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This presentation covers the concept of a social telco

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  • Examples of HITsAdd Keywords to imagesCrop ImagesSpam IdentificationGenerating a test set to train NNSubtitling, speech-to-textAdult content analysisFacial RecognitionProof ReadingOCR Correction/VerificationAnnotate text
  • 1000 passionate fans told 10 friends who told 10 friends 100,000 people who have been told by someone they trust and care aboutReasons to Forward an Email:Humour: 78%A Recommendation 50%Involve in a Competition 49%Earn yourself Benefits 15%Raise money for a charity 15%Sex 11%Make you feel appreciated 10%Join a Petition 10%Embarrass them 10%Source: Sharpe Partners/BurstonMartsteller
  • Flirtomatic example whereby unstructured feedback provides deeper insightWe canmanageme and analyse of customer data from social sourcesto activate and reinvigorate marketing activitiesContextual insights – are conclusions from data coinciding with a deep understanding of the businessStatisticalinsights - Hypotheses about customers and the business based on analysis of large volumes of data
  • HootsuiteMulti-faceted (plug into mostly anything social)Team collaboration with tasks associated (Scale) Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,, Wordpress & more
  • Diana – max links (degree centrality) most connected – connector or hub – number of nodes connected – high influence of spreading info or virusHeather – best location powerful figure as broker to determine what flows and doesn’t –single point of failure – high betweeness = high influence – position of node as gatekeeper to exploit structural holes (gaps in network)Fernado & Garth – shortest paths = closeness – the bigger the number the less centralEigenvector = importance of node in network ~ page rank google is similar measure
  • Participation Inequality (Jakob Nielsen )90% of users are the “audience”, or lurkers. The people tend to read or observe, but don’t actively contribute.9% of users are “editors”, sometimes modifying content or adding to an existing thread, but rarely create content from scratch.1% of users are “creators”, driving large amounts of the social group’s activity. More often than not, these people are driving a vast percentage of the site’s new content, threads, and activityFor participation on Amazon see: 100 visitors10 will become members1 will generate contentFacebook users have ~200 friends thus ~2 of friends contribute content
  • Batchbook demo SRM
  • Community Manager is also StorytellerPast: Facilitated story creation through activating community discussions, sharing member stories within the community. In the past, storytelling on an internal level wasn’t heavily emphasized.Present: Seeks out and shares the most relevant and meaningful stories of community members with the entire community and within company walls. Future: Will be soughtout more heavily and will work to show internal and external community players not only how things are being done, but why they’re being done and their impact on the bigger picture.Action Steps:Align business objectives.Develop progress reports.Establish emotional investment.
  • Expands consumer experience with owned and earned mediaBuild content and community.
  • The social telco

    1. 1. Email: LinkedIn: sureshsood Skype: sureshsood Twitter: soodyGoogle +:
    2. 2. Agenda1. What is the social telco?2. New business models?3. Evolution of social telco roadmap to predictive telco4. Tools of adaptive telco Social media monitoring via HootSuite5. Social Network Analysis and Open Source Tools6. Case study of “social telco”7. Future opportunities and research
    3. 3. July 2012 “Social Media Marketing In China” Your Chinese Social Network Cheat Sheet
    4. 4. July 2012 “Social Media Marketing In China” The Social Technographics Of Chinese Online Adults
    5. 5. March 2011 “Online Australians Shift To Social Networks” Most Online Australian Adults Use Social Media Regularly Increasing socialmedia engagement 6
    6. 6. Rules of the Social Telco using social media1. Authenticity2. Advocacy3. Marketing is real time conversations and feedback4. Brand is the conversations
    7. 7. Challenge Today : Moving from Transactions Alone to RelationshipsCurrent State Future State= Transactions = Telco Engagement (relationships)We do this stuff well e.g.Call plans, Service Fees … We don’t do this really e.g. User generated content, ratings, reviews, 1:1 dialogue 8
    8. 8. Customer to Revenue Lifecycle (C2RL) Acquisition of Customer to Revenue Life Cycle (C2RL) Social Telco Build Awareness Social Content and Acquisition through SM: Social Listening: Education via SM of Online YouTube/Facebook New Ideas, telco topics and Lead fromVocabulary,Topics, /LinkedIn/Twitter options providing each SM I. Marketing Participate in blogsBlogs and Forums knowledge andParticipation in SM and communities insights to nurture channel (Acquisition) and capture on customer telco leads (5-7 touches) into SCRM topics Build Relationship Social Sell with customers or Customer telco II. Social Selling businesses via plan options: Social Listening, email + POTs/Mobile/lnter Conversations net Social Loyalty Retention, New III. Customer Service trading Ideas (Retention) and Voice of Customer Feedback Dr Suresh Sood 2012
