SSOWeek North America 2012 Onsite Polling Results


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SSOWeek North America 2012 Onsite Polling Results

  1. 1. At our recent SSOWeek show in Orlando,SSON asked our audience a few questionsabout their SSO organization and where theyare in their journey.Some interesting results sprung up… Sponsored By:
  2. 2. At Shared Services & Outsourcing Week in Orlando (March 7-9), HP sponsored apulse survey questioning delegates during the general sessions on a variety oftopics. One of the focus areas for the conference was Analytics — specifically,how firms can best utilize the vast amounts of data within their enterprises to makefaster, better, data-driven business decisions.Based on the survey results, when delegates were asked what was drivingbusiness analytics, they ranked “improve data-driven, day-to-day decision-making”and “better guide future organizational strategies” equally in first place, with a thirdof the votes for each. However, most companies had not taken the first steptoward implementing Analytics, challenged by “accessibility of enterprise data” and“other organizational priorities” as the #1 and 2 impediments to implementing aBusiness Analytics program. HP understands the challenges involved in findingthe resources and time to implement a Business Analytics program to accessdisparate enterprise data sources. HP has over 1,000 experienced professionals— most with advanced degrees in management, economics, or quantitativesciences — focused on delivering business intelligence and analytics services. HPoffers BI and analytics expertise, proprietary analytical methodologies andalgorithms, and the ability to integrate business intelligence technologyframeworks with analytics to provide the robust capabilities world-class companiesrequire.The survey covered a number of other topics, including global business services,BPO and general business challenges. Overall, attendee firms were mostchallenged with “continuing to provide value through growing their Global BusinessServices or Shared Services to add new services and expand into new regionsand business units.” The next-ranked challenge was “transforming their businessand the change management required for success.” And — no surprise — anothertop challenge was the need to reduce costs.HP’s Business Process Outsourcing services provide the world-class processes,technology and best practices companies need to propel their organizationsforward through leveraging proven technology, economies of scale, buying power,and a “Best Shore” approach.See for more Sponsored By:
  3. 3. Growing the service (expanding to new business units adding new services) Transformation and change management Reducing costs End-to-end process-re-engineering Making the business case for investment Re-platforming service delivery to a Cloud/SaaS model M&A & Divestiture Global sourcing We are considering adding new functions services or processes to our scope We are focused on delivering good service today and holding costs down We have developed a strategic plan We are actively recruiting new talent against that plan We are surveying our customers to determine their needs We are selecting the service providers well need to execute that
  4. 4. Multi-function shared services/multiple global service centers Hybrid of Outsourcing and Global Business Services Global Business Services (separately managed global service organization) Single function shared services/single service center Outsourcing Finance & Accounting (includes payroll) None of the above HR functions Customer Service Procurement Supply
  5. 5. Increasing We dont perform any BPO and have no plans BPO engagements will remain the same Decreasing Not happy Mostly - 70% + of agreed targets are met Partially - 50%+ of agreed targets are met
  6. 6. Nowhere yet but wed like to be. Can you help? Data Acquisition Actionable Insight Chosen an Analytic Engine Data Mapping Combination of stand-alone and embedded in functional areas Not implemented Embedded in functional areas Stand-alone group within Shared / Global Business Services Stand-alone group outside of Shared / Global Business
  7. 7. Captive on shore Captive and outsourced Captive on shore and off shore We do not have an SSO yet Other Completely outsourced Technology improvements and innovation Best Practice processes Priority Alignment Improved global talent Increased
  8. 8. Grown 0-10% Grown 11-25% Grown more than 25 Stayed flat Shrunk Accessibility of enterprise data Other organizational priorities Determining how to best leverage for business value Shortage of skills and talent available in organization Lack of executive
  9. 9. Improve data-driven day-to-day decision-making Better guide future organizational strategies Ability to visualize date through new perspectives Data simulations and scenarios Standardized reporting and forecasting Captive
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