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Question 1

  1. 1. By Saagar Shah
  2. 2. Before Producing any music video for an artist, the producers, editors and directors look at othercurrent artists’ music video to have the same conventions. The type of conventions they look for arethe type of camera shots used in the video, the type and quickness of the edits, the narrative usedand the Mise En Scene. This included the locations used in the music video, the type of clothing,makeup worn, the body and face expressions used and finally the lighting and colour used.In order to feel like the music video belongs in that genre, these seven elements are extremelyfocused on and makes up the whole music video.Therefore as the producer, editor and director of the whole music video, I decided to view otherartists in the same genre as K-OS and look at their music videos. I particularly focused on theseven elements throughout watching several Grime/Hip Hop music videos.
  3. 3. The first artist I looked at was Grime artist K Koke who already has the same conventions as K-OS.Firstly, both artists were born in London, K-OS is from East London while K Koke is fromStonebridge. Secondly, both artists are in the same genre of music. However, unlike K-OS, K Kokeis signed onto a record deal with Hip Hop artist Jay-Z.The song I decided to analyse and view was K-Koke’s song “I’m Back”.
  4. 4. Camera Shots: K-OS – Kick Dat Down [Our Music Video] K Koke – Im BackAs the screenshots show, we tried to follow some of the same conventions of camera shots. The shoton the left is a mid shot of the artist with no one behind him. The same can be said for our video
  5. 5. Camera Shots: K Koke – Im Back K-OS – Kick Dat Down [Our Music Video]The shot on the left is also found on K Koke’s music video. It shows a long shot of traffic on a road.The clip was quite shot as it faded in for two seconds and then faded out. We also decided to use thesame conventions and created the same type of shot. However, our shot was one and a half secondslong.
  6. 6. The second artist I looked at was Grime/Hip Hop artist Lowkey who also has similar conventions asK-OS. Firstly, both artists are both English and Arab descent. Secondly, both artists are in the samegenre of music. Thirdly, both artists like to talk about negative things about the world, for exampleLowkey likes to talk about the government politics, wars and global peace in the song “Hand onyour gun”. Like Lowkey, K-OS likes to talk about the problems with mainstream artists and thecurrent poverty in the world in his tracks such as the song “Kick Dat Down”.The song I decided to analyse and view was Lowkey – Hand On Your Gun
  7. 7. Camera Shots: LOWKEY – Hand On Your Gun K-OS – Kick Dat Down [Our Music Video]The shot on the left is found on Lowkey’s song called “Hand On Your Gun”. The shot is an low angle shot where thecamera is placed low on the vertical axis to make the artist/character look more strong and powerful. Furthermore, inthe Lowkey music video, there is a iconic statue behind the artist which seems like the music video was shot in London.For our music video, we decided to film the artist in the same low angle. We also decide to shoot in Leicester Squarewhich contains very iconic buildings and statues which will mean other viewers will know it was shot in London. Thislocation could give the feeling that this is where K-OS lives.
  8. 8. Camera Shots: LOWKEY – Hand On Your Gun K-OS – Kick Dat Down [Our Music Video]The shot on the left is also found on Lowkey’s song “Hand On Your Gun”. The shot is another low angle shot where thecamera is placed low on the vertical axis to make the police man look more strong. The use of the British Police iswidely used in Grime music videos and in the lyrics as it usually shown to give a negative look to the police. Wedecided to use the same conventions and add it into our music video.
  9. 9. Camera Shots: LOWKEY – Something Wonderful K-OS – Kick Dat Down [Our Music Video] The shot on the left is found in Lowkey’s song called “Something Wonderful”. It shows the artist walking away from right to left while the camera is only filming only one side of his body. This is called a ‘Pan Shot’. The shot is also a mid-shot. We decided to use the same conventions in Lowkey’s music video and place it into our music video. However, the clip from Lowkey’s song is ten seconds long which we thought was too long. Therefore we made our shot two seconds long. Furthermore, the shot in Lowkeys song goes from right to left while we make our artist go from left to right.
  10. 10. The third artist I looked at was grime/hip hop artist Devlin. Like Lowkey, Devlin likes to talk aboutthe poverty especially where he was brought up which was in South London. This shows that K-OShas similar kind and also likes to talk about the same subject.The song I analysed was Community Outcast by Devlin.
  11. 11. Camera Shots: Devlin - Community Outcast K-OS – Kick Dat Down [Our Music Video] The shot on the left is found in Devlin’s song called “Community Outcast” It shows a homeless man sleeping on the streets. These type of shots of poverty are widely used in music videos to portray the real world of poverty and how bad it is. Also, the use of having these types of imagery gives the user looking at the music video a sense of emotion and sadness due to people not having a proper bed/food/water etc. Also the use of making the music video black and white or greyscale emphasis the video by making it look dull and depressing. Our media product also uses these conventions as we decided to film an homeless man and changed the colour to black and white to get the desirable effect.
