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  • Malaysia Facebook demographics -The largest age group is currently 18 - 24 with total of 4 240 335 users, followed by the users in the age of 25 - 34.There are 54% male users and 46% female users in Malaysia, compared to 52% and 48% in Japan and 51% and 49% in Taiwan .
  • In the Asia Pacific region, low-cost airlines have generated significant audience growth over the past year as attractive offers and promotions have prompted more consumers – and especially younger travelers – to consider these airlines. Malaysian discount airline Air Asia grew its audience by an impressive 1.2 million visitors in the past year to help maintain its lead as the top-visited low-cost airline site in the Asia Pacific region. Tiger Airways posted the strongest rate of growth, more than tripling its online traffic to 1.8 million visitors, while Malaysia’s Firefly and India’s Indigo posted strong growth rates of 89 percent and 70 percent, respectively.
  • Smmpkl day 1 highlights and review

    1. 1. Social Media Marketing Practice Day1 Feedback and Review Highlights
    2. 2. Areas for Discussion Malaysian social behavior• SCRM• Hotels• SSP Mascot International (Restaurants)• ROI
    3. 3. Top Sites in Malaysia ranked by Alexa 6 September, 2012 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 3
    4. 4. Malaysia Facebook Demographics ( 6 September 2012 Facebook penetration in Malaysia is 49.12% compared to the countrys population and 76.02% in relation to number of Internet users. The total number of FB users in Malaysia is reaching 12849500 and grew by more than 452900 in the last 6 months.User age distribution on Facebook in Malaysia Male/Female User Ratio on Facebook in Malaysia 4
    5. 5. Malaysia Facebook Demographics ( 5
    6. 6. Facebook Places in Malaysia (6 September, 2012) 6 Source:
    7. 7. Top 5 Brands and Media Properties in Malaysia by Facebook (Source: Social Baker 6 September 2012) 7
    8. 8. Online Video Viewing in Southeast Asia Source: 23 March 2011, ComscoreAmong the three markets in Southeast Asia where comScore measures online videoconsumption. Malaysia has the largest number of online video viewers but the lightestaverage usage. Viewers in high-bandwidth Hong Kong and Singapore watched twice asmuch online video as viewers in Malaysia during January: 12 hours per viewer in HongKong and nearly 11 hours per viewer in Singapore. 8
    9. 9. comScore, Inc October 17, 2011
    10. 10. Social Networking Accounts for One Third of All Time Spent Online in Malaysia – 1 in 3 mins comScore, Inc October 17, 2011
    11. 11. comScore, Inc October 17, 2011
    12. 12. 64.7% of Malaysian use the Internet – 16.9M Facebook has 75.5% reach Top Social networking sites in Malaysia and Asia Pacific Burson Marsteller Asia, 14 August 2011
    13. 13.
    14. 14. Low-Cost Airlines Online in Asia PacificSource: 14
    15. 15. Significant Growth in Numbers For Low-Cost Airlines in Asia Pacific 15
    16. 16. Areas for Discussion• Malaysian social behavior SCRM• Hotels• SSP Mascot International (Restaurants)• ROI
    17. 17. Social CRM XOBNI NIMBLE BATCHBOOKGmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Outlook for Windows…create an automatic address book.Integration with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (so youre always up to date).
