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social analytics for big data workshop in Sydney

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  • Another mathematician puts it like this: “1 million seconds is about 11.5 days, 1 billion seconds is about 32 years while a trillion seconds is equal to 32,000 years“.
  • Combine traditional and social data to create a Social CRM Build social fields into customer contact informationTrack social media interactions with customers.Understand where customers hang with social media dataCollect customer feedback from social channels.
  • Social career

    1. 1. Social Media Analytics & Careers Email: LinkedIn: sureshsood Skype: sureshsood Twitter: soody Google +:
    2. 2. Social Media Analytics & Careers1. Social engagement and game changers2. Social CRM and Data Mining3. The psychological state of the consumer4. The key challenge for the business5. Move to a predictive organisation6. Where will the new jobs come from ?
    3. 3. 1. Authenticity2. Advocacy3. Marketing is real time conversations and feedback4. Brand is the conversations
    4. 4. Social Trash Cans, City of Lucern (Switzerland)Source: Neue Luzerner Zeitung Online, 11. Mai 2011 5
    5. 5. 3 Key Game Changers Enhancing Social - 2014Connected TV Shipments to Growat CAGR of 58 Percent through2014 with the Asia-Pacific region is Google prototype motion-sensitive headset integratingthe driving force, with CAGR of GPS capabilities, Siri-style voice command and a camera.over 60% and representing almost Available consumers ~ 2014. Wearables a new front inhalf of global shipments by 2014. platform war with competitors ( Apple and Facebook) disrupting the vast global eyeglasses market worth $96bn by 2015. Simplification of video-conferencing in work or home Prescription glasses benefit from instant focus-switching capabilities and opticians gain a stream of real-time data from patients Source: Google+ Gross transaction value of mobile payments in Asia Pacific to rise to $316 billion in 2014. According to forecasts, the combined global market for mobile payments is expected to exceed US$1 trillion by 2014, with over one billion users in that year.
    6. 6. Future pop sensations YouTube-driven: globalised acts from Asia and South America• Global web demand for “Gangnam Style” short-circuited the traditional reluctance of radio stations to play a foreign-language hit.• Future music stars not obliged to sing in English• “The explosion of mobile devices and smart phones means for the first time we can communicate with millions of consumers in parts of the world where we’ve never been able to go before,” said Mr Hole. “The investment will be in all genres and languages, from local music in China to Portugal and Colombia. We’re seeing small revenues for the first time from Vietnam, Cambodia, Africa and Peru.”• Brazil is tipped to become the next musical powerhouse. Michel Teló scored a number one across Europe with “Ai Se Eu Te Pego!”, a song used to accompany football goal celebrations. Simon Cowell’s Syco company has bought the right. the UK Independent, 12 November 2012
    7. 7. YouTube StatisticsTrafficOver 800m unique users visit YouTube each monthOver 4b hours of video watched each month on YouTube72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the USIn 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views (140 views for every person on Earth)Mobile and DevicesTraffic from mobile devices tripled in 2011More than 20% of global YouTube views come from mobile devices3 hours of video is uploaded per minute to YouTube from mobile devicesYouTube is available on 350 million devicesSocial500 years of YouTube video are watched every day on FacebookOver 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute100 m people take social action on YouTube (likes, shares, comments, etc) every weekEvery ‘dislike 10 ‘likes’ (people like to tell others about what they love)
    8. 8.