    9. 9. Social Telco Touchpoints C2RL Stage (Sood 2012)
    10. 10. experiences services goodscommodities The Experience Economy Pine & Gilmore, 1999
    11. 11. The marketing of experiences – San Marco, Venezia This docket highlights an AUD100 experience sipping coffee,drinking orange juice and mineral water at the height of summer in San Marco Square. Wow what an experience ! The music is what makes it. Supply of music !October 25, 2012 Slide 12
    12. 12. Sharing StoriesWhat happens when you tell stories? Two magical things: You build trustwith other people in your network, and from there you buildempathy…is when you share the emotions that other people have andexpress. It’s a powerful, deeply primal experience.ShareThis! Deanna Zandt, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2010 13
    13. 13. The Future of Customer SupportSupport is not only a major marketing butcompany assetTeaches us how to deal with “messiness”Gems in unstructured user generated contentFacilitate customers to self-support each otherProvides immediate feedback to productdevelopment 14
    14. 14. WHAT DO CUSTOMERS WANT ? A Relationship Accessibility Promptness Follow Up Responsiveness Promises Kept No Surprises Knowledgeable People Kept Informed Do It Right First TimeSource : 15Ray Kurdupleski, (ex-AT&T) & Universal Card Services case study, Bradley T Gale, “Competing on Value”
    15. 15. • Your customers need to experience what you are trying to sell them throughWhat are experiences ? and emotion i.e. doing, feeling interacting• To provide an experience you need to do something beyond presenting info that makes the event memorable and personable that engages in a personal way• Entertainment is only one aspect of an experience.• Engage /involve the customer• Personalise, personalise, personalise• Listen to conversations in social media to gain ideasOctober 25, 2012 Slide 16
    16. 16. Social Operating Strategy # Social Media Policy• Social Media => Change across entire company• Encapsulate company strategy as keywords• Listen to competitive activity• Policy is good substitute when you do not have purpose• Why should anyone buy our products or services?• Outline what works and why different from traditional marketing• Provide associates with ideas for conversations• Just one voice or everyone ?• Consistent voice talking to a single customer• Best practice rules of engagement: 17
    17. 17. Agenda1. What is the social telco?2. New business models?3. Evolution of social telco roadmap to predictive telco4. Tools of adaptive telco Social media monitoring via HootSuite5. Social Network Analysis and Open Source Tools6. Case study of “social telco”7. Future opportunities and research
    18. 18. Service-Dominant Logic• A logic that views service, rather than goods, as the focus of economic and social exchange i.e., Service is exchanged for service• Essential Concepts and Components – Service: the application of competences for the benefit of another entity • Service (singular) is a process—distinct from “services”— particular types of goods – Shifts primary focus to “operant resources” (skills and knowledge) from “operand resources” (static and tangible) – See value as always co-created (Market With i.e. Collaborate with Customers & Partners to Create & Sustain Value) – Sees goods as appliances for service delivery – Implies all economies are service economies • All businesses are service businesses Vargo, S.L. and R.F. Lusch (2004). “Evolving to a New Dominant Logic for Marketing, Journal of Marketing 68(January): 1-17 19
    19. 19. 3 Key Game Changers Enhancing Social - 2014Connected TV Shipments to Grow at CAGR of 58 Percentthrough 2014 with the Asia-Pacific region is the driving force,with CAGR of over 60% and representing almost half of globalshipments by 2014. Google prototype motion-sensitive headset integrating GPS capabilities, Siri-style voice command and a camera. Available consumers ~ 2014. Wearables a new front in platform war with competitors ( Apple and Facebook) disrupting the vast global eyeglasses market worth $96bn by 2015. Simplification of video-conferencing in work or home Prescription glasses benefit from instant focus-switching capabilities and opticians gain a stream of real-time data from patients Source: Google+ Gross transaction value of mobile payments in Asia Pacific to rise to $316 billion in 2014. According to forecasts, the combined global market for mobile payments is expected to exceed US$1 trillion by 2014, with over one billion users in that year.
