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eBook marketing


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How to market your products and services using eBooks

How to market your products and services using eBooks

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  • 1. Marketing Products & Services, (c) 2012, Sadiq Somjee with eBooks © 2012, Sadiq Somjee Project Management & IT Consulting Services
  • 2. Marketing Products & Services with eBooks 1. Introduction, (c) 2012, Sadiq Somjee 2. The New Publishing Model 3. Technology Convergence 4. eBook Content 5. Promotion 6. The Next 5 Years 7. Summary
  • 3. IntroductionHow it started, (c) 2012, Sadiq Somjee• Authored and published The 7 Step eBook as a guide for authors on how to publish and market eBooks.What I discovered• Hidden Marketing OpportunitiesWhat this presentation is about• Selling products and services with eBooks
  • 4. Think About, (c) 2012, Sadiq Somjee• Your Company• Your Products• Your Services• Your Customers• Your Blue Ocean• How to apply eBook marketing
  • 5. Why an eBook?, (c) 2012, Sadiq Somjee• Millions of eReaders & growing • Mobile devices (Android based, Microsoft based, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, PC, Mac …)• Easy to Access • Almost instant wireless download • Online retailers (Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Chapters, Google…)• Another way to engage your customers • Better distribution than a PDF from your websiteeBook sales have surpassed both hard and soft cover book sales according to Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon (Amazon news release, May 19, 2011.)
  • 6., (c) 2012, Sadiq SomjeeThe Publishing ModelTraditional vs. New
  • 7. Traditional Publishing Traditional Model, (c) 2012, Sadiq SomjeeManuscript Publishers Distributors Bookstores Readers• Promote • Accept/Reject • Place Books • Brick & Mortar • Buy Books• Agents • Contracts • Charge fee • Carry Inventory • Acquire Rights • Display • Sell • Charge Fee
  • 8. eBook Publishing Model, (c) 2012, Sadiq Somjee New eBook Model Manuscript Online Readers Publishers• Promote • Distribute eBooks • Buy Books• Keep rights • Online Storefront • Online Search
  • 9., (c) 2012, Sadiq Somjee
  • 10. The Tipping Point Mobile devices, wireless networks and cloud computing., (c) 2012, Sadiq Somjee• Mobile devices (eReaders, phones, tablets, netbooks)• eBook Retail and Publishing Sites (Google, Amazon, iTunes …)• Access to social media and web tools (Twitter, Blogs, Facebook…)• Adoption of eReaders across age groupsThe race has just begun and eBook market has exploded.
  • 11. eBook, (c) 2012, Sadiq Somjee
  • 12. Not just a novelThe traditional publishing rules no longer apply, (c) 2012, Sadiq SomjeeType of eBooks • Business Book • White paper • ReferenceCost • FreeSize • 10 pages +
  • 13. eBook ContentProvide valuable information • White Papers • Business Cases, (c) 2012, Sadiq Somjee • Have an expert write/endorse your eBook • Absolutely no “outright” advertising or self-promotionService eBook Examples • Case Studies -> Project Management, Health Care • Product Deployments -> Mobile Inventory SystemProduct eBook Examples • Health Care Tips -> Health Products • Instructional Yoga -> Yoga products • Shed Construction -> Wood Products or Hardware
  • 14. Inside your eBookAll mobile devices and eBooks have browser capabilities to link back., (c) 2012, Sadiq SomjeeLink back • To your company web site or blog • Free offer at the end of the book • References within the book to drive traffic back to your siteAbout the author or company • Describe the product or service experience and offering • Web site link
  • 15. Publish your, (c) 2012, Sadiq Somjee
  • 16. White Paper Case Study Information, (c) 2012, Sadiq Somjee Publish to Multiple PlatformsPrintBook Kindle iPad iPhone Nook Sony Kobo Android Customers
  • 17. Publish & Collect, (c) 2012, Sadiq Somjee PULL My Website Collect IntelCUSTOMERS Products eMails Services Links & Demographics Offers DESIGNKEYWORDS & TAGS PUSH eBooks & Print Books Other eBook Distributors
  • 18. Promote your, (c) 2012, Sadiq Somjee
  • 19. Promote your eBookAlthough tags and keywords will hook browsers on online retail, (c) 2012, Sadiq Somjeesites, eBooks still need to be promoted: • Use blogs, guest posts and articles • Connect with social media • email marketing with links to the free offers
  • 20. Leverage the Big PlayersThe competition for search and cloud services is intense.Google, Amazon, Apple and others want your content, (c) 2012, Sadiq Somjee • Give away eBooks • Google will index content in their searches • Amazon offers search inside your book, Amazon’s SEO will link back to eBook content. • eBooks link back to your web site
  • 21. The eBook Project PlanDevelop Content Acquire ISBN #’s, (c) 2012, Sadiq Somjee Convert Formats Publish Promote free eBooks Collect Intel from landing pages Follow up with more offersConnect with customers
  • 22. The Next 5, (c) 2012, Sadiq Somjee
  • 23. eBook Evolution High Technology Capability, (c) 2012, Sadiq Somjee ? Cloud Services Interactive & Multimedia eBooks Text Based eBooks Low Today Future Time
  • 24. The Market & Technology is Evolving, (c) 2012, Sadiq Somjee • Start now • Build your expertise • Establish your online presence
  • 25., (c) 2012, Sadiq Somjee
  • 26. eBook Success, (c) 2012, Sadiq Somjee
  • 27. BenefitseBooks complement your marketing • Access new markets, (c) 2012, Sadiq Somjee • Provide content that your customers valueCast a wide net • Have Google, Amazon, Apple and others work for you • Distribute to millions of eReaders (iPad, Android, Fire, Kobo …)Collect market intelligence • Profile customers linking back with Web Analytics • Collect emails to follow up on potential customersLow cost • Content development • Convert & Publish
  • 28. How will you use eBooks?, (c) 2012, Sadiq SomjeeSlides by Sadiq Somjee author ofThe 7 Step eBook andSpartan Project ManagementSadiq Somjee provides independentproject management and IT