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  • The people that work in the company is when the company started , you can say it was before 10 years depending on your employees experience. Please delete everything related to Leaders here . Put small parag about your company , the why choose SteadyPoint can be the next slide as company overview .
  • Apps include: SharePoint Workspace, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote Mobile 2010Create, edit / comment, and save documents from any WM 6.5 phoneBrowse, open, and save files to SharePoint 2010 sites To be released with Office 2010 wave
  • Add to the right of the circles another box giving tools that will lead to the proposed solution like , adding task management , discussion boards ( SharePoint featrues , . Add screen shots to the slides and look at Anan presentation.
  • Add agile methodology to the right of the slides .
  • Add it as table
  • Add it as table
  • Put high level sectors instead of private sector .
  • Steady pointpresentation outsourcing version 3

    1. 1. SteadyPoint August 3rd, 2011 SteadyPoint Company Ersal Street, Ramallah, Palestine Tel: +97(0) -2241 -4415 Fax: +97(0)-2241 -4415Email : ; Web :
    2. 2. Table of Contents• Company Overview• Clients• Products/ Services – SharePoint Features – Sites – Community – Content – Search – Insights – Composites – Sites• SteadyPoint Utilizing SharePoint• SteadyPoint Services Types – From Zero to SharePoint Intranet Offer – Focused On-Site Engagement Offer – SharePoint Professional Services – SharePoint Outsourcing Services• Sectors / Industries• Why Choose SteadyPoint?• The Future 2
    3. 3. Company Overview Established in early 2011 A Palestinian-limited partnership-company A promising Software Solutions Provider Early 2011 Mid 2011 Now (Aug, 2011) The Future SteadyPoint Kick SteadyPointChallenges Faced Future Plans OFf NOW! • Registration & • Three Projects • Capacity• No Office legal Advices • Ten global Building• No Business • Business Potential • Huge Global Pros Consultations projects Connections• No Legal • Global & local • 2 full time and 2 • Outsourcing Consultations; connections part time Projects and • New Offices employees • Offices in Dubai• No Global • 2 Full time & the USA Marketing employees• Only 2 part time employees
    4. 4. Clients• Palestinian Ministry of National Economy• Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics• Jawwal – Largest Palestinian Telecom Company• CHF International• Luxury Publications – Dubai
    5. 5. Products/Services Collaborative Management Systems Business Process Sites Management System Composites Communities Office Client & Office Web App Integration Social Networking SitesBusiness Intelligence: Performance Point Insights Content Analytics Document Management Search Archiving Management Internet WCM System Knowledge Management
    6. 6. S+S Platform Strategy • The web platform is a key enabler of the Software PLUS services strategy • Choice – data : “on premise” and / or “in the cloud” • Choice – devices & experiences: “rich” or “reach” UI Online Cloud Services On Premise Reach Rich MobileEasy, Powerful IW Experiences
    7. 7. Architecture User Digital AJAX Experiences Marketing Applications Code v Customise ASP.NET 3.5 •Web Parts •Master Pages •Membership •Navigation •Caching Windows Workflow Foundation WindowsCommunication Foundation • Web Services SharePoint Foundation
    8. 8. Office Ribbon UIDo more faster / better
    9. 9. SharePoint SitesTaking entire sites offline with SharePoint Workspace
    10. 10. Office sync center Reduce network-related costs with locally cached contentLocal copy saved for offline access Synchronizing only Editing conflict resolved updated sections (deltas) by merge engine
    11. 11. Office BackstageIn-context collaboration
    12. 12. Office Web Applications
    13. 13. Multi-lingual User Interface
    14. 14. SharePoint Sites SitesComposites Communities Insights Content Search
    15. 15.  Internet SharePoint Sites Business Enterprise Web Platform Quickly build / deploy Enterprise class web sites that help reach, engage and empower employees, customers and partners •Powerful Framework Internet •Flexible Web Server Extranet •Robust Database •Standard-Friendly Tools •Secure and Scalable Enterprise Division Team Individual  Business Productivity
    16. 16. SharePoint Sites Delivering information and applications under the context of the user• Authentication - identification• Authorisation - access controls / role based• Personalisation - user profile system• Audiences - content targeting
    17. 17. SharePoint Sites• Web part framework – Web Parts – Web Part Zones• Allow users to customize the website by adding, deleting, and moving controls around the page based on Web Part Zones
    18. 18. SharePoint Communities SitesComposites Communities Insights Content Search
    19. 19. SharePoint Communities Social Computing and Collaboration “People are key !”• Social interaction on the web is immensely popular by consumers – now quickly gaining traction and adoption by Enterprise organisations• Evolution of collaboration• Shift of focus away from content to people and communities User generated content People search MySites Presence Colleague tracking Empowering teams via workspaces
    20. 20. SharePoint CommunitiesCreate community knowledge with Wikis and Blogs
    21. 21. SharePoint CommunitiesUse My Site to share your interests, responsibilities and activities
    22. 22. SharePoint CommunitiesEasily find expertise with People Search
    23. 23. SharePoint CommunitiesEasily build and access your business community
