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Evolving From Single Function to End-to-End Processing
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Evolving From Single Function to End-to-End Processing


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  • 1. The Volvo Group caseEvolving From Single Function to End-to-End ProcessingVolvo Group Business Services1 May 2012
  • 2. Volvo Group Business Services2 May 2012
  • 3. Our brandsVolvo Group Business Services3 May 2012
  • 4. Volvo Group Organization Group Trucks Group Trucks Group Trucks Sales & Sales & Sales & Group Trucks Group Trucks Trucks Joint Marketing Marketing Marketing Operations Technology Ventures EMEA Americas APAC Finance & Construction Business Business Equipment Areas Support Total turn-over: 310 BSEK (35 BEUR) Operating income: 27 BSEK ( 3 BEUR) Truck deliveries: 240 000Volvo Group Business Services4 May 2012
  • 5. Volvo Group Business ServicesA Group Function within Volvo Group Overall • Present in over 30 countries. • ~2 000 employees. . HumanResources • 75 000 employees served (of total 100 000). • Securing a single-point of contact for Volvo Group employees and managing personal data, organizational structures, compensation, benefit, international assignments, recruitment and other critical HR activities for 75 000 employees. Finance &Accounting • Total turn-over:310 BSEK (35 BEUR) where Business Services handles 250 BSEK (28 BEUR) in 135 legal entities. • Legal Chief Accountant responsibility for 135 entities. Figures: February 2012Volvo Group Business Services5 May 2012
  • 6. Volvo Group Business Services in the world201120102012Volvo Group Business Services6 May 2012
  • 7. Volvo Group Business Services journey Capitalize Optimize Mobilize Initiate 1998 - 2002 2003 - 2006 2007 - 2010 2011 - 2015Volvo Group Business Services7 May 2012
  • 8. Volvo Group Business ServicesOrganization March 1st, 2012 CEO Business FBS Services Elisabeth Rocke HR & Controlling Communication Petter Liderfelt Hans Nordström Strategy & Operational Excellence F&A Development Niclas Sjöswärd Staffan Kullberg HR & Contact Services Development Kent Abrahamsson Region Region Global & Regional On Demand Americas & EMEA Asia Pacific Delivery Services Christian Johansson Ulrika Toftevik Philippe Theolier Niclas Sjöswärd Volvo Group Business Services
  • 9. Global functions with different focus Business Services Elisabeth Rocke HR & Controlling CommunicationGovernance / Petter Liderfelt Hans NordströmSupport Units Strategy & Operational Excellence F&A Development Niclas Sjöswärd Staffan Kullberg HR & Contact Services Development Units Development Kent Abrahamsson Region Region Global & Regional On Demand Americas & EMEA Asia Pacific Delivery Services Operational Units Christian Johansson Ulrika Toftevik Philippe Theolier Niclas Sjöswärd Volvo Group Business Services
  • 10. Major global shared service center trends Shared services today Shared services next generation • Cost reduction by labor • Cost reduction by arbitrage and resource implementing hub-and-spoke centralization models • Proven successful and • Improved scale and synergy efficient in specific functional effects by combining several areas functions into integrated SSC’s • Steps taken to integrate • SSC’s becomes independent several functions (multi- business in it self functional SSC’s)Volvo Group Business Services10 May 2012
  • 11. Hub and spoke modelImplemented by Volvo Group Business Services Business Areas / Markets Shared services satellites local centers Global Regional centers transaction hub Market-specific Local support / Transaction processing & Decision support activities specialization global center of excellenceVolvo Group Business Services11 May 2012
  • 12. Global Center s facts Total Global Center Employees Global Center 2 330 F&A HR 270 60 Figures: February 2012Volvo Group Business Services12 May 2012
  • 13. Regional Center s facts Total Regional Employees Centers Regional Center 4 710 F&A HR 510 200 Figures: February 2012Volvo Group Business Services13 May 2012
  • 14. Local Center’s facts Total Local Center Employees Local Center 46 560 F&A HR 490 70 Figures: February 2012Volvo Group Business Services14 May 2012
  • 15. On Demand facts Present in Total number of Employees Local Center locations Local Center On Demand 42 6 220 513 Projects & Training Recruitment Partner F&A HR Services 459 54 50 90 80 Figures: February 2012Volvo Group Business Services15 May 2012
  • 16. From fragmentation to end-to-endprocessing Volvo Group Volvo Group Business Business Services Services Volvo Group EMEA, Global & Accounting or HR Americas Regional Admin & Asia Pacific Delivery department Optimize, Alignment and Transition and Consolidate standardize and structure transform deliverVolvo Group Business Services16 May 2012
  • 17. End to End Accounting Conceptual overview Group Reporting Group Trucks/BA based FPP based Group Consolidation Group Trucks/BA based Business Services – Group Financial Control Group GAAP based Group Accounting & Group Trucks/BA based Internal Control FPP based Corporate Function – Group Financial Reporting Business divisions Local input Consolidation Business Services – Legal entity based, Group GAAP based F&A Global & Regional Delivery General Accounting Legal Entity Reporting SAP Master Finance Local Management Report Legal entity based Business Services – Local GAAP Compliance Group GAAP & F&A Global & Regional Legal entity based Delivery Local GAAP based Business Services - Local / Legal Chief AccountantVolvo Group Business Services
  • 18. Operative Vision Development • We develop and build integrated solutions that support and contribute to the Volvo Group’s vision • A global contact services approach • Working towards one integrated IT solution per business line (F&A and HR) One of the most innovative shared service centerVolvo Group Business Services18 May 2012
  • 19. Operative Vision Delivery • We deliver value for the Volvo Group by meeting business needs in our services in regards to: • delivery precision • lead time • quality • scope of services • Volvo Production System and lean services are in a natural way included in all our deliveriesVolvo Group Business Services19 May 2012
  • 20. Operative Vision Volvo Group relations • We work closely to the business and our services are well integrated to the Volvo Group businesses • We have a trustful interaction in the end-customer contacts for the Volvo Group • We have a close cooperation with stakeholders within finance and HRVolvo Group Business Services20 May 2012
  • 21. Operative Vision Performance • We measure our performance and we have proven to be a successful shared service center • We measure our developments, delivery precision, qualitative output, standardization, etc. • Quality is part of our daily work through VPS • Getting it right from the beginning • Everyone knows how to get the root cause of a problemVolvo Group Business Services21 May 2012
  • 22. Operative Vision People • We have successfully realized a competence shift among our employees • Majority of our employees have changed work content the last years, to support Business Services transformationVolvo Group Business Services22 May 2012
  • 23. Operational ExcellenceVisionQualityFocus: Customer satisfaction / outputISO World ClassFocus: Compliance in process documentation Integrated Business Operational Admin &Process Management Excellence Shared ServiceFocus: Service Delivery Infrastructure CenterVPSFocus: Integrated Continues Improvement Yesterday Today TomorrowVolvo Group Business Services23 May 2012
  • 24. Customer Satisfaction is the key tosuccess End-customers Volvo Group Volvo Group customer facing Business Services people & processes F&A and HR Services and Sales & Marketing, Operations, Support Technology etc. Efficiently and qualitative internal services Internal customer satisfaction keep focus Focus on external customers and world- drives internal customer satisfaction in on external customers and world-class class products and services drives end- the Volvo Group products and services customer satisfaction and profitable growthVolvo Group Business Services24 May 2012
  • 25. Contact 31 3233104