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  • 1. Reaching the Next Frontier of Global SourcingOutcomes - Business Agility, Innovation Incubatorand Process Enablement 3rd Annual SSO 4-6 DECEMBER 2012 WEEK INDIA Double Tree by Hilton Gurgaon India 200+ ATTENDEES (70%+ Buy Side) • 15%: CXOs • 35%: FUNCTIONAL HEADS LEADING END-TO-END TRANSFORMATION AND TOTAL PERFORMANCE • 50%: GLOBAL, REGIONAL AND LOCAL HEADS OF SHARED SERVICES, OUTSOURCING, VENDOR MANAGEMENT 30+ SPEAKERS 8 (90% Brand New) STREAMS • HR vs F&A vs MULTI-FUNCTIONAL GBS I6: • FOREIGN MNCs vs INDIAN SIX COMPANIES • CAPTIVE IN-HOUSE CENTRES VISIONARIES SOURCING vs OUTSOURCED OPERATIONS THINK TANK 5 SSON EXCELLENCE The conference met my expectations to a great extent. It certainly has been AWARDS a great value-add and opened my 1 INDIAN SHARED mind to a lot of new ideas as well as ways of doing things differently. Very SERVICES & happy that I attended my first SSON OUTSOURCING conference. WEEK Snehal Shah, Head, Aditya Birla Financial Shared +65 6722 9388
  • 2. INTRODUCTIONAfter decades of dominance, the Indian technology & WHAT’S NEW THIS YEAR?business services sector is NOW under review. DEDICATED MULTI-STREAMS – DESIGN YOUR C OWN AGENDA hanges in global economic patterns have created a significant impact to the way in which buyers pursue global sourcing opportunities. After years of We have restructured the programme to cater dominance, the Indian technology and business services sector is now facing a for your needs, and built in streams that address turning point in its evolution. A radically restructuring global economy, rapidly the whole range of business models andevolving customer needs, dynamic requirement in services and business models and rising corporate structures. Choose from:stakeholder aspirations are forcing organisations to change, whether they want to, or not. • Captive In-house Centres & Hybrid CentresIn the past 12 months, we have witnessed: • Outsourced Operations• Global Captive (In-house) Centres evolving into Centres of Excellence, enabling • HR Transformation & Optimised Service Delivery end-to-end processes and generating insights through data analytics • Finance Transformation & End-to-End• Outsourcing Services Providers undergoing radical changes to strengthen Process Control domain expertise, specialising in industry verticals and providing customised • Multi-function Global Business Services value-added services • Domestic Indian companies• Domestic Indian Companies increasing their adoption of shared services and • Foreign Multinational companies outsourcing models to enhance their global footprint and advance their expansion plans out of India CXO FORUM (BY INVITATION ONLY)So what can we expect in the next 12 months? SSON’s CXO Forum is an exclusive, closed-doorUsing the chart below to illustrate how the models are changing… The journey towards meeting which runs within SSO Week India. Asthe RIGHT SIDE of the box is not just about HOW anymore, rather, it’s about HOW operational efficiency continues to permeateMUCH MORE. boardroom agendas and discussions at SSO Week climb the strategic ladder, we have designed a stream on Day One of the event Traditional SSO Centre of Excellence especially for the C-Suite. CXOs can now enjoy • High volume, transactional processes Complex, judgement based processes both plenary sessions and dedicated roundtable • Based in low-cost locations Based in location to attract talent interactions centred upon the best ways to take • Established policies and procedures Redefining best practices for the organisation advantage of the post-GFC opportunities within • Technologies for standardisation Technologies to increase collaboration INDIA and beyond. and automation and knowledge sharing • Factory production environment Entrepreneurial environment Refer to the page 5 for more details • Focus on cost reduction Focus on new sources of value creation • Limited influence in the boardroom Supporting and influencing board decisions STRUCTURED NETWORKING EXERCISES THROUGHOUT THE CONFERENCEThis is what you can expect to see at SSO Week India, a roadmap to your future. What arethe key issues this year? And how will they impact you now and in the next 12 months? More Time to Interact: 30% of the programme• Big Data Strategies – Capturing the data real time, conducting analysis and providing is now dedicated to structured networking, critical insights to drive your business forward including roundtables by industry vertical,• Cost competitiveness & the “Rural BPO Factor” – Building the case for cost maturity, geo footprint and current concerns rationalisation and tapping into diversified talent pools across India such as Advanced Analytics, Talent Management• Outsourcing advancement: Developing outcome-based performance metrics and and Strategic Business Partnering enhancing process transparency• Moving away from pure regional/business focused service delivery to a process-centric model: What are the benefits and what needs to happen to make the transition painless? 3 WORKSHOPS – ROADMAPPING• Capitalising on the paradigm shifts in the BPO/ITO industry: Verticalisation and ‘OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE’ JOURNEY TO Business Process as a Services (BPaaS) GIVE YOU A KICKSTART• Enhancing the role of shared services to impact your enterprise risk management framework Refer to the page 3 for more details• Enabling Enterprise Agility & Flexibility12 months ago, the room was filled with keen anticipation as we focused on ‘Globalisation,Integration and Value-Creation’. This year, we are taking hold of the future and engagingthe ‘Next Frontier of Global Sourcing Outcomes”.Welcome to SSO Week India 2012! Sarah Ye Asia Programme Director SSON