    20. 20. e-book Platforms & Publisher models• e book platforms (excludes DIY newspapers using RSS) – Kindle – Nook – iBooks – Pdf – Online communities (e.g. – Powerpoint/Slideshare/ SlideRocket /YouTube? – Scribd (social reading - Read, Publish, and Share)• Publisher models – Author and publisher – Self published – Large publisher – Medium publisher – Small publisher – Community ?
    21. 21. Data Driven Book Publishing (Hiptype)
    22. 22. Engage Telco Customers in Contemporary Ways
    23. 23. Innovative community models for customers 25
    24. 24. Agenda1. What is the social telco?2. New business models?3. Evolution of social telco roadmap to predictive telco4. Tools of adaptive telco Social media monitoring via HootSuite5. Social Network Analysis and Open Source Tools6. Case study of “social telco”7. Future opportunities and research
    25. 25. Roadmap – Evolution of Rigid Telco to Predictive (Social) Telco Rigid Flexible Connected Adaptive Predictive (Social) Silo, rigidThemes Hoarding info Vs. collaboration Freely share info and Knowledge on internal basis acting social with customers Connected internal and 2 –way communications External. Listening and Learning. Internal and external engagement Shared via hub and Spoke. Employees Connected directly to Agile, integrate customer Customers. Experiences and feedback Loops. Listening and Learning now become analyse and insights Makes sense of data And transforms into Intelligence. Respond in Shift from reactive to Real time Proactive and predictive Business uses social media heavily and is flexible, connected, adaptive and predictive in terms of customer experiences, needs and new opportunities. Predict scenarios before they occur maximise opportunity and limit risk (Adapted from Solis, 2012)
    26. 26. Longbing Cao & Philip Yu (2012) Behavior Computing, Springer
    27. 27. Levels of Social Media Analytics8 Levels of Analytics Key Social Media Questions(Davenport)Standard Reports What conversations are taking place?Ad Hoc reports When and where are conversations taking place?Query Drilldown What are the sentiment of conversations?Alerts What actions are required?Statistical Analysis Why are these conversations occurring?Forecasting What if conversations continue?Predictive Modeling What conversations are next?Optimization How can we lead conversations? orginally adapted from Davenport T (2007), Competing on Analytics 29
    28. 28. Detecting flu trends using search engine query data (intentionality) 30
    29. 29. Twitter and Marketing Predictions• Tweets is “found data” without asking questions• More meaning than typical search engine query•• Large numbers of passive participants in natural settings• Twitter can predict the stock market (Lisa Grossman, Wired, Oct 19 2010)• Predict movie success in first few weekends of release – “…it also raises an interesting new question for advertisers and marketing executives. Can they change the demand for their film, product or service buy directly influencing the rate at which people tweet about it? In other words, can they change the future that tweeters predict?” Tech Review, 31
    30. 30. MetricsFacebook LinkedIn TwitterNumber of fans New connections Number of followersPage visits Utilize applications (track documentsite visits downloads using application)Interactions Utilize shortened trackable URLs Number of interactions(wall posts, “likes”, comments, etc.) within employee status updates (retweets, messages) Track how employees are ranked in Click-throughs on links posted LinkedIn Answers 32
    31. 31. Key Metrics Social Media IBlogging Microblogging• Number of posts • Number of friends/followers• Audience growth—unique and repeat visits • 2nd-order followers (follower’s follower count)• Number of conversions (e.g. prospect to lead, lead to • Velocity - average of first- and second-order followers attracted peropportunity, etc.) day since the account was established• Conversion rate (depending on specific conversion goals) • Social Capital - influence of Twitter followers• Subscribers • Centralization - how much influence (reach) is invested in a small• Inbound links• Technorati, Alltop and other directory listings• SEO improvements Social Networks • Referrals from social networks Commenting • Connections on social networks • Interactions in groups and fan pages • Number of comments • Increased number of conversions from commenters • Members of groups and fan pages (e.g. new leads) number of followers • Increased traffic from searchable comments • Pages ranking on key terms from microblogging sites Bookmarking • Referrals and visits from these sites Online Video • Page rankings on key terms from these sites • Button views – the number of times the • Referrals from social video sites sharing icon (button) was viewed on • Views of videos on social sites your site • Pages ranking on key terms from social • Bookmarks – the number of bookmark video sites events • Subscribers to video channels 33
    32. 32. Key Metrics Social Media IIPhoto Sharing Podcasting• Referrals from photo sharing sites • Referrals from podcast directories• Views of photos on social sites • Views of podcasts (if hosted on podcast sites)• Subscribers to your photo profile or • Number of subscribers and conversionspages• Pages rankings on key Photo Sharing• Referrals from photo sharing sites• Views of photos on social sites• Subscribers to your photo profile orpages• Pages rankings on key terms from photosharing sites• Subscribers to your video series orchannelterms from photosharing sites• Subscribers to your video series orchannel 34
