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Mobile Web

Mobile Web






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    Mobile Web Mobile Web Presentation Transcript

    • Exploring the Mobile Web Nataliya Ryzhkina , Mobile Web Team Lead
        • Fragmentation
          • Mobile Device Categories
          • Mobile Knowlege
          • Mobile Browsing Experience 
      Mobile Development Challanges Exploring the Mobile Web
    • Mobile Development Challanges Mobile Device Categories Mobile Device Categories
        • Low-end mobile devices
        • Mid-end mobile devices
        • High-end mobile devices
        • Smartphones
        • Non-phone devices
        • Small Personal Object Technology (SPOTs)
        • Tablets
    • Mobile Development Challanges Mobile Knowlege Mobile Knowlege
        • Display
        • Resolution
        • Physical dimensions
        • Aspect ratio
        • Input methods
        • Other features
    • Mobile Development Challanges Mobile Browsing Experience  Mobile Browsing Experience 
        • Browsing Types (Focus navigation , Cursor navigation, Touch navigation, Multitouch navigation)
        • Zoom Experience
        • Reflow Engines
        • Direct Versus Proxied Browsers
        • Multipage Experience
        • The WebKit Engine
        • Preinstalled Browsers and User-Installable Browsers
        • Browser Overview
    • Browser Overview Browser/platform WebKit engine Smart zoom Proxied Navigation Safari Yes Yes No Multitouch Android browser Yes Yes No Multiple(a) Symbian/S60 Yes Yes No Cursor(a) Touch(a) BlackBerry No <= 5.0 Yes >= 6.0 Yes(a) Yes/No(b) Cursor Touch(a) Opera Mobile No Yes Yes/No(c) Focus Opera Mini No Yes Yes Focus  Touch(a) Internet Explorer No No < 6.5   Yes >= 6.5 No Focus  Touch(a) Nokia Series 40 No <= 5th ed. Yes >= 6th ed. No No (expected in the future) Focus WebOS Yes Yes No Touch NetFront No No No Focus(a) Cursor(a) Openwave (Myriad) No (yes in the future) No No Focus Obigo/Teleca No Yes >= Q7 No Multiple(a) Motorola Internet Browser No No No Focus Bada browser Yes Yes No Touch MicroB for Maemo No (Gecko) Yes No Multiple Firefox No (Gecko) Yes No Multiple UC browser No Yes Yes Multiple
    • Exploring the Mobile Web Benefits
        • Mobile Web Site, Hybrid Application, Native Application
        • Cross-platform/Cross-device compatability
        • Development tools
        • Graphic toolkits
        • Debuggers and Emulators
    • Benefits Mobile Web Site, Hybrid Application, Native Application Mobile Web Site Hybrid Application Native Application App store presence Only in web app stores In leading app stores In leading app stores App store approval None Required Required Upgrade flexibility High Direct update requires proprietary mechanism Direct update requires proprietary mechanism Installation user experience Via mobile browser, QR code Downloaded from app store Downloaded from app store Branded on-device presence Yes Yes Yes Offline availability Yes Yes Yes Monetization No app store fees App store fees apply App store fees apply Crawl-ability Possible Not possible Not possible
    • Benefits Hybrid Application
    • Benefits Cross-platform/Cross-device compatability
    • Benefits Development tools var listStore = {      data: [ {firstName: 'Alana', lastName: 'Wiersma'}, … ]} var myList = new Ext.Container({      items: [{          height: 500,          xtype: 'list',          store: listStore,          itemTpl: '<div class=&quot;contact&quot;> {firstName} {lastName} </div>',          grouped: true,          indexBar: true      }] }); <ul data-role=&quot;listview&quot;> <li><img src=&quot;images/gf.png&quot; alt=&quot;France&quot; class=&quot;ui-li-icon&quot;><a href=&quot;index.html&quot;>France</a> <span class=&quot;ui-li-count&quot;>4</span></li> <li><img src=&quot;images/de.png&quot; alt=&quot;Germany&quot; class=&quot;ui-li-icon&quot;><a href=&quot;index.html&quot;>Germany</a> <span class=&quot;ui-li-count&quot;>4</span></li> … </ul>
    • Benefits Graphic toolkits Touch Charts and Animator
    • Benefits Debuggers and Emulators Remote Device Access  Remote Test Lab  Virtual Developer Lab
    • Thank you! Nataliya Ryzhkina [email_address]