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Appcelerator Corporate Overview
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Appcelerator Corporate Overview


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  • Transcript

    • 1. An introduction to Appcelerator Scott Schwarzhoff VP, Marketing Appcelerator, Inc.
    • 2. We enable web developers to quickly create and commercialize native mobile, desktop & iPad applications.
    • 3. Source: eMarketer. June 2009 2013: Mobile will be 40% of all internet traffic. Mobile Web
    • 4. Apps drive this growth. “ 4 Billion downloads, 180,000 apps” (Apple)
    • 5. Because… “ Native apps leverage the relationship between the user and the device in a way mobile web apps simply can’t.” (Mobile Marketer)
    • 6.
      • “ Most apps take at least six months of full-time work
      • and cost between $20,000 and $150,000 to develop.”
      That’s Great! But… (Forrester Research)
    • 7. And… “ Android will overtake Blackberry and iPhone by 2012” (Gartner)
    • 8. Solution: Appcelerator Titanium Use web technologies to build native apps Web Developers Desktop Netbooks Tablets Set-top Boxes Mobile Titanium Users
    • 9. Product Offering Titanium Mobile Develop Native iPhone, Android, and iPad apps with full access to each device’s APIs. Titanium Desktop Build Desktop apps that can be deployed with one code base on the PC, Mac, or Linux platforms. Appcelerator Network Cloud services used for testing, packaging, distribution, and analytics.
    • 10. Titanium Architecture Desktop supports php, Python, Ruby, and Javascript
    • 11. Capabilities
      • Native User Experience
      • Native performance + Native UI (tables, animations, gestures, etc).
      • Location-based Services
      • Augmented reality, geo-location, compass, native maps
      • Social Sharing
      • Authenticated access to Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo YQL. Native email/address book.
      • Data
      • Access online / device data, embedded SQL database, filesystem, web services
      • Multimedia
      • Camera, video camera, streaming / device audio/video
      • Analytics
      • Integrated user, session, and custom analytics. Interactive web-based analysis tools. Geo-analytics.
      • Modules
      • Add any native Obj. C (iPhone) or Java (Android) module into Titanium
      • Development Tools
      • Create, test, and publish your app
    • 12. 100,000 Developers in 2010
    • 13. 10,000 Apps in 2010
    • 14. Lower Cost Objective-C (iPhone) Java (Android)* Titanium 6 Months* 1 Month * Source: Forrester Research
    • 15. Because there’s less code A native function call (eg: a map) takes a handful of lines of code to write using Titanium. Using Objective-C or Java, APIs take hundreds (if not, thousands) of lines of code. Fully Native Built with >80% less code
    • 16. And we cover the big OS’ Partnership Supported Today Today we support iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, PC, Mac, and Linux platforms. We will add Palm in late 2010. Windows Phone 7 is on the horizon. 80% of Titanium’s APIs apply across platforms.
    • 17. Sample Titanium Apps Bud Light HFL eBay Corpcomm MTV Jersey Shore Yourself Jay Leno’s Garage ScoutMob GetGlue Top 100 iPhone app Jaguar: Driven Intelligence SugarCRM
    • 18. Value Proposition
      • Build Native Apps
      • Native performance + native user interface + native features
        • Extend through Titanium Modules
        • Eg: Social, Media, Advertising, Data Modules
        • Use the team you have today
        • Web development code efficiency
        • Build cross-platform
        • Get ready for iPad, Android, Netbooks, Kiosks, digital signage, etc.
        • Measure results
        • Mobile apps are an extension of your web campaigns.
      ~ Confidential and Proprietary ~