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Not-for-Profit Sector Management Development Program (December 2011)

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  • Social graph in the following order: you, your social network friends, friends-of-friends, your followers, and the overall community.Wall Street feed – simple way to navigate social network of friends social gestures and your –efficient, increased engagement , increases importance of attention info c.f. banking – remember fuss around news feedGoogle Open Social Attention Streams (already included in Plaxo Pulse) - MySpace Friends Updates -Netvibes Activities-LinkedIn Network UpdatesHigh social engagement vs traditional media (radio, tv, print, outdoor) with low engagement. This is about dialogue, interactivity, informality, people + technology & niche NOT Tradigital for mass using push, automation & technology only. Social Media Marketing practice centres around – networks, communities, blogs and microblogging. Traditional business functions can be socialised e.g. legal, supply chain, R&D, HR…Social Strategy (Media) - through sharing; engaging; building relationships and influencingincrease our reach, influence and relevancecreate ambassadors to support and promote what we dopersonalise interactionsencourage and grow communities through a critical mass of active cultural and scientific participants maximise revenuechange our work models from one-to-one communication to many-to-many communicationmove from providing information to creating shared meaning with audiences
  • Combine traditional and social data to create a Social CRM Build social fields into customer contact informationTrack social media interactions with customers.Understand where customers hang with social media dataCollect customer feedback from social channels.
  • 1000 passionate fans told 10 friends who told 10 friends 100,000 people who have been told by someone they trust and care aboutReasons to Forward an Email:Humour: 78%A Recommendation 50%Involve in a Competition 49%Earn yourself Benefits 15%Raise money for a charity 15%Sex 11%Make you feel appreciated 10%Join a Petition 10%Embarrass them 10%Source: Sharpe Partners/BurstonMartsteller
  • Credible business referral NetworkProfessional outpostTool for content syndicationLong tail groups and communitiesKeys include connections and credible content
  • The key is to focus on the relationships and connections that are enabled, not the technologies. Thesocila thing is the use of the technology Think about the kind of relationship that you want. Do you want it to be short term and transaction, or long-term and intimate? is the world's first social experience marketplace sharing and selling interesting items from Japan. Connects sellers and buyers not simply through traditional transaction, but through the universal language of adventure and narrative.Organic vs StaticEmotional vs DataRelationships vs TransactionsContinuum vs Viral Campaigns
  • Penalty notices under “about us” !SUMO SALAD MLC CENTRE - Fail to display potentially hazardous food under temperature control - wraps displayed at 11.2C, tuna at 14C, lamb at 17.2CM & X BUTCHERY) SHOP TG5 PRINCE CENTRE 8 QUAY STREET HAYMARKET 2000 – Fail to hold the required licence to carry on a food business or activity - operating retail meat premises without a licenceFail to comply with the requirements of a food safety scheme - did not protect food from contamination, meat stored outside in unprotected unrefrigerated areaOpinions about a particular hospital or other health service : 18486The site began in 2005 and is funded by hospitals who subscribe to access the information and analyses of the data.
  • Cognitive Transformation Theory (Klein)
  • Sharing and bartering of goods and services onlineAirbnbZipcartarnsportation serviceAdoption specific web-sharing categories:Home/place sharingCar sharingParking sharingClothes sharingLand/garden sharingTools/equipment sharingOffice-space sharing
  • Expands consumer experience with owned and earned mediaBuild content and community.
  • HootsuiteMulti-faceted (plug into mostly anything social)Team collaboration with tasks associated (Scale) Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,, Wordpress & more
  • Community Manager is also StorytellerPast: Facilitated story creation through activating community discussions, sharing member stories within the community. In the past, storytelling on an internal level wasn’t heavily emphasized.Present: Seeks out and shares the most relevant and meaningful stories of community members with the entire community and within company walls. Future: Will be soughtout more heavily and will work to show internal and external community players not only how things are being done, but why they’re being done and their impact on the bigger picture.Action Steps:Align business objectives.Develop progress reports.Establish emotional investment.
