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Product Marketing
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Product Marketing



This presentation explores ways to effectively market MVP. ...

This presentation explores ways to effectively market MVP.
It explores various Marketing Mix concepts applied across traditional and digital marketing channels. Significant
2. Testing Your MVP
3. Design of Experiments
4. Marketing Your MVP
5. PPC Funnel
6. Usability Testing
7. Usability Study



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Product Marketing Product Marketing Presentation Transcript

  • SERGEY SUNDUKOVSKIY PH.D.Product Marketing1
  • Introduction2
  • Background3
  • AgendaPPC FunnelA/B TestingTypes of TestsTest ChainingUsability TestingUsability ToolsCase Study4
  • Product MarketingLie vs. Marketing5
  • Marketing Mix Do You Have a Right Marketing Mix? Right Product (start with small number of features) Right Price (start with one price point) Right Place (start concentrated) Right Promotion (do not make it too nuanced)7
  • Types of Media8
  • Media Mix Not All Media Created Equal Paid (start with one type) Earned (start building fan base) Owned (maximize the opportunity)Think of Overall Cost ReductionThink of Small Steps Tracer Bullets Before Cannonballs9
  • Owned MediaIt Is Kind of Free. Do Not Ignore It.10
  • Marketing ChannelsDigital vs. Traditional Marketing11
  • Channel MixTraditional Marketing TV Radio PrintDigital Marketing Email Search Display Social12
  • Consumer Funnel13
  • Marketing Terms14
  • PPC FunnelOffer VelocityOffer ConsistencyOffer Redemption15
  • Offer PsychologyIts an exercise in psychology, so to speak.16
  • Offer VelocityCTR Depends on Offer “Energy”17
  • Offer Velocity18
  • Offer Velocity (cont.)19
  • Offer Velocity (cont.)20ValuableQualitativeQuantitativeQuant./Qual.
  • Offer Velocity (cont.)21
  • Offer ConsistencyShe Looked Different on Match.com22
  • Offer Consistency (cont.)23
  • Offer Consistency (cont.)24
  • Offer Consistency (cont.)25
  • Offer RedemptionClear Path to Action26
  • Offer Redemption (cont.)27
  • Offer Redemption (cont.)28Problem 1: Multi-column layoutProblem 2: No headline synchronizationProblem 3: Unclear call to actionProblem 4: Convoluted eye path
  • Offer Redemption (cont.)29Solution 1: Single column flowSolution 2: Headline synchronizationSolution 3: Distinctive call to actionSolution 4: Clear eye path
  • Offer Redemption (cont.)30
  • Putting It Together31
  • Putting It Together (cont.)32
  • Putting It Together (cont.)33
  • Putting It Together (cont.)34
  • Putting It Together (cont.)35
  • Putting It Together (cont.)36
  • Putting It Together (cont.)37
  • Key TakeawaysSpecific and focused ad claimsQualitative language and quantitative claimsAction centric, value expressive offerOffer energy carry overLanding pages offer continuity and consistencyHeadline visit purpose reflectionEye path leading to distinctive call to actionSingle column flow38
  • Early TestingIt Can Get Complicated39
  • Alpha (Are You Interested)Happy Path40
  • Alpha Testing What Do We Want to Know? Can You Complete a Happy Paths? Are You Confused? Are You Excited? Are You Bored?41
  • Private Beta (What Will You Do)We Are Watching You42
  • Private Beta We Are Watching You Hover Areas Attention Areas Click Areas Used FeaturedWe Are Measuring You Visit Duration Hover Time Return Frequency43
  • Public Beta (Charge Them Phase)Free Trial What Is It For?44
  • Public Beta What Kind of Customer Are You Going To Be? Active Passive Hibernating Advanced Intermediate Novice45
  • Product Testing46
  • Product Testing Inflection Points Sign Ups Sign Ins Feature Usability Hibernation Churn47
  • Decision MakingHIPPO/Highest Paid Person’s Opinion48
  • Experimentation TestingABT – Always Be Testing49
  • Testing HistoryAliens Did Not Build Pyramids50Testing Testing Tested
  • A/B Multifactorial Split TestingVery Different51
  • A/B Singlevariate Split TestingSlightly Different52
  • Multivariate TestingThat’s a Lot of Combinations53
  • Design of Experiements54Google WebsiteOptimizerOmniture Test & Target
  • Reduction AlgorithmsLevel and Factors55
  • Problem of ChoiceChoose Your Poison56
  • Experiment Chaining57
  • Usability TestingWhat vs. Why58
  • Hotspotting59
  • Usability TestingEye Tracking60
  • What Are They Measuring?AttentionEmotionTask Completion TimeHoveringClicksHotspottingPath61
  • CrowdsourcingRise of the Crowds62
  • Mechanical TurkMicrotasking Crowdsourcing Platform63
  • Usability Study Setup64
  • Usability Study Setup (cont.)65
  • Usability Study Setup (cont.)67
  • Usability Study Setup (cont.)68
  • Usability Study Results69
  • Was not surewhat to do
  • Usability Study Results71
  • FeedbackIt Is All About Uncensored Feedback72
  • Feedback (cont.)73
  • Usability Testing Tools74