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  • SEOmoz is the provider of the world’s most popular search marketing software. We help search marketers and site owners understand all aspects of search marketing, help them accomplish their tasks more efficiently, and track results over time. Our tools are powered by Linkscape, SEOmoz’ proprietary crawl of the world wide web. Refreshed approximately every 2 weeks – and getting faster all the time – it powers the SEOmoz toolset and provides competitive data not found anywhere else. We also offer both a free and a paid API that is being used by hundreds of enterprises, SEOs, and brilliant entrepreneurs who create their own toolsets and incorporate the data into their products.
  • We use terms like Inbound Marketing, Earned Media Marketing, and Conversation Marketing to cover a much broader spectrum of tactics that include the original technical SEO tactics.
  • We use terms like Inbound Marketing, Earned Media Marketing, and Conversation Marketing to cover a much broader spectrum of tactics that include the original technical SEO tactics.
  • To build a solid brand online today, you’ll need to consider the entire scope of Inbound Marketing tactics.
  • Where Internet users spend their time rarely coincides with the percentage of budget spent on that tactic.Image credit:
  • Sophistry is an idea that seems to make sense at first look, but upon deeper inspection, it is not sound. Pay attention; look deeper.
  • Am I likely to take time to review this ad and make moves toward buying life insurance…While I’m engaged in playing this game online?The answer is maybe. You’ll need to A/B test that idea. And A/B test whether an ad works better or joining a gaming group and talking about what you do/sell creates more leads. Or whether the lift is seen when you deploy both.Image credits: Accuquote Ad and Gensis Ad
  • It’s complicated. Be flexible so you can change budgets over time. Don’t make budget decisions cast in stone based on sophistic logic.
  • >80% of marketing budgets are spent on PPC. But less than 10% of the clicks happen on paid ads. The opportunity in the SERPs lies in organic search.
  • Image credit:
  • Every two years, SEOmoz publishes the Search Engine Ranking Factors. It’s pretty widely read because it’s the kind of information search marketers will give their right arm to know.
  • Info-graphics and illustrations help to make posts ‘go viral’ faster and wider. Info-graphics are not a ‘flash in the pan’ or ‘tactic of the moment’; they’re a long term strategy. As the volume of information we require to accomplish our daily work increases at breakneck speed, our propensity to want to absorb information through images, graphs, charts, and video will continue to increase. It’s a faster way to get the info in and digested than by words and numbers alone.
  • Deep comment marketing is more than a thumb up or ‘Good job!’ comment. It means writing a thoughtful 2-4 short paragraph response and and entire blog post on your viewpoints on the subject at hand. Put the blog post on your website and invite people to read more on the subject in your ‘deep comments’ on the other blog site.
  • We track everything. Building great content is the start. Marketing it is the next step. Tracking and improving is the secret sauce to success. It’s not the sexy stuff, but it’s the secret to achieving results that far outpace your competitors. We used to for this report on our facebook and twitter activity. Social metrics are now available inside the SEOmoz PRO platform, as is full integration with google analytics.
  • For social bookmarking, Ycombinator, Delicious, StumbleUpon and Reddit have historically performed best for us, but you should test results
  • Establishing your authority increases your author-rank. Build your own authority by engaging in Q&A sites, forums, Google+, Yahoo answers, etc. so you get your image next to your content in the SERPs.
  • Who needs to be #1 when you can grab all the clicks in position 3?
  • “Own the SERPs by making sure a wide range of your internet engagement ranks well for your brand name or for high value keywords. You don’t want to stuff your website with keywords, but you can include them strategically in names and descriptions in places like Slideshare, so your presentations rank well.
  • This old SEO pyramid still stands firm today. I’m not suggesting you can ignore the basics. The web is still connected by links. It’s how we get from page to page and how search bots find and crawl our pages. Accessible, excellent content is still the foundation. Targeting the appropriate keywords is still how search bots will correctly rank your pages for the search terms you want, and link building is still the cornerstone of how search bots and readers, arrive at your website, crawl through it, and find what they’re looking for. Putting social media in perspective is one of our keys to success. We know we build to amazing stuff and do the basics first.
