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  • Many information providers have already implemented the OpenURL – yet others have made firm commitments to doing so. Work is also underway in prototype with CrossRef/DLF (Digital Library Federation in the US)/IDF (International DOI Foundation)/CNRI/Ex Libris/Los Alamos/OhioLink to OpenURL-enable the whole DOI domain. This means that any DOI embedded in a document eg an article reference, will result in the link being resolved by an institution’s local link server if such an OpenURL-compliant link server is available to the user. This will ensure that when a user clicks on a DOI they will not be inked to an article on a publishers site if the user does not have right sof access to that article; but rather only appropriate links will be shown via the local link server. This is a potentially very important development for libraries.
  • SFX comes with pre-defined target services covering not only the ejournal providers but also target services to link to eg a range of OPACs from different vendors. Patent databases, internet bookstores. However, you can choose to link to targets of your choice, by plugging this in to SFX. To date our customers have defined and implemented many different and interesting target services eg “Look for other books on this subject in Books in Print”, However, all targets must have a defined link-to or search syntax. If such a syntax is available for a service, that service can be used by SFX.
  • If you like longer articles, those are available too.
  • 114 sem 3_j-walker

    1. 1. SSP 25th Annual Meeting: "Navigating Change" Linking Seminar Jenny Walker Ex Libris (USA) Inc. jenny@exlibris-usa.com
    2. 2. OpenURL and Link Servers: a brief history• 1997/98 - SFX linking research work at Ghent University begins, Ex Libris/SilverPlatter as Partners• February 2000 – Ex Libris acquires SFX (link server) technology from Ghent• November 2000 – SFX-URL submitted to NISO for standardization – now called the OpenURL• May 2000 – First SFX sites in live production• April 2003 – OpenURL v1.0 to trial use• May 2003 – 10+ commercial link server solutions; other local solutions
    3. 3. Solving the “problem”Problem:• Information environments are distributed• Information providers – not libraries – control the links.The “appropriate copy” problem.Solution:The OpenURL Framework:• Introduction of a new component in the link process-an institutional Link Server (such as SFX)• OpenURL Specs – specs for interoperability betweenInformation Resources and Link ServersVan de Sompel, Herbert and Oren Beit-Arie. July, 2001."Open Linking in the Scholarly Information Environment Usingthe OpenURL Framework." D-Lib Magazine. 7(3).
    4. 4. History of Linking II Source User OpenURLSpecific reference Linking Server Contextreferenced Sensitive Link to work A p p r o p Tr a r g e t T a r g e t s i a t s
    5. 5. What is the context in “context- sensitive” ?Two components come into play:1. OpenURL – A links-request that transports information to the Link Server2. Link Server KnowledgeBase – Defining the library’s “collection” in order to determine appropriateness of services
    6. 6. Linking e-collections OPAC Link e-print Server Portal A&I Full Text Digital Web Form collections Referenc e Manager
    7. 7. A&I (Ovid) as link source Link Source Link Menu Link Target
    8. 8. OPAC Record as link sourceTargets limited only by imagination …
    9. 9. Link Sources• A&I databases• OPACs• E-journals• E-print archives (OAi)• Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD)• Local digital repositories All sources must provide an OpenURL
    10. 10. Link Targets• E-journals • Encyclopedias• OPACs • Patent Databases• ILL/DocDel • Search Engines• Citation Databases • Internet bookstores• A & I Databases • ….. Libraries choose!• DirectoriesAll targets must have a defined link-to or search syntax
    11. 11. Creating links to targets• No standards exist for linking to targets (inbound linking)• Option 1 (the old way): Use a database of predetermined links• Option 2 (the OpenURL linking way): – Use a “Knowledgebase” with templates or sets of rules to construct a link – should reflect the library’s holdings – Data elements from source record used in the link
    12. 12. Step 2: Link Server (at sfx.mycollege.edu) extracts metadata from the OpenURLStep 1: OpenURL generated by LinkRanga and sent to Link Server Author: Narayanan, Source Title: Insider Trading and the Voluntaryhttp://sfx.mycollege.edu?genre=article&atitle=Insider%20Trading Disclosure of Information by Firms%20and%20the%20Voluntary%20Disclosure%20of%20Information Journal: Journal of Banking and Finance%20by%20Firms&title=Journal%20of%20Banking%20and ISSN: 0378-4266%20Finance&issn=0378-4266&date=2000- Date: 2000-0303&volume=24&issue=3&spage=395&aulast=Narayan&aufirst=Ranga Volume:3: Link Server matches data Step 24 Issue: 3 against KnowledgeBase and elements Page: 395 determines Link Services for user
    13. 13. Author: Narayanan, Ranga Title: Insider Trading and the Voluntary Disclosure of Information by Firms Journal: Journal of Banking and Finance ISSN: 0378-4266 Date: 2000-03 Volume: 24 Issue: 3 Page: 395“Check library catalog” (Innovative interfaces) Interfaces)http://library.mycollege.edu/search/I/?SEARCH=0378-4266http://library.mycollege.edu/search/I/?SEARCH={ISSN}
    14. 14. Author: Narayanan, Ranga Title: Insider Trading and the Voluntary Disclosure of Information by Firms Journal: Journal of Banking and Finance ISSN: 0378-4266 Date: 2000-03 Volume: 24 Issue: 3 Page: 395“Request ILL through ILLIAD”http://server:port/OpenURL/OpenURL?genre=article&ISSN=0378-4266&title=Journal of&ISSN={ISSN}&title={JOURNAL} Banking and Finance&aulast=Narayanan&atitle=Insider Trading…&aulast={AUTHOR}&atitle={TITLE}&volume=24&issue=3&startPage=395&volume={VOLUME}&issue={ISSUE}&startPage={PAGE}&serviceID=EBSCO:Econlit
    15. 15. Author: Narayanan, Ranga Title: Insider Trading and the Voluntary Disclosure of Information by Firms Journal: Journal of Banking and Finance ISSN: 0378-4266 Date: 2000-03 Volume: 24 Issue: 3 Page: 395“Search Google for author”http://www.google.com/search?q=Narayanan,http://www.google.com/search?q={AUTHOR}Ranga&btnG=Google+Search&btnG=Google+Search
    16. 16. Benefits of OpenURL linkingFor the librarian: Central administration of links (and e-journal data) Local control over what types of links are offeredand to where they resolve Optimizes use of licensed resourcesFor the user: Desktop delivery of full text when availableelectronically Expands the research horizons Consistency and accuracy of links
    17. 17. Benefits of OpenURL linkingFor the information vendor: OpenURL standard for outbound linking – easy toimplement. No need for bilateral publisheragreements. Meets need of libraries and end users More inbound links!
