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Instagram Social Media Analytics






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Instagram Social Media Analytics Instagram Social Media Analytics Presentation Transcript

  • Instagram DrivenSocial Media
  • Topic Areas1. Motivations for Instagram project2. Pattern mining trajectories3. Analytic innovation and exploratory analysis4. Instagram analytics tools5. NoSQL- MongoDB6. Datafication 3 walk thru7. Q&A
  • Motivations for Instagram Project• Internet of Things (Sensors and RFID)• Indoor GPS• Car parking “anywhere”• Location based services e.g. advertising• Tourist recommender system• Food analytics and traceability (farm fork)• Mobile apps with trajectory data e.g. Foursquare, Instagram, Nike+ EveryTrial• Insurance “pay as you drive”– telematics black box based insurance policy
  • Black Box Insurance• Telematics technology (black box) helps assess the drivingbehavior and deliver true driver centric premiums bycapturing:– Number of journeys– Distances travelled– Types of roads– Speed– Time of travel– Acceleration and braking– Any accidents• Benefits low mileage, smooth and safe drivers• Privacy vs. Saving monies on insurance (Canada)–
  • Pattern Mining TrajectoriesGroupofTrajectoriesTrajectory Patterns:1. Hot regions (basic unit)2. Trajectory pattern isrelationships amongst regionsOpportunities : Location based networksDestination predictionCar-poolingPersonal route planningGroup buyingLoyaltyCredit card dataAdapted from: Chang, Wei, Yeh and Peng, “Discovering Personalised Routes from Trajectories”ACM, LBSN’11, Chicago,illinois,USA, 1 November 2011
  • Analytic Innovation“Let’s define analytic innovation as any type ofanalytical approach that is new and unique. It issomething a given organization has not donebefore, and perhaps something nobodyanywhere has done before…An analyticinnovation should be focused on analyzing anew data source, solving a new problem…”Franks, B. (2012) Taming the Big Data Tidal Wave, p. 255, John Wiley & Son
  • Discovery (Exploratory) Analytics Exploratory– Unstructured– Machine learning– Data mining– Complex analysis– Data diversity RichnessX Business Intelligence– Dashboard– Real time decisioning– Alerts– Fresh data– Response time Speed of Query
  • Instagram Analytics Tools (off the shelf)• Statigram– Lifetime likes– Total comments– New followers/last 7 days– Most liked photos• Simply Measured– Total engagement Instagram, Facebook and Twitter– Engaging photo/filter/location– Top photos by date– Active commenters– Best time for engagement– Best day for engagement– Top filters• Nitrogram– Countries of followers– Most engaging– Most commented– Likes and comments on a photo
  • MongoDB - An Innovation in Databases?“MongoDB gets the job done”“document-oriented NoSQL database”“MongoDB is natural choice when dealing with JSON”“Same data model in code = same model in database”“Data structure store to model applications”“In MongoDB Instagram post can be stored in single collection and stored exactly as represented in the program as oneobject. In a relational database an Instagram post would occupy multiple tables.”“MongoDB understands geo-spatial co-ordinates and supports geo-spatial indexing”“Initial MongoDB prototype RedHat OpenShift (Public/Private or Community “Platform as a Service”)Recommendation engine integrating Mahout libraries and MongoDB (see Roadmap)As discussed @ Journey to MongoDB:Trajectory Pattern Mining in Australian InstagramBy Suresh Sood and Xinhua Zhu**Sydney MongoDB Meetup 30 April 2013
  • Timeline based Trajectory Analysis
  • Google Map based Trajectory Analysis
  • Social Relationship Analysis
  • Location based Retrieval
  • Popular HashTag Analysis
  • Popular Image Analysis
  • Peak Usage Time Analysis
  • Active User Analysis
  • RoadmapDatacollectionIndividual(Group) AnalysisFind Preference and Behaviorpattern(including Trajectory pattern)RecommendationRecommend right product (orservice) to right person ( orgroup) at right time and placeManually Automatically
  • Thank you!Q/A