  • Don’t ignore the power of email marketing. We send out newsletters without calls to buy-buy-buy. They contain items of interest to members of our community. That makes them sticky – people WANT and NEED the stuff we’re including in these emails. If you’re not on the list, at the risk of sounding self-serving, I suggest you get on it. It’s free; It’s jam packed with the recent news in your industry; it contains solutions to current problems and it will save you a ton of time in locating info you need to know… and did I mention is was free? :D
  • The brilliant strategy by made them one of the biggest players in the local restaurant business and got them acquired by IAC.We used the same idea with YOUmoz – we provide a platform where SEOs can promote their own businesses by publishing on the SEOmoz website.
  • The brilliant strategy by made them one of the biggest players in the local restaurant business and got them acquired by IAC.We used the same idea with YOUmoz – we provide a platform where SEOs can promote their own businesses by publishing on the SEOmoz website.
  • There is a dearth of Search Marketing talent at all levels. In general, companies are outsourcing the strategy to a consultant and then doing some tactical work inhouse.Image credit:
  • That’s non-intuitive. A company should want to keep the strategic control in house. But a lack of talent to perform this work leaves consultants at a temporary advantage.Image credit:
  • The role of the strategist is to prioritize projects for the company CMO who will then allocate funds and choose tacticians to get the work done - whether inhouse or outsourced.
  • Image credit:
  • Don’t chase the glitzy words first. Chase the long tail; it brings in more cash, sooner.Image credit:
  • Don’t chase the glitzy words first. Chase the long tail; it brings in more cash, sooner.Image credit:
  • Links are not going away. They are how the web is put together. Until we redesign how we and search bots move from page to page, links will remain important to ranking well in the SERPs.Image credit:
  • Do whatever is necessary to have GREAT content on your website, so you have something to promote. Promoting crap is always a Sisyphean (disappointing) exercise.
  • Check out what is doing around simple info graphics. Look at examples of great info graphics and do likewise.
  • Ecommerce?Pinterest! Tech? Google+. Biz services? LinkedIn.It’s pretty intuitive here. Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon have traditionally worked really well for SEOmozImage credit:
  • A corporate voice is something you ABSOLUTELY doinhouse. If you’re a consultant, you can counsel. You can lead this horse to water, but DO NOT MAKE IT DRINK! It’s up to the client to choose the corporate voice. And the tweeters must be in-house. I have NO case studies of companies successfully outsourcing tweets. NONE.Image credit:
  • Social media does not CHANGE the message of the nature of a company.
  • It merely increases the speed with which the message travels
  • …and the breadth of reception of that message
  • Whatever is true inside a company, is the message that Social Media is going to spread. So tend to the TRUTH inside the company first. Obviously, this is an inhouse operation.
  • Image credit:
  • Image credit:
  • Image credit:
  • Transcript

    • 1. Creating an SEO Strategy Questions to Ask How to Choose Tactics What to Measure Gillian Muessig, President & Co-founder, SEOmoz May, 2012
    • 2. SEOmoz makes software! Campaign management software for Inbound Marketers
    • 3. Oh goody! We’re going to do SEO!
    • 4. Pssst. SEO is not a strategy.Gillian Muessig, President & Co-founder, SEOmoz May, 2012
    • 5. Oh. Right.Gillian Muessig, President & Co-founder, SEOmoz May, 2012
    • 6. Marketing Strategy that’s realGillian Muessig, President & Co-founder, SEOmoz May, 2012
    • 7. Marketing Strategy Online - OfflineGillian Muessig, President & Co-founder, SEOmoz May, 2012
    • 8. Marketing Strategy Online – OfflineGillian Muessig, President & Co-founder, SEOmoz May, 2012
    • 9. Marketing Strategy Online – OfflinePaid OrganicGillian Muessig, President & Co-founder, SEOmoz May, 2012
    • 10. Marketing Strategy Online – OfflinePaid Organic SEO Social Lots of othersGillian Muessig, President & Co-founder, SEOmoz May, 2012
    • 11. SEO is a single tactic ofOrganic Search Marketing Gillian Muessig, President & Co-founder, SEOmoz May, 2012
    • 12. Let’s Start Again
    • 13. SEO has become more than SEO…
    • 14. News/Media/PR SEO Email Blogs + Blogging Research/White Papers InfographicsComment Marketing Social Networks Online Video INBOUND MARKETING! Forums (AKA “free” traffic sources) WebinarsSocial Bookmarking Word of Mouth Direct/Referring Links Podcasting Type-In Traffic Q+A Sites
    • 15. What should I think about first?
