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Social network services


Presentation for Hill Shires Council Community Planning Session

Presentation for Hill Shires Council Community Planning Session

Published in Education , Technology , Business
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  • Also, think Mobile we will discuss UK stats shortly from December released over weekend. Social Media moving rapidly to be the gateway to web content Facebook has replaced her newspaper as the go-to place for relevant news in Susie’s life. It's not hard to imagine a near future where Facebook (and sites like it) also replace a lot of the ways we use atomized search.For people who are deeply immersed in social media, social networks are already a much heavier influence on personal choices--where to visit, what concert to attend--than traditional advertising. Which means that your organization's website--a brochure out in the wilderness of the Web--is only going to remain relevant and useful as a marketing piece if it is being referenced in the social context of your users' lives. the next generation of Web users may find what they want by using their social network rather than a search algorithm. Social Media changes way we deal with web and in a sec we see mobile.
  • Social graph in the following order: you, your social network friends, friends-of-friends, your followers, and the overall community.Wall Street feed – simple way to navigate social network of friends social gestures and your –efficient, increased engagement , increases importance of attention info c.f. banking – remember fuss around news feedGoogle Open Social Attention Streams (already included in Plaxo Pulse) - MySpace Friends Updates -Netvibes Activities-LinkedIn Network UpdatesHigh social engagement vs traditional media (radio, tv, print, outdoor) with low engagement. This is about dialogue, interactivity, informality, people + technology & niche NOT Tradigital for mass using push, automation & technology only. Social Media Marketing practice centres around – networks, communities, blogs and microblogging. Traditional business functions can be socialised e.g. legal, supply chain, R&D, HR…Social Strategy (Media) - through sharing; engaging; building relationships and influencingincrease our reach, influence and relevancecreate ambassadors to support and promote what we dopersonalise interactionsencourage and grow communities through a critical mass of active cultural and scientific participants maximise revenuechange our work models from one-to-one communication to many-to-many communicationmove from providing information to creating shared meaning with audiences
  • Penalty notices under “about us” !SUMO SALAD MLC CENTRE - Fail to display potentially hazardous food under temperature control - wraps displayed at 11.2C, tuna at 14C, lamb at 17.2CM & X BUTCHERY) SHOP TG5 PRINCE CENTRE 8 QUAY STREET HAYMARKET 2000 – Fail to hold the required licence to carry on a food business or activity - operating retail meat premises without a licenceFail to comply with the requirements of a food safety scheme - did not protect food from contamination, meat stored outside in unprotected unrefrigerated areaOpinions about a particular hospital or other health service : 18486The site began in 2005 and is funded by hospitals who subscribe to access the information and analyses of the data.
  • Social Objects:Books --- AmazonVideo ---- YouTubePhotos --- Flickr
  • For participation on Amazon see: http://www.amazon.com/review/top-reviewers-classic


  • 1. Social Network Services
    Psychosocial Technological Perspective
  • 2. TREND
    Motivation to Blog
    The Journal of Advertising Research (Huang et al., Dec 2007) identified five major motivations for a blogger to blog:
    life documenting
    forum participating
    information searching
    The idea of being able to escape the real world
    Web-based technologies help to unlock existing human needs
  • 3.
  • 4. Agenda
    Technology megatrends impacting community
    Social Media
    Social vs Traditional Communication
    Australians and social media
    The big shift
    Social everywhere
    Citizen facing systems
    Social Network engines
    Launching a social network service
  • 5. Technology Megatrends
    Internet of Things
    Remote Robot -QB
    3D Cinema & TV
    Apple iTravel
    Electronic Publishing
  • 6. Go-Nowhere-Gamers
    “Perhaps worryingly, a new generation will reject travel altogether in favor of gaming, social networking and ‘always on’ media,” the report states. “As in-home leisure is becoming more engaging, a group of young people will emerge who do not go out any more.”
    Future of Free Time, April 2010
  • 7. Social Media is not Conventional Media
    “a many-to-many mediated communications model in which
    consumers can interact with the medium, firms can provide
    content to the medium and, in the most radical departure from
    traditional marketing environments, consumers [people] can provide commercially oriented content to the medium.”
    Hoffman & Novak, 1997
  • 8. How Social Media Supports the Myth of Paris
    “We'll Always Have Paris”
    Lamps, Eiffel Tower,france,
    night, street, notredame,
    bw, church, architecture,
    toureiffel, city, cathedral,
    City of love , city of lights, landmarks , museums & galleries, Cafés, coffee, conversations, friendship, artists, lovers, philosophers
  • 9.
