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Global Corporate Card
Global Corporate Card
Global Corporate Card
Global Corporate Card
Global Corporate Card
Global Corporate Card
Global Corporate Card
Global Corporate Card
Global Corporate Card
Global Corporate Card
Global Corporate Card
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  • 1. GLOBAL CORPORATE CARDDmitry Guzun, Assistant Treasurer
  • 2. Kimberly-Clark Key Facts Kimberly-Clark is focused on the world in essentials for a better life Headquartered in Dallas, Texas Approximately 57,000 employees worldwide and operations in 36 countries Kimberly-Clark’s global brands are sold in more than 150 countries. Net Sales - $19.746 million in 2010 Operating Profit* - $2.871 million in 2010 Net Income* - $1.939 million in 2010 Cash Provided by Operations - $2.744 million in 2010 Total Assets - $19.864 million in 2010*Adjusted data. Visit company website (; investor section) for discussion of adjustments and certain reconciliations to GAAPdata.
  • 3. Our Products
  • 4. This is a prime opportunity Economics – global pricing, rebate Standardized Visibility of processes/best spending – practices – tools, global discounts policy, and pricing from administration major vendors Leverage on Working Capital provider – global – payment terms relationship – improvement fees/additional services Low interest rates & high competition make it the perfect time to shop for credit cards
  • 5. K-C opportunityFrom To Multiple programs – 50+ Two global providers Virtually no rebate Rebate Low visibility of spending Full visibility of spending Various expense reporting Potential global T&E solutions expense reporting solution Little standardization – Standardization across liability, administration, the globe policy 5
  • 6. K-C approach Project team – Global – procurement and treasury representatives – 4 people – Regional - SSC/finance and procurement representatives – 30 people Sponsors – VP level in Finance and Procurement Run RFP – September-November Analysis and decision – November-December Selection criteria – global presence – by country, self issue, local currency – economics – rebate and WC (one-time vs. on-going rebate, payment terms), fees - FX, advances – Reporting and administration capabilities 6
  • 7. Perception versus realityBanks say… Reality… We are all global Very few banks have good international presence, the rest are partner solutions Global contracts In practice it is multiple contracts country by country with some level of standardization Global terms/pricing Pricing varies significantly country by country with a lot of special conditions Global reporting Global reporting although possible not always user friendly or does not capture all the data Excellent implementation Implementation is the hardest part of it We did it before globally In many cases it is not a global implementation but a set of countries 2 providers – the balance between global capabilities and economics 7
  • 8. Implementation Timeline – first wave went live in Q2 – 69% – next wave in Q3 – 19% – Q4 and finalize Q1 2012 – 12% Challenges – Contracts take a lot of time – many countries and stakeholders – Global coordination from the side of banks – Buy in with the regions, making sure the project is in the regional objectives – Engagement of stakeholders – Change management/communication – affects many people! 8
  • 9. Key take away – selection process Selection process – Have multifunctional team with procurement support to make sure RFP is analyzed from multiple dimensions – Involve regions early in the process to ensure buy in – Get sponsor group on the adequate level of organization – Read fine print, make sure you take into account WC and PV implications (one off vs. on-going rebates) 9
  • 10. Key take away – implementationImplementation – Make sure regions are involved to ensure buy in, explain the value proposition for the regions (rebate & WC) – Make sure you have legal and procurement resources to support contract work – Ask for global coordinator from the bank with proper authority and legal resources assigned – Do not assume banks have good communication between global and regional offices – Do not assume that banks will help with project management, be ready to support it with resources – Combine if possible with rollout of travel expense management solution – Have robust change management/communication plan in place to manage transition – Have top level management support to help persuade countries/regions reluctant to adhere to strategy 10
  • 11. Q&A