Mauritius Tourism E-Marketing 2012


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Mauritius Tourism E-Marketing 2012

  1. 1. Mauritius Tourism E - Campaign 2012 Your Social Media PA22-3-2012Attention of Mr Michael Sik Yuen (Tourism Minister)Re: E-Marketing MAURITIUS TOURISM PROMOTIONDear Michael,Hope this email reaches you well.Since our last meeting with Mr Desvaux on January the 10th I was then told to send a proposal including a strategyand then I never heard from the MTPA. I did forward the proposal so you were in the know. Did you receive it?You know already my passion and goal to become the Number One Destination Marketer with my TravelGuidebook SANTOSHA GUIDES and my latest social media services www.pageadministrator.comWe (Mataora & Page Administrator) would like to offer you our expertise to create a series of Landing Pages,Facebook Contests, and create article marketing to build organic links that will help you get the best onlinepositioning on main search engines for medium to low keywords.And introduce you to a “Tactical Tourism Campaign” that Boost MAURITIUS Brand and Incentives to Million of Onlinevisitors. The idea has been done before and the campaign reached millions of people and the FREE advertising fromthe VIRAL Campaign was estimated at 11 Million Dollars.You should aslo be made aware of the results are from Google Adwords on Keyword Rich Ideas for promotingMauritius.We have secured the last remaining domain names which have 4,090,000 Monthly Global Searches and would beopen to negotiate a deal with you and the MPTA for the sale of the domain name plus an online strategy to helpingyou promote the Island to these 4Million Plus visitors with a number 1 Google positioning.Our local Partner Mataora and PageAdministrator are now working together and are experts at Search EngineOptimization (SEO)and Social Media Optimization (SMO) respectively.Please do a simple search on“Agence pub ile Maurice”“Agence web ile Maurice”“Referencement sites internet ile Maurice”“SMO Mauritius” to see is on the 1st page. 1
  2. 2. Mauritius Tourism E - Campaign 2012 1- Social Media Optimization (SMO)We also want to bring to your attention a basic URL customization on the MTPA page must be branded correctly(not the logo half cut and the ?profile.php?id 12345....) allows you to change the serial number as soon as you reach 25 likes to a custom name such or go to edit page, click basic information change URL.If you look at ours - is branded; you can now also use the new Timeline coverpage and be creative to enhance Fans to like the Page.There is also Applications that will allow you to do contest, photos, videos and other giveaways that will help growthe FAN PAGE.With a MILLION VISITORS to MAURITIUS we should use this page as your MAIN TOOL to communicate Promotions fromall TO/TA, AIRLINES and HOTEL GROUP and maximise the ROI.Major brands around the world are in the 100,000 Likes and the 1Million Likes is the goal.Without a strategy and an expert team to manage your online marketing and development of your page(s) you willnot succeed, nor see any return on investment.Facebook and other tools like landing pages to boost your main website is your best tools to communicate, retaindata of your FANS and FOLLOWERS.Here is a link you need to be made aware of- pages went from a mere 1000 Fans to 20,000 Fans last year in May 2011 and now has reached 37,000, criticisms were made on the investment that is for sure, but the results are there.I particularly like the argument by ponchietto (718083) on Tuesday June 14 2011, @12:33PM (#36437730)"The italian government took 7 years and 55 million euro to create "Viral Campaign IdeaWe conceived a Fresh “Viral Tourism Advertising Campaign” that will generate millions of online travellers to reactand share this amazing campaign.Click on the link above to see the latest viral tourism campaign implemented by Philippine Government.We believe this idea should be implemented straight away in your Tourism Strategy for 2012-2013.We would require a budget for a Video, Website, Social Media Optimization and Email Marketing. 2
  3. 3. Mauritius Tourism E - Campaign 2012 2- MTPA Website RankingAccording to ALEXIA.COM – International Benchmark for website rankings  The sites visitors view an average of 3.1 unique pages per day  Visitors to spend roughly 53 seconds on each pageview and a total of three minutes  is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range 25-34, have no children, are graduate school educated and browse this site from work.These statistics are giving us great insights how we will plan your online marketing, the targeted gender and thedemographic.More info - 3- Our RecommendationsWe highly recommend we start building the viral campaign straight away to be ready and approve for a Launchduring the June-July European School Break, we build your online reputation with credible content, video marketingand implement a strategy which will include all the innovative social media tools such as a Facebook Contest,YouTube Channel and implementation of Foursquare at the new Airport.It is imperative that you start engaging with your Fans by creating a real buzz (viral marketing), a facebook contest,giveaways and drive real online traffic to the website and other landing pages with online reservation bookingsystems and grow your database or you will not move forward.Should you want to meet with us, we are base at 68 Rue D’Entrecasteaux, come for a visit and let us show you ourteam, the work we have done for Veranda Group, Le Sagil, Nikon, Casino and more international Brands.We remain at your disposal and would like to invite you to our “Social Media Seminar” to be held at Eureka here isthe link to register - www.socialmediaseminar2012.eventbrite.comVery best,Sebastien STAUBSTAUB Marketing Pty Ltd 3