    18. 18. Social Traveller: sources content & inputs from social travel sitesGeneral social networks and sites: Facebook (e.g. referrals to hotel web sites) Flickr (uploads from destination) Twitter ( LinkedIn YouTube (video of destination experience)Mobile social networks – foursquare and GowallaTravel Blogs – Travelpod and TravelBlogSocial Travel guides/networks – WAYNTravel review sites – trip advisor and Travel PostOnline Travel Agencies (hotel reviews)
    19. 19. Areas for Discussion• Malaysian social behavior• SCRM• Hotels• SSP Mascot International (Restaurants)• ROI
    20. 20. The Social Hotel• Social media as assets• Gen Y as customers (15 – 25)• At moment of truth – Who am I, What I do, What I look like, What I like to do• Content well beyond room booking• Content generation by hotel staff• Bedside iPad (optional)• Social Hub and content curation vs Web site• Provides real time experiences
    21. 21. RS Hotel ?Conversations -> relationships -> transactionsProspects -> friends->fans -> contacts -> customers
    22. 22. last viewed 25 August 2012
    23. 23. How The Roger Smith Hotel Built A “Culture of Content” And Reached Social Media Celebrity Status Posted on May 6, 2011 by Josiah Mackenzie1. “Culture of content”2. Host events3. Participate elsewhere4. Involve everyone5. Hyper-local stories6. Face-to-face connections7. Closing advice Source: (last accessed 25 August 2012)
    24. 24. Engagement Checkup: Roger Smith HotelRoger Smith has leveraged its midtown Manhattan locale to build a virtual communityof brand evangelists. They hold a monthly social media breakfast and regularly hostevents and meet-ups with companies like Sprouter and 1938 Media. “We’re a hotel,we’ve got something a lot of brands and marketers would love to have,” Adam says. “Areal life connection center.”The hotel uses social media to lure people into its space, and then broadcasts thehotel’s “stories” back out into the world. Their blog, Roger Smith Life, is filled withvideos, photos, event recaps and art from the hotel gallery. “Content has been thebackbone of what we do for a long time,” Adam says. “It’s about telling people’sstories.”And that’s the lesson of Roger Smith Hotel. As we friend, follow, and connect withmore people online than ever knew before, our thirst for real world relationships andencounters is only fueled. Once travel brands become trusted facilitators andmatchmakers, the marketing takes care of itself. Source:
    25. 25. Social Media ROI, the Roger Smith Hotel version• Food and Beverage Sales, up 32%• Event revenues, up 37%• Estimated 75 – 175 rooms per month filled directly due to social media efforts. – Yes — small compared to the 3 – 4000 usual room bookings, but these 75-175 tend to be social media enthusiasts who then talk about the hotel to their audience — either on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, photo sharing platforms, Youtube, or other channels. Even when they aren’t comped [compelled]. Source:
    26. 26. A New Mental Model of Marketing ? Search engines Social media Affiliates Stimulus First Second Moment Moment of Truth of Truth Pre-shopping | At shelf Experience In-store | In-home In-store, destination or travel agent Which becomes the 26 next person’s ZMOT
    27. 27. The moments of truth defined for hotels• Discovery / stimulus: Guest finds out about the hotel and gets interested• Zero Moment of truth: Guest goes online to research the hotel and “do his homework”• First Moment of truth: Guest finds the hotel website and finds out if this product is for him.• Second Moment of truth: Guest arrives and discovers the product and is either happy or disappointed, which then cycles to Stimulus (or lack thereof) for his friends and family.Source:
    28. 28. Source:
    29. 29. Source:
    30. 30.
    31. 31.
    32. 32. Areas for Discussion• Malaysian social behavior• SCRM• Hotels SSP Mascot International (Restaurants)• ROI
    33. 33. Buzz Campaign Brief Deliverables:• Social media campaign (micro blogging) igniting conversations around recently launched SSP restaurants/units/offering• Customer education via social media around the $500m facelift at Sydney International Airport.• Social media „micro-test‟ targeting English speakers over 4 months concluding January 31, 2011.• Create conversational sparks (social articles) stimulating discussions and interactions around the four KPIs - Environment, Emotional Experience, Service and Product.
