Eurex Fixed Income Complex


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A summary on the Eurex Fixed Income complex addressing the market needs of a changing EU environment

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Eurex Fixed Income Complex

  1. 1. EurexFixed Income DerivativesApril 2012
  2. 2. Fixed Income Complex April 2012Eurex Exchange - a global marketplace Euro-Schatz Futures Euro-Bobl Futures Euro-Bund Futures Euro-Buxl Futures Euro-OAT Futures GermanyCONF Futures France Switzerland Italy Short-Term Euro-BTP Futures Mid-Term Euro-BTP Futures Long-Term Euro-BTP Futures
  3. 3. Fixed Income Complex April 2012Developments in sovereign debt yields • The recent debit crisis has lead to a divergence in Eurozone sovereign debt yields over Germany 6,00 5,00 Italy France 4,00 Netherlands Belgium Spain 3,00 2,00%SYnpdaer)(li 1,00 0,00 Jan. 06 Jul. 06 Jan. 07 Jul. 07 Jan. 08 Jul. 08 Jan. 09 Jul. 09 Jan. 10 Jul. 10 Jan. 11 Jul. 11 Jan. 12 -1,00
  4. 4. Fixed Income Complex April 2012Developments in the fixed income futures market• Performance in fixed income futures has captured the bifurcation of European sovereign debt as seen with the Italian BTP 10-year futures• Eurex has recently added a French Futures contract (OAT) in response to market conditions FBTS, FGBL FBTP
  5. 5. Fixed Income Complex April 2012Correlation of sovereign interest rates• Over the past 12 months, the correlation between France and Germany has broken down from 71% to -6% 3 Months Germany Italy France Swiss Spain USA Germany 100.00% -3.96% -6.48% 54.68% -20.93% -19.70% Italy -3.96% 100.00% 69.51% 28.75% -4.12% -5.53% France -6.48% 69.51% 100.00% 31.45% -21.89% -22.50% Swiss 54.68% 28.75% 31.45% 100.00% -15.02% -14.78% Spain -20.93% -4.12% -21.89% -15.02% 100.00% 99.96% USA -19.70% -5.53% -22.50% -14.78% 99.96% 100.00% Period:1/11/2012 to 4/11/2012 1 Year Germany Italy France Swiss Spain USA Germany 100.00% -57.55% 71.29% -85.74% 13.46% -85.98% Italy -57.55% 100.00% -0.38% 45.12% 41.87% 45.56% Francee 71.29% -0.38% 100.00% -49.39% 54.54% -49.47% Swiss -85.74% 45.12% -49.39% 100.00% -10.11% 99.99% Spain 13.46% 41.87% 54.54% -10.11% 100.00% -10.11% USA -85.98% 45.56% -49.47% 99.99% -10.11% 100.00% Period:4/13/2011 to 4/13/2012
  6. 6. Fixed Income Complex April 2012The Eurex fixed income complex Years to Tick Tick Minimum Contract Code Term Coupon Maturity size Value Issue Euro-Schatz FGBS 2 Years 1.75 - 2.25 6% .005 EUR 5 5 billion Futures Euro-Bobl FGBM 5 Years 4.5 – 5.5 6% .01 EUR 10 5 billion Futures Germany Euro-Bund FGBL 10 Years 8.5 – 10.5 6% .01 EUR 10 5 billion Futures Euro-Buxl FGBX 30 Years 24.0 – 35.0 4% .02 EUR 20 5 billion Futures Long-Term Euro-BTP FBTP 10 Years 8.5 - 11.0 6% .01 EUR 10 5 billion Futures Mid-Term Euro- EUR 10 BTP Futures FBTM 5 Years 4.5-6 6% .01 5 billion Italy Short-Term EUR 10 Euro-BTP FBTS 2 Years 2-3.25 6% .01 5 billion Futures CONF Futures CONF 10 Years 8.0 - 13.0 6% .01 CHF 10 500 million Switzerland Euro-OAT FOAT 10 Years 8.5-10.5 6% .01 EUR 10 5 billion Futures France
  7. 7. Fixed Income Complex April 2012Fixed income futures contract specifications• Physically delivered bonds of corresponding country• Contracts Available: three nearest quarterly months of the March, June, September and December cycle up to nine months – Implied calendar spreads are calculated on the Eurex trading system – Delivery Day: 10th calendar day of respective quarterly month• Trading Information – Trading ends: 12:30 pm CET on last trading day – Last Trading Day: two exchange days prior to delivery day of the maturity month – Final Settlement Price: Derived from volume-weighted average price of all trades during the final minute of trading • Options are available on all Euro-Bund, Euro-Bobl and Euro-Schatz Futures contracts