    9. 9. Facebook Segmentation by precise interests ( 19 March 2012) and age > 18 Interest Global UK Germany Russia France Hong Kong Malaysia Singapore Australia #Thailand 6,500,000 78,340 44,880 4,240 48,890 22,520 115,240 28,160 48,300 #Thai 2,200,000 22,860 14,100 660 22,140 3,720 34,820 13,360 17,160 Language Muay 1,300,000 64,420 38,000 1,460 48,400 6,600 38,400 8,320 40,300People with interests in Thailand and Thai have suggested likes and interests:#Indonesia , #Bodyslam (band), #Malaysia, Bodyslam, #Vietnamese language, #BangkokPeople with interests in Muay Thai Boxing have suggested likes and interests: #Rajadamnern Stadium, #Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, #Kathoey, #Mixed martial arts, #Lumpinee Boxing Stadium and BrazilianJiujitsuKey social networks vary by country and Facebook is not the largest in select markets e.g. China, Germany, Austria, Russiaand Korea
    10. 10. …Blogs are like conversations with friends. You share what you feel and what excites you about certain things. Its almost as good as being there. The fact that others can Google your topic and read is like tuning into a television station. We all want to know whats out there. Whos doing what, shopping where and what products help others. Blogs are just another way to share all the great things, not so great things and just a part of who we are. An outlet if you will. The blogisphere community is all connect and we make contacts in many ways. Through posts, through twitter conversations, through smaller nit communitys, live web casts, and through conferences that we met in person. We make many friends and help each other with lot of topics. Many of us are Mom bloggers who stay at home and have no way of making new friends or communicating with others until we found blogging. Blogging creates friendships and thats what makes us real and connected.40 year old Mom blogger “nightowlmama” (#260) 12
    11. 11. Social CRM integrates social data 13
    12. 12. Aquarius,Aries,Cancer,Capricorn,Gemini,Leo,Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius,Scorpio,Taurus,Virgo An-Verb,An-Vis,Hol-Verb,Hol-Vis A&F,Beijing ,Gucci,LVMH,New York,Old Navy, ,Paris, Sydney, Tiffany, Tokyo, Tommy, Ve rsace Depriv/Enhance,Enhance/DeprivAfrica,Argentina,Australia,Australia/HongKong, Austria, California, Canada, China, Egypt, England, Finland, FranceGermany, Guernsey, Holland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy Ambivalent, Employee, Opposer, Reporter, Supporter, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nepal,Paraguay 11. Committed Partnerships, 12. Compartmentalised, Philippines, Phillipines, Portugual, Saudi Friendship,13. Childhood friendship,14. Courtship,15. Fling, 16.Arabia, Singapore South Secret-Affair, 17. Enslavement , 2. Marriages of Convenience,3.Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand,UK ,USA Best Friendships,4. Kinships, 5. Rebounds/ Avoidance-Driven,6. Courtships,7.Dependencies 8. Enmities, 9. Love-Hate (Sweeney and Chew)
    13. 13. 15
    14. 14. Model Comparison By Variables/Predictors
    15. 15. “…According to the spreading activation model of Collins and Loftus (1975), the concepts (or brands in this case) are represented in memory as nodes…”“Most of what we know we don’t know we know. It usually seems that weconsciously will our actions, but this is an illusion” (Wenger, Daniel 2002) 17
    16. 16. Elaboration of Trip to Paris Blog Story (Means-End & Heider) Woodside,Sood & Miller 2008 When Consumers and Brands Talk Psychology & Marketing 18."We went on Fat 17. "I wanted Paige to get a feel Tires day trip to + 19....."I know Paige will for shopping experiences that Monets gardens and treasure the memory of she would not have at home (aka house in Giverny, about this girls trip for many the ubiquitous mall). " 16. "On our trip to Giverny, we met a young an hour outside Paris."+ years to come." woman from Brisbane, Australia who was traveling on her own and we invited her to join us. Three of us enjoyed delicious and innovative soufflés, while Paige had the rack of 3. Paris lamb. We shared two dessert soufflés, one 11.Sites + chocolate and the other cherry/almond. Yum" •The Marais •Notre Dame •LArc de Triomphe - 248 steps up and 248 steps + down... 1.Gayle 15." Michael Osman is an American artists •Champs Elysee living in Paris." •Jacquemart Museum "He supplements his income by being a •Louvre Lite + tour guide." I" found out about him on Fodors" •Musee DOrsay •Les Invalides, Napoleons Tomb and the 2. Paige "So I engaged Michael for two days." Napoleon Museum •Sacre Coeur •Monmartre + 14. "They had decide to come to Paris •Rodin Museum to find the Harley Davidson store so •Pompidou Museum they could buy Harley Paris t-shirts." •Train to Vernon, bike to Giverny with Fat Tire4.”The occasion Bike Tourswas my cousin 5. “I am a Canadian •’s 16th” and get by in 13."The father stretched out his cupped •Eiffel Tower French.” hands which held all of the pieces they were able to recover, including the memory stick and he very solemnly said, "El muerto...".6. "All I can say is WOW! We rented a 2 9. "I bought a Paris Pratique pocket-sized book at abedroom, 1 ½ bath apartment (two 12. Unforgettable Memories Metro station. This handy guide has detailed mapsshowers), "Merlot" from ParisPerfect "This trip had so many memories, but here are a few choice of each arrondisement, as well as the metro and boy was highlights........On our very first night, knowing that the Eiffel lines, the bus lines, the RER and the SCNF (trains).it ever perfect! " Tower light show started at 10:00 p.m.... she [Paige] dropped Ill never be without this again." her camera…down 6 flights…we were stunned…Spanish Family below standing below *with pieces of the camera+”7. “We had a full view of the Eiffel from 10."Six months before our trip, I gaveour charming little terrace. ....We were 8. "We were walkable to many good Paige a couple of good guide books onwithin walking distance to two metro bistros, cafes and bakeries and only a Paris and suggested she let me knowstops (Pont dAlma or Ecole Militaire) " few blocks from the wonderful market street Rue Cler." 18 what her interests were since after all, this was to be her trip."