    34. 34. Service EnvironmentBlogs - 13 Blogs-27Videos - 24 Videos-36Photos - 51 Photos-94 Newsletters-3Emotion/Experience ProductBlogs-26 Blogs-32Videos-34 Videos-35Photos-128 Photos-69Newsletters-2 Newsletters-3
    35. 35. Consumers use social media to give SSP real time feedback.• Meet Michael H from Perth, WA. He was a real unsolicited spontaneous „Mystery Shopper‟ at Trattoria Prego, his feedback he syndicated to multiple social touch networks.• Confidential | Do not reproduce without prior written permission from MMG
    36. 36. Social Network & Media Asset Register  34 videos  98 images  2,239 views  31 videos  4,980 channel views*  28 comments  132 Unique photos  14,624 Following  43 Videos  14,335 Followers  44 Blog Posts  32,512 Tweets  146 Lists**  648 Check-In  58 photos  182 Unique Visitors 2,368 views *number of times more that anyone has looked at YouTube/Freshonthego channel **incidences where a Twitter users has classified you as important in a unique way - a sign of deeper engagement Confidential | Do not reproduce without prior written permission from MMG
    37. 37. Social articles attract quality clicks These results above are from the past seven days to 31st January 2011 from a website which follows and tracks all unique links leading back to a specific URL. Total number of clicks on links over the past four months is 3,499 43% of these links were clicked on from within Australia.Confidential | Do not reproduce without prior written permission from MMG
    38. 38. Facebook Fan Page Socialgraphics There are currently 1,263 fans for the SSP AustraliaFacebook Fan Page. In comparison, Caviar House &Prunier (global fan page) has 376 fans and Itacho Sushihave 642 fans. There have been 20,817 views of the Facebook FanPage within the last 30 days.The most frequent referrer to the Facebook Fan Pagefrom an external source is from YouTube.There are 31 videos currently uploaded to theFacebook Fan Page. There are currently 15 photo albums uploaded to thepage. Confidential | Do not reproduce without prior written permission from MMG
    39. 39. FreshOnTheGo Key Insights Right Platform for Target Audience•FOCUS AREA: Consumer EngagementBehaviour Analysis: (Campaign highlights) -1.Emotional Experience/Environment Lunch With A TSFs - Travel Social FansLingerie Model (Montreux Jazz Café) 566 views, 3 tweets, shared toFacebook 5 times. (.01% engagement - entertaining but notcompelling.)2. Service/Corporate Culture: Experience Accidental Magic(SSP) – 165 views shared to Twitter130 times, shared to Facebook 10 times. (84% of viewers shared -STICKY) :3.Product Happy Bites at Itacho viewed 224, tweeted 199 times,shared to Facebook 15 times. (95% of viewers shared - VERY STICKYCONTENT)4.Product/Experience/Corporate Culture: That‟s AmorePizza Making (Prego)- 172 views, 3Tweets, shared to Facebook 52 times (31% of viewers shared) Confidential | Do not reproduce without prior written permission from MMG
    40. 40. Key InsightsConfidential | Do not reproduce without prior written permission from MMG
    41. 41. Key Insights: Caviar HouseThe results over past four months indicate Caviar House &Prunier has 46% greater brand strength since October 2010 39 Unique Picturesaccording to *Social 8 Videos 9 Blog PostsThere have been no “offers” in place for Caviar House andtherefore limited “brand play” as there was no basis for buzz 2, 001 Following  902 Followersand no interaction between local and global brand teams.  16 ListsCaviar House & Prunier video content was the popular and 55 Check-Insthe primary source of engagement and more could be done 11 Unique Visitorson the education of the Global brand strength and 7 videoslocalisation of the offer (fresh seafood) in conjunction with 289 viewsglobal social media team of Caviar House. 23 Pictures 3 Videos 14 Pictures 624 Views
    42. 42. Key Insights: Danks Street Depot 195 Check-In 38 Unique indicates a 76% greater brand signal thanwhen the campaign commenced for search parameter “Danks 2,001 following 1 ,284 followersStreet Depot Airport”.  14 Listed 10 PicturesTweets and blogs focusing on Danks Street Depot‟s ethos 3 Videos 5 Blog Postsproved to be the most engaging content and Product the mostcommon focus articulated in real-time feedback. 16 Pictures 3 Videos 6 videos 242 views 13 Pictures
    43. 43. Key Insights: Bambini Wine Room 2,001FollowingBambini Wine Room has 74% greater brand strength than 1,178 Followerscampaign commencement. 17 sentiment analysis shows that compared to 103Check-Intheir primary competitor The Black Tonic Espresso Bar,Bambini Wine Room has a more visible online presence by 17 Pictures 2 VideosFoursquare check-ins and customers would like to see more 7 Blog Postscontinuity of brand message. 12 PicturesEnvironment/Experience,Product was “notable” to a traveler. 2 Videos(see real-time guest feedback by @witheredwords) 4 videos 247 views 11 Pictures