  • Nfp dec 2011

    1. 1. Social Media Marketing suresh "frequent reader" GreatMystery14 Suresh S. soody soody ssood Hero5! scuzzy55 Geektoid Mangala
    2. 2. 2
    3. 3. Social CRM integrates social data 4
    4. 4. …Blogs are like conversations with friends. You share what you feeland what excites you about certain things. Its almost as good asbeing there. The fact that others can Google your topic and read islike tuning into a television station. We all want to know whats out there. Whos doing what,shopping where and what products help others. Blogs are justanother way to share all the great things, not so great things andjust a part of who we are. An outlet if you will. The blogispherecommunity is all connect and we make contacts in many ways.Through posts, through twitter conversations, through smaller nitcommunitys, live web casts, and through conferences that we metin person. We make many friends and help each other with lot oftopics. Many of us are Mom bloggers who stay at home and haveno way of making new friends or communicating with others untilwe found blogging. Blogging creates friendships and thats whatmakes us real and connected. 40 year old Mom blogger “nightowlmama” (#260) 5
    5. 5. Theory and Research on Consumers‟ Reports of Interactions with Brands and Experiencing Primal Forces, Suresh Sood, 2010 6
    6. 6. The Blackbaud Index of Online Giving
    7. 7. Key Findings -NFP Social Networks US Benchmark Report 2011• Facebook – 89% of NFPs (97% of international service organisations) – Average community 6,376 (environmental/animal groups 8,490) – 46% contribute $1 to 10k – 0.2% generate >$100k – “Master Social Fundraisers” with 100,000 members dedicate 2+ employees• Twitter – 57% of NFPs – Average community size 1,822• LinkedIn – 30% of NFPs• New Social – Foursquare (4% of NFPs) – Jumo philanthropy/volunteering (1%)• House Social Network i.e. white label – Average community size 5,967
    8. 8. IP TV & Mobile - 2014 Connected TV Shipments to Grow at CAGR of 58 Percent through 2014 with the Asia-Pacific region is the driving force, with CAGR of over 60% and representing almost half of global shipments by 2014. Gross transaction value of mobile payments in Asia Pacific to rise to $316 billion in 2014. According to forecasts, the combined global market for mobile payments is expected to exceed US$1 trillion by 2014, with over one billion users in that year.Share with friends. Boxee makes it easy for friends to share their favoritemovies, TV Shows, and songs with each other, on Boxee or on socialnetworks like Facebook and Twitter.
    9. 9. Detecting flu trends using search engine query data (intentionality) 10
    10. 10. Twitter and Marketing Predictions• Tweets is “found data” without asking questions• More meaning than typical search engine query•• Large numbers of passive participants in natural settings• Twitter can predict the stock market (Lisa Grossman, Wired, Oct 19 2010)• Predict movie success in first few weekends of release – “…it also raises an interesting new question for advertisers and marketing executives. Can they change the demand for their film, product or service buy directly influencing the rate at which people tweet about it? In other words, can they change the future that tweeters predict?” Tech Review, 11
    11. 11. “…According to the spreading activation model of Collins and Loftus (1975), the concepts (or brands in this case) are represented in memory as nodes…”“Most of what we know we don‟t know we know. It usually seems that weconsciously will our actions, but this is an illusion” (Wenger, Daniel 2002) 12
    12. 12. Archetypes, Story Gists, and Brand Examples Archetype Story Gist Brand Examples (not from consumer perspective)Ultimate Strength When an obstacle is there, it must be overcome, Timex— “It takes a licking and keeps ticking. strength must be proven in use.The Siren Power of attraction, linked with the possibility of Allure by Chanel; Envy by Gucci destructionThe Hero Fortitude, courage, and victory; a journey and Michael Jordan and Nike shoes; Joe DiMaggio transformation and Mr. Coffee; Power Puff Girls; Forrest GumpThe Anti-Hero Universal message of destruction and attraction Heavy metal icons; Howard Stern; Jerry Springer; of evil; the bad dude Oakland Raiders; Che Guevara; Harley-DavidsonThe Creator Creative inspiration and the potency of Coca Cola—the real thing; Walt Disney; Kleenex imagination; originality; authenticThe Change Master Transformation, self-improvement and self- Curves—workout stores for women; Gillette’s mastery Mach 2 Razor; Porsche 911The Powerbroker Authority, influence and domination—the world’s CNN; E.F. Hutton; Bill Gates; Microsoft leading -….; the best …; number oneThe Wise Old Man Experience, advice and heritage; staying the test Levi’s; Obi-Wan Kenobi of timeThe Loyalist Trust, loyalty and reassurance Coca Cola and “Mean” Joe Green with boy of 12 TV commercial; I Love Lucy; Friends TV sitcomThe Mother of Goodness Purity, nourishment, and motherly warmth Just Juice; Ivory Soap; Tropicana Orange Juice; Aunt Jemima; Fairy Godmother; Witch of the East; Snow WhiteThe Little Trickster Humor, non-conformity, and the element of Dennis the Menace; Bart Simpson; Pee-Wee’s Big surprise Adventure; SpongeBob SquarePantsThe Enigma Mystery, suspense, and uncertainty Zorro; Abercrombie and Fitch; Star Trek Source: Developed in part from several chapters in Weretime (2002).
