Brand mgmt and social media


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Monitoring brands in social media

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Brand mgmt and social media

  1. 1. BrandtrVlanagemrenf Social wittr Media Brond monagemenl is undergoing o dromEtic ehongewilh the odvenl of irendpeciia - sociql mediE. Brond mqnqgers cqn no longer execute compoigns in trsditionol moss medio ond i gnore conversolions toking plcce in soriol medis" Does G#*:$[ry the developmenl of sociol medio ond the hugevolume of cuslomer inlerocfion dEto nledn fhot our exisling models €.*.*:.tfi$,.++;; of brqnd equiry are no longer volid? SuneslrSood Ti ey fel t rl rai si rrce i hese hi gh premium consulneLsare williirg to Re se c che r r i nvol i ci nei rt purc[raset depen..l pay for a brand, as well as non- Sch o o lo { M o r l< e tin g , hg2vi l y on btand stori es financial measures clriving c1r-rality Universily Technology, ol Sydney. commrrni cal ed hrough vrri ci y nf i a and a d,esireto tell the brand story T h e o u th o rccn b e r e cr ch e cll o S ur e sh .So o d ( Ou ts.e d u .o u i oti cl r poi nts usi ng a vari cfy oi to fri encl s. K ey brar - r d eclr - r it y techniques coveriirg referrals,word components i .ncl ud,e awar eness, o f mor-rth ancl . engagement )l i i i rageand l )ers, i al i fy absociat i( ) nr a cri vi l j cs,S M i : i ,l el l l y sl i red f,,r and loyatty" In the light of this, the conveyi ngsi rchstones resr-rliar-rt ineasuresrroiriiorecl by a. $ , r - ^^^ o c i a l M e c i i n (Sl ) s u rv e y * , , S E ( 2008 -0 ^ ,) c o ,rJ u c u e J b v ^q Traditional bland managenent bren l oi ,rner/rnanrge l lcquir c ir , , l onl y assemt,l age of t ir ese - & F x c h ri rg r4 i n rd ;a Bl o g w o i k s , & activities focils ot-rconveying the an ov c _ -w h -e" -In i n r, 9 0 % o f tl re _ r _ . " " b bra.nd stor.y to using curt!p()trentsl l ri ri , sigLr if r cant ly - s ur v ey c d In J i a n n ra :k e ti i ,.g n d a aw;ueiress bi-a.ird zrndassociariolis ro mcre post-processing, data thaiof ad. , et ir i n p e )i e c rj ti v e sb " l i c v c c l i :.- : .- .- .i attr .t , , ,l r :r t! fp,ti Sh i he l s captr-i red. Inevi tably, br and li us r tr ( :i l _ t lr at S hl, i i rc i L r.l i n g:l o p -si,rn p a c t l brancled proeluct or servir:eiir the i l ranage15rd nrai ke{ng cxerr rf ivcs ai i i r us int r e s .F i frv -e i g h t p e rc c i r o f s i nla.rketplace anc{ the rui-nii of the i rveri tu rrsi l rg s(,ulced oui inoclt ls tl-r.e execritivesfelt tha.t SM woulci col l sLi 1l ]er. easr,i ri ng vrhy the fl rnd rrrei l -i o..l ol ogi esl, iJlid equiiy for - - L l- :- - - ih ln r r sh rri casti rci ncnt. Thc n1{ r5[ f)opri l i i r Li$dLU" - d uBf rlllPdL r r ,, bi:rild is bettei aircldifferentiated 2010. Eighty-fivepercent of tfieni fnl crrsroi i i er as ci rcaj rb,rl at.d.y s l setvl ces i ri cl ude the Young &. oirined that Sh,,fv,rould have air hrand,.qui i y bucorncs i i l l .oi taLrt arr R ubi cam B rand A sset Valuat ol iit pac t i n h i g h i n v o l v e rn e n t rrl ersuIe for r-r!l ccii rrg fi narrci ri l (BAV--claimed to be the wortrds f i r : c hDsc d c , i s i .,i rs rc q u i r.i n g value and mark-etarnzar:eness. Brand l argest brand se)and AC -research and compa.rison shopping. eqriity directly relates to the price Nielsen rXlinningBrands.@ 2009 The IcfariUniversity Prcss.Ali Rights Reseivecl