    33. 33. “Think very carefully about what you are measuring if you do measureengagement. If engagement to you is repeat visits by visitors then call it VisitFrequency, don’t call it engagement.”Avinash Kaushik, Occam’s Razor blog, October 2007 after social before social baseline Blanchard Oliver (2009) Social media ROI 35
    34. 34. Business Goals/How , Measures & Metric Business Goal & How Measure & MetricBuild Loyalty and Trust by engaging with Comments (engagement) made tocustomers on Twitter customers/timeframeLearn customer requirements Customer feedback by way of suggestionsIncrease satisfaction Suggestions/timeframe (not thought of)Innovation and implemented ideasOnline sales using Twitter to inform Sales in timeframe attributed to Twitterspecials, exclusivity, limited time offers people reached interactionsAwareness ReferralsNew members re-tweetsOffline sales via voucher promo in social Track offline vouchers and sales increase over promo periodIncrease authority by writing authoritative Influential blogs linking ( Pagerank)content and promote company later Pagerank vs. competitors Organic traffic/timeframe Traffic converting to $ales 36
    35. 35. Measuring Practices• Use URL shorteners e.g. – These services track the number of clicks. – If you post a link on multiple social media sites, associate a unique short URL with each site. This can help you to determine variances in your community members across sites.• Get addicted to Google Analytics – Tracks top referral sites – including social media – Number of unique visits – Average amount of time per visit – Bounce Rate – Metric benchmarks for achieving success 37
    36. 36. Agenda1. What is the social telco?2. New business models?3. Evolution of social telco roadmap to predictive telco4. Tools of adaptive telco Social media monitoring via HootSuite5. Social Network Analysis and Open Source Tools6. Case study of “social telco”7. Future opportunities and research
    37. 37. First Step Monitoring [Brand] Conversations & Tips• Social Media Dashboard – All social media sources relating to brand – RSS technologies – Mashups (e.g. YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Nielsen, Google )• Weak Signals – Twitter early warning in advance of blogging• Set up comprehensive Google Alerts• Set up a feed reader with relevant blogs and new feeds• Use Twitter Search to follow hashtags and keywords in Twitter streams• Start immediately (~3 mins) with Netvibes and vocabulary 39
    38. 38. Other monitoring options 40
    39. 39. 認識互隨 – #HootSuite in Traditional #Chinese plus new Sina Weibo App
    40. 40. Tag Cloud of Paige’s Story About Travel to ParisCreated from Daniel Steinbock’s TagCrowd under Creative Commons © 42
    41. 41. Elaboration of Trip to Paris Blog Story (Means-End & Heider) Woodside, Sood & Miller 2008 When Consumers and Brands Talk Psychology & Marketing 18."We went on Fat 17. "I wanted Paige to get a feel Tires day trip to + 19....."I know Paige will for shopping experiences that Monets gardens and treasure the memory of she would not have at home (aka house in Giverny, about this girls trip for many the ubiquitous mall). " 16. "On our trip to Giverny, we met a young an hour outside Paris."+ years to come." woman from Brisbane, Australia who was traveling on her own and we invited her to join us. Three of us enjoyed delicious and innovative soufflés, while Paige had the rack of 3. Paris lamb. We shared two dessert soufflés, one 11.Sites + chocolate and the other cherry/almond. Yum" •The Marais •Notre Dame •LArc de Triomphe - 248 steps up and 248 steps + down... 1.Gayle 15." Michael Osman is an American artists •Champs Elysee living in Paris." •Jacquemart Museum "He supplements his income by being a •Louvre Lite + tour guide." I" found out about him on Fodors" •Musee DOrsay •Les Invalides, Napoleons Tomb and the 2. Paige "So I engaged Michael for two days." Napoleon Museum •Sacre Coeur •Monmartre + 14. "They had decide to come to Paris •Rodin Museum to find the Harley Davidson store so •Pompidou Museum they could buy Harley Paris t-shirts." •Train to Vernon, bike to Giverny with Fat Tire4.”The occasion Bike Tourswas my cousin 5. “I am a Canadian •’s 16th” and get by in 13."The father stretched out his cupped •Eiffel Tower French.” hands which held all of the pieces they were able to recover, including the memory stick and he very solemnly said, "El muerto...".6. "All I can say is WOW! We rented a 2 9. "I bought a Paris Pratique pocket-sized book at abedroom, 1 ½ bath apartment (two 12. Unforgettable Memories Metro station. This handy guide has detailed mapsshowers), "Merlot" from ParisPerfect "This trip had so many memories, but here are a few choice of each arrondisement, as well as the metro lines, and boy was highlights........On our very first night, knowing that the Eiffel the bus lines, the RER and the SCNF (trains). Illit ever perfect! " Tower light show started at 10:00 p.m.... she [Paige] dropped never be without this again." her camera…down 6 flights…we were stunned…Spanish Family below standing below *with pieces of the camera+”7. “We had a full view of the Eiffel from 10."Six months before our trip, I gaveour charming little terrace. ....We were 8. "We were walkable to many good Paige a couple of good guide books onwithin walking distance to two metro bistros, cafes and bakeries and only a Paris and suggested she let me knowstops (Pont dAlma or Ecole Militaire) " few blocks from the wonderful market what her interests were since after all, 43 street Rue Cler." this was to be her trip."
