Quit smoking with Hypnosis system


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Quitting smoking can be one of the most difficult, yet rewarding things a person can do. Most smokers' say they would like to quit, and may have tried at least once. These tips and facts will assist you in quitting for good.

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Quit smoking with Hypnosis system

  1. 1. ==== ====Would you like to quit smoking Naturally Within 2 Months. check this for more informationhttp://tinyurl.com/73tdyhz==== ====Each day, smokers everywhere vow to quit smoking and never smoke again. And although theyhave the best intentions to quit smoking, many quickly fail. Smoking is one of the hardest habits totry to break. The reasons are the limiting belief in a chemical model for "cigarette addiction" andsmoking cessation and the false claims that nicotine is more addictive than heroin and cocaine.What a destructive myth that so many people have been hypnotized to believe by the same publicand private institutions that pose as helping them. Actually those institutions are taking advantageof them.Proving the Myth is FalseSome doctors erroneously believe or falsely claim that "nicotine is more addictive than cocaine orheroin." The proof that claim is false is very easy. If you are one of the over 47 million people whowant to quit smoking in the USA, and youve tried to quit smoking before, you probably wereirritable and cranky, craved cigarettes and possibly felt shaky. It was uncomfortable, but didnt lasta long time, only about 2-4 days. While even if you dont know anyone who overcame an addictionto narcotics or cocaine, you probably know that physical withdrawal from those drugs is severeand painful. The symptoms of withdrawal from narcotics include vomiting, severe abdominal painsand often hallucinations. They lock people up in rehab facilities for 21 days or more to ensure theyhave the drugs out of their system.The Problem With Efforts to Quit SmokingMany smokers have smoked for years and years. To quit smoking cold turkey leaves peoplesuffering from withdrawal symptoms and nicotine cravings. Even with all of the research aboutsmoking, it is still one of the leading causes of preventable deaths and diseases. Smoking hasbeen linked to many various fatal illnesses, including cancer and emphysema. Reports show thatpeople who continue to smoke can drastically shorten their lives by up to 15 years.Depending on how much you smoke per day, youre spending from $1730 to $5190 per year oncigarettes.If the difficulty of quitting smoking is keeping you from actually stopping, why not try something tomake it simpler? Since smoking is thought to be a 90% emotional addiction and a 10% physicaladdiction, why not try to conquer the emotional addiction of smoking to relax when yourestressed? This is where hypnosis for stopping smoking can help.The Solution: Quit Smoking With HypnosisAlthough the word hypnosis is often linked to eager volunteer participants who bark like a dog,
  2. 2. crow like a rooster or do some other amusing action, hypnosis for stopping smoking is serious. Ithelps to conquer the cravings and to support sincere desire to quit smoking and to start living ahealthier life. Of course if you needed to crow like a rooster to quit smoking, you can admit toyourself that you would.The power of suggestion is a useful tool. To prove this, think of how much money is spent eachyear on tobacco advertising. Although advertising is not hypnosis in its purest form, advertisingworks simply because people are open to suggestion.In order for hypnosis for quitting smoking to work, you must first believe that it will work. Hypnosisreaches the inner core of the problem, your mind. Learning to live without cigarettes can be easy.Hypnosis works to reinforce your desire and motivation to quit smoking. It helps to lesson theanxiety associated with quitting smoking and helps to build self confidence when around otherswho continue to smoke.How to Find a Hypnosis Clinic to Quit SmokingHypnosis to quit smoking is very successful. In fact, studies show that individualized hypnosisprograms are the most effective method to quit smoking. There are people who report that theynever feel the need to pick up another cigarette.When you seek a hypnosis clinic to help you quit smoking, be certain to look for these elements ofa successful hypnosis clinic where you can expect to get good results:1. Is the hypnosis clinic in a professional office and do you feel comfortable in the facilities? Youshould have a professional hypnotist with in depth experience with hypnosis and quit smokingsuccess.2. Do you get a free hypnosis screening session to determine if you can be hypnotized and willbenefit from hypnosis? If the hypnotist or hypnotherapist doesnt bother to determine if he canaccept you as a client, how can you assume that it will work for you? Look for a hypnotist thatoffers a written service guarantee and a free hypnosis screening because while you want aprofessional who is confident enough to guarantee his services, you do need to qualify for theprogram.3. Do you get to see the first person reports of results from the hypnosis quit smoking system usedthere at the clinic? Read the results that other people like you got using hypnosis. You should seeat written evidence of real clients who quit using hypnosis.Although individual results may vary, you can feel confident when you find a hypnosis clinic thatoffers you proof such as this that the clients get results and a written service guarantee. Theseendorsements are from clinics using the McFall method of hypnosis trainingWith the detrimental impact smoking can cause to your health and your wallet and theunbelievable impact of quitting smoking, isnt it time you gave hypnosis to help quit smoking achance? Look for a hypnosis clinic that provides custom hypnosis programs to quit smoking withindividualized sessions. With a written service guarantee and a free hypnosis screening, what doyou have to lose, except the embarrassment of having cigarettes in control of you?
  3. 3. Michael Glowacki of Capital Hypnosis is a Professional Hypnotist with in-depth experience inhypnosis. He provides custom programs with individualized sessions. His clinic offers a WrittenService Guarantee. He specializes at his locally owned hypnosis clinic in Madison, Wis. in trainingpeople use hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming. Clients are using hypnosis smokingcessation, hypnosis for weight loss and building self confidence. You can learn more about quittingsmoking by visiting Capital Hypnosis in Madison, Wisconsin.He will give readers a Free 30-40 minute Hypnosis Screening. Its both informative and fun. Toreach Mr. Glowacki or to schedule your free hypnosis screening, call his office today at (608)288-9800.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Michael_Glowacki==== ====Would you like to quit smoking Naturally Within 2 Months. check this for more informationhttp://tinyurl.com/73tdyhz==== ====