  2. 2. S M in c l i -rc 1 e s ,1 o g s , s o c i a l L r{iscussed tlre consunrerstirat by br,rn.l ntl tl t.tger) hen n lonit , , r ing w r-ietworking(MySpace, Facebook, lrelps to iclentify potential service mec{iar. sociatr Link ec iln, a n d i l o re ) wikis opportunities. T[re shift to service 7hats a Br:rr-rcl Manager to dcr ( $7ik ip, d i a i , th e p re e n ri n e n r is achi eved by provi di ng w i th soci al mecl i a/ The st ar t ir - r g ex ar nple), s o c i a l b o o k i -n a rk i n g i n [orrrral i otrfl ow s. t rl r(senti nH a poii-rt is actuatrlyto identify where (cielicior-rs), pt-iotlr (Flickr) /viiletr :c rV i t c, trr ai J l l te ( onsttttter i n consumer stories about tlre brand s har ing ( Yo L rT u L ,e:rn c l rz i rtu a l ) selecting high involveflrent goot-ls are beirig tolcl within social media. wor lc ls ( S e c o n d I-i fe ). T L re s e a n cl servi ces i ncl usi ve of travel A whitelist of the hlghly relevant ex em plar y a p p l i c a ti o n s fa c i l i ta te packages, crltrreras cars. or hl trgs and w eb desti rr at ior r s is the marketersanelcclnsumers get to The implications of brancl as a compiledand kept up to date.Next close to each olher anr-lengage in s e rvi ce i ncl udes brand ow ners comes tracki ng and capt ur ing iout ine c o n v e rs a ti o n s and i rr vi ti ng cr rr.i unl erto f,l l ti ci nrtt spontaneous, brand r eievant ) s t or y t ellin g . T h e C l i -re T ra i n on consrune r gror.rnclrrles.In effect, emotional content. Only then can I Manifesto wzrs the {irst to recognize tl-Le customerbeccrmes co-creatoi deep lrnsolicited consi-rmer a insights the ability of ttre internet to enable o f val ue w i th val i -re al l v:l ys be unclerstood. Importantly,because people to have human to httman determined by tlre consr-rmer. this of sheervolume the focr-rs In shoulclbe c onv er s a ti o n s , :rn c l th .c re L ,y manner, the br:ai -rc{ has an on quality rzrtherthan quantity. But ti-ansforming tracliti.on:rl btisiness opportuni.ty to becoirrea cultural the stories too are evolving to be practicesracJ,icaLly. Accorelingto ttre brand ti:anscendir-rg soci al m edia irranifesto, the Interr-retproiricled th e i denti ty of a , stori es. They no nevr l-lreans Lroththe niarketsand for procluct company or , l onger havc a (rl g ,rn i Z i l fi ()tl5 { o ( { ,llr lltr lni( ilie. and taking on the I beginning, middle, Tbday, the markets know far urore s r -rbcul tr-rres and end br-rthave abor - it t h e p ro d rrc ts th a n tfi e refl ecti ng the Today, the morkels mi croconlent compalriesthenrselves.Con-suiners i der-i ti ty of knowfor more obout that i s consist ent are realizing that they can readily c onsui ners,l t4yths fhe products lhon witl-r the drlves of get assistance and information frcxl represent tl -re i Generation Y and fhecomponies 0t he- , : c o n s L rn l e rs F ,y s o l i c i tl n g c{-l1Tir11on stclries themselves rNtw7-"Some of tlre tipinions throtrgh social.networks b i ndi .i rg the stories:riechunked and visrting X/ebdestinations, hke c o mmuni ty tcl the content lt t elzr lly A r . naz on , e B a y , C k T i rtz rB y e b y e , h -, and and often throw rl TiipAdvisor or Yelp. to l el by w ord of haphazar dly in Within social metlia, the brancl nrouth. The sirift to sr-nal l nar r at ive inanager ireeclsio recognize tire s ervi ce i s made bites making useoi br aud s c l rrv i n g fo rc e a s th e possih,le moviiig from a one-v/ay iir i he cl rff* rent so. i al nr*di. r pullir r g collective ir-rsigLrts r-lerived. from il l ttJtl nf ttras ctrtti l ttutti . af i on. together l i nks, photos, videos, c ons uf f r e i . i n te ra c ti o n s . T h i s (l -assw el l1948) to a pee-r-to-peer conlments fiom a social netwotk par : adigm s h i ft of b ra n c { - communications rnodel, wi-rerethe and 140 charirctertwitier (another m anagen e n t i n s o c i :rl me c l i a i s consulneLis a key coinponent of an form of SM using X/eb and SMS r ec onc ep tu a l i z i n g th e b ra n c l . In ilrtel ct t i ve L, rtn i l r tr n i ca I i , rl l messages