Journals 10 2-3


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Journals 10 2-3

  1. 1. Educación Básica Superior Segundo Quimestre - Tercer Parcial STUDENT(S): TEACHER: Mauricio Torres DATE: 1/1/14 TAREA (T) GRADE SUBJECT: Social Studies TIME: 60 min. No. 2 GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: Read the instructions below before starting the activity.  You must write down a whole page, without skipping a line.  NO COPYING ALLOWED! This is free writing. You have to use your own imagination and knowledge to write each entry. If there are signs of plagiarism, you will immediately get a ZERO, without any appeals.  Do some research on each subject and in some cases you may be surprised to find interesting facts. Use them to make your journal entry more vivid. Also read the search tips to have a better idea of what you may look for.  Remember that the journal counts as double homework when it is graded! 10 Points Curso Paralelo No. Lista 10 JOURNAL ENTRIES – 10TH EBG Content Instructions / 7.5 / 2.5 I. Write: Write a journal entry for each one of the following topics. In order complete some of the entries, you should watch (under parental supervision!) the movie Münich. The journals should be turned in on January 28th: 1. Mossad: Read about the Israeli intelligence agency. What kind of feats have they achieved during their existence. Why are they legendary? 2. Münich Olympics Massacre: Black September: Research as much as you can about the topic. Does the need for freedom and a country, justify acts as such? If you were a Palestinian, would you support ouch actions? In the movie Münich, there is a representation of this event. How did it make you feel when you watched it? 3. Israeli Payback: The main plot of the movie Münich is "payback". Watch it entirely and look back at the actions of the Israelis and Palestinians. Are either of them right? Are both sides wrong? What is your opinion on this issue? 4. Ayatollah Komeini: Read about this man. Explain his relationship with the U.S. and the Iranian revolution. How was this man so influential in Middle Eastern politics? 5. Arab Spring: Research whatever you can about how this movement began, and its modern day consequences. Use what you have read about Syria and Egypt in order to help you write a small entry, detailing the importance of the Arab Spring to our current events on the Middle East.