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Keyword placement   key to success
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Keyword placement key to success


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 2. [Emarkering Resource]Keyword Placement - Key To Success There are many effective ways you can generate a lot oftraffic for your website online and using the properkeyword placement is key to making them all work tothe best potential. Its not just about the keywords youuse but also where they are placed in your article thatwill matter the most.
  • 3. [Emarkering Resource]Keyword Placement - Key To Success For anyone who may not know, a keyword is the wordor phrase you, or someone else, would type into thecomputers browser to find a certain product or serviceonline. For example, if you want to buy a book ongardening you would type something like: "gardeningbook" into whatever search engine you want to usewhether it be Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. That is what akeyword is (and it can be more than one word too).
  • 4. [Emarkering Resource]Keyword Placement - Key To Success Now to utilize the keywords in your article you have tobe careful how many times you use the word as well asexactly where you put it in your article. Thats wherekeyword placement comes into play. You dont want tohave the mindset that if one keyword is good fiftymust be better. No, the search engines are very smartthese days and they will see through that ploy and youwill be penalized by not having your article rank verywell.
  • 5. [Emarkering Resource]Keyword Placement - Key To Success When it comes to where to place your keywords a goodrule of thumb is to place your keyword in the title,thefirst and last paragraphs and at least once in the articlebody. If you have a particularly long article you can getaway with adding it a few more times without havingto worry about the search engines banning you forkeyword stuffing.
  • 6. [Emarkering Resource]Keyword Placement - Key To Success Now that you have a better idea of what a keyword is andhow many times you should put it in your article, you needto know where you can go to find a good list of keywords.The first place you should start is with the Google keywordtool. This tool is completely free to use and will provide youwith accurate and up to date keyword information. Keep inmind that what you are looking for is a list of keywords thathave a lot of monthly searches with a fairly small amount ofcompetition. Now what constitutes a lot of searches and asmall amount of competition will vary from niche to nicheso youll have to define those terms yourself.
  • 7. [Emarkering Resource]Keyword Placement - Key To Success Once youre a little more versed in internet marketingand you have some money to invest, you may want tobuy a keyword tool that can give you even moreflexibility and more information than just the amountof searches and competition. Many of the paidkeyword tools will let you know not only the amountof competition but how strong those competitors areas well as how likely some of the keyword phrases areto lead to a sale. That type of information can beextremely valuable in helping you determine whatkeywords to target and which ones to skip.
  • 8. [Emarkering Resource]Keyword Placement - Key To Success Step one to your successful online business is to find agreat list of keywords. Step two is to determine theproper density and keyword placement so that yourarticles rank high in the search engines.
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