    17. 17. Tag Cloud of Paige’s Story About Travel to ParisCreated from Daniel Steinbock’s TagCrowd under Creative Commons © 19 19
    18. 18. Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC) Text Analysis : The Psychological Power of Words LWIC dimension “I love Paris” Personal texts Formal texts Paige’s Story Self-references 6.12 11.4 4.2 (I, me, my) Social words 10.55 9.5 8.0 Positive emotions 3.04 2.7 2.6 Negative emotions 0.54 2.6 1.6 Overall cognitive words 4.12 7.8 5.4 Articles (a, an, the) 7.74 5.0 7.2 Big words (> 6 letters) 18.40 13.1 19.6Pennebaker, J. W., Francis ME, Booth RJ. (2001). Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC):LIWC2001. Mahwah: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. 20
    19. 19. 21
    20. 20. 22
    21. 21. Challenge Today : Moving from Transactions Alone to RelationshipsCurrent State Future State= Transactions = Customer or Citizen Engagement (relationships)We do this stuff well e.g.Fines, Service Fees … We don’t do this really e.g. User generated content, ratings, reviews, 1:1 dialogue 24
    22. 22. Relationships Matter“For the public, being able to reach someone who listens toyou and treats your ideas and questions respectfully isanother important dimension of accountability. Based onwhat we learned in these focus groups, this humanconnection is generally more meaningful to people thanaccountability measures like performance indicators andprogress on benchmarks. For most people, not being ableto talk to someone is a signal that the institution doesn’tgenuinely care about the public”. “How An Overreliance On Accountability Could Undermine The Publics Confidence In Schools, Business, Government, And More”, A Report from Public Agenda and the Kettering Foundation,2011
    23. 23. WHAT DO CUSTOMERS WANT ? A Relationship Accessibility Promptness Follow Up Responsiveness Promises Kept No Surprises Knowledgeable People Kept Informed Do It Right First TimeSource : Ray Kurdupleski, (ex-AT&T) & Universal Card Services case study, Bradley T Gale, “Competing on Value” 26
    24. 24. The Predictive OrganisationConvergence of 3 key Driving Technologies Big Data Analytics Internet of Things Social Media (Sensor Laden Devices)
    25. 25. Data Driven Book Publishing (Hiptype)
    26. 26. Roadmap: Evolution of Rigid Business to Predictive (Social) Business Predictive Rigid Flexible Connected Adaptive (Social) Silo, rigidThemes Hoarding info Freely share info and Vs. collaboration Knowledge on internal basis acting social with customers 2 –way communications Connected internal and External. Listening and Learning. Internal and external engagement Shared via hub and Spoke. Employees Connected directly to Customers. Agile, integrate customer Experiences and feedback Loops. Listening and Learning now become analyse and extract insights Shift from reactive to Makes sense of data Proactive and predictive And transforms into Business uses social Intelligence. Respond in media heavily and is Real time flexible, connected, adap tive and predictive in terms of customer experiences, needs and new opportunities. Predict scenarios before they occur maximise opportunity and limit risk (Adapted from Solis, 2012)
    27. 27. Roadmap: Evolution of Rigid Business to Predictive (Social) Business Predictive Rigid Flexible Connected Adaptive (Social)Themes What conversations are taking place? When and where are conversations taking place? What are the sentiment of conversations? What actions are required? Why are these conversations occurring? What if conversations continue? What conversations are next? How can we lead conversations? (Adapted from Solis, 2012)
    28. 28. Detecting flu trends using search engine query data (intentionality) 31
    29. 29. 21st Century Focus Group: Twitter and Marketing Predictions• Tweets is “found data” without asking questions• More meaning than typical search engine query• Large numbers of passive participants in natural settings• Twitter can predict the stock market (Lisa Grossman, Wired, Oct 19 2010)• Predict movie success in first few weekends of release – “…it also raises an interesting new question for advertisers and marketing executives. Can they change the demand for their film, product or service buy directly influencing the rate at which people tweet about it? In other words, can they change the future that tweeters predict?” Tech Review, 32