    42. 42. Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC) Text Analysis : The Psychological Power of WordsLWIC dimension “I love Paris” Personal texts Formal texts Paige’s StorySelf-references 6.12 11.4 4.2(I, me, my)Social words 10.55 9.5 8.0Positive emotions 3.04 2.7 2.6Negative emotions 0.54 2.6 1.6Overall cognitive words 4.12 7.8 5.4Articles (a, an, the) 7.74 5.0 7.2Big words (> 6 letters) 18.40 13.1 19.6Pennebaker, J. W., Francis ME, Booth RJ. (2001). Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC):LIWC2001. Mahwah: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. 44
    43. 43. 45
    44. 44. 46
    45. 45. Iconic Sites & Scenes from Paris Blog• Eiffel tour night show• The Marais• Notre Dame• LArc de Triomphe - 248 steps up and 248 steps down...• Champs Elysee• Jacquemart Museum• Louvre Lite• Musee DOrsay• Les Invalides, Napoleons Tomb and the Napoleon Museum• Sacre Coeur• Monmartre• Rodin Museum• Pompidou Museum• Train to Vernon, bike to Giverny with Fat Tire Bike Tours 47
    46. 46. Marketing & Advertising Strategy Implications the Story of Paige• Story told in natural city setting• Assume Paris = brand• Brand is supporting actor enabling Gayle to achieve her goals of showing Paris to Paige (conscious) and help her coming of age (unconscious)• Builds favorable consumer brand relationship: best friendship (Fournier 1998)• Show someone Paris: Share experience,teacher-student,”fairy-godmother” or be the tourist guide• Use social relationships to sell cities• Interpersonal relationships (people travel with people)• Near conversational interaction with brand: story is called “I love Paris” 48
    47. 47. Next steps - First 30-60- 90 days of Social Telco Commence with understanding where telco customers meet online and the type of conversations being discussed. Using either freely available software participate in social listening and move towards the use of social media to transform customer service and marketing activities. Beyond this, re-engineer telco to position in the most optimal way across the channels to acquire, retain and sell to customers
    48. 48. Agenda1. What is the social telco?2. New business models?3. Evolution of social telco roadmap to predictive telco4. Tools of adaptive telco Social media monitoring via HootSuite5. Social Network Analysis and Open Source Tools6. Case study of “social telco”7. Future opportunities and research
    49. 49. A New Way of Marketing ? Social Network Marketing 1:1 ‘All Customers Marketing in a network interrelated’ Segment ‘All Customers are Marketing different’ ‘All CustomersShotgun in a segmentMarketing the same’‘All Customers the same’ 51
    50. 50. Complex Systems• Complex Adaptive Systems• Whole is greater than the sum of the parts• Many parts• Relationships “the missing link”• Emergence and self-organisation• Non-linear and dynamic patterns• Difficult to predict outcomes & manage (little things can make a big difference)
    51. 51. Why ?• New insights from social network data - patterns of activity & trends not previously known can be identified - power of the human mind is harnessed• Explore all sorts of data including combination of unstructured & structured
    52. 52. Train of Thought Analysis• A bottom-up approach• Perceptual process of discovery to uncover structure• Distinguish patterns,structure, relationships and anomalies• Knowledge is colour coded• Marketing Analyst can spot irregularities• Not sure why but where does this lead• Harnesses the power of the human mind Data Information Knowledge
    53. 53. Social Network Representation• Primary focus is actors & relationships # actors & attributes• Nodes (Actors) connected by Links (Ties/relationship or edge) Adjacency list• Links represent flows or transfer – material goods or information 1 1: 2 Graph or 2: 1, 3 sociogram 2 3: 2 3 Adjacency matrix 1 2 3 Actors 1 0 1 0 Relationship 2 1 0 1 1 = presence of link 3 0 1 0 0 = no direct link 55