  • 3. MEET YOURSPEAKERS Atul Daga, Shyama Bijapurkar, Krish Shankar, Chief Financial Officer, Group Head Global Finance CHRO, Aditya Birla Retail Centres, Bharti Airtel HSBC Global Resourcing Kush Kamra, Deepak Jain, Rahul Gupta, Sr. Vice President, Global Operations, Finance Head, Deputy Group Chief Chairman & Managing Director, Apple India Executive Officer, Global Operations Support Ambit Holdings Centre, Metlife Umesh Jain, Ajay Kumar Dhir, Arindam Banerrji, Sr. President & Chief Group CIO, Managing Director and Global Information Office, Lanco Infratech Head of GBS Service Centres, Yes Bank Deutsche Bank Iain D Coleman, Rajni GUPTA, Amitabh Hajela, Chief Risk & Administration Head of Finance Operations, Global Head of HR, Officer, Global Services Global Business Services, Aricent Delivery, Intercontinental Hotels Group HSBC Global Resourcing Bobby Abraham, Amit Vasistha, Sameer Tendulkar, Vice President and Head of Strategic Projects, Director- Analytics, Global Business Unit Head, Aviva Global Services Shared Services, Worldwide Vodafone Services India Procurement, Dell Sandeep Kejriwa, Ravindran Sambandam, Sathya Kalyanasundaram, CFO & Head – Corporate Head HR, Global Service Finance & Operations Director, Sustainability, Center, Texas Instruments India EMC India Nokia Anil Bhavnani, Sandeep Dhingra, Yogesh Gupta, Director BPO Operations, Global Manager – Director Operations, Global Financial Solutions, Shared Services, Dow Chemical Pfizer Temenos India International India KV Ganesh, Group CFO, Sharley Juneja, Opto Circuits Director Implementations - Global Sourcing Centre of Alka Pai, Excellence, Head - Citi Employee Services, BT Citicorp Services IndiaManoj Chhura,VP Procurement,Flextronics India
  • 4. Pre-conference Site Tour& FOCUS GROUP Tuesday, 3rd December 2012Site Tour: Visiting a Shared Services centre or BPO delivery centreFurther information on the site tour, please visit website of WORKSHOP A 9:00 - 10:30Mastering outcome-based performance metrics Rationale:Despite the benefits of operating outsourced processes, there is still significant dissatisfaction with the overall state of affairs within outsourcingcontracts. Managers continue to report vendors are not delivering services as expected. They struggle with failed customer services, poorperformance and inadequate controls and compliance. BPO buyers are no longer happy with services based on headcount, nor content with standardSLAs. Outcome-based performance is a new way to manage BPO partners performance which is required to be create a material impact on thebusinessAnil Bhavnani, Director BPO Operations, Global Financial Solutions, PfizerAbout workshop Leader: Anil Bhavnani is a Chartered Accountant (CA) with over 20 Years of Industry Experience in Financial Services, Corporate Finance and International Accounting. He is also a qualified Master Black Belt from Center for Learning and Organizational Excellence (CLOE - USA). Anil is currently with Pfizer Inc. since 2007 as Director for Global BPO Operations and is a part of the Global Financial Solutions group. Inthis role at Pfizer, Anil is responsible for overseeing the Global BPO operations and ensuring a successful transition as is required for effective andefficient processing of Pfizer’s financial transactions around the world. He is an integral part of the Global Financial Solutions Executive Team servingas liaison with regional Shared Services Centers, external service providers and business unit clients.Anil started his Career with Blue Star in 1988 post qualifying CA. He worked with GE from 1992 – 2001 in their Plastics Division, GE Plastics India andthen moved to GE Capital International Services (GECIS) – Now Genpact to start the BPO Operations of GE capital in India.Anil has also worked with HCL BPO, Convergys and Xansa (Steria) UK in positions of increasing responsibility. WORKSHOP B 10:45 - 12:15Benchmarking: The road to becoming Best-in-Class• Using benchmarking for more tangible performance optimisation discussions with the business• Identifying promising areas for business process engineering initiatives• Using discoveries to build a compelling business case for change• Prioritising business process improvement initiatives, both short and long term• Identifying opportunities to better align with the business• Correctly identifying areas for additional investment in your SSOSandeep Dhingra, Global Manager – Shared Services, Temenos IndiaAbout workshop Leader: Born & brought up in New Delhi. Sandeep qualified his Chartered Accountancy in 1996 and Cost Accountancy in 1995. In the initial days of his career, he worked in the internal audit & systems for Fena and ABB. In 2001 he joined Standard Chartered Scope International and moved base to Chennai; followed by heading the Finance for Flextronics. In Flextronics, he was instrumental in establishing shared service center inChina and a KPO in Chennai. He is presently part of Global Leadership of Temenos and in his current role he has established shared service centersin Bucharest and India. WORKSHOP C 12:30 - 14:00Operational Excellence & Productivity –Do more with less• Identifying inefficiencies and installing solutions to cover that• Embracing lean or other proven approaches to achieve higher performance• Enhancing cost competitivenessYogesh Gupta, Director Operations, Dow Chemical International India
