Winning application for “excellence in improvement and innovation 2012”


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Winning application for “excellence in improvement and innovation 2012”

  1. 1. SHARED SERVICES & OUTSOURCING NETWORK (SSON)Shared Services & Outsourcing Excellence Awards 2012 “Excellence In Improvement and Innovation 2012” WINNER: The Procter & Gamble Company
  2. 2. The winning application for “Excellence In Improvement and Innovation 2012”General InformationYour Contact Details The Procter & Gamble CompanyCompany NameYour Name Julie deSylvaYour Title External Relations ManagerSelect the Industry which best describes your business (Please select One)X Fast Moving Consumer Goods Retail Food and Beverage Financial Services Public Sector (Government & Non Profit) Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Manufacturing Technology, Media & Telecommunications Other – Please SpecifyYour Shared Services Organization (SSO)Head Office of SSO – City/Country Cincinnati, OhioNumber of Staff (Full Time Equivalents Approximately 7000Date Shared Service Operations 1999Started (MM/DD/YY)Awards Previously Received for 7+Shared Services and related AwardsShared Service Centers – Geographic LocationThis application represents Shared Service Centers (SSC) located in the following geographic area:X Asia/Pacificx Europex Latin/South Americax Middle-East/Africax North America/CanadaSpecific Country/Countries Globally relevant
  3. 3. The winning application for “Excellence In Improvement and Innovation 2012”*** Entries will be accepted for any regional award program on the proviso that either yourSSO and/or majority of recipients of your services are based in that region ***Customer Information – Scope of SSC / BPOFor all the business units served by the SSC applying for this award:Number of business units served 2Number of Employees More than 125,000Number of Countries you are 80+ServicingWhat is the strategic growth or transition plan of your SSC for the future? For Example Expansion of services tomore locations/introduction of new services/outsourcing existing services etc. Expansion of my services and solutions to the business units; scaling the capabilities we currently have and deliver on our Going Digital Program objectives.What Services do you provide in your SSC today? 1. 2. 3. Centralized Service Is this process Fully Automated? Offering Outsourced? (F)Accounts Payable yAccounts ReceivableAuditingBenefits and Rewards AdministrationBudgeting yBusiness Performance Analysis yBusiness Performance Reporting yCall Centers: Employees, Suppliers, Customers yCall Centers: IT Help Desk yCollections yCost Accounting yCreditCustomer BillingEmployee Data ManagementExternal Reporting yFacilities and Real EstateFixed Assets yForecasting yGeneral Accounting (G/L, I/Co. Inventory) yManagement Reporting yPayroll yPlanning yPurchase Order Processing yStaffing Services ySupplier ManagementTax Services y
  4. 4. The winning application for “Excellence In Improvement and Innovation 2012”Time & AttendanceTravel Expense yTreasury yWorkforce Development yOther:Other:Other:
  5. 5. The winning application for “Excellence In Improvement and Innovation 2012”
  6. 6. Excellence In Improvement and The winning application for “Excellence In Improvement and Innovation 2012”Innovation Your StoryStrategyDescribe the background on why you wanted or needed to make this improvement or innovation • What was the business objectives of the improvement? – I.e. reduce cost, Improve efficiency etc.? • What was the pain you were trying to remove? • Which process or processes were subject to this improvement? • Please specifically describe and quantify the benefit that you were trying to achieve, whether cost savings, cost avoidance, roles eliminated, efficiency improvement, increase in Customer satisfaction etc.In today’s media-rich environment, there are countless messages being shared instantly allover the world, in real-time. But how does a company capture this “buzz” and find a way tolisten to consumer comments?As P&G works to fulfill its purpose of touching and improving lives, it continually seeks toinnovate both in how we communicate with consumers and how the effectiveness of thosecommunications are measured.As a Company with more than 300 brands, P&G was challenged with finding a solution thatwould allow the brands to “listen” to consumers. P&G leaders had identified and embraceda variety of approaches to “listening” to consumers, but these approaches weren’tconsistent between markets and categories. While these approaches were a good start, itled to other challenges in comparing results across regions and businesses, resulting in noconsistent way to collect and interpret this information.In the fall of 2010, P&G concluded that a global approach to listening to consumers andinfluencers was needed. The objectives were to increase listening capability, drive efficiencyand enable measurement that allowed for comparisons across brands and markets throughglobalization and standardization. As a Company that prides itself on being connected to itsconsumer and one of the first Companies to ever do consumer studies, P&G wasdetermined to find an answer. That answer was Consumer Pulse.The ability to listen to consumers’ comments and needs allows P&G to respond to changesin the market and develop products that answer these needs and address concerns aboutcurrent products.