    54. 54. 56
    55. 55. 57
    56. 56. 58
    57. 57. Key Network Measures Diana’s Clique krackkite.##h (modified labels)• Degree Centrality• Betweenness Centrality• Closeness Centrality• Eigenvector Centrality Connector (hub)Contractor ? Vendor Broker Boundary spanners 59
    58. 58. UCINET 6• UCINET IV for DOS is free• Grab bag of techniques and procedures• Matrix centered view – rows & columns - actors – cell value - relationship• Citation – Borgatti, S.P., M.G. Everett, and L.C. Freeman. 1999. UCINET 6.0 Version 1.00. Natick: Analytic Technologies.• Network analysis requires: – ##h file contains meta data about the network – ##d file contains the actual data about the network 60
    59. 59. Useful References• UCINET user guide• Tutorial Prof Hanneman• Network Analysis in Marketing (Webster & Morrison 2004)• (international network for social analysis) 61
    60. 60. Data Language (DL) Filetype dl n=4 format=fullmatrix data: 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 dl nr = 6, nc = 4 row labels embeddeddl n=4 col labels embedded labels: Sanders,Skvoretz,S.Smith,T.Smith data: data: 0 1 1 0 Dian Norm Coach Sam 1 0 1 1 Mon 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 Tue 1 0 1 1 Wed 1 1 0 0 Thu 0 1 0 0 Fri 1 0 1 1 62 Sat 1 1 0 0
    61. 61. NodeXL - Excel 2007 template for viewing and analyzing network graphs 63
    62. 62. Agenda1. What is the social telco?2. New business models?3. Evolution of social telco roadmap to predictive telco4. Tools of adaptive telco Social media monitoring via HootSuite5. Social Network Analysis and Open Source Tools6. Case study of “social telco”7. Future opportunities and research
    63. 63. Social Objects“Social Networks form around Social Objects**, not the other way around”. (** Term attributed to Jyri Engstrom) MacLeod Hugh (2008) 66
    64. 64. The benefits of a house (“own”) COMMUNITY Brand equity Social commerce build enduring and intimate brand relationships in Donations, gifts, e-coupons… Australia and globally Knowledge management Research & Development generate, aggregate, disseminate organisational knowledge generate ideas, develop insights, test strategies 67
    65. 65. Community – Intellectual Disability Sources of Funding (Version 1)  Quality Services  Raising Awareness Family Service Networks Providers Research 150 employees Intranet under development Knowledge Base of Dialogue SocialPractices of similar organisations Conversationse.g. UK, USA, AustraliaConversation calendar Ad Hoc /special meetings: FAQs 1. Dialogue with other service providers 2. Allied health conversations Donations 3. Sharing experiences Funds 4. Events 5. Questions and responses 6. Family support network UN rights for Disability Regulatory Framework
    66. 66. Leveraging community coupons recommendations people who peer rating bought this forums and reviewscustomsupport wish lists clubs brand strength socialFacebook like newsletters build enduring, positive commerce loyalty and intimate brand accountable commercial relationships outcomes clubs network Own marketing Community incentives targeted knowledge insights & development memberwiki management generate ideas, develop insights, test generate, aggregate, disseminate strategies, track and measure brand surveys organisational knowledge health featureknowledge guided wishlistsbase chat user Pilot studies feature ratings (prototype ratings samples)
    67. 67. Building your community Integration with industry specific platforms Integration with your Connecting with social media community existing offline platforms channels SEO, SEM & SMO 70
    68. 68. 0.1 0.003 05 0.2 195 99.8 99 71
    69. 69. Popular “Out of Box” Own Brand Community Platforms• Elgg• Social Engine• Ning
    70. 70. The Business Model Innovation Hub is where the management book bestseller Business Model Generation was written in collaboration with 470 participants.
    71. 71.
