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  • 1. Marie Laure Ryan, 2004 Summary by Suzanne Stebbings
  • 2.  Marie-Laure Ryan Literary scholar & critic Scholar in residence, University of Colorado Themes: narratology, fiction and cyber- culture Latest venture Encyclopaedia of Digital Textuality – due out 2012
  • 3. Narrative - historical perspective The four ages of narrative Durability of narrativeDefinitions Digital text NarrativeThe literary contextAspects of digital narrative Variable discourse Variable points of view Variable plotWhere next?
  • 4. Restricted Oral Unique audience Less Able to beChirographic copied restricted audience Broad Print Replicable audience Replicable Global Digital and editable audience
  • 5. Evanescent Durable
  • 6.  Algorithm driven Reactive and interactive Perfomantial aspect Multiple sensory and semiotic channels Networking capabilities Volatile signs Modularity
  • 7. ‘Narrative is a type of meaning, or mentalimage generated in response to certain stimuli.A narrative text is an artefact designed to bringthis meaning to mind.’
  • 8.  Epistemological crisis – challenging text as a ‘given’ – classical text is blind to ‘the complexity of the problem of truth’ Aesthetic crisis – desire to break out of the limitations imposed by print – the ‘dream of the text that keeps on giving’
  • 9.  Variable discourse Variable point of view Variable plot
  • 10.  Hypertext – ‘multiple pathways through a document’ The jigsaw metaphor and incomplete narrative meaning Success of hypertext dependent on the author’s skill in placing it in a ‘unique textual idea which gives meaning to the activity’
  • 11.  Interactive television Interactive film Variable points of view in print Interactive digital environment
  • 12.  Interactive fiction – limitations First person shooter – monotonous diversity Simulation – the ‘god game’
  • 13. Stereotyped The Anti narrative narratives of middle experimental ground?popular culture text
  • 14.  Murray, Janet (1997). ‘Hamlet on the Holodeck: the future of narrative in cyberspace’, New York: Free P. Ryan, Marie Laure (2009). ‘From narrative games to playable stories toward a poetics of interactive narrative’, StoryWorlds: A journal of narrative studies, vol 1, 43-59 Murray, Janet (2004). ‘From game story to cyberdrama’, 1,5 tackles-cult-of-beauty.html Choose a different ending (2009) coppola Motte, Warren F. (1986). ‘Oulipo: A primer of potential literature’, University of Nebraska Press Atkinson, Sarah (2007). ‘Crossed Lines: the creation of a multiform, multi-screen interactive film’, Nebula 4.3 79-99 examples