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Analyzing an artifact
Analyzing an artifact
Analyzing an artifact
Analyzing an artifact
Analyzing an artifact
Analyzing an artifact
Analyzing an artifact
Analyzing an artifact
Analyzing an artifact
Analyzing an artifact
Analyzing an artifact
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Analyzing an artifact


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Analyzing An Artifact
  • 2. Where to Start?
    Have to decide on a object/ meeting/ or artifact.
    It cannot be something that has one simple meaning, the artifact must be something rhetorical.
  • 3. What is a Rhetorical Artifact?
    A rhetorical artifact is something that is open for interpretation.
    Not simple interpretation but deep interpretation. Something specific or special that the artifact posses.
    Should be something that is more than beats the eye.
    Has to be an item that an audience can act upon and make difference.
  • 4. A Rhetorical Audience
    To understand how the audience can effect the item under discussion we have to be able to understand the rhetorical audience.
    The rhetorical audience is the direct people that can be affected and make a difference from that specific argument to that particularartifact.
    They can act upon what you are arguing.
  • 5. Presenting the Argument Visually and Creatively
    There are many different ways to present your argument.
    You have to find the best one that fits your argument best to get your point across to the specific rhetorical audience you direct it to.
  • 6. Some Ways To Do So
    There are many other ways as well.
  • 7. Continuing…..
    There are many different ways that you can present your argument but you have to decide which way can get your argument across most clearly.
    Take you time and be creative with it. An essay is not always the best way to go about things.
  • 8. Example Of One Rhetorical Artifact I Did
  • 9. The Argument I presented
    I attending a viewing of the museum exhibit Body Worlds.
    There I chose to make an argument based on how seeing the object is what gets the reaction from the audience as explained in my essay above.
    My audience was all people because after seeing the exhibit they come out with a self-realization that they wouldn’t have if it was in some other form.
  • 10. How I Choose to Present it to get my Point Across
    I used a PowerPoint to visually present my artifact because it was the main focus of my rhetorical argument.
    Read through my word document to truly understand why I choose to do a PowerPoint.
  • 11. Assignment
    Look at this short commercial and make your own rhetorical analysis.
    Take your time
    Choose anyway that your want to present your argument but be able to explain why you did what you did on a separate sheet of paper.