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Establishing a Plug and Play environment

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Global Travel & Expense

  1. 1. Global Travel and Expense Establishing a Plug and Play Environment March 9, 2012Ralph ColungaSr. Dir Global Travel, Meetings and Expense
  2. 2. at a Glance The Cloud Computing Company Founded in 1999 115k+ Customers WW 8000 employees 2.3 B in sales Fortune 100 Best companies to work - 4 years running ralph colunga - 26 years in the industry - AMD, Cisco, Oracle and 3 years @ - Versed in establishing global travel, meetings and expense programs, solutions and teams - Terrific Dancer and a Nice Guy.
  3. 3. Our Travel, Meetings and Expense – Global MissionEstablish managed travel, meetings and expensesolutions providing the right services and levels ofassistance to our employees on a global basis, whileembracing automation for standardized transactionalprocessing, optimizing demand management, improvingduty of care, while driving economies of scale with TMEsuppliers and increasing transparency and policycompliance in line with our global travel policies.
  4. 4. T&E Management Considerations ‘Managing Your World’• What is your story for Sr. Management…. What are you doing to further drive operational and enterprise success?• What is your strategy….Your road map? Regionally or Globally• Are you aligned with your related peer groups…. Collaboration for the greater good of the company!• Improving your communications…. Become the voice of reason and expertise – It’s hard to argue with the facts!• Our 4 Step Process in Establishing our ‘Plug and Play’ Environment • Discovery, Recovery, Delivery • Standardize, Simplify and Automate • 3T’s - Track, Trend ,Trim • Service, Savings, Success!
  5. 5. Our Employee Demographics Driving our internal need for change!Our Younger Generation Defined by:• The Digital Revolution• Hyper Technologically Advanced• Multi-taskers• Want it Now• Desire to Influence and Participate• In Constant Communication• Driven to Succeed 5
  6. 6. Evolving with the Times1) Moving from static content to dynamic content • Information should be available through multiple channels (Email, Intranets, Public Area Displays, Social Networks)2) Looking at all “Legacy” processes with fresh eyes • Does this make sense for this day and age?3) Communications - Make it informative and fun • More video • More collaboration • More sound bites4) Keep learning • Creating new ways to deliver our programs (New Hire Training, Webinars, Recorded Tutorials, Contests) 6
  7. 7. FY09 - Our Global Travel Expense and Card Programs Our Discovery Process• Regional programs, not aligned – creating global operational inefficiencies• No strategic strategy or vision – Not scalable solutions• Lack of support regionally to drive program change quickly – often stated “regional complexity”• Difficulty of finding travel and expense information on our intranet and the lack of defined travel, expense and card programs were driving non- compliance• Lack of transparency in cost of travel and expense• Suppliers in control of SFDC spend in several areas – Hidden Fees and driving our business to their preferred suppliers in some cases• Limited number of preferred suppliers - Limited economies of scale• Limited policy compliance in regions• Spend leakage across many categories• Travel, Card and Expense data not readily aligned on a global basis• Major gaps in travel, expense and card support services
  8. 8. FY09 - Our Global Expense and Card Programs Our Recovery Process• Alignment of Global Structure – Travel and Expense• Alignment of a Single Strategic Global Strategy• Re-write/create travel and expense policies – Employee and Non-Employee• Reviewed Audit and VAT Services on a global basis• Selection and Consolidation of services, suppliers and automated booking applications• Increase transparency and visibility with focus on improved user discipline and policy compliance• Target rogue spend - Identify spend patterns and areas where spend may be perceived as out of compliance• Improve communications articulating our vision and strategies – internally and externally• Focus on Providing LOB’s and management with meaningful and useful reporting and analysis• Measure our performance using our primary key performance indicators• Overlaying of all processes and procedures
