Santosha guides new product development


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Santosha guides new product development

  1. 1. Indian Ocean Island Travel & Tourism New Product Development Investment Opportunity Introducing SANTOSHA GUIDES “A Touch of Local Experience”The brainchild of Mr. Serge Sebastien STAUB– An entrepreneur who has an online Travel & Tourism network that brings you the latest inOnline Tourism Marketing Solutions. An innovative series of Sales & Marketing tools to promote Mauritius/Rodrigues Islands and attracttargeted online leads.“Santosha Guides” mission is to become the leading resource for travel information for the beautiful Indian Ocean Islands.We provide you with a selective portfolio of holidays in Indian Ocean most visited islands with "A Touch of Local Experience".  Our Products: SANTOSHAGUIDES.COM – Indian Ocean Islands Travel Guides  Our Business: Holiday Dream Making, Lifestyle Investments, Creative Marketing Solutions  Our Service: Tourism Operator/Promoter, Sales & Marketing, Online Travel Information, Communications & Publications  Our Slogan: "A Touch of Local Experience"  Our USP (Unique Selling Proposition): SUN/SEA & SAVINGS - Travel Discount Card concept, guarantees to direct tourist to the participation Tourism Services. Save while travelling with SANTOSHA GUIDESWe are offering your company the possibility to become the Owner of the next Indian Ocean Islands Online Tourism Marketing Tool tomarket Mauritius with the production of our first volume “Santosha Guides” Vol.1 Mauritius & Rodrigues 2012.DOWNLOAD E-GUIDE – www.mauritius-where-is-it.comThis Travel Guide publication is your passport to securing vital business relationship with all the local Travel & Tourism players inMauritius/Rodrigues Islands. Once you successfully launch and publish “Santosha Guides”, you can develop all the other Islands in a seriesof Volumes.You can also add an extension to the brand by introducing and producing a quarterly Magazine titled “Santosha Islands”.This addition will increase your advertising sale figures and will strengthen your organization as the leading Travel & Tourism AdvertisingProvider in Mauritius/Rodrigues Islands.WHAT YOU ARE GETTING?An already establish Travel & Tourism Brand and all the Marketing Materials:  1 Website  2 Blogs  1 Landing Page (Datamining)  The Online/Offline Marketing,  1 Billboard in Tamarin( 9mx3),  The growing Social Media Network (4000 friends)  And The Database (320,000 Emails)Our Opt-in Travel & Tourism Database (+320,000) consists of Emails from Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Asia, Australia and NZ collected on ourwebsite between 2007-2012 and via our Facebook Advertising of the E-Travel Guide www.mauritius-where-is-it.comThis product was created by Mr Serge Sebastien Staub (Founder and Trademark owner in Mauritius) and is now Yours To Develop andGrow.We are open to offers. Contact: Call 7946437 Skype: serge.sebastien.staub
  2. 2. Indian Ocean Island Travel & Tourism New Product Development Investment OpportunityOUR GUIDE – MAURITIUS & RODRIGUES Vol.1Our Websites & Social Media – - - PARKED DOMAINS (For Future E-Marketing & Product Development) - (Tours & Accommodation booking platform) - (Indian Ocean Islands Magazine - Hotels Directories & Listings) – (Keyword rich domain name for a Landing Page) - (Keyword rich domain name for a Landing Page) -(Keyword rich domain name for a Landing Page)
  3. 3. Indian Ocean Island Travel & Tourism New Product Development Investment OpportunityABOUT THE COMPANY & PRODUCT OWNERSTAUB MARKETING PTY LTD – Director Mr Serge Sebastien Staub (Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism Mgt &Entrepreneurship Curtin 2007)We help companies integrate their marketing activity with social media to increase sales and maintain client loyalty. We actually consultwith each client, and tend to become an extension of their marketing team or development office.We also assist business leaders to establish and maintain their online reputation and remain competitive in the labour and service market.After a situational analysis we provide a simple and relevant online marketing plan and help you execute through a range of servicesincluding:  Design and redesign webpage to the Web 2.0 and Web 3.0  Social Media Marketing (Promotions and Competitions)  Manage your social media accounts (Administration and Communications)  Training on social media self-maintenanceOur international clients benefit from local cost from Mauritius and our bilingual capacity (French & English).Our local corporate mostappreciate that we can easily integrate with their existing marketing communication suppliers. Business leaders and individual clients valueour ability to simply explain and guide you in the social media environment.Online Marketing: (Not For Sale)Real Estate: (Not For Sale)
