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  • 1. The roots of Islam: Life in Arabia Social Studies for 10th EBG – Teacher: Mauricio Torres
  • 2. Life in a desert land  The Arabian Peninsula is located in the southwest corner of Asia. It is right between Africa, Europa and Asia.  Its climate, location and physical features have shaped its life.
  • 3. Physical Features and Climate  Arabia is a region with hot and dry air; blazing sun with clear skies, which leads to a summer max of 100º temperatures.  This climate has forged deserts filled with sand dunes (sand hills).  Here, water is a limited and highly valued resource. It is found mainly in oases  An oasis is a wet, fertile area in the middle of a desert.  These served as “gas stations” in the desert for thousands of years!
  • 4. Two Ways of life  Being a desert environment, life here is as difficult as it can get. In order to survive, people developed two lifestyles:  Nomads lived in tents and raised herds of sheep, goats and camels. These animals provided milk, meat, wool and leather.  They traveled along the desert carrying their loads searching for food an water.  Being a nomad had its advantages:  Being part of a tribe, gave an
  • 5. Two Ways of life  While nomads moved around the desert, other Arabs chose to live in a sedentary life.  They made their homes in oasis where they could farm.  Later, these settlements, became towns, especially those around trade routes.  Here merchants and craftspeople live and worked. They worked with people in the caravan trade  Caravan: is a group of traders that travel together.  Towns became centers of trade an had bazaars, where nomads and merchants interacted with each other!
  • 6. Trades routes in the Arab Peninsula
  • 7. Summarizing Arabs: Arabs Shepherds Interact at the Bazaar Merchants Nomads Sedentary
  • 8. Ask Yourself  Define:  What is a caravan?  Draw conclusions:  How did nomads and merchants rely on each other?  Describe:  What is the environment that predominates on the Arabian peninsula?  Explain:  What is an oasis and what is its importance?
  • 9. Bibliography  Burstein, S. M., & Shek, R. (2012). World History (Teacher´s Edition) (1st Edition ed.). (H. McDougal, Ed.) Orlando, Florida, US.: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.  Ellis, E. G., & Esler, A. (2009). World History. (P. Hall, Ed.) Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, US: Pearson Education INC.  Images taken from www.google.com