  9. 9. FY 09/10 –Year of Change - Our Global TME Integration Our Delivery Process • We integrated Expense and Card Operations into Travel Ops to create a closed loop system ….. “ Source to Settle” • We standardized all of our travel, meetings, card and expense processes on a global basis reporting to a Single Global Leads. • Documented all processes and procedures WW – SOX narratives, etc. • Initiated a “Follow the Sun” approach to answering of employee logged tickets – the bulk can be answered by anyone of the team members WW. • Established a global lead for our card program and a AMEX single point of contact. • Become the trusted advisors for the LOB as SME’s • Outsourced to third party supplier for 100% ER audits – tactical duties • Aligned with data consolidator for web based LOB reporting • We implemented “The Power of One”
  10. 10. The Power of One – WW- Global Strategy for each operation - TME- Global Portal page for each operation - TME- Global Travel Agency - 25 counties- Global Online Booking Tool – 18 countries- Global T&E Policy- Global Expense App – 22 countries- Global Corporate Credit Card Program with AMEX – 25 countries- Global Expense Process- Global Hotel Directory- Global T&E reporting- Single Source- Global Meetings and Events team and unified processes Standardize, Simplify and Automate
  11. 11. Retrospective
  12. 12. Accomplishments• Integrated global team for TME• Standardized global process for travel, meetings and expense• Development of the Global Corporate Card Program – 87% of all T&E charges are on AMEX• Formulated our CMT response teams and our WW “Duty of Care” program• Consolidated our Employee and non-Employee T&E policies – 9.5 & 3• Global Partnership with AVIS/Budget - 85% now on Avis/Budget• Global Hotel Directory – 130 hotels WW for greater discounts• Global implementation of Concur and Mobile capabilities - Concur Mobile WW• Implementation of Global TMC – BCD Travel = Savings in transaction cost• Implementation of Global Online Booking – Concur Travel – 70% WW = Savings• Launched 100 % audits WW and ACL Software Audits – 5 key reports• Integrated Infosys ERA - Cost avoidance in 11 months - $292K• All Meeting and Event Preferred Agencies on current MSA’s• Meeting & Events Savings - $6m in FY11• Launched our Travel Portal Web site/ Quick Links -
  13. 13. The Global TME Websites• The Button!• Central Source for all T&E info• Updated on a continuous basis
  14. 14. Impacts of our Actions
  15. 15. Getting a seat at the table - TME 1. We have aligned with our C-Level, M&A, Sales and Corporate Marketing by structuring the group to fit the needs of the business. 2. We have aligned with FP&A on the implementation of LOB T&E reporting for greater enterprise alignment. 3. We have aligned with the SVP of Enterprise Strategy on the Travel Industry sector engaging in co-hosted events with travel industry customers who use SFDC products. 4. We are aligning with key partners and suppliers to advance our technology advantage for the future. 5. Aligning on a ‘Quick Win’ Approach Strategy for the next 36 months
  16. 16. Our Forward Strategies• Travel –Create an new travel environment allowing greater flexibility and transparency –Create ‘Chatter Touch’ customer services –Create Travel Chatter Community Portal Page –Create a One Page Touch Policy –Implement integrated Apps and QR’s into our program platform• Meetings and Events –Create Integrated Automated Simple Meetings Booking Process –Simplify Complex Meeting Booking Process –Implement Global Meetings Card Program• Expense –Improve Self Service Model –Banking Info, AMEX appl, –Improve NH Training and M&A integration - Touch Training –Improve Telcom Strategy
  17. 17. TME - Service Excellence Create Competitive Advantage through enhanced Travel, Meetings and Expense Program Management StrategicSASE: (Sassy) FY15 Expand CompetitiveScale. Automate.Standardize.Easy Advantage & Value Add FY14 Next Gen Services via Chatter Chatter - TME Portal Outsource Tactical Services FY13 Flexible Travel, Meetings and Expense programs Increased duty of care and compliance. FY12 Foundation and establish TME platforms Deeper Supplier Partnerships Tactical LOB T&E reporting and trending