    13. 13. 3 6 A £ 1000 £ 150 2 4 5 7 Textualizing the Contexts 1. Pollee shopping in store at Beauchamp Place and1 spots a Versace coat on sale for very low price that she is able to try-on because no anti-theft device 8 is attached to the coat; Versace’s image sits on top of Pollee’s head. 2. After buying coat, Pollee goes to Rigby & Peller and buys luxury-sexy lingerie. 3. Pollee calls boyfriend and buys takeaway food to 9 take to his place. 4. Pollee stops at loo and transforms in to a Siren by… 5. Taking-off dress and wearing only coat with lingerie to surprise boyfriend. 6. Pollee talks to boyfriend on cell phone. 7. Police stop Pollee for talking on cell while driving. 8. Pollee explains wearing coat in summer by telling officer that she is traveling to a vicars and tarts party. 9. Pollee arrives home to see her boyfriend watching football on TV; takes off coat, shows him her transformation; they embrace and have sex. Textualizing the Visual Contexts of Pollee’s Shopping, Buying, and Using Versace Cashmere Coat/Lingerie Source: Original visual structure that follows from Figure 3 template in Woodside, Sood, and Miller (2008)
    14. 14. D + Story enactment, gist, that follows Siren plot and consumer-brand unconscious/conscious interactions Stage 5 Stage 4 B Stage 6 C Line of consciousness / unconsciousness Stage 3 A Brand, visual message, and Stage 1 mono-scenic story Stage 2 portrayalConsumer, Pollee, with unconscious/conscious desire to enact archetype Archetype: Siren Brand and Consumer Interacting in Storytelling Production of Siren Archetype Source: Original visual structure that follows from Figure 3 template in Woodside, Sood, and Miller (2008)
    15. 15. How Social Media Supports the Myth of Paris Casablanca “Well Always Have Paris” City of love , city of lights,Lamps, Eiffel Tower,france,night, street, notredame, landmarks , museums & bw, church, architecture, galleries, Cafés, coffee, conversations, friendship, toureiffel, city, cathedral,louvre, museum artists, lovers, philosophers 16
    16. 16. Stories and Listening to Brand Attributes• Your own stories are ego centric• Stories others tell about you to friends and associates (future prospects) are powerful – What vocabulary do others use – What do others tell about your skills – What stories do you tell about others• Brand attributes are what others write and repeat 17
    17. 17. Sharing StoriesWhat happens when you tell stories? Two magical things: Youbuild trust with other people in your network, and from there youbuild empathy…is when you share the emotions that other peoplehave and express. It‟s a powerful, deeply primal experience.ShareThis! Deanna Zandt, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2010 18
    18. 18. Sponsored Stories- Facebook 19
    19. 19. Facebook EdgeRank• Object = status update or post• Edge = like, comment or interaction with object• Interesting info  more people interactions resulting in higher rank and story in “Top News”• Posting status updates without conversation does not get high rank and move into “Top News” feed• EdgeRank is based on sum of three factors: – affinity or the relationship between the creator and user – interaction with the object (likes, comments have different levels of user engagement) – timeliness means new objects have better chance• 6 Tips to increase EdgeRank – Publish objects that encourage interaction – Create a forum – Make most of photos and videos – Share links – Keep it fresh – Ask users to share Source: 6 Tips to Increase Your Facebook EdgeRank and Exposure by Jim Lodico, 28/4/2011 20
    20. 20. Social Media Marketing Practice is not Conventional Marketing “a many-to-many mediated communications model in which consumers can interact with the medium, firms can provide content to the medium and, in the most radical departure from traditional marketing environments, consumers can provide commercially oriented content to the medium.” Hoffman & Novak, 1997 21
    21. 21. Social Operating Strategy # Social Media Policy• Policy is good substitute when you do not have purpose• Why should anyone show interest in our cause?• Outline what works and why different from traditional marketing• Provide associates with ideas for conversations• Just one voice or everyone ?• Consistent voice talking to a single donor• Best practice rules of engagement: 22
