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  • 1. Book Production: Paper and Beyond Society for Scholarly Publishing Camille Carter (ccarter@wiley.com) Director, Book Production and Manufacturing, STM Division John Wiley and Sons, Inc.Camille Carter 111/15/2004
  • 2. About John Wiley & Sons, Inc. n Founded in 1807 n Headquarters in Hoboken, NJ n Offices in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, Australia n Global revenues of $923 million in fiscal year 2004Camille Carter 211/15/2004
  • 3. Well-Known Wiley Brands n For Dummies n Wiley InterScience n Betty Crocker n Ernst & Young/JK Lasser tax guides n Cliffs Notes n Frommer’s travel guides n Webster’s New World Dictionary n Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical TechnologyCamille Carter 311/15/2004
  • 4. About Wiley’s STM Division n Print and online journals, books, major reference works, databases. n Subject areas include: Life and physical sciences, chemistry, statistics and mathematics, electrical and electronics engineering, medical with an emphasis on cancer medicineCamille Carter 411/15/2004
  • 5. What Does a Manuscript Look Like These Days? n Stack of paper n CD ROM n Email attachment n File on an FTP site n File on an electronic manuscript submission systemCamille Carter 511/15/2004
  • 6. Electronic Manuscript Submission n Web-based system n In use by Wiley STM Journals n Being tested on STM Major Reference Works n STM Books will be next!Camille Carter 611/15/2004
  • 7. Manuscript Evaluation n Is it complete? n Are there files suitable for electronic copy editing? n Will the final product be print, or electronic, or both?Camille Carter 711/15/2004
  • 8. Castoff and Estimate n Copy of manuscript and/or files sent to one or more compositors n Will there be additional coding (full- text XML, XML headers, special tagging)? n How big is it? n How much will it cost?Camille Carter 811/15/2004
  • 9. Copy Editing n Paper and pencil n Electronic editing using Word templates n Author may or may not review copy editor’s work.Camille Carter 911/15/2004
  • 10. Camille Carter 1011/15/2004
  • 11. Typesetting and Proofing n Text goes straight to made-up page proofs. n Author reviews proofs either on paper or as a PDF. n Freelance proofreaders are used very rarely. n Author or freelance indexer prepares index manuscript once page numbers are final.Camille Carter 1111/15/2004
  • 12. Final Product from the Compositor n Press-ready PDF files with paper copy as confirmation n Wiley Archive-ready files for conversion to Wiley InterScience Online Book format and eBook format n Full-text XML files for online productCamille Carter 1211/15/2004
  • 13. If We Follow the Paper Trail… n Printer makes proofs from PDF files. n When proofs are approved, printer makes either film or plates. n Bound books arrive at the warehouse.Camille Carter 1311/15/2004
  • 14. How Long Did It Take? n Manuscript assessment and copy editing: 4-6 weeks n Author review of manscript: 4 weeks n Typesetting: 4-6 weeks n Author review of proofs: 4 weeks n Final corrections and indexing: 2-4 weeks n Manufacturing and shipping: 6 weeks n Total time: 6-7.5 monthsCamille Carter 1411/15/2004
  • 15. If We Follow the Electronic Trail… n Press-ready PDFs are down- sampled and sent to a vendor for conversion to eBook format. n eBook files are QA’d and distributed to Wiley.com, Amazon.com, netLibrary, etc.Camille Carter 1511/15/2004
  • 16. …Just a Little Farther n The same PDFs are sent to another vendor for addition of XML chapter headers. n The vendor delivers the files to an internal Wiley QA system. n Files are checked, approved, and sent to another system that publishes them in Wiley InterScience as Online Books n Time frame: 2-6 weeks from the time files are ordered from the compositorCamille Carter 1611/15/2004
  • 17. More About Wiley’s Internal QA System for Online Books n Can be used for checking ebooks and obooks n User logs and certain administrators have access to files n Primary owner gets an automated email when the vendor delivers the files to the systemCamille Carter 1711/15/2004
  • 18. How the QA Works n Production Editor (PE) can sort titles in various ways—view all, view new, view approved n When a title is selected, the PE goes to a main title screen n From there the PE clicks through a series of links to approve both PDF and XML for each chapter, front matter, and back matterCamille Carter 1811/15/2004
  • 19. Camille Carter 1911/15/2004
  • 20. When the QA Reveals A Problem n Potential problems include a PDF that wasn’t saved correctly or an XML tag that’s incorrect. n The PE rejects that particular file n The system lets the PE fix it if possible, or creates an automated “request for correction” email that goes back to the vendorCamille Carter 2011/15/2004
  • 21. QA is A-OK! n PE clicks links to approve book- level metadata and then clicks a link to “publish” the obook to a staging area n PE spot-checks title in staging area to be sure files are rendering correctly n Obook is published to the live Wiley InterScience siteCamille Carter 2111/15/2004
  • 22. Camille Carter 2211/15/2004
  • 23. Camille Carter 2311/15/2004
  • 24. Camille Carter 2411/15/2004
  • 25. Camille Carter 2511/15/2004
  • 26. Camille Carter 2611/15/2004
  • 27. Questions?Camille Carter 2711/15/2004
  • 28. Thank you!Camille Carter 2811/15/2004