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  • 1. Google Docs and You
    (and your patrons)               
  • 2. August, 2005- Upstartle launches Writely- a web based word processor
    September, 2005- Google acquires Upstartle
    June, 2006- Google launches Google Spreadsheets
    February 2007- Google Docs was open to Google Apps users.
    Sept. 2007- Google premiered their Presentations program on Google Docs
    Jul. 2009- Google Docs and Google Apps were officially out of beta testing stage.
    Jan. 2010- Google offers 1gb of free doc storage for any file type.
    Jan. 2011- Google started using current homepage for docs.google.com.
  • 3. 1- Web based. No special software required.
    2- Instantly saves in the cloud.
    3- Old versions are archived in case of mistakes
    4- Docs are collaborative and shareable.
    5- Cost- it’s FREE!
    Why Google Docs?
  • 4. First Step
    Go to Google.com Then Click “Sign In” in the top right corner.
  • 5. Click “create an account for free”.
    It’s FREE! Zilch, Zero, Nada, एक शून्य , Nul, ロ, 零,
  • 6. Create an Account
    Fill out the form and agree to the terms and conditions.  The patron must have anactive e-mail address for this to work.
  • 7. Account Confirmation
    Now, check your email!
  • 8. Email Verification
    Google will send a verification e-mail to the address used when you sign up.  Follow the link here to verify the account
  • 9. Account Verified
    Google has now verified the account.   Now Click on “Google Home”.
  • 10. Google Home
    Welcome Home!
  • 11. To the Docs!
    Under “More” select “Documents”.
  • 12. Getting Started
    This will be the first screen you see.
  • 13. Uploading
    Select "Upload"
  • 14. Uploading Continued
    Click "Browse"
  • 15. Select File
    Select the File you want to upload. This time I have chosen a word doc named “Test”.
  • 16. Start Upload
    Click "Start upload"
  • 17. Back to the Docs!
    Click "Back to Google Docs"
  • 18. Congratulations!
    You have successfully created a Google Doc. See it up there?
  • 19. A NEW DOC!
    Click “Create new” and select the document type.
    I chose “document”.
  • 20. It's a Word Processor
    Now you can type in the web browser like you do in MS Word.
  • 21. And it's Google
    Google Saves the docs automatically after changes, much like Gmail does with your drafted e-mails.
  • 22. Name that Doc!
    I can name that Doc in 1 click!
  • 23. Namage
    Enter the Doc's new name.  I feel like we just adopted a Pound Puppy!
  • 24. Now we've got 2!
    Back at Doc HQ we can see our two docs with different backgrounds coexisting in peace!
  • 25. No more works files that won’t open or convert!
    Never pay for expensive software again!
    Patrons don’t need flash drives!
    Added Layer of Privacy!
    Increased Customer Service!