  7. 7. The winning application for “Excellence In Improvement and Innovation 2012”Improvement MethodologiesTell us how you made the improvement – what you did • What were the specific steps in the improvement or innovation? • How long did it take? What was the timeframe and stages? • Who worked on the improvement? Were consultants or specialists used? • How large a team worked on the improvement? • Technology used – What packages or technology did you purchase or use? • Were Customers involved in delivering the improvement or innovation? What was their role? • Did you use an Improvement Methodology? I.e. Kaizen, Six Sigma, Lean? What part did this play?In the fall of 2010, the global leaders of P&G’s Brand Building functions agreed to sponsor aproject that would develop and implement a program to monitor and measure earnedmedia globally. To bring this to life, the first step was the creation of a truly cross-functionalteam of: - leaders from each of our brand building functions to lead the definition of requirements and embed the measurements into the work processes of each function globally, - experts in text analytics and data visualization from P&G’s Information and Decision Solutions (IT) function, - Project and service managers from the Company’s Global Business Services (GBS) organization, and - experts in supplier engagement from the Purchases function.P&G selected two partners to join this team and spent months developing global standardmeasures, designing deliverables, engaging users around the world and defining a rolloutplan of releases and deployment waves.The program consisted of both automated, real-time dashboard capabilities and analyst-driven work that encompasses digital and traditional earned media. Despite different “comefrom” states, P&G was able to embrace common measure and methodologies, allowingthem to now combine data in different ways and make relevant comparisons acrossprograms, brands and markets.SharePoint was the backbone of the solution; however it was not the typical file folderteamspace. The data is displayed in new visually appealing ways allowing clients to easilyaccess the information they need. The information is pulled from two vendor sources. Thefirst pulls social media and the second focuses on news media. The information is collectedand put into a user-friendly interface. A unique aspect of Consumer Pulse not offered in thecommercial space is its ability to distinguish influencer from consumer conversations into ahistorical database so trends can be tracked over time. This enables the system to sendautomatic and relevant alerts based on historical trends using previously collected data. Italso provides the ability to monitor news media along with social media and has thecapability to separate the influencers from normal “chatter.”Consumer Pulse was designed and brought to life by the GBS organization and through GBSis available for every brand at P&G to purchase. It is a solution that lets Business Units
  8. 8. The winning application for “Excellence In Improvement and Innovation 2012”experience what consumers and influencers are saying about their brands and mostrelevant issues like: - web “buzz” categorized into the most discussed words, - consumer conversations aggregated in real time, and - immediate and relevant feedback.Wave 1, launched in July 2011, covered more than 50% of sales and wave 2 was launchedthe following October. Today, Consumer Pulse covers more than 100 brands and marketcombinations with plans for expansion.