    22. 22. 2011 Australian Social Media Data Mobile internet 50% penetration amongst online Australians in 2010 35 % penetration of smartphones among online Australians 8% of online Australians use tablet [ end 2011 forecast 24% +] 71% accessing audio or video content online in 2010 and 35% on a weekly basis 3 in 4 online Australians tap consumer opinion about brands, products and organisations, found in social media 63% have Facebook profile 46% have clicked the Facebook „Like‟ button for a brand, product, org. 43% share their opinions about brands and products via social media 53% engaged with a brand or company on a social networking site 36% engaged with government or politicians on a social networking siteSource: Burson-Marsteller Asia-Pacific Source: NielsenSocial Media #Infographics H1 2011 State of the online market: evolution or revolution?August 2011 March 2011 23
    23. 23. Australian Facebook Demographics ( 24
    24. 24. LinkedIn• Over 120 million users – 26m+ members in Europe – 6m+ members in the UK – 2m+ members in France – 2m+ members in the Netherlands – 2m+ members in Italy – 1m+ members in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) – 1m+ members in Spain – 10m+ members in India – 4m+ members in Canada – 4m+ members in Brazil – 2m+ members in Australia• 2M+ professionals in Australia (~40% + of professionals)• Widely used in Financial Services (Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne)• Australian member usage ~ 8 minutes per month affluent & influential membership.• 6.5 million students and 9 million recent college graduates• More than 2 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages. 25
    25. 25. Relationships Matter“For the public, being able to reach someone who listens toyou and treats your ideas and questions respectfully isanother important dimension of accountability. Based onwhat we learned in these focus groups, this humanconnection is generally more meaningful to people thanaccountability measures like performance indicators andprogress on benchmarks. For most people, not being ableto talk to someone is a signal that the institution doesn’tgenuinely care about the public”. “How An Overreliance On Accountability Could Undermine The Publics Confidence In Schools, Business, Government, And More”, A Report from Public Agenda and the Kettering Foundation,2011
    26. 26. WHAT DO CUSTOMERS WANT ? A Relationship Accessibility Promptness Follow Up Responsiveness Promises Kept No Surprises Knowledgeable People Kept Informed Do It Right First TimeSource : Ray Kurdupleski, (ex-AT&T) & Universal Card Services case study, Bradley T Gale, “Competing on Value” 27
    27. 27. Relationships # Technologies In Saren M. (2006) Marketing Graffati, Butterworth-Heinemann 28
    28. 28. March 2011 “Online Australians Shift To Social Networks” Most Online Australian Adults Use Social Media Regularly Increasing socialmedia engagement 29
    29. 29. Social Trash Cans, City of Lucern (Switzerland)Source: Neue Luzerner Zeitung Online, 11. Mai 2011 30
    30. 30. Marketing Moves to Citizen Facing Systems & Relationships Food Safety Offences ( notices/) publishing breaches in food safety to the citizens of New South Wales in Australia.Patient Opinion ( facilitatingdialogue between patients in the United Kingdom and theNational Health Service Toronto, MyBikeLane ( reporting bike lane violations in Toronto. Little Bee is top offender. So far, zero violations at 31
    31. 31. Communities and Networks – New Models & New Practices
    32. 32. Social Gesture• @ • Like (Facebook)• Block • Share• Bookmark • Pokes• Check-in (Foursquare) • Retweet• Comments • Reblog• #tags • Status update• (Un)Follow • (Un)Subscribe 34
    33. 33. Opportunities to Influence• When you are in a good mood• When world view no longer makes sense• When you can take action immediately• When you feel indebted because of a favor• Immediately after you have made a mistake• Immediately after you have denied a request 35
    34. 34. Social Psychology1. Reciprocity: we want to repay, in kind, what another person has provided us2. Consistency: desire to be (and to appear) consistent with what we have already done3. Social proof: to determine what is correct find out what other people think is correct4. Authority: deep-seated sense of duty to authority5. Likeability: we say yes to someone we like6. Scarcity: limitation enhances desirability Robert B. Cialdini, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion (revised; New York: Quill, 1993) 36