  • 5. AGENDADAY 01 Day One Main Conference | Wednesday 5th December, 201208:30 Registration09.00 Chairman’s Welcome:09:10 Global sourcing market outlook 2012/2013 – What’s on the road ahead for India? • How long will wage arbitrage remain a sustainable advantage? What happens when all available scope has been offshored? • Reviewing the shifting patterns of functional and process scope • How can we increase fluency within GBS, and deal with issues such as forecasting cycles, business risk and market volatility? • Fitting together business agility, outsourcing and cloud to create a new operating paradigm • Where else can we provide value and move up the maturity curve? Panel discussion reserved for Research Analyst, BPO Provider and Consultancy09:40 CXOs’ Secrets of the Boardroom – Indian companies back office strategies to support accelerated growth Well-established delivery capabilities from the Indian BPOs have begun to influence Indian domestic companies to engage a Shared Services/ Outsourcing model. With no obvious cost reduction benefits, domestic buyers are instead leveraging Shared Services as a channel to achieve greater process visibility, stronger internal controls, better cash flows and smart data management. This session brings together insights from the domestic market to elaborate on the new model of ‘business as usual’ Atul Daga, Chief Financial Officer, Aditya Birla Retail Rahul Gupta, Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer, Ambit Holdings Krish Shankar, CHRO, Bharti Airtel Ajay Kumar Dhir, Group CIO, Lanco Infratech10.20 What keeps CEOs awake at night? Unleashing the upstream value of Shared Services and getting early engagement from the board Embracing and mastering market volatility sits high on your CEO’s s priority list for 2013. How are captives and outsourced centres managing the maturity curve to meet buyers’ evolving expectations, drive business agility and optimise sourcing models at a global level? Join these luminaries to understand how to align your strategy to your CEO’s priorities. Arindam Banerrji, Managing Director and Global Head of GBS Service Centres, Deutsche Bank Kush Kamra, Sr. Vice President, Global Operations, Chairman & Managing Director, Global Operations Support Centre, Metlife10.50 Structured Networking Exercise #1: Single vs. Multi-Process vs. GBS11.00 M or n i n g Ne t w or k i n g & R efreshme n t B rea k I n t he E x h i b i t H a l l11.20 Big Data Strategies – Capturing the data real time, conducting analysis and providing critical insights to drive business agility Organisations are beginning to realise the real power SSOs can harness. Over the years, they are slowly being tapped as a main source of knowledge, data and control for an organisation. Listen to experts uncover how Shared Services are facilitating a transition to becoming a central knowledge repository. How are they using this knowledge to embrace value creation in their SSOs and how is data analysis leveraged to drive smarter business decisions? • Developing the framework for data collection, processing, sorting, analysis and action • Enhancing the competency of your talent force in SSO • Right tools, systems and communications Sameer Tendulkar, Director- Analytics, Global Shared Services, Worldwide Procurement, Dell12.00 Cost competitiveness & the “Rural BPO Factor”: The business case for cost rationalisation and tapping into diversified talent pools across India Despite the focus of generating impact on business outcomes, cost still remains a dominant focus for onshore stakeholders. However, increasing SG&A expenses in maturing delivery centres and rising inflation has pushed leaders to focus on cost rationalisation and revenue de-risking initiatives. According to the NASSCOM-EVEREST INDIA BPO Study 2012, providers (captives and outsourcing providers) can reduce total operating costs by 20-30% by moving to a low-cost city within India. In this session, we examine the opportunities, risks and accepted roadmaps for setting up operations in rural areas. Bobby Abraham, Vice President and Business Unit Head, Vodafone Services India
  • 6. AGENDADAY 01 Day One Main Conference | Wednesday 5th December, 2012 Stream Sessions Begin Captive/Hybrid Outsourced Close door CXOs Forum13.30 More than just managing your operations in Mitigating risks for your outsourcing Today’s C-Level Executives, whether Finance, India: How to enhance your centres’ position strategy and enhancing your governance HR, IT or Procurement-focused, are all under in your organisations’ Shared Services structure increased pressure to drive efficiencies global footprint • Identifying the ways to weave security and savings; to embrace new technologies; • Addressing the benefits and challenges of and risk management into BPO provider to embed 21st century company culture; having Shared Services in one location selection and management to become linchpin strategists within the • Evolving expectations from Shared Services: • Designing a strong governance model business – all whilst exhibiting inspiring Cost arbitrage/ Standardisation/ Service • Lessons learned and developing a stronger leadership skills. It is no surprise that CXOs delivery risk model for the future lack the time and resources needed to • Developing into multi-locational shared develop real relationships with their peers services: benefits and challenges Umesh Jain, Sr. President & Chief and to find an environment in which to have Information Officer, Yes Bank private and meaningful discussions about the Sandeep Dhingra, Global Manager – Shared challenges they face. Services, Temenos India14.50 A f t er n oo n Ne t w or k i n g & R efreshme n t B rea k I n t he E x h i b i t H a l l14.10 Operational excellence – Achieving