  • 10.
  • 11. Network StructureConnectivity of 171 Doctors
  • 12.
  • 13.
  • 14. Nielsen 2010 Social Media Report
    9 million Australians interact via social networks
    Content sharing is the most popular activity
    4 in 5 Australian Internet users shared a photo
    Twitter usage grew by 400% in 2009
    Nearly 3/4 of Australians read a wiki
    2 in 5 Australians interact with companies via social networks
  • 15. Facebook is My Newspaper(Susie Wilkening, http://reachadvisors.typepad.com/
  • 16. 16 million people in the UK accessed Internet via mobile phones in December 2009.
    Total of 6.7 billion pages and 4.8 billion minutes online during the month.
    Top 10 sites accounted for 70 per cent of both total pages viewed and total time spent online
  • 17. Australia Leads Average Time Spent per Person on Social Media Sites in December 2009
  • 18. The Big Shift
  • 19. Zuckerberg: “We Are Building A Web Where The Default Is Social”(3rd F8 developer conference, San Francisco)
    Open (Interest) Graph
    not only social connections between people, but connections people have with their interests—things, places, brands, and other sites.
    Yelp might create one around restaurants, Pandora might create one around music. Add some “like” buttons and anytime someone likes a restaurant or song anywhere on the Web with a Facebook like button, that information will flow back into the Open Graph. So that Yelp will know what restaurants you and your friends have liked elsewhere and take that into consideration when giving you recommendations, or Pandora with music, and so on.
    Facebook is taking some of the information that pops up in people’s realtime streams and baking it into the Web. “The stream is ephemeral,” says Zuckerberg. “It is there for a few hours and then it mostly floats away. Services don’t understand the semantic connections between you and that restaurant.” But now Facebook can. Instead of the Web being defined only by hyperlinks (to the benefit of search engines like Google), Facebook wants it to be defined by social connections, likes and dislikes, interests that are coded and machine-readable. “Our goal is to use the open graph so people can have instantly social experiences wherever they go,” he says.
    The Open Graph is hugely ambitious. Just wait until Facebook plugs in targeted advertising by:
    Location, Age, Sex, Keywords, Education, Workplace, Relationship Status, Relationship Interests & Languages.
    The Open Graph API will allow any page on the Web to have all the features of a Facebook Page. Once implemented, developers can include a number of Facebook Widgets, like the Fan Box, or enable the transformation of any Web page so it functions similar to a Facebook Page.
  • 20. GreatMystery14
  • 21. TV 3.0
    All your channels in one place
    Surf and email while you watch
    Instant, live chat with others watching Livestation
    Desktop alerts bring you breaking news and Livestation updates
    Share with friends.
    Boxee makes it easy for friends to share their favorite movies, TV Shows, and songs with each other, on Boxee or on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
  • 22. Twitter Experience - Plants & Washing Machines
  • 23. Social Travel
    General social networks and sites:
    Facebook (e.g. referrals to hotel web sites)
    Flickr (uploads from destination)
    Twitter (alerts on posted reviews, special offers e.g. Tornoto at 50% discount from Virgin America and geotagging use www.connectme360.com to check out ground content from destination tweets)
    YouTube (video of destination experience)
    Mobile social networks – foursquare and Gowalla
    Travel Blogs – Travelpod and TravelBlog
    Social Travel guides/networks – WAYN
    Travel review sites – trip advisor and Travel Post
    Online Travel Agencies (hotel reviews)
  • 24. Challenges Connecting with Council
  • 25. Implication: Engaged Citizen looking for new ways to connect with Council
    A Relationship
    Promises Kept
    Kept Informed
    Follow Up
    No Surprises
    Do It Right First Time
    Knowledgeable People
    Source :
    Ray Kurdupleski, (ex-AT&T) & Universal Card Services case study, Bradley T Gale, “Competing on Value”
  • 27. Challenge Today : Move from Transactions Alone to Relationships
    Future State
    = Citizen Engagement
    We don’t do this really e.g. User generated content, ratings, reviews, 1:1 dialogue
    Current State
    = Transactions
    We do this stuff well e.g.
    Fines, Service Fees …
  • 28. Move to Citizen Facing Systems & Relationships
    Food Safety Offences (/www.foodauthority.nsw.gov.au/penalty-notices/) publishing breaches in food safety to the citizens of New South Wales in Australia.