    35. 35. Social Media Marketing and Principles of Influence (adapted from the blog of Mischa Coster)• Following, Connecting or Friends – Who are you/what can you bring me/ What do others say about you ? • Begin with Reciprocation (what will you bring ) to build followers • Liking and similarities • Reciprocation and Liking => Drives social proof• How does scarcity work in social media world of free downloads – Social Media = sharing, giving and receiving – Scarcity in social media = unique value • Authority – Quantity of internet publications (Social proof) vs. Quality (Reciprocity) – Authority most important and influential on topics of fact – Google ranks people – higher ranking for important pages and sites – Expert on matters of fact emphasize authority when presenting – Matters of taste (film, restaurant or hotel etc.) consensus, number of things – To begin share valuable information and share authorities in agreement 37
    36. 36. Social Media Marketing and Principles of Influence (adapted from blog of Mischa Coster)• Critical mass of social proof – Lower mass than offline media – Similarity in network of shared of interests and backgrounds – Not as many dissimilar others as offline• Commitment and Consistency in Social Media – Small effort for small favour to retweet, review or ask opinion – How do we create a request for larger favour later ? • Reciprocal response (the favour in return to your request) needs to be made actively, publicly and voluntarily (no one is forcing me to do any of this) • Ask for action publicly made e.g. comments on website, share on other websites or within network • Enough effort not to scare but meaningful step • Facebook like’ button is a very small effort but publicly made (gets shared in your own network) • Liking a product, band or actor allows marketer to make a bigger request later e.g. visit demo offline • Like is consistent with preference to allow supplier to send relevant information • Characterise in terms of larger issues (internal to individual) • For an environmental cause (after “like” ) ask given importance of cause to individual would they become an ambassador in the network or geography • Characterise in terms of larger issue not something small they did • You call the commitment to be logically consistent with what you have already done that you would do this larger one, because you are favorable to this cause or to this type of consumer product 38
    37. 37. Social Proof (or validation) and Social Media Marketing Consumer seeks external cues• High subscriber counts get more subscribers faster• Lots of blog post comments end up with many more• Social news with lots of votes and interesting headlines gets votes form others before being read• Popular bookmarks get even more popular• Retweeted content spreads even faster through further retweeting• Recommended content more favourable than found• Quality,quality & quality content spreads with social proof through reciprocity and liking establishing authority with people and Google• Blogging Content creates bonding with customers 39
    38. 38. Social Objects“Social Networks form around Social Objects**, not the other way around”. (** Term attributed to Jyri Engstrom) MacLeod Hugh (2008) 40
    39. 39. 41
    40. 40. 42
    41. 41. 43
    42. 42. 44
    43. 43. Wine Communities 45
    44. 44. Service-Dominant Logic• A logic that views service, rather than goods, as the focus of economic and social exchange i.e., Service is exchanged for service• Essential Concepts and Components – Service: the application of competences for the benefit of another entity • Service (singular) is a process—distinct from “services”— particular types of goods – Shifts primary focus to “operant resources” (skills and knowledge) from “operand resources” (static and tangible) – See value as always co-created (Market With i.e. Collaborate with Customers & Partners to Create & Sustain Value) – Sees goods as appliances for service delivery – Implies all economies are service economies • All businesses are service businesses Vargo, S.L. and R.F. Lusch (2004). “Evolving to a New Dominant Logic for Marketing, Journal of Marketing 68(January): 1-17 46