higher Driving process transparency – Increasing Join this session to access top-level performance with the right formula clarity in your outsourced partnerships discussions on: • Applying right process management • Understanding your internal processes • The Art of Good Leadership: Striking the methodologies: Why has it been so difficult • Key considerations in driving process right balance when adjusting to modern day all these years? transparency with your outsourcing management • Identifying duplication and eliminating partners • People Power: Attracting the right people bottlenecks • Optimising governance model to control for increased productivity and innovation • Measure, track and improve – How can the the outcome of the process delivery whilst keeping costs down Line of Business (LOB) also contribute to • Breaking New Ground: Coping with new performance enhancement Sharley Juneja, Director Implementations - hurdles and navigating new ground in the Global Sourcing Centre of Excellence, BT age of APAC growth Yogesh Gupta, Director Operations, Dow • Cross Skilling: Understanding how the Chemical International India Finance, HR, IT and Procurement functions will further intertwine in an agile business • Technical Terms: Building a solid relationship between business goals, efficient processes and technology enablers • Refocusing on Risk: Ensuring all bases are covered and embedding a risk management culture throughout the organisation SSON’s CXO Forum is an exclusive, closed- door discussion which runs within Shared Services & Outsourcing Week. By Invitation Only Email or to get your invitation16.00 Leap ahead or lag behind: Moving away from pure regional/business focused service delivery to a process-centric model As much as the Service Delivery Model has matured and globalised, attention also needs to be paid to function-based, end-to-end process control and management. A process with high transparency and standardisation at a global level drives executives to modify their approaches to process sourcing (from captive models to a hybrid model incorporating selective use of outsourcing) and allows senior executives to look forward to what else can be further modified to improve outcomes. • Defining processes that can be standardised at a global level • Driving end-to-end process management and the managing the changes that occur Shyama Bijapurkar, Group Head Global Finance Centres, HSBC Global Resourcing Rajni GUPTA, Head of Finance Operations, Global Business Services, Intercontinental Hotels Group16.40 SSOW INDIA EXCELLENCE AWARDS While our mission stays the same, to honour, recognise and promote both captive and outsourced SSOs that demonstrate winning practices, we want to make it easier for you to enter. Everyone is encouraged to apply regardless of age, size, shape and model. Introducing the “Excellence In” Series: We’ve crafted 5 new categories around the core competencies of shared services and outsourcing. We are no longer asking you to claim your delivery centre/s as “best,” but rather enter into the category in which you excel beyond the normal. The ceremony will begin in the main plenary room. Our judging faculty will recognise each of the shortlisted candidates for their achievements “in excellence” followed by the announcement of our 2011 award winners. Here Are the Brand New “Excellence In” Categories for the 2012 SSON Awards Excellence in Customer Service • • Excellence in Value Creation Excellence in Culture Creation • • Excellence in Improvement & Innovation • Excellence in People and Communications • Personal Contribution to the Industry For more information or to apply for one or more of these categories, please email or visit for more details.
  • 7. AGENDADAY 02 Day Two Main Conference | Thursday 6th December, 201208:30 Re-Registration09.00 Chairman’s Welcome:09.10 Paradigm shifts in the BPO/ITO industry: Verticalisation and Business Process as a Services (BPaaS) What is the accepted wisdom in the BPO-ITO sector? Challenging the status quo, more and more companies are talking about “Pay as you go” and “not hiring an outsourcer that does everything but doesn’t specialise in anything”. While outsourcing industry is maturing, buyers are getting savvier. More than 25% of the India BPO/ITO market today consists of delivering functions and processes specific to a particular vertical. In addition, the hype about cloud technology has increased the acceptance and popularity of BPaaS model. What does that mean to buyers? How should this be translated into your sourcing strategy? KV Ganesh, Group CFO, Opto Circuits Umesh Jain, Sr. President & Chief Information Office, Yes Bank Sandeep Kejriwa, CFO & Head – Corporate Sustainability, EMC India09.40 Survey Results Revealed: A first-ever study of vertical industry-specific strategies in Shared Services & Outsourcing Everest Group and SSON launched a global survey in 2012 to understand the current and emerging state of global services by industry and geography. This marked the first-ever study of industry-specific strategies in shared services and outsourcing. Covering more than 10 different industries, the study, titled “Vertical Industry Strategies in Shared Services and Outsourcing”, analysed traditional SG&A functions and industry-specific functions across the value chain to understand how companies are approaching the increased benefits derived from their global services initiatives. This session will review the highlights of this study to provide a unique understanding of each function in each industry, the role, structure and involvement level of the shared services group and