certatn cor-rntries) in " es s enc e, th i s m e a i l s i n a k i n g network. This can be continuoi-rsly accessible the Lrrand, owners skills wi tnessed from oni i ne soci al A key aspect of SM biand and knowleclgefor the benefit oi interactions, se{f-e>lpressions, social managenent is to gain leverage froil consunlersin a variety of branded, bookmarking aird user-genera.ted the S oci al Graph. Thr s is t he a.s well as unbrandeclcontexts. The content including ratlngs iil sociai network of r:onnectionsthat e>list r,rnbrancl-ed contexts represent the media environments. Furtherilcire, through w hi ch people avirilaliility tr f tltr lr itu o i{ V co n te i) t the existing model of brand equity communi cate and shar e wl- iic l r is e x tre m e l y u s e fr-rl tc t can be augnlented v;ith a richness information. This glaph can exist under s t a i i d th e v a l u e s b e i n g of clatan()t previously witnessedby for employeesinternally within tl-reAdvertising Express August 2009 r 48
  3. 3. c ilm pany , ? 1 s w e l I a s fo r tti e Branclbr-rile1ingcL{st()trners. using thep;rrticip:rtoryapprozlch t rnployees ofis i-lot trnusnal:rsseenby Microsoft. n t p l , , y e " , h l, g P- iir c 1 [ 1lif p lo je t t: r I The (Television TVC of campaign besf-whyinthe [ommercial) thestupidity the shows the hell:rncl company. For cttstctmers, the i would want use phone letalone features) camping? you t0 your ({or 36 when I thought idea theabiiity to see the trritran sitle of a : oicamping t0get {rom was away it all/c olr pany th ro u g h e tn p l o y e e so n i Canundentand were a remote/dangelous youd if you in areawhy carry phone land a 0r useY ouT ube, b l o g s o r F l i c k r b e fo re I tPIRB lndicating Beacon), a mobile P0sition Radio but phonet0 use features, l6 I lEmrrgrncycleclcling doing business on with the r {ind silly. veryc()mpany provides a richer brand forNext understandablecoverage Telstra Suppose stupid cantpaigns Gare such ad when isall hase;rpeiieircetlurn competitive pl:ryers on. toconrpeteuiho chc,osei-Iot to al1owemployeeengagement socialmedia" in Ive my used iPhone camping kosi national inwinter, oftimes. around (Kosciuiko) park, loads lts ; great check with t0 in worried check (onditions forecastswaste {amrly, weatherltemp and and Achleviirg ttre rrisioi-r<tf tLie I seyeral camping out solo dusk sleep. usually otherwise tedious between anrl ra.ther hours lmbrand uranageruslng social niedia (from iPhon$, I docarrysmall but a reserve there, its so to access media the great have andt o inc r ea s e i i n d n i o n i to l b ra n d baltery it and tocarefully camp if I want for have choose spots coYerage.ecli-iltyreqrriresfamili:rrity r,vith ahanc lf ul o f te c h n o l o g i e s rl n d would in handy anemergency. Edit: doubrphone come that I a in [spetially spotry with coverage.mechanismssuitec{tcriclentifying, Take l,lational thebest l(osi Park, (Western have skiing faces) zippo coverage isthe and spot likelyt r ac k ing and l i s tr:ri i n g i -o lf really c0ncerred it (especialiy rent buy epirb. ofiniurl. youre that about i{solo) 0r ancr.rrrversations^ Why sl-roulcl bl;rncla , lWhereis (lrttp://wwwyoutube.tomlwatchlv:cdhS-cx8f{) ]m anager c a re a b o u t th e s e to o l s / | :aw nerr where a ad driving follorvingdirections phone. acouple and theres GP5 ontheir TheQuiet simply, the world is clra.nging guys phone (non-Telstra) upand stuf{s giving directions stops hinr 0r something, at whithrapi,-1Xy social inecli:rhas direct :rncl r pointthegirl out Ielstra whirh them corrett pulls her phone gives the voice"guided plic at i o n s fo r b ra n c l e q u i ty I Then voiceoy€r r0mething network thebetter the says about with coverage0r somethingreF)ieseniing