    • 16. Budget
    • 17. Budget
    • 18. Beware sophistry!
    • 19. Teachable moment
    • 20. It’s complicated.
    • 21. So where do I start?
    • 22. Look for opportunityPaid Ok, but where do I start?Organic
    • 23. What affects SERPs
    • 24. These things do…
    • 25. Blogs – fresh content
    • 26. “Viral” targeted content
    • 27. …can be very valuable
    • 28. Another example
    • 29. Keep it fresh
    • 30. Great graphics matter
    • 31. Simple can be interestingProbably the best case study around:
    • 32. A weekly video series
    • 33. Comment marketing
    • 34. Social networksData and charts of our Facebook and Twitter account performance via
    • 35. Social news / bookmarking,, and
    • 36. Q=A sites and forums
    • 37. Rel=author - good how-to
    • 38.
    • 39. SEO
    • 40. Video XML sitemapsWe use to post videos that automatically send video XML Sitemaps to Google
    • 41. Vertical Search
    • 42. Local results Completely different rankingalgorithm than standard search resultsProbably doesn’t get traffic like most “#1” results
    • 43. Image results
    • 44. Video results
    • 45. News & blog results
    • 46. Shopping results
    • 47. Instant answers
    • 48. These things affect your bottom line so add them to your campaign
    • 49. Conferences + events Days at the Office 7% Days in Transit 43% 32% Days Speaking at Conferences Other Days Out of Office 19% Gillian’s Days on the Road 2011
    • 50. Email marketingWe use/love (who now has a cool free option for early stage folks)
    • 51. Sharing-incented community
    • 52. Sharing-incented community
    • 53. Connect w/journalists & bloggers An amazing research tool:
    • 54. Monthly top X influencers updates monthly, but doesn’t use badges (which I highly recommend)
    • 55. Use game mechanics
    • 56. Personal space
    • 57. Help me if you can…
    • 58. Put a face on it
    • 59. Welcome, you’re special
    • 60. Build a personal brand
    • 61. Move it to the corporation
    • 62. To outsource or not to outsource
    • 63. Dearth of talent
    • 64. It’s non-intuitive
    • 65. 1: Get the house in order Technical SEO • Inbound link profile (Penguin) • Content quality and freshness (Panda) • Tags, Site Architecture, url naming conventions, internal link structure
    • 66. 1: Technical SEO • Is the keyword relevant? • Are there search ads targeting this word? • Are my competitors targeting this word? • What’s the search volume?
    • 67. 1: Technical SEO
    • 68. 1: Keyword Resources • Google Adwords’ Keyword Estimator • Google Insights for Search • Google Trends Keyword Demand Prediction • Microsoft AdCenter Keyword Forecasting • Wordtracker’s Free Basic Keyword Demand
    • 69. 1: Link building
    • 70. 2: Content Grist for the mill • Outsource design, authoring and even content strategy if needed • Mine your data to create ongoing info-graphics
    • 71. 2: Content tactics • Mine your data to create ongoing info-graphics • Leverage your brand community to create video and other content
    • 72. 3: Promote it! (SMM) Choose your SMM platforms
    • 73. 3: Social Media Establish your corporate voice
    • 74. 4: Brand community Understand the long term goals
    • 75. Speed the Message wBff-dP8195bM&imgurl= oynCQ&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=483&vpy=324&dur=1396&hovh=183&hovw=275&tx=225&ty=104&sig=103195842722407947764&page=1&tbnh=125&tbnw=194&start=0&ndsp=12&ved=1t:4 29,r:6,s:0
    • 76. Increase the depth of reception
    • 77. 4: Brand community
    • 78. 4: Brand community Understand the long term goals What we build on social media platforms are brand communities
    • 79. 4: Brand communityUnderstand what we build on social platforms
    • 80. 5: Mobile Marketing Deprecate beautifully in all sizes
    • 81. What to track Stay tuned for: Analytics, Glorious Analytics! later today.
    • 82. PROMODO12• Twitter: @SEOmom• Blog:• Email: