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Making A Tissue Paper Hot Air Balloon
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Making A Tissue Paper Hot Air Balloon






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Making A Tissue Paper Hot Air Balloon Making A Tissue Paper Hot Air Balloon Presentation Transcript

  • Making a Tissue Paper Hot Air Balloon Mrs. Stoffregen
  • History of Balloons 1782 Hot Air Balloon experiments were undertaken by the Montgolfier brothers in France. A sheep and duck were the first passengers. They used paper lined cloth 1783 First manned flight-Rozier, he later died in an English Channel cross in 1785 1900’s Balloons used for military purposes, often serving as bomb launches in World War I-weather balloons, or as dirigibles.
  • History-continued 1903 First heavier than air, airplane flight-WHO?Where? 1944-Japanese prepare 10,000 balloon bombs to float over the United States. They launch 9000, but only 285 were ever accounted for in the US, Canada, Alaska, and Mexico .
  • The Science behind ballooning
  • Day I-Planning
    • Make a blueprint of the colors and the patterns your group wants to use to make the hot air balloon.
    • Order your group’s colors from Mrs. Stoffregen-12 sheets of 20”X 30” pieces.
    • Sign group contract for completion and cooperation.
    • Obtain a brown paper bag for storage of materials
  • Balloon Design 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 8
  • Day II Tracing Gore Template
    • Work cooperatively with your team constructing a gore pattern.
    • Fold the butcher paper lengthwise.
    • Lay out the measurements as shown in Diagram 1.
    • Connect the dots in a uniform curved line as shown in Diagram 2.
    • Cut out the pattern.
    • Unfold the completed gore.
  • Day II-Gluing of Panels Glue 2 tissue pieces short edges together to make a 2 tissue paper long panel. Make sure you follow your pattern. When gluing the panels make sure that the overlap is no bigger than ½ inch, and glue does NOT seep out the edges. When you are done you should have 6 total panels .
  • Day III-Tracing the Gores and Cutting them Out
    • Neatly stack all six sheets directly on top of each other.
    • Place the tracing panel (gore) on top
    • Lay the unfolded pattern on top of the stack with the bottom (wider end) of the pattern at the even end. Now use two pins at the bottom, one on each side half way up, and two at the top to pin the pattern to all six sheets. This is done in the way a seamstress might pin down a pattern. Be careful to keep the bottom and sides lined up.
  • Day III-Tracing the Gores and Cutting them Out
    • Now cut all six sheets at the same time around the pattern. Cut right next to the pattern but not into it.
    • Leave the panels piled together. Take the pins out and return to Mrs. Stoffregen
  • Day IV-Forming the Balloon
    • Take panel one off the top of the pile and lay it by itself.
    • Take panel two and lay it on top of panel one.
    • Line up the bottoms, but slide panel two so 1/2" of panel one is showing all the way along one side.
    • Put glue along the edge of panel two where the 1/2" of panel one is showing.
    • Tearing every three or four inches, fold the 1/2" of panel one onto the glue of panel two.
    • Glue the bottom and top first, then the rest of the side. This will help to keep things lined up while you glue the rest.
    • This is called a French seam.
  • Day IV-Forming the Balloon
    • Take panel three off of the pile and place it on top of panel two.
    • Line up the bottoms and slide panel three so 1/2" of the unglued side of panel two is showing.
    • This is like step 2. Now glue panel two to panel three the same way you glued panel one to two.
    • Repeat this process until all six panels are glued together.
    • Be patient and take a break when you need one. This part takes the longest time .
  • Day IV & V-Opening and hanging from the ceiling, ready for lift-off
    • Tie the very tip of the balloon together with light string.
    • Hang the balloon from the ceiling with string and a paper clip.
    • Make a hoop of the bailing wire and size it to the bottom of the balloon. Putting it inside the bottom and expanding it till it fits works
    • Cut off any extra wire with wire cutters but leave a 1 1/2" overlap. Wrap tape around the overlap to hold the ring's shape.
  • Day IV & V-Opening and hanging from the ceiling, ready for lift-off
    • Put the balloon inside the ring one-inch from the bottom. Fold the bottom of the balloon up over the ring making a one-inch seam. Use three very small pieces of tape to hold the seam closed and use glue to completely close the seam.
    • Check the balloon for unglued seams and holes. Holes can be patched with a scrap of tissue paper and the glue stick. Open seams simply need to be glued shut.
    • Make a tag for retrieval of a lost balloon .
  • Balloon Group Project Contract
    • As a group we promise to:
    • Clean up our work area daily, washing any glue that is on the tables, putting all materials away, etc.
    • Not quarrel, fight, make fun of one another, leave anyone in the group out, or blame each other-and settle any disputes within the group; that is why you chose one another.
    • Finish the balloon project on time, or otherwise designate who is coming to school early on the calendar sheet. You have 8 school days to complete!
    • Listen to and follow instructions daily from Mrs. S.
    • Keep the noise level down when working on this project, and on good days a radio will be provided.
    • Signatures _______________________,_____________________,
    • ______________________, __________________, __________________
  • Calendar For Before School or during Lunch Hour AM 7:30-8 (Initials) 4/26 4/25 4/22 4/21 4/20 4/19 4/18
  • Individual Grades Given Daily
    • Worth 10 Points-50 points over 2 weeks
    • Criteria:
    • 1. Teamwork
    • 2. Using Quiet Voices
    • 3. Productivity
    • 4. Clean-up of room
  • + Balloon Rubric 50 Points Neatness Visual Appearance Launch Pad Organization Lift-off -fully inflated Flight -football field length