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Keylingo Presentation

  1. 2. We’re a different kind of translation company.
  2. 3. We’ve got the tools technology and personnel to adapt your product or service to any audience around the world.
  3. 4. Without the bureaucracy overhead and superiority complex of the “big” players
  4. 5. But with the service support and personal touch of a local small business
  5. 6. We’re passionate about quality adding value and exceeding expectations.
  6. 7. We get project management online workflow and understand deadlines and budgets.
  7. 8. We have successfully completed thousands of projects and millions of words for hundreds of businesses.
  8. 9. Our process is simple
  9. 10. Step 1. Specifications - Source and Target Languages - Subject Matter - Format - Deliverables - Deadline - Reference Materials - Translation Memories - Terminology Databases
  10. 11. Step 2. Production - Specifications Agreement - Terminology - Translation - Editing - Formatting and Compilation - Proofreading and Verification - Quality Control - Delivery
  11. 12. Step 3. Post-Project Review - Performance Evaluation - Refine Best Practices - Continuous Improvement
  12. 13. Don’t take our word for it… “ I always enjoy working with the Keylingo Team. Keylingo is professional and most of all reliable.” Marcela Lay, Project Manager, Studiocom
  13. 14. Don’t take our word for it… “ As Counsel for Asia for a US public company, I relied upon Keylingo for translations of a tremendous amount of business and legal documentation in a very tight timeframe. The work was always superior and on-time -- and we imposed what would normally be considered to be quite unreasonable time deadlines because of demands of our own customer.” Reiko Feaver, Counsel for Asia; Assistant General Counsel at Scientific Games International, Inc.
  14. 15. Don’t take our word for it… “ I've had the pleasure of working with Keylingo since September 2006. When I first met the folks at Keylingo, I was under a tight time line to complete translations for more than 100 operator manuals in less than 3 months. Not only did Keylingo meet our aggressive time line, but they also delivered a quality product. I was so impressed with Keylingo that I decided to exclusively use them for all our translation needs. Keylingo exhibits a level of professionalism that is second to none. I highly recommend Keylingo to anyone that is seeking a vendor that can deliver results.” John McFarland, Director of Training and Publications, Komatsu
  15. 16. Don’t take our word for it… “ Thank you for giving Special Olympics the best service imaginable. The Keylingo team surpassed all of my expectations. There is always that certain level of the unknown when working with a company for the first time. But Keylingo proved to me and our Board members and staff, that it is a leading company in the translation and interpretation field.” Joanne Maldonado, Global Event Manager, Special Olympics
  16. 17. Don’t take our word for it… “ Keylingo has grown into a trusted translation services firm who we often recommend to our clients. Their customer service, accuracy, flexibility, and ability to deliver on time separate them from their competition. I highly recommend Keylingo to any firm with substantial and critical translation needs.” Brian Easter, CEO, Neboweb
  17. 18. We’d enjoy the opportunity to exceed your expectations as well.