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Communicating With Millenials
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  • Zeitgeist definition
  • I. Communication Across the Agesa. Changes in channel structuresb. How that intersects with generational shifts
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlNumMUaDik
  • II. What We've Learned About Millennialsa. Communication habitsb. Workforce habits
  • Referenceaccenture survey, and BLS data (cite China Gorman, in evernote under datat)
  • III. Evaluating Existing Channelsa. Cultural norms in the organizationb. Tools in the organizationc. Tools to consider
  • Referenceaccenture survey, and BLS data (cite China Gorman, in evernote under datat)
  • In-person conversations
  • email
  • meetings
  • Start & end times
  • hierarchies
  • IV. Giving Millennials A Voicea. Internally: with leaders and peersb. Externally: consumer/employer brandsV. Giving Millennials Feedbacka. Change in performance management normsb. Communication coachingc. Culture & Communication
  • http://www.pwc.com/gx/en/managing-tomorrows-people/future-of-work/millennials-survey.jhtml
  • Career Builder WorkLife
  • The NSHSS student survey has been conducted online since 2008, emailed to NSHSS members annually.• Over 9,000 students, ages 15-27, participated in the 2013 surveyRespondents were asked to rank their preferred companies to work for and selected from a list of over 200 companies. The list of companies was created by combining the 2012 and 2013 Fortune 100 Best Companies To Work For, the 2012 and 2013 DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity, selected companies from Fortune’s Global 500, and popular write-in choices from prior surveys. Respondents were given the opportunity to select up to three companies and were also allowed to write-in choices. Results available for further review include gender, age group, and diverse/non-diverse rankings.Note: Companies with identical rankings are tied in responses and the next ranking order skipped.The most popular choices continue to reflect interests in technology and health fields. In 2013, Google dropped from first place in 2012 to 4th as the most preferred employer. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital ranked number one, with 8 of the top 25 companies being hospitals or health service companies and organizations. Teach for America was a popular choice, ranking #21. Many government agencies placed high as well. The FBI ranked #6 and the CIA closely followed placing at #7; the U.S. State Department ranked #12, and National Security Agency #17. Of the U.S. Armed Forces, the Air Force ranked #18, the Navy ranked #25, the Army ranked #29, and the Marines ranked #67. Technical companies Google, Apple, Microsoft, SONY, and Amazon ranked in the top 25, with Facebook dropping from #17 to #38. Abercrombie & Fitch remains the only retail company in the overall top 25.
  • Brazen Careerist
  • Career sites—chat functions
  • Yammer
  • Yammer


  • 1. exaqueo™a workforce consultancy©exaqueo™ 2013 @SusanLaMotteCommunicating WithMillenials@SusanLaMotte |Susan@exaqueo.comSusan LaMotte, founder
  • 2. today’s conversationCommunication Across the AgesWhat We’ve Learned About MillenialsEvaluating Existing ChannelsGiving Millenials What They Want©exaqueo™ 2013
  • 3. Where business meets behavior.
  • 4. ©exaqueo™ 2013more of the same
  • 5. ©exaqueo™ 2013communication across theages
  • 6. Communication modelShow comm model with filter©exaqueo™ 2013
  • 7. changes in channels©exaqueo™ 2013
  • 8. generational affect©exaqueo™ 2013
  • 9. case in point©exaqueo™ 2013
  • 10. ©exaqueo™ 2013what we’ve learned aboutgenerational differences
  • 11. workforce habits©exaqueo™ 2013MULTIPLEGENERATIONS ATWORKTRAD. BOOM. X Y Z① Re-engaging in the workplace② Dissatisfied with opportunities forcareer progression③ Plan to work until at least 70④ Think their drive is intimidating toother generationsPre-19451945-19641965-19801980-19971998+
  • 12. communication habits©exaqueo™ 2013
  • 13. ©exaqueo™ 2013evaluating existingpractices
  • 14. cultural norms©exaqueo™ 2013I can’tunderstand you.
  • 15. practical guidance©exaqueo™ 2013① Practiceawareness② Ask aboutpreferences③ Be open tolearning
  • 16. workforce habits©exaqueo™ 2013TRAD.BOOM.XYZ① Re-engaging in the workplace• Sit-down conversations② Dissatisfied with opportunities forcareer progression• Ask what they want③ Plan to work until at least 70• Give them a vision④ Think their drive is intimidating toother generations• Be clear in performance reviews &pair with mentors
  • 17. ©exaqueo™ 2013
  • 18. ©exaqueo™ 2013
  • 19. ©exaqueo™ 2013
  • 20. ©exaqueo™ 2013
  • 21. ©exaqueo™ 2013
  • 22. ©exaqueo™ 2013giving millenials what theywant
  • 23. what they care about©exaqueo™ 2013
  • 24. case in point: voice©exaqueo™ 2013
  • 25. case in point: socialcurrency©exaqueo™ 2013
  • 26. case in point: pride©exaqueo™ 2013
  • 27. case in point: ease ofaccess©exaqueo™ 2013
  • 28. case in point: ease ofaccess©exaqueo™ 2013
  • 29. case in point: constantcommunication©exaqueo™ 2013
  • 30. case in point: instantfeedback©exaqueo™ 2013
  • 31. exaqueo™a workforce consultancy©exaqueo™ 2013Communicating WithMillenials@SusanLaMotte |Susan@exaqueo.comSusan LaMotte, founder@SusanLaMotte | #DOF2013