    44. 44. Key Insights: Itacho Sushi 16 pictures 2 videosThe results over the past four months indicate thatItacho Sushi has 64% greater brand strength than when 2, 001 Following 1, 060 Followersthe campaign commenced. The sentiment analysis 7 listedshows that compared to their primary competitor China 26 Unique PicturesGrand Restaurant, by customer segmentation, Itacho 3 Videos 6 Blog PostsSushi has a far more visible brand presence. 48 Check-InPRODUCT is the most popular KPI focus illustrated by 11 Unique Visitorsmeasured interaction - 98% “ Last Mile ” share ratereported on YouTube. Immediate next steps include 5 videos 317 viewsdevelopment of contextually relevant videos in Asianlanguages, as Chinese flights to Australia have since 13 Pictures2009, increased by 26.2%. 1, 744 views
    45. 45. Key Insights: Montreux Jazz Cafe 1 439 Following indicates 60% greater brand strength since 889 Followers October 2010. Competitive analysis indicates greater online 8 listed presence than The Terrace Bar by check-in and mention. 18 pictures 2 videos Montreux Jazz Café‟s online presence has lead to more frequent 31 Unique Pictures engagement and mention from local key influencer audiences. 25 Videos (including 19 videos from the Montreux Jazz Festival) 11 Blog Posts Focus feedback included Product, Emotional Experiences and 178 Check-In 26 Unique Visitors Summer of Lunch campaign demonstrated an integrated social approach with customers going “ Last Mile ” when 6 videos @montreuxjazzsyd online friends met in real life with purpose and 816 views drove sales revenue. Montreux Jazz Cafe is the first of SSP Australia to demonstrate 10 Pictures characteristics of a community.
    46. 46. Key Insights: Prego 13 pictures 1 videos 2 001FollowingTrattoria Prego (a „made up‟ brand) has 74% increase in brand strength 854 Followerssince October 2010 according to 11 listed  9 Unique PicturesTrattoria Prego is one of the most engaged social brands of SSP with 2 Videos 6 Blog Postsredemption of “FreshonTheGo” offers which increased top-line sales. 69 Check-InFocus feedback on Product, Emotional Experience and Environment 16 Unique Visitorshave been articulated in real-time feedback and through multiple social 3 videosplatforms by engaged customer as well crisis management program 325 viewstested/deployed as necessary for complaints. 8 Pictures
    47. 47. Areas for Discussion• Malaysian social behavior• SCRM• Hotels• SSP Mascot International (Restaurants) ROI
    48. 48. Useful Sources of Intelligence for ROI• Alexa• and (paid subscription)• Google – • •• Facebook – Precise targeting with • e.g. # mamak stall, relationship status, language, education, places worked, city location –<brand>/likes – (2 May 2012) – – – • China White • Luxury link • state-bicycle
    49. 49. ROI benefits of social media marketing practice on key driver if not direct sales brand equity Social commerce build enduring and intimate brand accountable commercial outcomes relationships ROI (Proxy) Views Posting activity Website traffic Advocates Brand communty Earned Social Mediaknowledge managementgenerate, aggregate, disseminate organisationalknowledge research & development generate ideas, develop insights, test strategies 58
    50. 50. Budget Allocation Items for ROI Item/Service Annual Investment monitoring tool 900 community manager 120,000 video content 16,667 content creation and copy 16,667 social media specialist(service) 75,000 SCRM and initial data load 3,600 Brand Community 75,000 total annual investment MYR 307,833***Excludes investments in data mining and combining with existing company data apart from SCRM.
    51. 51. ROISocial media for business is still immature, and the mechanisms by which weunderstand its impact are still evolving. Even if it becomes possible to “match”the majority of people using the social web across platforms, there will alwaysbe those who, for personal, cultural, age-related, security, or political reasons,cannot or will not be identifiable.For that reason, most organizations should expect to use a combination ofrigorous top-down and bottom-up measurement methods for the foreseeablefuture, and — to solve the ROI puzzle — will need to start quantifying theirinvestments in social, as well as their returns from it.Whatever ingredients you choose for your measurement mix, the importantpoint is that the organizations that have been most successful at understandingthe financial impact of their social media programs share several characteristics:They are customer-centric, value experimentation, accept that social media is inits infancy and, most importantly, have the courage to learn from — and thegenerosity to share — their experiences. The Social Media ROI Cookbook: Six Ingredients Top Brands Use to Measure the Revenue Impact of Social Media, Altimeter, 24 July 2012, Silicon Valley