  9. 9. The winning application for “Excellence In Improvement and Innovation 2012”Complexity of ChangeHow complex was this culture change to make? • Was there a resistance to the change? Which area(s) did it come from and how did you overcome it? • How big an improvement was this? How many employees, business units, countries etc. were affected? • Did you have a change management plan? Did the change prove more complex and difficult than you had thought? • Describe how hard or easy it was to make the improvement or innovation? What were the main leadership challenges for you and the team?Change in the working culture is always challenging but the business value of ConsumerPulse has helped to make the adoption process easier. Brands have jumped at theopportunity of being able to see the “chatter” and thus being better connected to theirWHO in a visually-appealing, easily communicated format. Consumer Pulse is not mandatedand only those who want the service subscribe. This tool has proven valuable as brands thataccount for more than 65% of the Company’s revenue have signed up and are using theinformation to make improvements and stay in touch with people they are focused onserving.External Relations had been in the business of monitoring the news space and each brandhad a unique way to track this information. With the advent of social media, it became morechallenging to determine a single solution to fit all brands. The brands were each working ontheir own solution so Consumer Pulse was developed and provided the consistency andstandardization that was needed across all brands.Of course, one of the challenges was striking the right balance between customization thatthe brands desired with the need to standardize and scale. To address this, the team metwith clients to determine the key metrics that were needed so the approach could bescalable. The global news media metrics have a strong correlation to Net Outside Sales(NOS). The global social media metrics are based on current best thinking of what drivesNOS; a consumer study is underway to determine the level of correlation. This set thesuccess criteria for the tool. Standard measures and metrics eliminate the apples to orangescomparisons, and enables one consistent recommendation that can be shared with leaders.Consumer Pulse allowed P&G to aggregate the data and recognize Best In Class work insocial and news media. It became the single way to count and monitor external “buzz.”Another challenge proved to be educating users that the impressions and information fromConsumer Pulse accurately reflects current best thinking on how to measure and monitorwhat the social and news media are saying about brands. Brands that previously usedinflated numbers that included multiples had a transition period in how they reportednumbers. Overall, the majority of feedback has been positive.
  10. 10. The winning application for “Excellence In Improvement and Innovation 2012”Benefits Achieved/Hard ImprovementsDescribe the impact of the improvement or innovation that you made. • What has been the hard improvement vs. the original objective or aim? Please quantify with clear metrics. • What has been the Customer response to the improvement? Please detail any changes in Customer satisfaction or other measure of Customer feedback including impact of change on the organization. • Has the change had unexpected benefits on other areas, employees, processes?Consumer Pulse has seen outstanding results, some of which include delivering easieraccess to data for quicker decision making and helping make connections with consumersvia social media as part of how the brands bring their purpose to life.Another exciting result of Consumer Pulse has been external as customers are seeing thebenefits of the new way the Company monitors conversation, in ideas that come to life inthe products that are hitting shelves. This has made a stronger connection between P&G,consumers and those whose lives it aims to touch and improve.Employees have easy access to this information, and it is often eye-opening to many to seewhat consumers are saying about our brands, what causes a spike in comments, wherecompetitors are having successes and challenges and the perception of brands externally.This enables employees to be more in touch and aware of what works, what doesn’t andwhat needs to be done.Consumer Pulse also has the unique capability to track not just impressions but quality ofimpressions, which has led to some unexpected benefits. For example, P&G is now able toalter packaging to clarify certain initiatives that originally caused confusion. The tool has thecapability to track beyond just brands. P&G can track combinations of brands and stores orbrands and initiatives and more. The Company has the ability to monitor otherconversations it might find beneficial.
  11. 11. The winning application for “Excellence In Improvement and Innovation 2012”DifferentiatorsWhy do you consider this improvement or innovation to be Excellent? • What differentiates your achievements over other organizations?From the Company’s beginning, P&G was one of the first to understand the importance ofconsumer feedback. Now, almost 175 years later, P&G believes the idea that “consumer isboss” still holds true. The ability to follow consumer feedback, itbetter positions theCompany to build connections with its consumers and offer products that meet and exceedexpectations.Consumer Pulse is an excellent innovation as it is a customized solution to a real businesschallenge. The businesses needed a way to sort through the external “buzz”, and ConsumerPulse is an easy, affordable, and visual way to collect and present the data in a way that iseasy to interpret, no matter where an employee might be located. The expertise from thoseon the multi-functional team combined with IT’s special role in bring the technologycapabilities and vision of the business to life, has made Consumer Pulse a true innovationfor P&G.
  12. 12. The winning application for “Excellence In Improvement and Innovation 2012”Don’t forget to apply for an Award yourself.