  12. 12. Edit:As well as analysing the type of camera shots used in current music videos, I decided to analyse the type andquickness of the edits used. I once again looked back at the two mainstream grime/rap artists (K Koke and Lowkey) forfurther conventions as these artists relate best to K-OS.The type and quickness of the edits which use similar conventions to real media products: The shots on the left is from another Lowkey song called “Obama Nation”. The three separate shots were put together by myself to show the different text which appears in one segment of the music video. This was clearly done after the filming of the music video was completed and was in the editing stages. The text itself seems to tell a story while the artist mimics his own lyrics. The use text on screen gives the music video more emphasis of what the artist is really saying. As a group, we decided to use this idea and put it into our music video. I said that we should show the lyrics on screen by text and then sync it with the music so when the artist says it, the lyrics appear on screen. The text and the background was all made by me.
  13. 13. Edit:By analysing the different grime/rap music videos, I found that the editing is very quick and one shot lasts no longer then threeseconds. To make our music video feel like it belongs in the right genre, we decided we needed to make the music video veryfast pace by having very shot clips in the music video. Our music video also needed a lot of straight forward jump cuts andneeded minimum ‘fancy’ transitions like ‘wipe’ or ‘star’.Here is an example of our music video which has very quick shots and straight jump cuts: Duration: 2 seconds Duration: 2 seconds Edit: Straight jump cut Edit: Straight jump cut Here is an example of other real music videos with similar style of edits:Song: K-Koke – Song: Lowkey – HandI’m Back on your gunDuration: 2 Duration: 1 and a halfseconds secondsEdit: Straight Edit: Straight jump cutjump cut
  14. 14. Edit:Throughout editing the music video, we decided to add little effects onto the clips. The first effect we used was called ‘Bad TV’.We used this effect because it gave the music video a more gritty and urban feel to it by distorting and shaking the clips to makeit look like a broken/faulty TV. Here are screenshots of the ‘Bad TV’ effect being used in the music video:This effect is not really seen in current real media products therefore its challenging the conventions.
  15. 15. Edit:Another effect we decided to use was called ‘Tint’. This effect made the clip greyscale (black and white). We decided to use thisclip as it would give an effect as the artist is having flashbacks of how is life was like when he was poor and on the streets. It alsomakes the music video more sad and depressing due to the lack of colours.Here are screenshots of the effect being used in the video: This type of effect is also used in real media products. For example, the song “Community Outcast” by grime artist Devlin uses the tint effect in his music video for the same purposes:
  16. 16. Edit:Another effect we added onto our Music Video was called ‘Earthquake’. This effect shook the screen like an actual earthquake.Here are screenshots of the effect being used in the video: We decided to add this effect after the bottle We decided to add the earthquake effect on got kicked by the artist because we wanted this part of the lyrics as these are the main to give a visual feeling that the camera got words spoken throughout the video. hit with the bottle and therefore shook the Therefore to make them feel more dramatic I whole camera changed the texting and also added the effect.This earthquake effect has rarely been used in music videos in the same genre as K-OS. Therefore I believe weare challenging conventions of a real media product
  17. 17. Edit:The last edit/effects we added into our Music Video was changing the speed of some of the clips and a effect named ‘Trail’.By making some clips slower and some quicker, it gives a different depth to the music video and makes it more exciting to watch.This can also be said about the effect ‘Trail’. The effect makes the clip leave a light trail of the object. We decided to use thiseffect with the speeded up clips to make them look even more quicker. As well as this, we also added the speed effect on itsown.Below are a few screenshots of both effects (sped up and trail) being used in our music video:This effect of speeding and slowing down clips have widely been used in other music videos. One example is K Koke’s musicvideo called ‘Im Back’. The clip in K Koke’s video is a long shot of a road. It is then sped up. This shot is very similar to the shotwe made. The long shot of the road from K Koke’s music video
  18. 18. Narrative:After analysing multiple music videos, I found that many of the grime artists and there songs don’t particularly have an narrative.As well as this, during our research and planning of making our music videos, we decided that we would make our music video aperformance music videos and not an narrative.
  19. 19. Mise En SceneMise En Scene is key-term which means all the essentials inside every shot of the music video. There are five elements in theMise En Scene. These are:-Location- Type of clothing/makeup worn- Body and facial expressions-Lighting-Colour
  20. 20. Location:For our music video, we used three locations. The first was Leicester Square in Central London. We decided to use this locationas many Hip Hop/Grime/Rap artists use Central London as their location because it is quite bright and looks elegant. It also hasrich buildings which are iconic and will mean other people will know it is from London. Finally, most artists use Central Londonas there first location because it makes them feel like they are rich and have grown out of the poor areas of London or otherparts of the UK.Here are a few screenshots of Leicester Square in our music video:
  21. 21. Location:Here are a few screenshots of other real media products who choose Central London as a location for their music video: Here is a screenshot of a shot from K Koke’s The same can be said of this screenshot of music video called “I’m back”. The location Lowkey’s video called “Hand on your gun”. looks like a bridge in Central London. This location was most likely be used because of the lighting, built up buildings and the fact that K Koke is now more rich because he got signed onto a record deal.