    18. 18. SFX: the original link server Now widely deployed in libraries around the world Accepts OpenURL as input Uses SFX KnowledgeBase to determineappropriate links to targets: − Comprehensive KnowledgeBase delivered with the SFX server − Contains a set of rules for linking including rules for fine- tuning − Library “localizes” to match local subscriptions and conditions using web-based SFX tools − Regularly updated by Ex Libris
    19. 19. SFX: not just about linking….. “We love the citation linker! I know that this will be a controversial Central repository for suspect that the statement, but I ejournalsubscriptions: Linker will replace the OPAC Citation • A-Z the primary search point for as journal title list journals.” Michelle Wilde, Colorado State • Citation Linker University MARC enhancement of SFX ejournal records for loadinginto OPAC Resource for unmediated documentdelivery requests
    20. 20. SFX Statistical ReportsFor example:• How many times did users click the SFX button within a specific resource?• How many times was the article’s full text available via the SFX menu?• If the article’s full text is available, how many times did users select other options from the SFX menu?
    21. 21. SFX Menu and config under librarycontrol Di rec tL ink to Ta rge t
    22. 22. SFX Implementation Local or Ex Libris hosting Out of the box … Turn on / load local subscriptions Out of the box … Set up local OPAC, ILL, proxy Customization options: Menu, button, “extended services” Customization options: local Targets
    23. 23. CrossRef/DOI Resolution OpenURL and the CrossRef/DOI frameworks are compatible and complementary (requires CrossRef Library Affiliate membership) DOI Metadata URL http://www.crossref.org/library.htm
    24. 24. CrossRef/DOI and OpenURL linking Two distinct modes of integration: 1. CrossRef/DOI localization - addressing the “appropriate copy” problem 2. Article-level linking for certain CrossRef publishers eg Elsevier, IEEE, APA
    25. 25. CrossRef/DOI Linking Local OPAC Aggregator
    26. 26. OpenURL Linking Complements CrossRefI DOI link DOI Server References OpenURLhttp://dx.doi.org/doi=10.1034/j.1399-0039.2000.560502.x Awarehttp://www.sfx.edu/? OpenURLdoi=10.1034/j.1399-0039.2000.560502.x Metadata DOI Server
    27. 27. Publishers who require/prefer use ofDOI for article-level linking• Elsevier Science• Wiley• IEEE• APA• Others…..
    28. 28. OpenURL linking Complements CrossRefII DOI link Metadata DOI Server
    29. 29. OpenURL and Link Resolvers• A step toward realizing promise of linking all library’s resources• Low barrier for information resources to be compliant• Library in control
    30. 30. New demands on link• servers Server-to-server communication• Use of user attributes for determination of more granular link services• More varied sources and targets – beyond linking scholarly textual information• Distributed KnowledgeBase (just-in-time models) needed to determine the actual collections for any particular user, regardless of administration/licensing organizations.
    31. 31. Information Landscape User’s PerspectiveResources of UCDavis CDL DoE
    32. 32. Distributed Services SFX Link Server SFX Link Server SFX Menu: merged services
    33. 33. Recommended Reading Caplan, Priscilla. 2001. “A Lesson in Linking”. Library Journal NetConnect supplement. Fall 2001. http://libraryjournal.reviewsnews.com/index.asp?layout=article& articleid=CA177643 Van de Sompel, Herbert and Oren Beit-Arie. 2001. "Open Linking in the Scholarly Information Environment Using the OpenURL Framework” D-Lib Magazine. 7(3). http://www.dlib.org/dlib/march01/vandesompel/03vandesompel.html Beit-Arie, Oren et al. 2001. “Linking to the Appropriate Copy” D-Lib Magazine. 9(3). http://www.dlib.org/dlib/sept01/caplan/09caplan.htmlhttp://www.sfxit.com/publications
    34. 34. www.exlibrisgroup.com www.sfxit.comjenny@exlibris-usa.com