Game Changing Technology: The Powerful Opportunity


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Game Changing Technology: The Powerful Opportunity

  1. 1. SSON 12th Annual European SharedServices & Outsourcing Week: HRTransformationGame Changing Technology: The Powerful OpportunityBehind HR 2.0 – SaaS, Workforce Analytics, TM Systems &What’s Next.......Andy Moffat, HR Director, Aviva EuropeMay 2012page 1
  2. 2. How Aviva Addressed This Subject1. Introduction to Aviva2. Why Saas/Cloud Technology was the Right Choice for Aviva ?3. Now We Are Live, What’s SaaS/Cloud Really Like to Live With?4. Looking Forwards, What’s Next?page 2
  3. 3. Aviva: A 300 Year Heritage London & Edinburgh 1797 1998 1861 One Global Brand 2002 Aviva 1905Hand in Hand 1998 2000 2005 2006 2009 1696 1865 page 3
  4. 4. Aviva Facts And Figures We have worldwide sales We have 36,100 We have £263 billion of of £47 billion employees worldwide funds under management The world’s sixth largest 44.5 million customers Aviva, a $6 billion insurance group worldwide global brand We operate in We’ve insured everyone 300 years of history 21 countries, with focus from Sir Isaac Newton to on 12 core markets John F Kennedy We sponsored Dee Caffari, the first woman 60,000 hours of employee The largest insurance to sail non-stop both volunteering in 2011 services provider in the UK ways around the worldpage 4
  5. 5. Aviva Markets 2012 •Canada •China •France •Hong Kong •Lithuania •Malaysia •India •Indonesia •Ireland •Italy •Poland •Russia •Singapore •South Korea •Spain •Sri Lanka •Taiwan •Turkey •UK •USA •Vietnam
  6. 6. Why Aviva Chose Saas/Cloud Technology for its HRMS: WorkdayWorkday is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, i.e. a software delivery model where asoftware vendor develops a web-native software application and hosts and operates theapplication for use by its customer over the internet through a single subscription fee. What Workday What Aviva gets for Why Aviva Benefits manages for Aviva its money  Upgrades Newest in Innovations Ability to leverage the best of the web  Patches  Availability  Backup Rapid implementation Cheaper & faster than ERPs of similar scope and scale  Network  Storage Immediate upgrades Rapid delivery of new functionality (3 releases per year)  Operating system  Database  Integration Lower operating costs Immediate improvement of HR operations through best practice  Provisioning  Security  Data center Better service levels Ability to dynamically maintain & measure  Disaster recovery  System maintenance Data security complying with our data protection requirements  Performance tuning Comprehensive Security Forced to stay vanilla as configuration not customisation Discipline & Governance page 6
  7. 7. Now we are Live, What’s SaaS/Cloud Really Like to Live With – The Positives?• 3 Releases a year ensuring on-going global compliance and introducing new functionality you can adopt when you want eg Performance Mgt• Ease of Configurability – Configuration in HRs hands not dependant on IT availability (although configuration does require some governance oversight)• Single instance – global data available instantly to support decision making• Access any time anywhere through mobile devices – ipad, iphones, blackberries• Ease of Use - Modern look and feel naturally driving high levels of employee adoption with low training requirements.• Cost of ownership: New functionality included within regular releases eg succession planning; annual reward and bonus cycle; global mobility• Single platform facilitated the creation of HR Shared Services page 7
  8. 8. Now We Are Live, What’s SaaS/CloudReally Like to Live With – Lessons Learned • Initial disbelief in speed of deployment particularly amongst third party incumbant suppliers - strong change management needed for all parties that are not familiar with Saas/Cloud technology • Upfront definition of data dictionary critical to maximising global MI & Reporting benefits • Put in place governance to minimise configuration variation by country/function to minimise overhead from new release testing. This governance has to continue in BAU. • Scarcity of experienced resources • Dependant upon supplier for new functionality so need to take an active role in appropriate communities to shape and influence demand for new functionality • Whilst self service is intuitive, continued monitoring is required to continue to drive high self service utilisation levels page 8
  9. 9. Example Utilisation Metrics Current state: % Business Process ESS HR MSS Total Blueprint ComplianceChange Marital Status 13 13 ESS 100%  System utilisation andChange Personal Information 2 2 ESS 0% blueprint compliance resultsChange Photo 4 4 ESS 100% continue to be very good inChange Primary Address 18 1 19 ESS 95%Correct Date of Birth 4 4 ESS 100% Spain. A lot of work hasCorrect Time Off 64 6 70 ESS 91% been put into encouragingCreate Primary Address 5 5 ESS 100% the managers to use MSSManage Goals 85 85 ESS 100%Move Worker 1 1 2 MSS 50% and supporting them inRequest Compensation Change 1 1 MSS 0% doing so.Request Delegation Change 16 1 17 ESS 94%Request Leave of Absence 66 20 15 101 ESS 65%  Low compliance in someRequest Return from Leave of Absence 52 14 7 73 ESS 71% transactions is related toRequest Time Off 496 5 501 ESS 99%Set Review Content for Performance exceptional cases when theReview 515 1 516 ESS 100% manager is external and notTerminate Employee 1 11 12 MSS 92% easily available.Transfer Employee 3 30 33 MSS 91%Grand Total 1338 55 65 1458 Next Steps:  We will look closer into possibility of differentiating ESS Compliance MSS Compliance planned leaves from 95% 88% unexpected ones as well as into possibility of treating LoA-related processes as MSS or HR (exceptionally) and not as ESS. page 9
  10. 10. Looking Forwards• Great source of global data – Maximise the use of this data particularly focussing on resource planning, talent management and succession planning• Digital media is creating additional data that we need to be actively using to continue to improve services eg listening audits, web page on which candidates abandon etc• Optimising the use of new functionality to take maximum advantage of what’s available in the core product• Increased virtual and cross border working making mobile technology even more important• Moving to predictive analytics page 10
  11. 11. Looking Forwards – What’s Next for Aviva...Workday will be our primary, single source of HR record globally and with the fully integrated learning solution (CornerstoneOnDemand) and recruitment technology provides our core HR technology offering globally. End-user applications delivered as a service Software-as-a-Service Mobile Technology Significantly lower run cost of Gives self-service access to data to ownership for Aviva run our business effectively anytime, anywhere Data Warehouse, Data Archiving & Document Management Strategies Digital Media Strategies Currently reviewing how digital media Currently reviewing whether we need could provide more effective ways to A data warehouse, approach to data attract talent to Aviva. Piloting a number Archiving and document mgt strategy of different approaches to inform our digital media strategy Saas based candidate tracking and Saas Based Integrated LMS via CRM solutions preferred supplier Learning Management Recruitment Technology Solution page 11
  12. 12. Thank You & Questionspage 12 © Aviva plc 2009
  13. 13. page 13 © Aviva plc 2009