    24. 24. SharePoint Communities Outlook Social Connector
    25. 25. SharePoint Content SitesComposites Communities Insights Content Search
    26. 26. SharePoint Content Information workers need tools to manage the entire lifecycle of content from the time it is created to when it is published and finally disposed or stored for long term archival Integrated solution to manage the complete content lifecycle Review/ Manage Publish Archive Dispose Author Approve Enable aauthoring/information capture with review/approval capabilities Centrally managed repositories with retention/auditing policies, metadata and security Integrated intranet, extranet and internet publishing capabilities Content Type = Metadata + Behavior Taxonomy = corporate top down / folksonomy bottom up
    27. 27. SharePoint Content Document Management • Storage and retrieval of electronic data files – Reuse and protect knowledge assets – Facilitate structured document authoring and collaboration – Integrated content and business processes Document Repository Workflow / Business Processes•Check in / Checkout Sales Employment Claims•Versioning (major/minor)•Metadata•Content approval •Contracts Asia Pacific Region•Workflow•Role based security•Auditing Scanner or Multi- Office function device Team Sites Forms Web
    28. 28. SharePoint Content Document Management SharePoint Document Libraries providing DM functionalityTight Desktop Integration
    29. 29. SharePoint Content Web Content Management• Authoring and publishing system to empower non-technical content authors to manage a web site – Give business users the power to author and publish web content in a timely manner – Utilize brand assets more effectively – Lower the cost of managing multiple site and multilingual delivery Web Content Repository• Separation of content and presentation• Authoring: Content (HTML Editor / Office)• Built in review/approval Templates HTML workflow Web Pages• Site variations• Personalised content• Deployment system Site Developers Template designers Content Graphics Designers Authors
    30. 30. SharePoint Content Enterprise Rendering Pages Content Management Master Page • Publishing feature must be ‘Activated’ Field Controls • ASP.NET 2.0 Master Pages are used to control look and feel of the website • Page Layout defines the remainder of the page • Provides consistency for similar types of pages • Field Controls render the content items • Three lives : View Mode, Edit Page Layout mode & Design Time FileName PageLayout Title Body ImageWelcome.aspx PageLayout.aspx Welcome To News Lorem ipsum dolor sit ... /Images/Chair.jpg ‘Pages’ Doc Lib 2.0 CMS Page Rendering
    31. 31. SharePoint ContentWeb Content Management
    32. 32. SharePoint Content Records Management• Information created, received, and maintained as evidence in pursuance of legal obligations or in the transaction of business – Reduce risk of non-compliance and legal liability – Retain vital records for business continuity – Reduce costs of retrieving information for legal discovery• Configure repository as per file plan Records Records Repository• Capture and categorise Manager business records• Auditing, expiration and Contracts Financials Mortgage retention policies (definedby regulations or Asia Pacific Region business policies)• Hold capabilities in case of litigation Scanner or Multi- Office function device Team Sites Forms Web
    33. 33. SharePoint ContentMake it easy for users to enter metadata and use it
    34. 34. SharePoint ContentExpand reach of records management across the enterprise
    35. 35. SharePoint ContentEnable employees to deliver value fast with Document Sets
    36. 36. SharePoint Search SitesComposites Communities Insights Content Search
    37. 37. SharePoint Search• Employees / consumers need tools to quickly locate relevant information from diverse data sources. Desktop Search Windows Desktop Search Find Built-in Free download Use Enterprise Search Share Find information People across the desktop, intranet and Internet Use information Internet Search via intuitive, familiar interfaces Share information among teams and connect people in real-time
    38. 38. SharePoint SearchDesigned for a collaboration platform
    39. 39. SharePoint SearchConversational search that understands your information
    40. 40. SharePoint Insights SitesComposites Communities Insights Content Search
    41. 41. SharePoint Insights Information workers need tools to make well informed business decisions and enable competitive advantage. Business Insight Dashboards, KPI web parts Browser based access to spreadsheet functionality Connect to OLAP cubes / SQL 2005 Analysis Services Performance management process through personalized Web-based scorecards Advanced analytic and data visualization capabilities
    42. 42. SharePoint InsightsEffective data analysis and decision-making with Excel Services
    43. 43. SharePoint InsightsEnhanced business insight with PerformancePoint Services
    44. 44. SharePoint InsightsVisualize data and interact with it using Visio Services
    45. 45. SharePoint Composites SitesComposites Communities Insights Content Search
    46. 46. SharePoint CompositesElectronic Forms Scalable, security-enhanced, standards-based data-gathering solution Workflow – e.g. Approval, Request Feedback, Translation Workflows in flight are persisted in SharePoint Human workflow interaction via Office Client or SharePoint. Window Workflow Out of the box standard patterns re shipped with MOSS 2007 Foundation Custom workflows developers using SharePoint Designer 2007 Complex workflow developers using Visual Studio Integration Business connectiivity services.