the levers (for example, analytics, process re- engineering, technology enhancements) being pursued to capture the next state of value for each function. EVEREST10.00 Structured Networking Exercise #2 Industry Roundtables: BFSI vs Manufacturing vs FMCG vs Pharmaceutical vs Retail vs. Technologies & Communications10.10 What does the future holds? From an outsourcing executive to a global operation leader A radical alteration in global workforce population is already underway. The maturing of the global offshoring market in the past decade has cultivated a great number of global operation leaders from emerging countries. At the forefront of the BPO market, India is becoming home to world’s top executives who develop from outsourcing executives to global operation leaders. Understand the journey of this transition and explore what the future holds for you. Amitabh Hajela, Global Head of HR, Aricent10.40 M or n i n g Ne t w or k i n g & R efreshme n t B rea k I n t he E x h i b i t H a l l11.00 I6 Sourcing Think Tank: Under Practitioner Review I6 remains your one chance each year to vote in your chosen top vendor individuals, and pose in public the questions you REALLY want answered. There is no script, no rehearsal, nowhere to hide. Have you voted yet? This time there is a twist. The “Buy-side” community is right in the driving seat. Biting back harder than ever before, I6 2012 has your PRACTITIONER peers moderating the session live. Stream Sessions Begin HR Transformation & Optimised Finance Transformation & Multi-functional GlobaL Service Delivery End-to-End Process Control Business Services12.00 Changing Needs: Defining, implementing Transformation through technology: A Optimising internal expense to ensure and globalising HR service delivery business imperative for the CFOs sustainable cost competitiveness • What makes a successful HR BPO • Streamlining Finance process through • What needs to be considered to bring cost implementation technology down? • NOKIA strategic agenda & NOKIA HR • How much should a CFO know about • Proven techniques for reducing business • Controls & standards technology and how to integrate that into process complexity • Quality, measures & metrics the total skill set? • Location strategy: exploring second-tier • Leveraging shared services, technology or third-tier cities Ravindran Sambandam, Head HR, Global platform as a value driver Service Center, Nokia Kush Kamra, Sr. Vice President, Global Sandeep Kejriwa, CFO & Head – Corporate Operations, Chairman & Managing Director, Sustainability, EMC India Global Operations Support Centre, Metlife
  • 8. AGENDADAY 02 Day Two Main Conference | Thursday 6th December, 201212.30 Uncovering the elements of HR Thinking out of box: What other Finance Achieving Economies of Scale or creating organisation efficiency and identifying the processes could be transformed into Centres of Excellence? danger signs of a failing transformation Shared Services and how? By its very definition, CoEs focus on • Re-engineering strategy and process: • Can corporate tax, treasury and budgetary perfecting functions and processes. Tools, system, metrics and measurement planning all be delivered from shared But how does this hold up against cost • Recognising the warning signs in your services? reduction initiatives. In theory, it should be people, processes and technology • Identifying processes and integrated into done well and done cheaply but in reality, • Avoiding costly mistake SS the CoE model goes against the Economies • How to go beyond the extra 1% • Overcoming the challenges of insufficient of Scale objectives. Hear the differing local resources viewpoints and make up your own mind on Alka Pai, Head- Citi Employee, Citicorp whether you should pursue CoE, Economies Services India Sathya Kalyanasundaram, Finance & of Scale models… or both? Operations Director, Texas Instruments Arindam Banerrji, Managing Director India and Global Head of GBS Service Centres, Deutsche Bank Bobby Abraham, Vice President and Business Unit Head, Vodafone Services India13.00 Lu n cheo n Stream Sessions Begin For Indian Companies For Foreign Multi-National Companies in India14.00 Setting up a business case for outsourcing: What advantages Executive Insights: Driving optimized business outcomes will it bring to your global business requirements? by engaging and making the most out of shared services or • Developing communication strategy and gaining management outsourcing model support • How to drive efficiency in the core business post shared services • Building system platform and ERP roll out • What more to expect from your shared services • Demonstrating the outsourcing benefits • Releasing the true value of shared services to the business Deepak Jain, CFO, Apple India Tata Motor (Invited) Developing a solid transformation strategy, ensuring sound Architecting and growing a global procurement Shared Services change management & formulating a strong governance model centre in India – Governance model, key metrics, process14.40 • Shifting to a centralised operation model: What should it entail structuring and what will be gained/lost? • What is ‘IN’ and what is ‘OUT’ • Going hand-in-hand: process standardisation and process • Performance measurement of your procurement shared services migration centre • Developing a customer-based value proposition to your business • Tackling talent challenges when globalising your services partners in China • Deploying structured change management Manoj Chhura, VP Procurement, Flextronics India Alok Bafna, VP Finance Shared Services, Aditya Birla15.20 A f t er n oo n Ne t w or k