    72. 72. 75
    73. 73. Elgg Open Source ( Groups Microblogging Real-time updates :Rich, informative profiles for on site, groups and channel activity.employees, managers andpartners 76
    74. 74. Social Engine Communities 77
    75. 75. Social CRM Social Networking Platforms And Online Group Services 1. Member profiles 2. Blog: Collaborative blog 3. Forum discussion 4. Shared calendar 5. Photo galleries 6. VideoGartner Magic Quadrant for Social CRM (June 2010) networking-platforms-and-online-group-services/
    76. 76. Organisational View from Social Telco1. Identify key influencers2. Maximise budgets3. Precision targeting4. Morph “CRM” to “SRM” 79
    77. 77. 80
    78. 78. GiffGaff• MVNO• ~ 14 Employees• Control in hand of customers• Product co-creation - GiffGaff engaged in 2 way dialogue, asking potential customers and early adopters to decide on how best to structure tariffs• Ideas page (c.f. Dell Ideastorm)• All customer service is online with notice boards page and customer- generated tips and tricks• The payback scheme rewards GiffGaff members for helping GiffGaff out with Kudos points• Social Marketing customer’s get 50 points each time they e-mail a friend or 500 points for each SIM card they send to a friend that is activated (where 1 point = 1p) and customer advocacy generates 25% of new connections
    79. 79. CHECKLIST – ARE YOU READY ?1. Goals – leads/sales/reduce time to handle issues2. Human resources for social capability3. Quality content (use educational material) for conversations4. Where are your customers and prospects in social ?5. Social assets and website social enabled 82
    80. 80. Launching a Social Network Service1. What is your social object ? Define your vocabulary2. Mobile3. Photos, Videos, Latest Activity, Members, and Events4. Keywords for discoverability5. Welcome centre6. FAQs7. Moderation e.g. suspend members, own user moderation8. Kick start with champions/evangelists/passionates9. Latest activity10. Giveaways e.g. book from authors/guest visiting library11. Monitor registrations12. Members/volunteers as moderators13. Link to main web site14. Promote content via email, Twitter & Facebook15. Share content on Facebook 83
    81. 81. 84
    82. 82. Social Strategy: How do we do it? Strategy, Management, Resources 85
    83. 83. Community ManagerServe customers through listening and responding to needs vs marketing or advertising.Focus on launching and growing the community through:Invite creators and influencers to become charter members of the communityCreate evangelists through providing exclusive access to new information,attendance at pre-launch party and have them provide feedback for future initiativesStart community with conversations and have community manager encourage sharingstories of problems, overcoming issues and successesEnsure community can be readily found with links from web sites, blogsand other popular social media.Accelerate community adoption through existing marketing efforts includingemails newsletters and create a sense of urgency. 86
    84. 84. How to Participate in Conversations• Conversational calendar• Keywords/Vocabulary online & offline• What topics do your customers care about ?• What topics are trending in your industry• Monitor existing social media via dashboard e.g. Fb or Twitter• Use complaints or opportunity to discuss solutions• Become an expert providing service through social exchange• 87
    85. 85. Social Media Conversation Calendar Triggers• Tweets ~ 1 to 2 per day• Facebook status daily• YouTube weekly• New content ~ 3 to 5 hours per month• New online contacts ~ 1 hour per month• New blog post ~ 1 per working day 88
    86. 86. Best Practices Sharing Blogging• Add “Share This” widgets to your website • Pick an interesting voice• Create your own widgets visitors can • Maximize outbound links share on own sites and pages • Set outbound links to be opened in a new window • Invite and encourage conversation• Share the content of others• Share your own content across platforms Twitter Facebook• 70 – 20 – 10 Engagement Model (Angela Maiers) • Profiles are for People – 70% - Sharing others voices, opinions, and tools • Get a Page, Get Some Fans – 20% - Responding, connecting, collaboration, • Use Groups for collaboration and co-creating with like-minded Twitter colleagues • Use Events to Generate Attendance – 10% - Promoting and/or chit-chatting YouTube RSS • Create a channel• Make sure content has an RSS feed • Tag your videos with keywords• Share RSS feed with site visitors, social network • Embed videos in your blog and website friends • Engage commentators• Use RSS feeds to help streamline social media workflow 89
    87. 87. Agenda1. What is the social telco?2. New business models?3. Evolution of social telco roadmap to predictive telco4. Tools of adaptive telco Social media monitoring via HootSuite5. Social Network Analysis and Open Source Tools6. Case study of “social telco”7. Future opportunities and research
    88. 88. Where will the new jobs in social media come from?1. Data scientist for insights from social media? (Business/IT)2. Social media compliments all organisation wide data3. Social media data goes beyond marketing, business or IT4. Requirement to take real time social media data and circulate across organisation ?5. Who is responsible ?6. Reporting structure?7. Do we need a new organisation or team?8. Is this about organisational change?9. A Social media Centre of Excellence10. What happens if opportunities exist from the social media insights?
