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abruption™. US+Partner’s Strategic Planning Process
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abruption™. US+Partner’s Strategic Planning Process


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Make change happen with the US+Partners abruption™ strategic planning process. abruption™ is a registered trademark of US+Partners LLC.

Make change happen with the US+Partners abruption™ strategic planning process. abruption™ is a registered trademark of US+Partners LLC.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. abruption. ™
The ideas, concepts and processes expressed on this page and throughout this document are the property of US+Partners LLC.They may not be duplicated, reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or retransmitted without the express written permission of US+Partners LLC. Copyright © 2011, US+Partners LLC. All rights reserved. .
  • 2. abruption a sudden breaking away from convention; a radical new idea that accelerates change movements media and social networks working together to advance shared economic, political or artistic goals; a source of innovation and opportunity change the “to be” state of a company or organization; the qualitative or quantitative goal: one to be broadly shared and supported
  • 3. abruption is where big ideas are born.movements are where big ideas scale.change is how visions are realized.
  • 4. Steve Stepanek:abruption™

is not destruction or disruption;It is a breaking away from convention;conventional agency structure, conventional“process” and conventional thought.
  • 5. abruption is a tool for change,a pathway to growth.abruption is a break withconvention, the expected andthe common -- a reach for more.
  • 6. abruption isn’t limited to marketingcommunications, it can contributeto the invention of new markets,new business strategy, productsand services.
  • 7. Steve Ulin:If your future is looking like your past, that’s aproblem.For new markets, break away from strategyby habit, reject what’s typical and expected.That’s the way to reach for more.
  • 8. abruption is about findingbrand ideas for growth.movements are aboutunderstanding how brand ideasscale out in the world.
  • 9. Marcia Stepanek:Forget advertising. Create movements, instead. In adigital world, its all about shaping the conversationonline -- and the actions of tight-knit social networks.If youre not being talked about (or conversing)online, youre irrelevant. Sure, traditional TV, printand radio still play a role. But they dont carry thesame clout among todays most influentialconsumers.We help brands become a part of the bestconversations online, and then move talk to action.
  • 10. movements build brands thatcan identify, spark, lead or alignwith an idea on the rise.
  • 11. movements are accelerated bymulti-platform communicationsenabling engagement, membershipand change.
  • 12. Chris Scott:Give people a feeling they havemembership in your brand. A meaningfulconnection. One that fuels your story andcreates the kind of movement that makesdesired change happen.
  • 13. change occurs when brandsunderstand and leverage existingbeliefs to create and share newbrand meaning.
  • 14. real change is measurable.
  • 15. Jerry Moore:Understand your consumer’s beliefs andcreate a movement to bring about change.Bring your brand story alive and share newmeaning. Then you’ll see measurable results.
  • 16. when you bring an idea aliveand it fuels a movement, you’reno longer doing’re making change happen.
  • 17. abruption. ™
making change