale" and you use that in yourwebsite articles, as well as some article marketingefforts, you can be sure that the visitors you get to yoursite are highly interested not only in birds but also inbuying a book about birds. The odds of you making asale have just gone up significantly!
  5. 5. [Emarkering Resource]Search Marketing Keywords - Get Ahead Of TheGame By targeting the right keywords you can target theright customers. Simply by doing some keywordresearch and finding very specific keywords that have alot of high monthly searches with low competition andthen incorporating those keywords into your blogposts and articles, you will be focusing your marketingefforts on those people who are truly interested inbuying your product or services as opposed to thosethat have absolutely no interest at all.
  6. 6. [Emarkering Resource]Search Marketing Keywords - Get Ahead Of TheGame If you want to get a little more in depth you can alsoinclude keywords in the tags of your website to helpthe search engines find you and give you a higherranking. This isnt hard to do especially if youre usinga blog format for your website. Just ask around anyinternet marketing forum and you can find someonewho can walk you through the process (its not hardbut I dont really have enough room in this article toexplain the concept).
  7. 7. [Emarkering Resource]Search Marketing Keywords - Get Ahead Of TheGame Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, learn all youcan about the way the search engines work and findthe best way to work within that system so you can geta ton of highly targeted traffic. The first thing youllneed to do is to identify search marketing keywordsthat have a high number of monthly searches and thenintegrate those words into your online posts, articles,and website structure.
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