    89. 89. Benefits of Social MediaSocial Telco Brand Equity Social commercebuild enduring and intimate brand relationships accountable commercial outcomes Social Media Knowledge Management Research & Development generate, aggregate, disseminate generate ideas, develop insights, organisational knowledge test strategies 92
    90. 90. Multi Channel Marketing Attribution:Optimising Marketing Performance Across Channels An explosion of channels including social media means the customer path to purchase is exceedingly complex with an average telco customer interacting with 3 to 10 touchpoints before the purchase is achieved. The challenge for social telco is : Where to spend in social media ? How do I focus my spend on high ROI? Optimise my multi channel activity How do I measure my efforts in social media
    91. 91. Implications Craft compelling mobile experiences using social media Integrate social data with customer profiles Allocate and evaluate strategies and expenditures across:  Mobile  Social  Email  Display  SEO  Paid Search
    92. 92. Bank 2.0 CRED (credibility) = ( credit score, eBay rating, P2P money transfers, Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections, Klout, referrals, bill payments)Source: Botsman (2012) Welcome to the new reputation economy, Wired magazine 20 August 2012
    93. 93. How much is reputation capital worth? Good reputation activates reward related brain areas (striatum) The merged image (fMRI) of two images of the striatum activated by monetary (green) and social (purple) rewardsSources: Botsman (2012) Welcome to the new reputation economy, Wired magazine 20 August 2012 Neuron, Vol 58, 284-294, 24 April 2008 Processing of Social and Monetary Rewards in the Human Striatum Keise Izuma,Daisuke N. Saito,and Norihiro Sadato
    94. 94. Social Media Planning, Engagement & Optimisation Community Development MeasureA. Review Business Strategy E. Policy Development • Design and build communities Blogs• Goals • Blogging & microblogging • Best practices for engagement • Traffic• Culture • Monitor • Post frequency• Plan for stakeholder/executive F. Bootcamp • Identify opportunities • Comment trafficbuy-in • Best practices overview • Links/Trackbacks• Upcoming initiatives/campaigns • Policy overview Multimedia • Technorati/Alexa/Other • Tools training • Video (scripting, production, • AnecdotalB. Assess Online Inventory • Blog platform editing, using our in-house studio) • Awards• Web site and microsites • Facebook • Podcast series (video or audio)• Video and audio podcasts • LinkedIn Microblogs• Photography • G+ Social Media Relations • # Microbloggers (participation)• Press coverage • Twitter • Strategy and best practices • # of followers (impact)• Communities • Other tools • Outreach/Introductions • # Quality of followers (reputation)• Blogs (internal and external) Key Deliverables • Social media releases • # Updates (Presence)• Microblogging (Twitter)  Approved Plan w/ Metrics • SEO• External wikis  Scope of Work Performance against deliverables• Communities  Budget Events Offline • Met/unmet• Social Networks  Social media policies • Content development • Trends• Existing policies  Bootcamp • Plan • ConclusionsC. Understand Audiences • Logistics Tune• Investors A. Listening • Campaign design • Revise plan• Board members • Blog monitoring • Social media best practices • Reset metrics• Analysts and influencers • Microblogs (Twitter, Yammer) • Followup• Employees •monitoring Toolkit• Customers • Digital news Tool Recommendation • Radian6D. Develop Plan •Social news • Recommendations adoption • NetVibes (free)• Goals Deliverables •Twitter, Tweetdeck, Twhirl, etc.• Objectives B. Engagement  Blog design/layout • BudUrl, Tweetstats, Grader, etc• Focus Areas Conversation planning  Community development • Google Blog Search & Analytics• Strategies • Design and layout  Social Network app dev • RSS• Tactics • Content recommendations/  Video development  Event development Deliverables• Timing / Owners / Milestones editorial calendar  Performance against metrics  Social release development• Metrics • Ongoing Facebook /G+  Custom Analysis 97  Knowledge Transfer
    95. 95. The future is impossible to predict. However onething is certain :The company that can excite it’s customersdreams is out ahead in the race to businesssuccess Selling Dreams, Gian Luigi LonginottiOctober 25, 2012 Slide 98