    30. 30. How much is reputation capital worth? Good reputation activates reward related brain areas (striatum) The merged image (fMRI) of two images of the striatum activated by monetary (green) and social (purple) rewardsSources: Botsman (2012) Welcome to the new reputation economy, Wired magazine 20 August 2012 Neuron, Vol 58, 284-294, 24 April 2008 Processing of Social and Monetary Rewards in the Human Striatum Keise Izuma,Daisuke N. Saito,and Norihiro Sadato
    31. 31. Bank 2.0 CRED (credibility) = ( credit score, eBay rating, P2P money transfers, Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections, Klout, referrals, bill payments)
    32. 32. Where will the new jobs in social media come from?1. Data scientist for insights from social media? (Business/IT)2. Social media compliments all organisation wide data3. Social media data goes beyond marketing, business or IT4. Requirement to take real time social media data and circulate across organisation ?5. Who is responsible ?6. Reporting structure?7. Do we need a new organisation or team?8. Is this about organisational change?9. A Social media Centre of Excellence10. What happens if opportunities exist from the social media insights?
    33. 33. Community Manager/CuratorServe customers through listening and responding to needs vs. marketing or advertising.Focus on launching and growing the community through:Invite creators and influencers to become charter members of the communityCreate evangelists through providing exclusive access to new information,attendance at pre-launch party and have them provide feedback for future initiativesStart community with conversations and have community manager encourage sharingstories of problems, overcoming issues and successesEnsure community can be readily found with links from web sites, blogsand other popular social media.Accelerate community adoption through existing marketing efforts includingemails newsletters and create a sense of urgency.
    34. 34. High Calibre Analytics Graduates
    35. 35. Data Scientist Job Roles (LinkedIn 16 September 2012)Notes: Word count shown next to each wordExclusion words: ability area bay com experience francisco job linkedin preferred san
    36. 36. 24104 Emerging Marketing Issues and Social Media Assessment item 1: Project (Group) Objective(s): This addresses Subject Learning Objective/s 1-4 Weighting: 30% Due: The group report is due by start of lecture in Week 14. Length: The final deliverable report requires to be of sufficient length to document: 1. The acquisition of the social data and supporting process 2. Visualisation of the network data and key measures 3. Description of models built from social data 4. Conclusion highlighting any useful insights Task: Groups of students (4-5) participate in a practical project to data mine social media data. Completion of this task requires the group to provide a report documenting the experience in acquiring and discovering the social data using visualisation, setting up the data mining environment, describing the findings with regard to the models built from the data and concluding insights. The approach to mine the data is in 2 stages: 1. Visualise a social network of data freely available to the group e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, email,Flickr. Identify and describe key network measures 2. Mine the data to build models from the social data This project uses the sophisticated REVOLUTION R ENTERPRISE software as a platform for data mining. The software is free for academic use. The Rattle (R Analytical Tool To Learn Easily) package provides a graphical user interface specifically for data mining using R and overcomes the need to use heavy programming. The following resources help to bootstrap the group project: AnalyticsBridge - A social network for analytics professionals Furnas, Alexander ( 2012) Everything You Wanted to Know About Data Mining but Were Afraid to Ask, the Atlantic, 3 April to-ask/255388/
    37. 37. Caution!“Children never put off till tomorrow what will keep them from going to bed tonight” ADVERTISING AGE 41