  22. 22. Location:The second location we went for were suburbs in Stratford. This is because we wanted to film K-OS in a location where it wasmore run down and feel like this is where K-OS lived and was part of. We also wanted an area which was a complete contrast toCentral London. Finally, we decided to choose Stratford for the shooting as K-OS is from East London and it will hopefully let himrepresent the people in East London.Here are a few screenshots of Stratford in our music video:
  23. 23. Location:Here are a few screenshots of other real media products who choose low run down suburbs as a location for their music video: Council Flats Closed Shops Here is a screenshot of a shot from Devlin’s Here is also another screenshot of a shot from music video called “Community Outcast”. The Devlin’s music video called “Community shot is an mid shot of the artist and behind him Outcast”. The shot is an mid-long shot of the are council flats. This shows that this is a run artist and around him is a closed, empty and down area. run down street.
  24. 24. Location:The last location is inside a library. We filmed K-OS writing the lyrics . After analysing a couple of grime/rap music, this is lessconventional and is rarely seen.Here is a screenshot of the shot we did:
  25. 25. Type of clothing/makeup worn:The type of clothing worn in a music video is very important. The clothing reflects what type ofgenre it is. For example a music video from rock will wear leather jackets and black skinny jeans.By researching through music videos I found that grime/hip hop artists like to wear big jackets,baggy jeans, era caps, tank tops and big baggy jumpers.For our music video, we decided to dress K-OS wearing baggy jeans, trainers, a puffy jacket anda black hat. I believe this fits K-OS into the correct genre and makes him look big and thuggish.We also dressed him the way we did as we wanted to follow the same conventions as other realmedia products and not confuse the viewer into what he is watching.Here a few screenshots of K-OS’s clothing: Black Beanie Black puffy jacket Blue Jeans Trainers
  26. 26. Type of clothing/makeup worn:Here are a few screenshots of other real artists in the same genre as K-OS wearing similarclothing: K Koke – “Cold roads” K Koke – “I’m Back” Big Puffy Jacket Blue Jeans Black Jacket with hood up
  27. 27. Body/Facial Expressions:The body/facial expressions in a grime/rap music video is clearly conveyed through every music video. The body expressionsare generally moving your arms in flow with the lyrics.Here is an example of other artists who tend to move their arms when lip syncing the lyrics: K Koke – “I’m back” K Koke – “Cold roads”Both screenshots above show the artist moving his arms and hands with the lyrics. Secondly, the facial expressions the artistsuse go with the tone of the song. For example a song to do with hatred, the artist is angry. On the other hand, in the music video“I’m Back”, K Koke shows that he is happy because he’s back after not making music for a long time.
  28. 28. Body/Facial Expressions:When making our music video, we decided to tell K-OS to use these type of body/facial expressions. Here are a fewscreenshots of K-OS using these type of body/facial expressions. Here is an screenshot of the Here is another screen of the artist using artist using body expressions to body expressions to go with the lyrics. The go with the lyrics. The artist artist points at the camera to give an effect shakes his fingers which goes that the artist is personally talking to the with the lyrics “I ain’t going to be viewer. a bay-cat”
  29. 29. Lighting and colour:When making our music video, the use of lighting and colour was very important. The type of lighting and colour used in a musicvideo represents the emotions in the song.In our music video, we decided to use both dark and bright lighting. The bright lighting will represent K-OS rising in fame andmoney. This was then filmed in the rich parts of London. Secondly, the colours will be much brighter and have more white andblue tints. We will then film in dark lighting which will represent the poor location and how K-OS was like before the fame. Thiswill be filmed on poor streets. The colours used will be dark reds and black tints as these colours are seen as miserable anddepressing.Here are a few screenshots: Bright lighting with more bright Dark lighting with dark red and colours in Central London to black in suburbs to represent represent success sadness and isolation
  30. 30. Lighting:By setting the lighting and colour to different levels to show emotions is widely used in real media products. Here is an exampleof a artist as the same genre as K-OS called Ghetts and his music video “Artillery”. The screenshot above shows dark colours like dark On the other hand, the screenshot above of K green, dark blue and black with a lack of lighting Koke’s music video “I’m back” shows bright colours This gives an expression of negative emotion like light blue and white and has well lit up lighting which suggests fame and success