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FILM315 Presentation


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  • 1. Love at First Click:
    A courtship with E-Dating
    Image by Ambrozjo, stock.xchng
  • 2. Everyone dreams of finding that one perfectperson…
    Image by L. Hollis Photography, Flickr
  • 3. Someone who both compliments us and challengesus to be the best person we can be.
    Image by L. Hollis Photography, Flickr
  • 4. In past decades, in order to meet someone many people relied on mutual friends, arranged social events, personal ads, and bars.
    Image by cjhallman, stock.xchng
  • 5. But even if two people met, the odds of finding true love could seem pretty rare.
    Image by Yané, Flickr
  • 6. This would explain why more and more people have been opting to try to find love online instead of visiting the local bar.
    Image by chasz57, Flickr
  • 7. In fact, only 9% of women and 2% of men say they’ve actually found a relationship at a bar.
    Worldwide Online Dating Statistics, The Dating Journal (February 20, 2010)
    Image by Tombre, stock.xchng
  • 8. When the first online dating site launched in the 1990s, admitting to looking for love online was considered taboo and often kept secret.
    Image by Christian Kitazume, stock.xchng
  • 9. However, this is no longer the case. In a recent survey, 1.1 to 1.2 million Canadians have admitted to using an online dating site.
    Worldwide Online Dating Statistics, The Dating Journal (February 20, 2010)
    Image by len-k-a, stock.xchng
  • 10. Today, the ages of people using online dating range from 19 to 89 with a mean of 48 years old.
    (John M Grohol PsyD, WhoUsesInternet Dating?)
    Image by Shannah Pace, stock.xchng
  • 11. There is conflicting data on which of the sexes uses online dating more.
    Image by Stéfan, Flickr
  • 12. One Canadian survey suggests that of those using online dating, there are 37% more men than women, which means for every woman using online dating services, there are more than two men.
    Worldwide Online Dating Statistics, The Dating Journal (February 20, 2010)
    Image by siewlian, stock.xchng
  • 13. However, in another study, it was estimated that
    58 percent of women in the United States and
    48 percent of the men use online dating services.
    (A Business of Love: Online Dating by the numbers, Visual Economics).
    Image by Internet Dating Service, Flickr
  • 14. Regardless of who is E-dating, the business of love is booming. In 2007, dating sites earned about $1.03 billion in revenues.
    (A Business of Love: Online Dating by the numbers, Visual Economics)
    Image by lolo_stock, stock.xchng
  • 15. In 2012, that figure is expected to climb to $1.65 billion.
    (A Business of Love: Online Dating by the numbers, Visual Economics)
    Image by Andi Braun, stock.xchng
  • 16. There are hundreds of online dating sites to choose from each offering a different experience.
    Image by RFI4109, Flickr
  • 17. Some dating sites, such as PlentyofFish.comandYahoo! Personals allow users to browse through numerous profiles and pick and choose who they would like to contact.
    Image by Homies In Heaven, Flickr
  • 18. While other dating sites such as, and eHarmony claim to use sophisticated scientific algorithymsto determine a users compatibility with other users.
    Image by 123dan321, stock.xchng
  • 19. One of the leading Online Dating sites that uses algorithms, eHarmony, requires customers to answer a
    258-question personality test which is used to match them with others based on attributes such as intellect, values, and character.
    Image by Martin Boose, stock.xchng
  • 20. The success rate of E-dating is fairly difficult to pinpoint. However, one survey found that women are most likely to find a potential relationship online, with 72% admitting to having had an online romance, compared to 52% of men.
    (James Orat, Online Dating Statistics)
    Image by yogurt with sprinkles, Flickr
  • 21. Another survey found that 63% of Canadians who have tried E-dating have admitted to having sex with at least one person they met online.
    Worldwide Online Dating Statistics, The Dating Journal (February 20, 2010)
    Image by The Kit and the Cub, Flickr
  • 22. Looking for long term? A survey by found that 17 percent of those who married in the past three years met online.
    (Ellen McCarthy, Marriage-minded do better online than at bars, survey claims)
    Image by bea29sm, stock.xchng
  • 23. So how much is love going for nowadays?
    Although there are some free online dating sites, increasingly popular sites such as and offer their services for $29.99-59.99 per month.
    Apparently, you CAN buy love!
    Image by Vea Avernalis, stock.xchng
  • 24. Not impressed by the traditional Online Dating sites, there are alternatives…
    Image by Derek Kimball, stock.xchng
  • 25. For those on the go with no time to browse through online profiles…
    There’s an app for that!
    StreetSpark, which uses GPS and Wi-Fi chips, is a smartphone app that helps you meet potential partners based location.
    Image by samsungtomorrow, Flickr
  • 26. Many social networking sites also offer dating applications. Zooskis a dating community that works with social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Bebo.
    Image by Scott Beale/Laughing Squid, Flickr
  • 27. The onlineenvironment is the perfect breeding ground forfantasiesbecause it allows us to ascribe all the wonderful qualities we want in a partner to someone we've never met.
    (Dr. Phil, Falling in Love Online)
    Image by The Kit and the Cub, Flickr
  • 28. Experts do warn that caution should be used when using online dating services…
    Image by kriegs, stock.xchng
  • 29. Unfortunately, online deception is very common and can take a variety of forms, from exaggeration to outright lying.
    Image by torli, stock.xchng
  • 30. The most common things that people lie about online are weight, height, age, relationship status and income. However, some have estimated that one in 10 online daters is a sex offender.
    (Love and Dating, Editors of Netscape)
    Image by Andre Delhaye, Flickr
  • 31. In fact, a California woman recently filed suit against, who set her up as prey to a violent sexual predator with a long rap sheet.
    (Molly J. Coombs, Blast Magazine)
    Image by Jason Morrison, stock.xchng
  • 32. The reality is that E-dating may not be for everyone, but with what you now know...
    Image by simon thomaschke, stock.xchng
  • 33. Is it for you?
    By Stacy Shane
    Posted May 20, 2011
    Image by Svilen Milev, stock.xchng