i n g & R efreshme n t B rea k I n t he E x h i b i t H a l l 15.50 Enhancing the role of shared services within your enterprise risk management framework Facing the recent economic crisis, increased business complexity, new technologies, globalisation and the rapid pace of change, companies need proven solutions for risk management. However, not all Shared Services have been able to fulfill the capability of strengthening internal controls, compliance and effectively meet the expectations of external industry regulations. Join this session and hear how HSBC have mitigated risk internally through their SSC. Iain D Coleman, Chief Risk & Administration Officer, Global Services Delivery, HSBC Global Resourcing16.30 Debunking Myths: Exploring the validity of common industry perceptions about the Indian BPO industry We assembled a panel to identify and debunk myths about the road to shared services maturity. Why? Such myths can cause confusion and hold the industry back from embracing or declining certain solutions/processes sooner than later. Get access to candid truths about what’s possible and what’s hype to help steer clear on the road ahead. • Is wage inflation in India going to wipe out cost savings? • Will Indian BPOs lose competitiveness to emerging BPO countries across the world? • Are the top talent migrating outside of India? • Have data security issues has limited the industry’s capability • Keeping scale of economy or switching to Centre of Excellence? Can you have both? Amit Vasistha, Vice President and Head of Strategic Projects, Aviva Global Services Iain D Coleman, Chief Risk & Administration Officer, Global Services Delivery, HSBC Global Resourcing17.10 Chairman Closing Speech17.20 End of Main Conference
  • 9. SSON BRINGS YOUBRAND NEW CXO FORUMSSON’s CXO Forum is an exclusive, closed-door discussion which runswithin Shared Services & Outsourcing Week.Wednesday 5th December, 13:30 - 14:50Today’s C-Level Executives, whether Finance, HR, IT or Procurement-focused, areall under increased pressure to drive efficiencies and savings; to embrace newtechnologies; to embed 21st century company culture; to become linchpin strategistswithin the business – all whilst exhibiting inspiring leadership skills. It is no surprisethat CXOs lack the time and resources needed to develop real relationships with theirpeers and to find an environment in which to have private and meaningful discussionsabout the challenges they face.Join this session to access top-level discussions on:• The Art of Good Leadership: Striking the right balance when adjusting to modern day management• People Power: Attracting the right people for increased productivity and innovation whilst keeping costs down• Breaking New Ground: Coping with new hurdles and navigating new ground in the age of APAC growth• Cross Skilling: Understanding how the Finance, HR, IT and Procurement functions will further intertwine in an agile business• Technical Terms: Building a solid relationship between business goals, efficient processes and technology enablers• Refocusing on Risk: Ensuring all bases are covered and embedding a risk “ management culture throughout the organisationCXOs already confirmed from organisations including: Good insight on the paradigm shift• Aditya Birla Retail from cost to value creation and• Ambit Holdings “• Bharti Airtel partnering. Excited to find out how• Lanco Infratech business transformation is driving• YES Bank business value• Opto Circuits• Aricent Ravi Shankar,*Please note: Access to the CXO Forum is strictly controlled and only open to C-Level Global Reporting Manager,delegates. Those wishing to attend must pre-register with SSON prior to the event. Temenos
  • 10. I6 VISIONARIESWHAT IS India 6 (I6)?If you’re not already familiar with SSON’s Global G6 Series,here’s the background to fill in the blanks…Thursday 6th December, 11:00 - 12:00• In 2009, SSON launched G6 as the sourcing world’s first ever neutral platform designed to help shape a common industry agenda• Established to help our buy-side audience’s all over the world understand where and how their chosen thought leader companies agree and disagree on the future of the SS and outsourcing industry.• 2011, SSON launched I6 (India 6) as localised version of G6, this time designed specifically to tackle the challenges/nuances of the Indian market (domestically and globally).• Designed as always to address the most provocative and challenging questions, based on YOUR feedback, we’ve cranked up the gears for 2012 and put your vendor line-up to the ultimate test…• Can they handle LIVE moderation by a panel if straight-talking, buy-side practitioners with tough questions looking for answers? It was quite a nice first experienceHow to vote: Visit and vote by clicking one of the nominees on the to be associated with a group ofwebsite shared services practitioners from all across India from differentWhen is the results announced? 2nd November 2012 industries. We all read about bestWhen is the debate taking place? 6th December 2012 practices in shared services space but hearing the practitioners view was worth Ruchika Aggrawal, AVP Business Services and Finance, Pearson India Shared Operations