  8. 8. Fixed Income Complex April 2012 Volume and open interest• Volumes and open interest demonstrate Eurex success in the fixed income space Average Daily Open Contract Term Monthly Traded Contracts Volume Interest Euro-Schatz 2 Years 12,496,058 568,003 971,148 Futures Euro-Bobl Futures 5 Years 12,024,743 546,579 765,651 Germany Euro-Bund Futures 10 Years 19,374,492 880,659 838,309 Euro-Buxl Futures 30 Years 271,224 12,328 43,730 Long-Term Euro- 10 Years 682,860 31,039 68,550 BTP Futures Italy Short-Term Euro- 2 Years 53,313 2,423 12,715 BTP Futures CONF Futures 10 Years 28,443 1,293 7,124 Switzerland
  9. 9. Fixed Income Complex April 2012Volume and open interest progression of the long term BTP
  10. 10. Fixed Income Complex April 2012Trading volumes per account for the BTP 8% 36% 56% 8% 43% 49% 10
  11. 11. Fixed Income Complex April 2012Historical 30 day volatility FGBL F
  12. 12. Fixed Income Complex April 2012Average daily range in USD
  13. 13. Fixed Income Complex April 2012Product vendor codes Thomson Thomsonreu Bloomberg ComStock* CQG Financial ters Euro-Bund Futures RXA Cmdty CT <17>l,FGBLmy DB FGBL/F.EX <0#FGBL:> Euro-Bobl Futures OEA Index CT <17>l,FDBMmy DL FGBM/F.EX <0#FGBM:> Euro-Schatz Futures DUA Cmdty CT <17>l,FGBSmy DG FGBS/F.EX <0#FGBS:> Euro-Buxl Futures UBA Cmdty CT <17>l,FGBXmy DU FGBX/F.EX <0#EBUX:> Euro-BTP Futures IKA Index CT N/A FBTP N/A <0#FBTP:> Short-term BTP Futures BTSA Cmdty N/A FBTS N/A <0#FBTS:> CONF Futures FBA Cmdty CT <17>l,CONFmy N/A CONF/F.EX <0#CONF:> OAT Futures OATA Cmdty FOAT <0#FOAT::> * where m = month code and y = year
  14. 14. Fixed Income Complex April 2012Contact Us- Sell Side •Sales Continental Europe France Schuster Paul Beck Markus-Alexander Flesch Eurex Frankfurt AG Deutsche Börse AG Eurex Zürich AG Neue Börsenstraße 1 Representative Office France Selnaustrasse 30 60487 Frankfurt / Main 17, rue de Surène 8021 Zürich Germany 75008 Paris Switzerland France P: +49 (0)69 2 11-1 52 38 P:+41 (0)58 3 99-29 48 F: +49 (0)69 2 11-61 52 38 P: +33 (0)155 2 76-7 72 F:+41 (0)58 4 99-24 66 F: +33 (0)155 2 76-7 50 •Sales UK •Sales Americas •Sales Asia & Middle East Vassily Pascalis Megan Morgan Roland Schwinn Deutsche Börse AG Eurex Eurex Frankfurt AG UK Representative Office 233 South Wacker Drive - Suite 2450 50 Raffles Place One Canada Square, Canary Chicago, IL 60606 No. 21-05 Singapore Land Tower Wharf USA Singapore 048623 London, E14 5DR United Kingdom P: +1 312 5 44-10 83 P: +65 6304-52 52 F: +1 312 5 44-15 58 F: +65 6304-52 80 P: +44 (0)207 8 62-72 11 F: +44 (0)207 8 62-92 11
  15. 15. Fixed Income Complex April 2012Contact US- Buy Side •Buy Side Relations Continental Europe Lothar Kloster Nicolas Kageneck Juan Martini Eurex Frankfurt AG Deutsche Börse AG Eurex Zürich AG Neue Börsenstraße 1 Representative Office France Selnaustrasse 30 60487 Frankfurt / Main 17, rue de Surène 8021 Zürich Germany 75008 Paris Switzerland France P: +49 (0)69 2 11-1 72 89 P: +33 (0)155 2 76-7 76 P:+41 (0)58 3 99-28 14 F: +49 (0)69 2 11-61 72 89 F: +33 (0)155 2 76-7 50 F:+41 (0)58 4 99-24 66 •Buy Side Relations UK •Buy Side Relations Americas Renaud Huck Chris Dopp Byron Baldwin Deutsche Börse AG Eurex Eurex 233 South Wacker Drive - Suite 2450 UK Representative Office 60 Broad Street Chicago, IL 60606 One Canada Square, Canary Wharf New York, NY 10004 USA London, E14 5DR USA United Kingdom P: +1 312 5 44-10 58 P: +1 212 8 97-02 49 P: +1 212 8 97-0249 P: +44 (0)207 8 62-72 32 F: +1 212 3 64-91 5959 F: +1 312 5 44-15 58 F: +44 (0)207 8 62-92 32
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