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  • 1. Movement and Design Ceramic I-Coiling Clay Project AOI: Human Ingenuity Big Picture Questions In what areas do humans follow "movements"? How the “movement” of ceramics has influences the development of cultures/societies, Human Ingenuity? Guiding Questions: How can "energy" be visually represented? Where do ideas for design and form come from? How does design influence your choices?
  • 2. Learning Objectives Students should be able to: Demonstrate how to roll a round, even coil. Explain why slip and scoring is so important. Analyze historical examples Create a coil form using coil construction as a design feature as well as construction technique. Discuss and Evaluate own work as well as other artists’ work using ceramic vocabulary and elements and principles of art. Colorado State Standards 1. Observe & Learn to Comprehend GLE 1. Visual art has inherent characteristics and expressive features GLE 3. Art and design have purpose and function 2. Envision & Critique to Reflect GLE 1. Reflective strategies are used to understand the creative process -GLE 3. Interpretation is a means for understanding and evaluating works of art 3. Invent & Discover to Create GLE 2. Assess and produce art with various materials and methods 4. Relate & Connect to Transfer GLE 2. Communication through advanced visual methods is a necessary skill in everyday life
  • 3. Formative Coil Bowl: Design the inside of a circle using a variety of lines and shapes to create the inside pattern. Create a coil clay bowl that is influenced be your circle design on the paper. (Hand out) Summative Coil Vessel: Create a coil designed vessel that “moves” and has 3 or more “pattern” designs that repeat in the form Form: Look through clay books and/or magazines and sketch an interesting form. Plan a coil design using 3 patterns and repetition. Part of the pattern can be smoothed area on the form. Create a vessel form that is influenced by that design. Use slab for the bottom. Height requirement is 10”-12”.
  • 4. Vocabulary Coil Hand-building Line Shape Pattern Repetition Unit Vessel Form Unity Positive/Negative space REFLECTION What kinds of lines do you have in your patterns that move? Draw them.