real time sto-rytcllingtirkii-rgplace t,etween consui-ners. , along line:. thoseV(/Xlat cai! lisien to a.ncl we measuLe lmconiused because though I thought signal, iscompletely GPS etc., independent ofnetworkir-rsoci:rl rneclia pi-ovidr:sthe brand (other the rhan A,6Pl givingquicker down position)i adseemsimply a lock on The to thatLr ! i/ nei w i i l r a v e i y p o w e -rfu l havirg coverage them have reliabk allovn to more GPSnavigation. ma.kes tome This sense onlyincl1r:aiion events[,:ling of iir if thenavigation solely neiwcrk, ol using phones GPS isprovided bythe instead the in-built i. e r i t im e . T h i s c a i -rJ re u i s e c l i l : {hereis withorLt GPS (ant forinstance, |{avigator, in"builr if possible, think could it be {uring,c om pleme n i th e k e y tra g g i i rg r$0 aicurate). itsa bitmisleading, I think I have interpreted wrong. but might iust it all 1nc lic at o r f m.ri n k e is [r:ri :e . h t: o T ]008 wfiidpool. hercnber forums. fource: neta4fotriowingexample heiirs iltr-rst -r:rte tl,e iri-rporIarLc€ sociill ir-redia. of " [e l s tr:r, ne tvritrks). T,oro cctrlrmelcials in n-ionittiring soci:ll nretlia and infrtn-.l ilonii: or in g ^ ihe whereis a.nclcamping ira.rticLrial, the br;rntl owne Is aboi-tt tl-re i rl e cU rn n tti nic: tit) ir il lli i ial i r ar:esinglec1- These out fot tl-ris st,-rdy. conversaLlons taking place in tl-re etnt,:rikeclon ll iriassTV A.usiizrlia, adveriisernents u/ere based on being sqcia! mec-lia^If tl-re contelli ctlll r;1 1 prini r r tlve r iisi,tg L ,) l) tl d it r t afite to r.rsi:Ner,t C rlrok,iles io lots L]ieate reputittitln:rl risk, apllttrtlriatt stipplecrentedvrith the use of seler-.t of piaces, even wtrreii caurprng tlr action needs to be taker-r. ln the sciat merlia ch.erni1ets y,-ru-lube iifte , tooicin-.gfirr clii:ecticiirs The exhilcrii conyei.sations highlighteci that tirr {,, 5s,qin g ihr D lt r - r t ir { llr Cnt : ( , lr shows sorne oo r-Lr(icristomet weLe con{usecl a.bout tfie coifsLli-eeLS tlei-l:rncl. The campaign fttcr-ts v,asitr r:onversa.tions ailcl opinionsr relatct-l c-1etaitrs thc- services, the branL--l of proi,,iclea.r/arencss tLre coLintry- of to thr: ;lrj-s. ()i/rnerscan take an immediate and wic-1ccover:rge ancl. technological An ()i-rtsor-lrced sei-irice c:rn h,e cost-effcctive action by naking a capurL,il"tres the Telsti-it Next [i of ttris occaston fgr ptlst clarifyir-rgthe c{oLrbtsit inust, ne twork (beyoircl 3G ortcompetitive use,:n oil Ar{vertising Expr"ess AugtrsL2009 r 49
  4. 4. t he gr e: rte r i s th r: -I e c l a n o r:rti :rn RSS feeil will provicle offei fiee mashup scrr,lces. With a -rpclates,Authority of the blog. Techntirati trpclates changes. of Thus, socialir-lirsh.bozrrcl ta{ting;F.SSfeeclsRirnk is baseclon ho,,^r a hlog is far new is sent to the socialclashboard. frtxr. a var.le[yoif sources,historic:rlfrom the top. Tlie hlog wrth rhe A l ot of speci al i st r-ri chernecl i a informa.tioncan be combinecl withhighestTechnoratiAuthority is tlr-e col npani es offer F.S S . S U ebsi tes cllrrent anc-lfluturerneasr:tes. TiteNo. 1 rankedblog. rvithorrta RSS feed capability carr claslrboiircl ctxltairrsmeasLtres the oi tre i -Lsed w i th D apper heal th of br:rncl e cluit y. ByNiels en (www.rlapper.coin) creafe a feerl tr.r monitoriing rl"lesocial meclia, theB logP uls e (w w u v .L ,l o g p u l s e .c o m ),for an entire site or specificpages. brtrncl manager can deterrnine if is AideRSS is a RSS f-eedfiltering weak signatrs are iri-ily proviclingowned by Nielsen BtrzzV{etrics,describecl "an alit()nlateel as trend servicethat helps identifu the most knovdeclge a trencl,yet to emerge of p op,-rl ar teus ci r posts i ncl udi ng w i th k ranclr-rsage i but ot her