Transport Grade 3


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Transport Grade 3

  1. 1. TRANSPORT ISA 09 , PROJECT between The Lords International School System Lahore Pakistan & SS Mary & John CE Primary School Oxford UK
  3. 3. We, the students of Grade III are glad to inform you that we have completed our project of transportation. It was a pleasant sunny day when we went outside with our teachers Ms. Samina & Ms. Nargis. We were excited for this adventure that we were pedestrians and walking along the busy roads, usually we travel on these roads by cars or vans. When we reached there, number of vehicles were moving speedily on the road. We were having our questionnaire with us to prepare a survey report. DEAR STUDENTS OF YEAR IV OF SSMJ, OXFORD UK
  4. 4. We took observation for half an hour and filled out observation forms. We investigated the type of vehicles that were commonly seen on the road in our city Lahore. Afterwards we met with a traffic police officer and asked him some questions about traffic control. Finally, we compiled the report of our survey with the help of our teachers . Hope you will enjoy this report and find some similarities and differences between the traffic of both countries .
  5. 5. We started our project by observation at school gate that how other school fellows come to school. We saw many kinds of vehicles such as cars, vans, rickshaws, motorbikes etc.
  6. 6. We got the opportunity to observe our peon’s motorbike very closely. Enjoying on the truck which brought furniture in our school
  7. 7. Transport: to carry people or goods from one place to another, usually in a vehicle Azmey Aslam is explaining the importance of transportation. We brought our vehicle toys and wrote about the advantages of each vehicle.
  8. 8. We are drawing the sketch of our favourite vehicles. We are sharing our views about our favourite vehicles.
  9. 9. We brought our toy vehicles to school and elaborated them by giving presentation
  10. 10. Survey about mode of transport used by Grade III students We conducted a survey in our Math class that how our class fellows come to school. After collecting data, we prepared bar charts with the help of our Math teachers.
  11. 11. Survey Chart of Vehicles prepared by the students of Grade III Number of Students TYPE OF VEHICLES
  12. 12. Most of the students in Grade III come by cars
  13. 13. We visited one of the busiest roads JAM-E-SHIRN BOULEVARD near our school
  14. 14. Walking step by step and moving towards destination We were anxious to get knowledge through experience
  15. 15. <ul><li>We have same traffic signals in Pakistan as you have in UK </li></ul>We are standing on the famous crossing of Firdous Market
  16. 16. We made an estimate of the vehicles that are used most commonly on the roads
  17. 17. Road survey report, conducted by students of Grade III Cars are the most popular vehicles in Pakistan . We observed that Suzuki is driven by a large number of people. Number of Vehicles
  18. 18. <ul><li>We asked many questions to our friendly Traffic Warden </li></ul>
  19. 19. The most favourite car among the Students of grade III <ul><li>Hyundai is the most popular vehicle among them. </li></ul>Number of students
  20. 20. Goodbye