The Web of Data - Tom Heath


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Tom Heath's presentation at SSSW 2012

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The Web of Data - Tom Heath

  1. 1. shared innovationThe Web of DataTom HeathSenior Research ScientistTalis Education LtdJuly 2012, SSSW2012, Cercedilla, Spain
  2. 2. shared innovationThis talk is about the basics!
  3. 3. shared innovationOverview• Why a Web of Data is not just about data on the Web• Building blocks of a Web of Data (i.e. Linked Data fundamentals)
  4. 4. shared innovationData on the Web
  5. 5. shared innovationData on the Web• Takes many different forms• Falls on a continuum of accessibility/usability, structure, meaning and connectedness...
  6. 6. shared innovation Data on the WebPDF → HTML → Microformats → CSV/XML → Microdata →RDF
  7. 7. shared innovation
  8. 8. shared innovation
  9. 9. shared innovation
  10. 10. shared innovation
  11. 11. shared innovation
  12. 12. shared innovation
  13. 13. shared• The Semantic Web has gone mainstream!• But theyre trying to create one ontology for everything!• Is it linked to anything else?
  14. 14. shared innovationIssues, PDF through Microdata• Structure, parseability – How do we validate what were extracting? – Is there an underlying data model?• How do we know what the data means?• How do you relate parts of the data together?• How do consumers discover related data?
  15. 15. shared innovationData on the Web != A Web of Data
  16. 16. shared innovationIf there are no links, its not a Web!
  17. 17. shared innovationThe Web of Data
  18. 18. shared innovationWhat is the Web of Data?• A boundless graph of interconnected data available online...
  19. 19. shared innovation What is a Graph? Talis Education Tom employedBy locatedIn Italy studentOf bornIn EnglandtutorAt Enrico 2012-07-08 startedOnSSSW2012 capitalOf locatedIn Spain near Cercedilla Madrid
  20. 20. shared innovation One Graph, Many Documents Talis Education Tom employedBy locatedIn Italy studentOf bornIn EnglandtutorAt Enrico 2012-07-08 won startedOnSSSW2012 lost Euro2012Final capitalOf locatedIn Spain near Cercedilla Madrid
  21. 21. shared innovationThe RDF Data Model: Triples ObjectSubject Predicate
  22. 22. shared innovationThe RDF Data Model: Triples TalisTom employedBy
  23. 23. shared innovationWhy I  RDF• Clear underlying data model• Linkability baked into the data model• Ways to express what the data means• Many different ways to write it (for different use cases)• Very easily parsed (in some cases)
  24. 24. shared innovationRDF Serialisation Formats• RDFa• RDF/XML• N-Triples• Turtle• RDF/JSON
  25. 25. shared innovationIdentifying Things in the Graph• Use URIs• But not any old URIs• HTTP URIs – (almost completely) distributed ownership – anyone (with a credit card) can create/own them – can identify anything – lookup mechanism is baked in
  26. 26. shared innovation HTTP URIs for Things
  27. 27. shared innovationRetrieving Humans over the Web
  28. 28. shared innovationLinked Data Hands-On Session• Goal: – Give practical experience of working with Linked Data from the Web – Give exposure to different application architectures• Scenario – Building a travel guide application• Tools – Curl, LDSpider, Fuseki, Rapper, Squin
  29. 29. shared innovationQuestions?• Contact Info – – – – @tommyh (twitter)• Slides – web-of-data.pdf
  30. 30. shared innovation