  • 11. SSONAWARDSSSON ExcellenceAwards 2012:Get Recognition for your Shared Services Journey!Wednesday 5th December, 16:40 - 17:40With ideas and innovations constantly evolving and challenging business outcomes, wewant to know how you have used these within your SSC to excel at core competencies.Our 2012 “Excellence In” Awards are easy to enter and you don’t have to be the ‘best’SSO in the world to have an amazing story to tell.Reward your employee’s hard work by submitting an application that globallyrecognises noteworthy achievements.Awards Activity Onsite – An All-Inclusive Celebration. This year’s ceremony hasbeen worked into the main agenda of 2012 SSOW programme. At the conclusion of thesessions on Wednesday 5th December the Awards Ceremony will begin in the mainplenary room.Our judging faculty will recognise each of the shortlisted candidates for theirachievements “in excellence”.Award Categories for 2012:• Excellence in Customer Service• Excellence in Culture Creation • Excellence in People and Communications How do I apply?• Excellence in Value Creation Simply download the application forms above and email your completed application to• Excellence in Improvement & Innovation When do I apply? From now till Awards Application Deadline: Friday, 9th November, 2012 Where will the Winners be Announced and Awarded? Awards Ceremony: Wednesday, 5th December 2012 For More Information please email
  • 12. F rom the moment you confirm your involvement at Shared Services & Outsourcing Week India 2012 in Gurgaon, we will provide you with outstanding marketing opportunities through a targeted campaign that will culminate in face-to-face meetings with existing customers, new business partners and potential clients all in one place and at one time. We undertake a comprehensive global marketing campaign. Approximately 20,000 executives in SSON’s database will be targeted for this event, via various marketing channels.These reach the highest echelons of your target markets - delivering you value, before, during & after the conference in generating real businessprospects, real ROI and deals! Early confirmation entitles sponsors to optimise their marketing spend and receive maximum benefi ts from ourtargeted marketing and branding campaign to promote your presence at Shared Services & Outsourcing Week India 2012.• Electronic / email direct marketing• Telemarketing• Audience development initiative• Advertisements and insertsPRIOR TO THE EVENT & AT THE EVENTThought Leadership and Programme PresenceIn a highly competitive market, the ability to demonstrate insights and expertisecan give you an edge over your competitors. SSON China offers a limited numberof prestigious speaking opportunities to qualifi ed partners alongside key industryleaders.BrandingAlign your brand and expertise with the shared services & outsourcing sector – be seenas the leader at this industry leading event. Increase your visibility by having your logoon event collaterals, onsite-branding and special networking functions.Company ProfilingBy including a company profile in the conference proceedings or a seat drop onsite atthe event, every delegate will have clear and precise information on your proposition,success stories and full contact details. Have your company logo (with a hyperlinkto your corporate website) featured on our event website and let it start creatingawareness for your business.Networking ActivitiesWe do not miss out on important networking elements for our sponsors to meet withtheir prospects and mingle with clients. We have carefully tailored hours of qualitynetworking opportunities for sponsors to meet with our delegates in an informalbusiness setting. By hosting our networking socials, you will have ample opportunity tofind out what your prospects want and tie in your solution offeringsto them.To find out more, contact our sponsorship team today at +65 6722 9388 or email and let us put you in-front of your customers. ConfIRmed Sponsors Website: Website: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is an IT services, TMF Group helps companies succeed globally. consulting and business solutions organization that Our accounting, corporate secretarial and HR delivers real results to global business, ensuring & payroll professionals, in over 75 countries, a level of certainty no other firm can match. TCS’ enable clients to reduce the risks and painBusiness Process Services (BPO) manages and executes core business of doing business abroad, control costs by taking over the back officeprocesses across industries, analytics & insights and support processes administration of their foreign companies and simplify operations withsuch as accounting, HR and supply chain management to help a single point-of-contact, giving clients complete control and visibility.customers drive efficiency and effectiveness. TMF is a world leader in this – we have over 30,000 corporate clients, including over 50% of Fortune 500 and FTSE 250 companies.TCS’ domain expertise is unrivalled and TCS is unique in its ability todeliver value beyond SG&A processes, not only reducing COG S but also TMF spans 17 countries across Asia Pacific, offering you a completeidentifying and developing new revenue streams. Whether your need suite of private and corporate services to meet your personal andis gaining consumer insights, managing fraud, undertaking predictive business needs, including private client services, corporate services,modeling or analyzing risk, TCS’ Analytics & Insights Services have international incorporations andthe power to transform how you can manage your enterprise TCS’ fund services.transformation methodology, FORE™, assists you in your journey towardbest-in-class processes, delivering both efficiency and effectiveness.TCS’s commercial propositions match your imperatives and the widerange of platforms offer you choice between capital and revenue spend.TCS’ global footprint allows us to work as an extension to your business,providing the scale and flexibility you need to adapt in a changingenvironment.
