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17 becky haines

  1. 1. Scholarly Serials Marketing:Contemporary Tools for Traditional ContentRealistic Concepts for Low-Budget MarketingBecky HainesDirector of PublicationsAmerican Roentgen Ray Society44211 Slatestone Ct.Leesburg, VA 20176Bhaines@arrs.org703-729-3353 x334
  2. 2. Common internal challengesl Little $$ for marketingl No time for marketingl Leadership perception that marketing is too “commercial”l Marketing not within Publications Dept. “sphere of influence”l No Marketing Dept.l Disconnect between leadership and editor’s office
  3. 3. Common external challengesl Branding – What the heck is a “Roentgen Ray” anyway?l Member vs. Subscriber – Where is their loyalty?l STM Publishing faces uncertain times – How will open access, online publication, and library cutbacks affect your publication?
  4. 4. Status Quol Small marketing budgetl Probably not a lot of detailed information about our market and our membersl Several key groups we need to reach within a niche marketl New markets we’d like to exploit but may not be able to reach them easily or cheaply
  5. 5. Staff and leadershipl How many of your colleagues WHAT YOU CAN DO: actually unwrap the plastic on your publication? l Prepare a Top Ten List thatl How many of your leaders clearly states the best and committee chairs features of your publication institutions have and make sure everyone has subscriptions? a copy.l Does your leadership submit l Send your leaders an papers, review, read the institutional subscription form journal? and ask them to take it to theirl How many can quote your librarian. impact factor, your circulation numbers, the number of manuscripts you receive?
  6. 6. Authors, Reviewers, and Editorsl Large group, maybe WHAT YOU CAN DO: l When you publish an article, thousands check the subscriber status ofl Likely to include non- the author’s institution; send a members note to their PR dept. and their library alerting about thel Active participants in publication your publication l Start a “Tell a Friend” campaignl You already know a lot l Mine your database and about them unearth non-members forl May be your best allies solicitation l Issue press-releases on select articles in each issue
  7. 7. Existing Members/Subscribersl May view journal and WHAT YOU CAN DO: membership as l Conduct regular reader separate; may not know surveys and publicize the results the difference l Mine your online readershipl May appreciate only data some publication l Report on and continually features and not care remind about features about others l Integrate publication into annual meetingl Retention is key
  8. 8. Institutional Subscribersl Retention is the biggest WHAT YOU CAN DO: issue l Start early and develop a year-long communication planl Need to create a l Enlist support from readers, compelling argument authors, membersl Pressure to reduce cost l Conduct a drop surveyl Hard to reach end user l Get end-user information from your subscription agents l Be honest about your pricing and your costs
  9. 9. Advertisersl Tremendous competition WHAT YOU CAN DO: l Develop a classified ad for their $$ both within prospect list and and outside your communicate with them each organization month, even if not advertising l Consider developing packagel Advertising dollars deals that include shrinking sponsorshipl Effect of online l Be able to show valid circulation or web usage data publishing on circulation l Provide as much detail as numbers possible in your media kit and put it online l Sell your own advertising
  10. 10. Related Professionalsl Are there other professions with WHAT YOU CAN DO: an interest in your publication? l Consider licensing or creating al Can a turf war do you good? special publication to reach al Is here a subset of your content new audience that can be marketed? l Special online collections reduce risk/cost l RSS lets you experiment at low risk l Mine your CiteTrack alerts for key words and other hints l May be the start of other strategic relationships; e.g., physicians and allied health professions
  11. 11. Sources for more informationl HighWire meetings l Look for examplesl Your advertisers and outside of association industry reps. mgmt.l Your competition l Be unpredictable and suggest the outrageousl Your professional colleagues l Take 5 minutes out ofl Federal and local each day to be creative government