    47. 47. SharePoint Composites Easily build solutions with SharePoint Designer 2010
    48. 48. SharePoint CompositesRobust process automation with InfoPath Forms
    49. 49. SharePoint CompositesEnhance out-of-box functionality with Visio & Visio Services
    50. 50. SharePoint Composites Governable self-service deployment with SandBoxed SolutionsWhat can be deployed?• Web Parts• Event Receivers• Feature Activation Receivers• Workflow Actions• InfoPath Forms• Site and List Templates Restricted to Limited resources • Code CPU Time • SQL Execution Time • Number Exceptions Custom Code is Isolated • Separate Process/Server • Scale Out
    51. 51. Products/Services - Continued• SteadyMigrator : – File migrator from File Server to SharePoint 2010 with permissions & metadata . – File migrator from File Server to SharePoint Online ( Office 365 ) on Cloud .• SteadyScan : Scan your documents directly to your SharePoint• SteadyScan : Sync your E-Fax with SharePoint Libraries
    52. 52. SteadyPoint Utilizing SharePoint •Convenient access to the •Ribbon User Interface necessary information •Advance Search capabilities •Easy retrieval & access to •Task management & Discussion Employees information through search Boards •Improve communication which •Enterprise Content will lead to reduce # of emails. Management System •Content Ownership •Decentralized Content creation •Easy Content Management •Assessment of productivity and •KPI & Analytical Charts – performance Business Intelligence Managers •Automated Workflows &SharePoint •Enhancement of business processes efficiency Business Processes •Easy retrieval & access to •Enterprise Advance Search in information through search all content •SharePoint Insights & Sites & Communities •Higher ROI •Integrated through Windows Security & •Increased security of business SSL in addition to Kerberos Authentication Organization information •One Platform for all your systems & •Unified Cooperate Culture •Searching through all your systems & •Knowledge management documents and Information
    53. 53. SteadyPoint Services Models• From Zero to SharePoint Intranet Model• Focused On-Site Engagement Model• SharePoint Professional Services Model• SharePoint Outsourcing Services Model
    54. 54. From Scratch to a Complete SharePoint Intranet •Kick Off •Overview of SharePoint Features Initiate •Demo •Project Scope •Business Needs Business Assessment •Stockholders Meetings •Analyses for Business Needs •Proposed Design Solution Architecture •Infrastructure Validation •Implementation Plan •Business Needs / SharePoint features mapping •Governance Recommendation Roadmap •Live Demo •SharePoint robust solution deployment •QA testing & UAT Deployment •Go Live
    55. 55. Ad-hoc (Focused) On-Site EngagementsSolving your new business challenges using existing SharePoint ImplementationComplete Governance Plan for your SharePoint ImplementationNew Brand & interactive design and navigation for your SharePoint ImplementationGetting the most out of SharePoint Workflows , Search , Business Intelligence, andECMUser adoption plan by truly engaging your employees
    56. 56. Advanced SharePoint ConsultationsSimplifying Solving Critical SharePointComplexity Problems Strategy• Simplifying SharePoint • Fully Integrated • Staging Deployment complexity Platform • User Adoption• Complex • Simplified Content • Governance Strategy Customization in Management • SharePoint Roadmap Simple interaction • Business Insights Solutions
    57. 57. B2B Outsourcing Model• SharePoint Development Services• SharePoint Maintenance Services• Business Advisory Consultations• SharePoint Back-End Configuration• SharePoint Installation & Deployments• SharePoint Branding Services• SharePoint Customizations services
    58. 58. Sectors / IndustriesGovernmental Private Sector Sector NGO IS
    59. 59. Why Choose SteadyPoint ? Cost One of the most cost-competitive providers in the World. Quality High quality products and services.Methodology Scrum Management – Agile Oriented Senior team members, who are Microsoft SharePoint Team certified, business oriented, and with decades of valued experience. Worldwide Served many worldwide organizations such as: HP, Intel, Experience CISCO, Pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland, etc. We design our products for innovation, enabling collaboration and interactivity. Using our SteadyLabs (which Innovation is part of our Research-and-Design strategy), we will continue to offer best-in-class SharePoint solutions.
    60. 60. The Future• To be a well known software solution provider in the Middle East and Worldwide by building and offering highly innovative and specialized products and services.• Open Two Branches in the Dubai, USA & EU .• Selling and offering products on a Global Scale• Sustainable Capacity Building
    61. 61. Thank You!