wisediscoverysystemfor blogs"" blog comments and links, lnterr:iet st:rtistically insignificant. TwitterT r oc k ur bookmarks,clicks, ancl page views. messages representan e:rrlywarningA t r , t r lit t.: re l )u tl ti U i l i l trrn i trrri n g C)ncea feed is accessible created, of a or topic yet to be blogged.tool scanning news) blttgs, virlett, R S S mori i toi i ng usi ng Googl c Increasi ngtry, ttre br : r ndimages, and {irrnms m;rtchirrg the R eaci er(w w w . googl l andscape exhi bi ts em er gentk ey wor c l s o f i n te re s t. As w i tl r cnnstitntly checks f:lttgs for new behavior,meaning the brand may be( ioogle b l o g , a s e a rc h w i th a n content r-rnpre dict ahle atextendecl wi-,icl. cor-nprisingtlre list C onti nuousl y ti mes br - r t is abrancl :rncl worcl :rssociiltions aiong refinlng the brand functi o n of t hcwith similar concepls prc,ves h,e n anl e to and brairclintetactionsnrore fruitftil tharr the L,ranei tr;itne associated keywords ln order to tatr< i n g placeakrue, helps redtrce noise successfullymonitor beti .oreen t he fi l tei i ng out qnd engqgewith conve r sat iolr sT r endpe d i o unw ani ed or stal e conYersqlions in acrtl ss t lif f er eiitF ir : r ds t re n d s i n s o c l a l m e d i a . c()ntent. sociql media, hrernd soci al m edia.T lendpe c l i a s e a rc h e so n l i u e ;L n c 1 l l ashups al l ow mdnagers need to Provilleel a brand{irrds the artir:les thtrt talli about the branc{ rnanager toke a leaming manager cioesuott c iir r ic so f i n te l c s t. T i e n e l p e c l i a tcr assembledirterse cpprocch ha,re zer o lat encyorgainizes articlcsin a freirclittic c(tntent the froi l reci Liir einent sslroivingthe popular:ity the toplc of publ i cl y a.rai l abl e meritir-ig knoiviug river ttme. s()urccs i ncl udi ng everything iir real R S S feecl s. Thc timr, ihe free tools W hilst th e r;e fre e fo o l s h z rv e in:rshr-rp huilt inr,orlashbotrttJs, anel a cio it yor-i-rself is approach can irrerit-s ba.sicaily antl assist ttre brand :nrel i .l shct-tr t,i - 1r,rppi i rg gr) a trong rti,t/ titurttrd.s titc m i- Ll! ag e rs to i l o n t l o r b ra n e l ancl mariragemeilt ()f technoiog.T. Masl-rups be createcl ur,-ri-liioring; calr. lneniioil s , R S Sl a n r-i IU :rs h u P hran,--ls socirr.i ir, tlredl:r. c1 ,ri ckl y ancj casi i y i rtorri 4j pg l tecl-u-iokrgiesfir{ri:c.r tl-refu ture of r{i I pt-rssibilities a trew slLoli. {irr of In or,-1r:r :;uccessftilly trI mtlnitil.,. branci llt.n-iii()rlirg rrucl rcse:irch. temr oi: c-ilsposable applicaiiotts not zrn,j eilg;r;-ye vyilir coni,etsations in T hes e ke y tr:c l rn o l o g i c s!to v i r{ r: norinally attractirrg clevelopir-ieni soci:rlme-1i:r, L,tancl mauzrgers need iclcali-lieclrarlisnls cru::tft: sr>cial t() Lt clo1lar:s, cssential uraIketitlg tr; take :l l ei ,rui ng : r pPr oach hY br-rt fix r las hl o a rcz i n c l g o fre y o n r{ .il rs t l :rrr.l .,-.l t.rti :i ri p crecrri i ,r-, i urprro , urgi s i et-ri ng piocesses ! J c { ! u r - 1 l i r g l.r a t,,1 ir ) Cn fir /1 r ". infotnratton c rrirl,lin g hraird-re Iacee.l 5l r r i ,l g r 11r ,., l i l r * l ,,1q , . , ( l )rl liL RS S (B " e a l i y S i trp l e to bc cot-,rhined inttt a c()illi11()lt and, above alt, takirri; a. hattcls-c,ir S y nr lic i l ti o n ), s y n i l ,o i i z e cb y a n 1 , i a r h l . , , , r r . . ll , r r , l v r : u a l i z l t r , . , t t ; . i t r t approaclito socialmecliaand branci r)rallge syinbol rvitir r,vhiter,,ra.rzes geo-Locatioit or maltping sciftv,tare nD.nagenleni, is r:1 prctty trr-rch;rct.rrtrsivc the W.eb. NJetvibes ( a.rid trn Riit her ti ra .nv i s i ti n g w e h s i te sfo r l,4intlto uch ( # Itcfererrce 18M.2009-08tl9-01 Express Aclvr:itisinf-l r AugLrst2(l(lL) 5i