  • 13. 5 WAYS TO REGISTER Online : Email : Phone : (65) 6722 9388 Fax : (65) 6720 3804 Post : IQPC Worldwide Pte Ltd, 61 Robinson Road #14-01 Robinson Centre Singapore 068893 Reaching the Next Frontier of Global Sourcing Outcomes - Business Agility, TEAM DISCOUNTS Innovation Incubator and Process Enablement IQPC recognises the value of learning in teams. Group bookings at the same time Main conference: 05 - 06 December, 2012 from the same company receive these discounts: Pre conference workshop & Site Tour: 04 December, 2012 3 or more 7% 5 or more 10% 8 or more 15% Venue: Double Tree by Hilton, Gurgaon, India This offer is exclusive of the early bird discount. Call us for a special discount rate for teams of 10 and above. Not applicable to workshop(s) only bookings.My booking code is: 19375.004 PDF CONFERENCE DOCUMENTATION & AUDIO CDPlease complete in BLOCK CAPITALS as information is used to produce delegate badges. I am registering as a delegate, please send me an extra set of ConferencePlease photocopy for multiple bookings. Documentation with Audio CD with a USD100 discount: USD399. I cannot attend the event, please send me the Conference Documentation andPlease do not remove this label even if it is not addressed to you. Audio CD at USD399. I cannot attend the event, please send me the Conference Documentation only at USD549. Orders without immediate payment or credit card details will incur a processing fee of SGD99 per order. (N.B. Advance orders will determine whether or not this conference will be recorded - Please enclose payment with your order.) Any custom duties & taxes imposed on the shipment of order/s shall be borne by the recipient. PAYMENT TERMS Payment is due in full at the time of registration and includes lunches, refreshments and detailed conference materials. Your registration will not be confirmed until payment is received and may be subject to cancellation. If a booking is received 10 working days before the conference a credit card number will be required to confirm your place, likewise if full payment has not been received before the conference date.**Prices below are quoted in USD$ IQPC CANCELLATION, POSTPONEMENT AND SUBSTITUTION POLICY • You may substitute delegates at any time by providing reasonable advance notice to IQPC. Corporate End-Users based in India • For any cancellations received in writing not less than eight (8) days prior to the conference, you will receive a 90% credit to be used at another IQPC conference which must occur within one Sweet Deal expires Early Bird expires yearwill be retained by IQPC for suchpermitted cancellations. No credit willof the contract any fee from the date of issuance of all credit. An administration fee of 10% be issued for Package on 31 Aug on 5 October Regular Price cancellations occurring within seven (7) days (inclusive) of the conference. • In the event that IQPC cancels an event for any reason, you will receive a credit for 100% of the Conference 499 549 599 contract fee paid. You may use this credit for another IQPC event to be mutually agreed with IQPC, which must occur within one year from the date of cancellation. Site Tour 119 149 179 • In the event that IQPC postpones an event for any reason and the delegate is unable or unwilling to attend on the rescheduled date, you will receive a credit for 100% of the contract fee paid. Workshops (each) 149 You may use this credit for another IQPC event to be mutually agreed with IQPC, which must occur within one year from the date of postponement. • Except as specified above, no credits will be issued for cancellations. There are no refunds given All Solution Providers & BPOs (inclusive of Sales/Marketing and Delivery functions) under any circumstances. • IQPC is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of a substitution, alteration or cancellation/ postponement of an event. IQPC shall assume no liability whatsoever in the event Package Regular Price this conference is cancelled, rescheduled or postponed due to a fortuitous event, Act of God, unforeseen occurrence or any other event that renders performance of this conference impracticable, illegal or impossible. Conference 4,499 For purposes of this clause, a fortuitous event shall include, but not be limited to: war, fire, labor strike, extreme weather or other emergency. Site Tour 799 DISCOUNTS: All ‘Early Bird’ Discounts require payment at time of registration and before the Workshops (each) 699 cut-off date in order to receive any discount. Any other discounts offered by IQPC (including team discounts) must also require payment at the time of registration. All discount offers cannot be combined with any other offer.*Discounts DO NOT apply to workshop(s)-only bookings PROGRAMME CHANGES: Please note that speakers and topics were confirmed at the time of*Registrations without immediate payment or credit card details will incur a processing fee of USD99 per registration publishing; however, circumstances beyond the control of the organisers may necessitate substitutions, alterations or cancellations of the speakers and/or topics. As such, IQPC reserves the right to alter or modify the advertised speakers and/or topics if necessary. Any substitutions or alterations will be updated on our web page as soon as possible. DELEGATE DETAILSPlease photocopy for additional delegates and/or delegate with different addresses PAYMENT METHODSalutation: Mr Mrs Ms Dr Other PAYMENT POLICY: Payment is due in full upon booking. Full payment is mandatory for admission to the event.Name: By Cheque/Bank Draft: Made payable to IQPC India Private Limited By Direct Transfer: Please quote 19375.004 with remittance advice IQPC Bank details:Email: Telephone: Bank Name: HSBC BANK Gurgaon Account number: 054-360565-001Job Title: Department: Account Name: IQPC India Private Limited Swift Code: HSBC INBB IFSC CODE: HSBC0110005Organisation Nature of Business All bank charges to be borne by payer: Please ensure that IQPC receives the full invoiced amount.Address: By Credit Card: Please debit my credit card: Visa MasterCard Amex Country: Card No: Postcode: Fax: Expiry Date: (MM/YY) Approving manager’s name: Job Title: Name of Cardholder: Address Signature: (Signature is Mandatory) VENUE & ACCOMODATION DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Gurgaon - New Delhi NCR Sector -56, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon, 122011, India Tel: + 91-124-491 1234 Online: http://doubletree3.hilton.comSignature: Date: Hotel accommodation and travel costs are not included in the registration fee. A reduced corporate room rate has been arranged at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Gurgaon - New Delhi NCR for attendees at this conference. To take advantage of this special rate, please process the hotelI agree to IQPC’s payment terms and cancellation policy. Please note: If you have already registration and room reservation form provided upon confirmation of your attendanceacknowledgement before the conference, please call us to confirm your booking. BOOK NOW! T: +65 6722 9388 F: +65 6720 3804 E: W: