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Leave no trace (lnt)
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Leave no trace (lnt)

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  • 1. The 7 principles to preserving the Great Outdoors Summarized by Cierra Simmons
  • 2. PLAN: Know rules and concerns of the area Schedule beforehand to avoid crowds Take small groups or divide large onesPREPARE Anticipate extreme weather, hazards, and emergencies Repackage food to minimize space used Use a map/compass to eliminate markings left behind
  • 3. -Make sure to travel and camp on durable surfaces Established trails, campsites, rock or gravel, dry grasses, or snow.-Protect wildlife habitats Camp at least 200 feet from lakes and streams or other habitats-Find your campsite…no need to make a new one or alter the old-In popular areas Use only existing trails and campsites and take care of them. Keep campsites small and as close to original state as possible.-In pristine areas Don’t create new campsites or trails and avoid newly impacted areas
  • 4. Leave it how you found it Whatever you brought, you take back.Dig a ‘cathole’ for any human waste but pack out toilet paper and hygiene products.For any washing on your trip carry water 200 feet away from streams or lakes. Use small amounts of biodegradable soap and spread used water out.
  • 5.  Preserve natural, cultural, and historic structures and artifacts. Leave everything as you find it. Avoid introducing/transporting non- native species Do not build or add any features to the land
  • 6. Campfires cause lasting effects to nature so: Use a [lightweight] stove for cooking and candle for light. Where fires are allowed, use existing fire rings, fire pans, or mound fire. Keep fires small and use sticks that are already on the ground. Burn wood completely and make sure fire is out.
  • 7. Respect other visitors Protect the quality of their experience as well as your own Take breaks and camp away from trails and other visitorsBe courteous Yield to others on trailTake downhill side when passing pack stockLet nature sound like…nature Avoid loud voices and noises
  • 8.  http://lnt.org/programs/principles.ph Pictures from Microsoft Word Clip Art Slide Show by: Cierra Simmons