  4. 4. Indian Ocean Island Travel & Tourism New Product Development Investment OpportunityOUR ADVERTISING LETTERGREAT REASON TO ADVERTISE WITH US:  Your business will be directly targeting tourists and visitors most likely to use your products and services. E-Travel Guidebooks & Travel Discount Card  Access to our website, which is guaranteed to show up in the internet search options with selected search engines;  Reach MILLIONS of tourists travelling to the Indian Ocean Islands  Take advantage of the opportunity to help meet the forecast 1,500,000 tourism arrivals by 2015It will be promoted through an Online Direct Marketing Monthly Newsletter and Article Reviews on selected and collaborative Eco Tourism,Sustainable and Sport Tourism Associations and magazines. (Travellers, Holiday Golfing, Lifestyle, Golfing, Sailing, Fishing, Diving, Surf,Windsurf & Kite Surf) It is intended this book will be the Best Selling Guide for the Mauritius & Rodrigues Islands by 2013/14.The E-Guidebook will be have 80 pages, 30 unique colour pictures and will also come with an E-Calendars and a selection of 10 unique E-Postcards. In addition to providing useful information, it will include your discount from the Sun, Sea & Savings members in order toattract the tourists directly to your products and services.This guide is about inspiring adventure tourists from around the world to come and experience the passion and uniqueness of Mauritius &Rodrigues. It covers both the generic tourism topics and the local secrets to be discovered. Santosha is about the joy of discovering anuntouched paradise or pleasure. You now have the chance to guarantee those visitors come to you! Don’t miss out! Spaces are selling fast!To take advantage of this special opportunity, please contact to secure a guaranteed spot for yourproduct or service in both our Travel Guidebooks and on the website.WHAT WE DOWe can provide you with increased exposure by targeting this desirable audience of decision-makers via site website sponsorships, e-newsletter campaigns, e-postcards and much more.We offer the best ROMI - Return on Marketing Investment in today’s competitive online advertising.Our websites, blog and social media sites are getting a combined 1500 visits/month and we have more than 4000 Fans and Friends on bothaccount and FB page.Advertise with A BRAND YOU KNOW – SANTOSHA GUIDES offers the latest in Online Tourism Marketing. Our Creative & InnovativeAdvertising Solutions services the Indian Ocean Islands Travel & Tourism SME’s and larger companies. Are you looking to increase theproduct awareness of your brand? Launch a new Travel & Tourism product? Need targeted leads? Or need to retain loyal customers?Looking to buy or sell a Lifestyle Property Investment?Contact: marketing@santoshaguides.comWHY JOIN NOWOnline marketing is a very challenging business and only professionals and keen gurus like us are up to speed with the technology andlatest online marketing tools. You think you can do better. Go on you tell us about your Google PR and we will advertise on your site.
  5. 5. Indian Ocean Island Travel & Tourism New Product Development Investment OpportunityWE GUARANTEE:  A New Wave of Tourism customers  A Greater Product Awareness  An Online Branding & Strategic Development"JOIN SANTOSHA GUIDES TODAY TO SECURE A BETTER TOURISM INDUSTRY TOMORROW" - S.StaubIf you have been waiting for the perfect advertising opportunity, you don’t have to wait any longer. We are now ready to promote yourTourism Products & Services with Creative Marketing Solutions.Staub Marketing Pty Ltd is proud to present The Santosha Guide Volume 1 – Mauritius & Rodrigues Islands. Targeting adventure tourists,this guide is the greatest goldmine of information ever crammed into one book.You Can Download our E-Travel Guide here www.mauritius-where-is-it.comThis unique guide provides information that guarantees a true and inspiring local experience and the passion of the Mauritian & Rodriguaispeople. Packed with essential travel tips and details of recommended attractions, tours, restaurants, facilities and accommodation, this isthe first official guide that guarantees visitors an exclusive experience usually only open to those in the know.Advertisers have a special opportunity to advertise in the E-Travel Guide – We are now sourcing a strategic partner for a print version.WHERE WE OPERATEWe operate and service the Indian Ocean ISLANDS Travel & Tourism SME. Online marketing can be reached via any internet connection andour company is registered in MRU – STAUB Marketing Pty Ltd – Creative Marketing Solutions and we subcontract our designers fromMauritius.We regularly travel to the Indian Island of Mauritius, Seychelles and Maldives to introduce ourselves and our products to the Travel &Tourism SME’s.Should you like to be part of this innovative company, contact us and start benefiting from our already establish online marketing, clientsand partners.CONTACT USYou should have heard of us via Word of Mouth, Saw our Billboard in Tamarin, add us as friends on our Social Media/Blogs or simply foundus on Google – that is right.We have covered all the marketing mix and are ready to share it with you.You can contact us at anytime via email- should you require a live web seminar or chat on skype please add me serge.sebastien.staub for aquick phone interview on +230 794 6437
  6. 6. Indian Ocean Island Travel & Tourism New Product Development Investment OpportunityBILLBOARD IN TAMARINPREVIOUS ADVERTISING