InnoCos Conference: Chairman's Opening


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As chairman of the InnoCos conference, I spoke about harnessing the power of social media and digital marketing for beauty brands

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InnoCos Conference: Chairman's Opening

  1. 1. expect great answersInnoCos 2012: Day 2Listen to your consumers @skimgroup @sssourabhSourabh Sharma | SKIM #innocos
  2. 2. … and much more
  3. 3. Blog Photo • • Tumblr • Facebook Page • Flickr • Professional • Pinterest • LinkedIn • Gentlemint • Carbonmade Portfolio • Dudepins Social Ideas • Facebook • Formspring • Twitter • Stumbleupon • Google+ • Lookbook3
  4. 4. Watch Communicate Listen4
  5. 5. Choice modeling Ethnography Focus group In depth interview Social Media Research Product testing Quantitative surveys Qualitative interviews Listen5
  6. 6. 90%of people trust online peer recommendations 14% trust advertisements6
  7. 7. Craft a Monitor and strategy based assess your on your brand consumers Listen7
  8. 8. Monitor and assess your brand8
  9. 9. 10
  10. 10. “Is this ad “Won’t be using Nivea offensive to aftershave anymore. anyone else Let’s see how they do out there?” WITHOUT my UN- CIVILED DOLLARS” “The ad has to be trashed. I’m not buying a NIVEA product as long as this terrible ad is on the air.”11
  11. 11. August 18th: August 19th: Launch ad Nivea issues apology12
  12. 12. What does social media show us? Short Strong brand Power of an attention activities by Strong apology? span of marketing brand? consumers? team?13
  13. 13. Craft a strategy based on your consumers14
  14. 14. 15
  15. 15. Toblerone Butterfinger Increasing Passion KitKat Hersheys Twix Snickers Increasing Positivity of Sentiment Size of Bubble: Volume of conversations Sentiment: Continuum of negative to positive perceptions/sentiment Passion: Conversations that are extreme16
  16. 16. 55 Christmas Valentines 50 Halloween 45 40 % Positive 35 30 25 20 Time Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug17
  17. 17. Functional elements Hersheys Snickers Toblerone Twix Kitkat Butterfinger Taste (Savor) Increasing importance New Looks Good (Sight) Strength Not too sweet Neutral Sound Weakness Price No mentions Feels Good (Sensation) Different Scent Increasing volume of conversation18
  18. 18. They purchase it in grocery or Their children mass retailers eat it in school It is mainly eaten by their They talk men or their mostly on blogs children Young and middle (US) They eat it at home aged women talk about on holidays and other occasions19
  19. 19. Go beyond social media listening… take action What triggers consumers? Campaign Uncover Product Concept material ideas for the development generation next ideas innovation Market needs Campaign effectiveness20
  20. 20. Watch Communicate Listen21
  21. 21. expect great answers @skimgroup @sssourabh #innocos22