Magento: - A Perfect eCommerce Web Development Tool


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Magento: - A Perfect eCommerce Web Development Tool

  1. 1. Magento: - A Perfect eCommerce Web Development Tool Magento is designed to give immense convenience to the users and shoppers. This open source eCommerce web development tool was created to enable online shop owners to overcome the challenges involved in the competitive eCommerce sector. It was launched in the year 2007 and changed the face of eCommerce websites. It is considered as the fastest growing eCommerce development tool as it crossed one million downloads within 18 months of its launch. Any online shopping portal developed on this platform has a complete professional outlook which gives a visitor an idea about how serious one is about their business. This feature rich platform has a robust architecture and is extremely easy to use. It offers a high level of flexibility to users by giving them the freedom to edit, modify or delete the content of their eCommerce store all by themselves even if, they do not possess any technical knowledge. Magento assists business owners in operating their business smoothly with its powerful and intuitive administration interface. It allows them to operate multiple stores with a single admin panel and take business to an international level with its multi-lingual and multi-currency capabilities. There are numerous business owners who are running their eCommerce store happily and their business is giving them high returns with Magento’s aid. Customers of Magento users are just more than happy as Magento allows business owners to offer numerous features to their customers. A Magento based online shopping portal has some extraordinary features which impresses customers instantly such as easy navigation, categorized and sub-categorized display of products, secure registration facility, product and price comparison, multiple payment gateways, discounts and many others. Nothing can act as a speed beaker in the way of growth of a Magento shopping cart. The tool has built-in SEO feature which ensures high ranking on search engines . Visitors will continue to visit a Magento
  2. 2. shopping cart quite frequently and will have no issues regarding slow loading of a website as Magento handles site load quite smartly regardless of the amount of traffic. It will not be wrong if one says that Magento is the perfect eCommerce web development tool. This tool has each and every feature which is demanded by a modern day online store owner. If they feel that their store need some extra feature to perform exceptionally, they can easily do so by integrating its extensions. Magento has a vast directory of extensions with which one can make their store invincible. The success of the Magento shopping cart platform largely depends on the way the power of Magento is used while developing a shopping cart. Only a true professional Magento web development services provider can give the access to a user of using Magento completely. So, it becomes a necessity to hire Magento developer for development of a Magento based shopping cart. Summary: - Magento is an open source platform which has been implemented by many business owners for development of their shopping cart. There is more than one reason. Some of the reasons are highlighted in this article.