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  • 1. Explore the factors which affected the production of the Film This will rely a lot on the research you completed – but also your knowledge of the British Film Industry and how movies are funded. As always, pure facts are not enough. You must be able to back them up with knowledge Things to write about... • Who the film was made by, how much it cost, where the money came from. • The role of the UKFC, it’s history, importance and implications of it’s closure. • The restrictions of working on a movie with such a tight budget. • The background of Shane Meadows, his style and the story he wanted to tell. • The limitations, freedoms and implications of working within the conventions of a social realism film. Things to consider... The ‘making of’ this film is pretty typical of most in the British Film Industry – a lesson in fighting for funding and then being frugal with what little money you have. Explain where the funding came from in this film. This should lead you onto a broader discussion of the British Film Industry and what it actually means. Is it important to our society? Is it vibrant? Is it being swallowed up by Hollywood? Think about the UKFC – was it a good idea? What are the implications now that it’s closed. Discuss how Shane Meadows works with his cast and also his background of film making and personally – how will these things have an impact. Look again at the conventions of social realism as a genre – this will have an impact on how characters were cast, how scenes were lit and shot as well as how they were played out.