    Patient Opinion (www.patientopinion.org.uk/) facilitating dialogue between patients in the United Kingdom and the National Health Service
    Toronto, MyBikeLane(toronto.mybikelane.com/) reporting bike lane violations in Toronto. Little Bee is top offender. So far, zero violations at http://sydney.mybikelane.com/
  • 29. “Elegant Organisation”
    You don’t start communities. They already exist. They’re already doing what they want to do. The question you should ask is how you can help them do that better. Bring them “elegant organisation”.
    Jeff Jarvis (2009) quoting Mark Zuckerberg (Creator of Facebook) – “What Would Google Do?” Harper Business
  • 30. “…why social objects are the future of marketing.” (MacLeod 2008)
    Social Networks form around Social Objects**, not the other way around.
    (** Term attributed to JyriEngstrom) MacLeod Hugh (2008) GapingVoid.com
  • 31. Free Open Source Social Network Engines
    * Ruby on Rails
    * 54565 copies downloaded
    *To go live add a database and a web server
    * Follow a user, mutual following is friending
    * User-to-User Messaging
    * Profile Comments
    * User Blogs with Comments
    * Photo Gallery with Captions
    * Site Search for Friends
    * Profile Bio and Information
    * User Dashboard (Recent Activity of Friends)
    * Emailed Activity
    * Flickr Integration
    * YouTube Integration
    *Apache web server, MySQL database system and PHP
    *Activity Streams
    *Blogging / Microblogging
    *RSS / JSON
    *Social bookmarking
    *Access controls
    *Control who can access your content.
    *Web Services API
    *Photo Gallery
    * Multiple view support e.g. iPhone
    *http://community.elgg.org/ powered by elgg
  • 32. http://community.brighton.ac.uk/
    Powered by Elgg, the leading open source social networking platform
  • 33.
  • 34.
  • 35. platform facilitates carpooling and carsharing
    put passengers in touch with drivers – who are free to put a price on the rides they offer
    100,000 passengers find rides through Comuto per month
    traffic has doubled since volcanic eruption in Iceland
  • 36. Launching a Social Network Service
    0. Mobile
    Photos, Videos, Latest Activity, Members, and Events
    Keywords for discoverability
    Welcome centre
    Moderation e.g. suspend members, own user moderation
    Kick start with champions/evangelists/passionates
    Latest activity
    Giveaways e.g. book from authors/guest visiting library
    Monitor registrations
    Members/volunteers as moderators
    Link to main web site
    Promote content via email, Twitter & Facebook
    Share content on Facebook
  • 37. Potential Economics of Social Content
    Original Content = X
    Original Content + Ratings/Reviews = 2X
    Original Content + Ratings/Reviews + User generated content = 4X
    Source: Happe R. (2009) Social Media in the Enterprise, GigaomPRO
  • 38. 0.1
  • 39. September 2009 “Midlife Australians Flock To Social Media”
    Forrester Groups Social Media Activities Into Five Categories
  • 40. September 2009 “Midlife Australians Flock To Social Media”
    Middle-Aged Australians Increased Content Consumption And Use Of Social Networks
  • 41. September 2009 “Midlife Australians Flock To Social Media”
    Middle-Aged Australians Increased Content Consumption And Use Of Social Networks (Cont.)
  • 42. Community Manager (online)
    Serve customers through listening and responding to needs vs marketing or advertising.
    Focus on launching and growing the community through:
    Invite creators and influencers to become charter members of the community
    Create evangelists through providing exclusive access to new information,
    attendance at pre-launch party and have them provide feedback for future initiatives
    Start community with conversations and have community manager encourage sharing
    stories of problems, overcoming issues and successes
    Ensure community can be readily found with links from web sites, blogs
    and other popular social media.
    Accelerate community adoption through existing marketing efforts including
    emails newsletters and create a sense of urgency.
  • 43. Become a Leading AuthorityProvide Value, Service and social exchange.
    • Tax Saving Strategies
    • 44. Technology & the Books
    • 45. Little Known Tricks
    • 46. Uber Up-to-Date News Source
    Interior Designer:
    • Photo of the Day
    • 47. Design Tips
    • 48. EcoFriendly Design
    • 49. Simplicity at Home
  • How to Participate in Conversations
    Conversational calendar
    What topics do your customers care about ?
    Review existing social media e.g. Fb or Twitter
    Converse via complaints or solution provision
  • 50. Caution!
    “Children never put off till tomorrow what will keep them from going to bed tonight”