    45. 45. Purpose Motive Linux-Apache-WikipediaDrive #1: Eat when we’re hungry. Drink when we’re thirsty. Etc.Drive #2: Respond to rewards and punishments in our environment.Drive #3: We do things because they’re interesting and because they’reengaging and because they’re the right things to do and because theycontribute to the world. (!!!)“Our Third Drive, intrinsic motivation, is the most powerful.” Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, Daniel Pink, Riverhead 2009 47
    46. 46. Evil Plans: Having Fun on the Road to World Domination by Hugh MacLeod (Kindle Edition - Feb 17, 2011)
    47. 47. The largest funding platform for creative projects in the world 49
    48. 48. New Generation of Social Platforms 50
    49. 49. Leading social Platform for Peer-to-Peer Borrowing andLending
    50. 50. How to Participate in Conversations• Conversational calendar• Keywords/Vocabulary online & offline• What topics do your customers care about ?• What topics are trending in your industry• Monitor existing social media via dashboard e.g. Fb or Twitter• Use complaints or opportunity to discuss solutions• Become an expert providing service through social exchange• 52
    51. 51. Social Media Conversation Calendar Triggers• Tweets ~ 1 to 2 per day• Facebook status daily• YouTube weekly• New content ~ 3 to 5 hours per month• New online contacts ~ 1 hour per month• New blog post ~ 1 per working day 53
    52. 52. First Step Monitoring [Brand] Conversations & Tips• Social Media Dashboard – All social media sources relating to brand – RSS technologies – Mashups (e.g. YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Nielsen, Google )• Weak Signals – Twitter early warning in advance of blogging• Set up comprehensive Google Alerts• Set up a feed reader with relevant blogs and new feeds• Use Twitter Search to follow hashtags and keywords in Twitter streams• Start immediately (~3 mins) with Netvibes and vocabulary 54
    53. 53. Other monitoring options 55
    54. 54. UNICEF/Oxfam Haiti YouTube emergency case study : Priority vs. Quality• Ewan McGregor UNICEF for the children of Haiti (21 Jan)• Ian Bray Oxfam Haiti emergency appeal (13 Jan)
    55. 55. On demand Webinar (Slideshare)• Competes with GoToMeeting and Webex• Meeting on the go• Adds social to invite friends on Facebook and Twitter including chat postings on Facebook• Hosts a meeting in less than 30 seconds• Click Zipcast on any slideshare presentation• Select Public or Private• Schedule or commence Zipcast & enable live video• Cons – no recording, registration or taking payments 57
    56. 56. The benefits of a house (“own”) COMMUNITY Brand Social equity commerce build enduring and intimate Donations, gifts, e-coupons… brand relationships in Australia and globally Knowledge Research & management Development generate, aggregate, disseminate generate ideas, develop insights, test strategies organisational knowledge 58
    57. 57.
    58. 58. Launching a Social Network Service1. What is your social object ? Define your vocabulary2. Mobile3. Photos, Videos, Latest Activity, Members, and Events4. Keywords for discoverability5. Welcome centre6. FAQs7. Moderation e.g. suspend members, own user moderation8. Kick start with champions/evangelists/passionates9. Latest activity10. Giveaways e.g. book from authors/guest visiting library11. Monitor registrations12. Members/volunteers as moderators13. Link to main web site14. Promote content via email, Twitter & Facebook15. Share content on Facebook 60
    59. 59. Community ManagerServes all company departmentsConverse with Customers through listening and responding to needs or advertising.Focus on launching and growing the community through:Invite creators and influencers to become charter members of the communityCreate evangelists through providing exclusive access to new information,attendance at pre-launch party and have them provide feedback for future initiativesStart community with conversations and have community manager encourage sharingstories of problems, overcoming issues and successesEnsure community can be readily found with links from web sites, blogsand other popular social media.Accelerate community adoption through existing marketing efforts includingemails newsletters and create a sense of urgency. 61
    60. 60. Caution!“Children never put off till tomorrow what will keep them from going to bed tonight” ADVERTISING AGE 62